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Volume 1, Number 3

Discovery at the Ancient Ruins magazine

What’s a


What iS worship?

Amazing discoveries with the professor!

how can i figure out what

the bible


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Dear patrick


You DECIDE! 5/22/08 4:18:24 PM

asfjhsdf;jsdhfs Welcome to

Discovery at the Ancient Ruins >>>>

Ancient Ruins Features 3

Meet the Chiefs Get to know Patrick, Tabitha, Eric, and Samantha


Seek and Find


Exclusive Interviews


Look closely


Look closely

Psalm Parts


Read about these “low” facts


It’s your choice

How Low Can You Go? What Would You Do If . . .

20 Tongue Twisters How fast can you say

these tongue twisters?

Read about Tabitha’s and Samantha’s fears


10 Dear Patrick Letters to the master of

Unusual Punishments What punishment would you like?


ceremonies of the Õibii games


Get the scoop!


Who should get which compliments?

24 26


Amazing Discoveries! You Decide What Now? Look it up


Ancient Ruins Funnies

Laugh out loud!

How Do You Do It?

How could you worship God?


It All Adds Up!

12 In Your Own Words 15 Fun Tear-Outs 26 Get Into It 27 Family Projects 29 Real-Life Interviews

Check out the fun at

Put the photos in order

>> 5

Psalm 23 Look it up!


What Could You Give Up? What would you choose?


See what you know

What’s a Cross Reference?

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MAGAZINE Editorial team: Heather Dunn, Eric Epperson, Ruth Frederick, Elaina Meyers, Lu Ann Nickelson, Patrick Snow. Designer: Scott Ryan. Production: Creative Services. SuperStart! magazine (Volume 1, No. 3) is published quarterly by Standard Publishing, Cincinnati, Ohio, SuperStart! is a registered trademark of Christ In Youth and is used with permission. Copyright © 2008 by Standard Publishing. All rights reserved worldwide. Do not photocopy or reproduce. Scripture taken from the HOLY BIBLE, NEW INTERNATIONAL VERSION®. NIV®. Copyright © 1973, 1978, 1984 by International Bible Society. Used by permission of Zondervan. All rights reserved. .

5/22/08 4:19:03 PM



Get to know the Tribal Chiefs of the Õibii (Who we bee) people and the Master of Ceremonies

Õibii games

of the

Look who I’ve discovered!



Master of Ceremonies

Chief of the Fera Tribe

Favorite food

Things I’ve done

Donuts, of course

Spiked beach balls and worn a wig

I need help with

I need help with

Dealing with Tabitha, Eric, and Samantha


Chief of the Zebu Tribe


What I like to do

Be the best and come up with new strategies to win

a .

I need help with

Remembering that Jesus loves me, no matter what

d d 8 r L .

Being myself

Samantha Chief of the Paui Tribe

Something I’m not proud of

I got caught up in the moment and did something wrong.

I need help with

Accepting God’s forgiveness


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 5/22/08 4:19:36 PM

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