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ime magazine recently posted a list of twenty leaders and revolutionaries who helped define the political and social fabric of our time. Just a few headliners were Winston Churchill, Ho Chi Minh, Eleanor Roosevelt, Martin Luther King Jr., and Adolph Hitler. We would like to propose a name that should top the list—Jesus Christ. If you wouldn’t automatically lump Jesus in with the revolutionaries on Time’s list, that’s OK. His own people didn’t either. The Jews expected a messiah who’d be more like Nelson Mandela (who also made the cut). They wanted a politician or general to rally the people to overthrow the oppressive Roman government. They were confused and disappointed when Jesus rode in on a donkey instead of a warhorse and ate with tax collectors instead of railing against government corruption. The Jewish people were so disappointed that Jesus didn’t fit their profile that many failed to see who he was. He didn’t come to overthrow the government; he came to invite everyone to his kingdom. He waged

war against hypocrisy and injustice not by clanging weapons but by changing hearts. For the next thirteen weeks, we will get to know “Jesus the Rebel” and see what the Jews missed: the power, strength, and hope Jesus brought with every countercultural step of his everyday life. As a teenager, I wanted to be a political activist, a journalist fighting for Constitutional freedoms in a country that’s removing God from government and everyday life. Now, a few years and a degree in communications later, I’m not as passionate about politics. I still want to effect change, but I’ve come to believe that outlawing gay marriage does little to change a lost soul living a homosexual lifestyle. The love of Jesus can. Our most important battles as believers can’t be won in a courtroom or on a battlefield. There is a better way to change our world, and I’m confident that emulating the lifestyle of our Savior is the place to start.

ENTER In our gatherings we do not want you just to sit back and listen. Faith Café invites you to enter into an environment where it is safe to ask for and seek answers. Phrases lure your mind toward deeper paths; quotes dare you to stare into your real self; questions give you a chance to talk to yourself and your friends about what is relevant in your lives.

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