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standard stella tuesday, september 11, 2012

Wear The Room Kitchen Incredible madeleine mccaleb

image courtesy of rene mesman

When Amsterdam couple Ingmar Visser and Jar van der Ende remodeled their houseboat, they started with their favorite room: a sun-filled kitchen on the boat’s second story. Local furniture maker Cisow von Schulz served as the space’s designer, embracing the occupants’ modern but warm taste. Cabinets and drawers were fashioned out of a single, locally sourced elm tree, contrasted by sturdy appliances and traditional Dutch tile. Pair natural elements like wood-heeled wedges, with a dark, angular dress for an similarly chic ensemble. Complete the look with a menswear inspired watch— and a red handbag. Well, that’s just for fun.

the transformation to wearable style Black Dress by Titania Inglis Jorja Purse by MATT & NAT Watch by Sprout from Abe’s Market Millennium Wedges by Olsen Haus

Daily Edition: Standard Stella, 9.11.12  
Daily Edition: Standard Stella, 9.11.12  

Who says houseboats can't be sexy? Not us!