Page 1 What is SuperStart! A Preteen Curriculum? It’s what happens when you mix Bible study, friends, and real life all at the energy level preteens need!   curriculum is designed to deliver life-changing preteen ministry by  challenging students to go deep in God’s Word,  making lessons true to life so preteens can live what they study,  helping preteens develop lasting and meaningful relationships, and  overflowing with excitement and lots of fun! Help your preteens experience God and His Word in an exciting way. Give them a super start that will transform their lives! Discover SuperStart! A Preteen Curriculum!


Volume 2, Number 4

A Preteen Curriculum

 Welcome  13 Battle of the

Illusionists Clips

After successfully completing The Amazing Kent’s illusion class, Eric challenges Samantha and Patrick to a Battle of the Illusionists. While laughing at the crazy antics of the cast as they prepare for the battle and perform their illusions, students will think about their own lives and learn a lot too!

 Meet the Cast

The Teacher DVD includes •e  ntertaining and humorous video clips that correlate with and introduce each lesson, • fun Q&A with Teri segments that reinforce each lesson, • a Meet the Cast segment that introduces the characters, • an Intro Loop to play as students arrive, and • Countdowns to use as fun transitions from one activity to another. SuperStart! A Preteen Curriculum DVD (Volume 2, Number 4) is published quarterly by Standard Publishing, Cincinnati, Ohio, SuperStart! is a registered trademark of Christ In Youth and is used with permission. Copyright © 2009 by Standard Publishing. All rights reserved worldwide. These resources may not be electronically transferred to or duplicated by other non-purchasing people or organizations.

ISBN 978-0-7847-2281-7

 Intro Loop  2 Countdowns  13 Q&A with Teri

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