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CREATION POWER! Only God creates through his power and love. Genesis 1:1-2:3; Psalm 100:3; Jeremiah 10:12

BEFORE BEGINNING. . . Before beginning, gather the Story Kit items as well as the following classroom supplies: markers, scissors, and paper. Cut out a 3-inch paper tree and draw a row of “Zzz’s” on an index card. Make sure you’ve photocopied the appropriate Picture Props. Slide the picture of the sun into pocket #1, the tree into pocket #3, the star into pocket #4, the fish into pocket #5, the pictures of the man and woman and donkey into pocket #6, and the “Zzz’s” into pocket #7. Pocket #2 will be empty to represent “air.” Set aside the ball. You’ll be reading a poem that lists the days of creation and what God made each day as you pull the accompanying pictures from the Story Apron. Kids will discover that only God can create through his awesome power and love.

Story Kit Supplies ❏ Bible ❏ Story Apron ❏ ball ❏ 1 index card ❏ Picture Props (man, woman, donkey, fish, star, sun)

TELLING THE STORY Tie the Story Apron around your waist or the waist of a child. Gather kids in a group and ask: ★ When was a time you made something, such as a craft or food item? ★ What materials or ingredients did you use to make your special something? Say: We make lots of pretty and useful things such as get-well cards for sick friends or yummy recipes or special craft projects. We need materials and different ingredients anytime we make something, but there is someone who can create things from nothing at all! We can make things only by using materials that God has already created, but only God is our Creator. And only God can create from nothing through his power and love. Let’s

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listen to a story rhyme about the time God created the world and all that is in it and above it. We’ll pretend this ball represents the world. See if you can remember the order in which God created everything. Hold up a finger each time you hear on what day God created something special and say, “God saw that it was good!” Read the following story rhyme, revealing pictures from the Story Apron pockets when directed. Lead kids in counting the days of creation on their fingers. Repeat two times, inviting children to name the things in creation as they’re revealed. In the beginning, God created the sky and the earth in his powerful, loving way, (toss the ball to someone and have it tossed back to you) But what were the things God created each and every day? Day 1—let there be light; (pocket #1—reveal the sun) Day 2—the air so bright! (pocket #2—“toss” a pretend handful of air from the pocket upward) Day 3—land, seas, and plants; (pocket #3—reveal the tree) Day 4—the sky-lights dance! (pocket #4—reveal the star) Day 5—swimmy fish and birds that flew, (pocket #5—reveal the fish) Day 6—and animals and people, too! (pocket #6—reveal the donkey, man, and woman) Day 7—was God’s special day of rest. (pocket #7—reveal the “Zzz” card) And this is how the world was blessed! (Toss the ball to each child and have him say, “Thank you, God!,” then toss the ball back.) Say: Wow! The Bible tells us that in seven days, God created all the world and all that’s above it and on it. And God made each part of his creation with love, imagination, and care. He put colorful petals on flowers and provided different kinds of clouds for us to enjoy. And God made delicious foods to taste, sounds to hear, and so many other things we love and delight in! Could we make trees and bees and bendable knees from nothing? No way! Only God can create from nothing through his power and love. Let’s explore more about God’s power to create by reading some verses in the Bible.

MAKING IT MEMORABLE Invite volunteers to read aloud Psalm 100:3 and Jeremiah 10:12, then ask: ★ In what ways did God’s creation show his wisdom? his love? his power?

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★ How did God feel about his creation? In other words, did God see that it was good? ★ What is your favorite part of God’s creation? ★ Who is the only true Creator? Say: We’ve learned that God created the world and all that is in it and above it and on it, and he saw that it was good. But God didn’t stop creating with people and nature! He made something else that’s wonderful and warm. Let’s see what else God created. Read aloud 1 John 4:19, then say: God created love! And we love because God first loved us! God made all the beautiful things in the world and the heavens, and he also made love to share with creation. What an awesome God we serve! Let’s share a prayer of thanks for all God has made and for being the only true Creator. After praying, have kids repeat this short action rhyme two times to remind them of all God has made. Then if there’s time, close by singing “He’s Got the Whole World in His Hands.” God is our Creator—as mighty as can be. (point upward, then make muscles) God made the earth and animals; (make a circle with your arms, then make rabbit ears) The sky, the seas, and—me! (put hands overhead, make hand waves, point to yourself)

Play a lively game of Creation Toss using the ball. Have kids form a circle, then toss the ball back and forth across the circle as they name favorite parts of God’s creation. Older kids will enjoy the challenge of tossing the ball and naming the order in which God created the world. Keep repeating the order until all kids have had at least one turn to name a day of creation.

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