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Volume 2, Number 3

What is SuperStart! A Preteen Curriculum? It’s what happens when you mix Bible study, friends, and real life all at the energy level preteens need!   curriculum is designed to deliver life-changing preteen ministry by  challenging students to go deep in God’s Word,  making lessons true to life so preteens can live what they study,  helping preteens develop lasting and meaningful relationships, and  overflowing with excitement and lots of fun!


A Preteen Curriculum

Help your preteens experience God and His Word in an exciting way. Give them a super start that will transform their lives! Discover SuperStart! A Preteen Curriculum!

Patrick, Samantha, and Eric visit the Amazing Kent’s Illusion Study to learn how to do illusions. The Amazing Kent is a great teacher and even arranges for an audience to watch Patrick, Samantha, and Eric perform their illusions. Your students will laugh and learn a lot as they watch the cast get themselves into some wacky situations. The Teacher DVD includes •e  ntertaining and humorous video clips that correlate with and introduce each lesson, • fun Q&A with Kent segments that reinforce each lesson, • a Meet the Cast segment that introduces the characters, • an Intro Loop to play as students arrive, and • Countdowns to use as fun transitions from one activity to another. SuperStart! A Preteen Curriculum DVD (Volume 2, Number 3) is published quarterly by Standard Publishing, Cincinnati, Ohio, SuperStart! is a registered trademark of Christ In Youth and is used with permission. Copyright © 2009 by Standard Publishing. All rights reserved worldwide. These resources may not be electronically transferred to or duplicated by other non-purchasing people or organizations.

 Welcome  13 Amazing

Illusions Clips

 Meet the Cast  Intro Loop  2 Countdowns  13 Q&A with Kent


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