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standard stella tuesday, july 10, 2012

Wear The Room Stylish Slumber

image courtesy of dwellstudio

megan horton The bedroom is the most personal space in your home, so it is especially important that it shows your personality. Make sure every detail reflects you and your style, from choosing brass lamps to finding the perfect sheets. Take this bedroom from Dwell Studio­—the mellow colors but slightly funky pattern on the duvet and the simple yet ornate headboard say that the person who lives in this space is cool yet classic.

the transformation to wearable style Blouse, by Ciel, from Yoox Pants, by Bamford, from Yoox Pueblo Deco Lace Necklace, from Amour Vert





Daily Edition: Standard Stella, 7.10.12  

Use your bedroom as inspiration for the perfect outfit.

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