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Effective January 1, 2010 Standard Publishing will require Return Authorizations! In an effort to simplify and expedite the accurate processing of your returns and to ensure you receive credit due in a timely manner, Standard Publishing now requires a Return Authorization (RA) reference number be assigned on all products prior to the return of the products to Standard Publishing for credit. What is a Return Authorization? An RA reference number is an authorized number provided by Standard Publishing that links directly to your account to ensure credit is issued to your account as quickly as possible. By obtaining this RA reference number, your return is “pre-approved” for credit before we receive the product. This reference number is linked to your account and is set up to include the discounts at which the product was most recently purchased and confirm product is returnable. By having the return “pre-approved” the process of issuing credit to your account is faster, more efficient and accurate. How do I get a Return Authorization (RA)? There are several ways to obtain an RA reference number. You need to know item numbers or ISBN numbers and quantities to be returned. Please take a few moments to gather this information prior to requesting your RA reference number. • • • • •

Please use our new Return Authorization Form for all returns and submit to us electronically. The form can be found at Use our form or your own and fax in your request to 877-867-5751 Email your request to Contact Customer Service directly at 800-543-1353 — (If your RA request consists of more than 20 items, we ask you to use our on-line form.) Once you have requested your RA, you will receive a follow up call with the assigned RA reference number. (Important: To prevent delay, please do not request the same RA multiple times or through various channels.)

I have my what? • • • • • •

All products must be returned in clean, saleable condition. Reasonable level of shop-worn damage (e.g. faded or curled cover) will be accepted. Damaged product that is returned will not be credited and may be returned to customers, at their expense, if requested. Products may be returned after 90 days from the invoice date and within one year of purchase. Certain dated products may have limits on returnability. (Any exceptions to our Standard returns policy are outlined on our website at The product must be in print and listed on our current Complete Order Form found on our website. Out-of-print titles are returnable for up to six months after being declared out of print. However, after six months, they are not returnable. (Please refer to for our out of print titles.) Product must be purchased directly from Standard Publishing. If you purchased additional product from other suppliers, such as a distributor, that product must be returned directly to that supplier under their guidelines. Some products, such as VBS costumes, are sold as non-returnable.

How do I return my product? • • • • •

Please ensure product does not have sticker or sticker residue, marks or scuffs. Pack items in a sturdy box using packing materials to keep the product secure. Remove or black out any old shipping labels, including the original shipping barcode, from the outside of the shipping container. Product must be returned within a box. Please do not put shipping labels directly on the product to be returned. Include a packing slip if possible.

How do I return my product (continued)? • If a packing slip is not provided, on a separate sheet of paper please include the following information: o RA reference number o Account number o Store name o Contact o Address (Provide ship to address if different from bill to) o City, State, ZIP o Telephone Number o Box count __ of __ o Item #’s and quantities of products are required • Seal the box with shipping tape. • Each box must have a label. For multiple boxes, please mark on the outside of each box 1 of 1, 1 of 2, 1 of 3 etc. • Product must be returned via a shipping carrier that provides a tracking method as you are responsible for the product until it is delivered and signed for at Standard Publishing. Your tracking number through your carrier is your delivery verification. All returns should be sent to: STANDARD PUBLISHING DISTRIBUTION CENTER Attn: Returns 2950 Robertson Avenue Cincinnati, Ohio 45209 What if I don’t follow these guidelines? Standard Publishing is looking to partner with you in your business needs; we understand this new protocol will take some adjusting to incorporate into your business relationship with us. Therefore, until June 30, 2010 returns with an appropriate RA reference number that follow these established guidelines will be processed before any return that does not have an appropriate reference number or does not follow the established guidelines. Please note, choosing to not partner with Standard Publishing to efficiently process your returns may significantly delay the issuing of credit to your account. Any return with exceptions will be delayed in credit being issued to your account. Requests for credit may be denied and if you request the product be returned to you, you are responsible for the return postage which will be billed to your account. Effective July 1, 2010 any return received without a valid RA reference number will be refused and returned to you without credit. How soon should I expect credit to my account? • • • •

Returns that follow these established guidelines will be processed within 2-4 weeks from the date received at our Standard Publishing Distribution Center. Please keep in mind our goal is to process every return as quickly as possible however during heavy volume and peak periods, slight delays may happen. Once your RA has been approved and posted to your account, you will receive a credit memo to reflect that adjustment. It is important you do not take deductions on future payments to Standard Publishing until the RA has officially been approved and posted.

Do I need an RA for a damaged or defective product return or a product shipped in error? •

No, if the product is damaged or defective when shipped to you, please contact Customer Service immediately at 800543-1353. The Customer Service Representative handling the call may issue credit without having the physical product returned or may send you a replacement. If the product needs to be returned, the Customer Service Representative will coordinate having the product picked up and returned to Standard Publishing at our expense. If a product is shipped due to Standard Publishing’s error, please contact Customer Service immediately at 800-5431353. The Customer Service Representative handling the call may issue credit and/or send the correct product to you at our expense. If the product needs to be returned, the Customer Service Representative will coordinate having the product picked up and returned to Standard Publishing at our expense.