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Our innovative system of carpet squares comes in an inspiring palette of colors, patterns and textures that can be assembled to create custom rugs, runners or wall-to-wall designs of any shape or size. FLOR is simply smart design, squared. VISIT FLOR.COM TO REQUEST A COMPLIMENTARY CATALOG. 5

winter adventure, 2012


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these designersâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; adventurous spirits shine in this Austin space

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a Dominican country home embraces the city life

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in the mountains of Southern Ethiopia is a village in the clouds ...and it might just be heaven 9

the letter Sitting in my favorite San Francisco restaurant, I was unaware that my career was about to make a sharp turn in the direction of adventure. I received a frantic call from my office that there was a new client who wished to speak with me immediately about a large undertaking of a project on an island I had never heard of. Being an adventurer at heart, I took the call. Four years later, the project is nearly complete and the beauty and intrigue of Dominica (known­—to those who know of it—as the Nature Island), has effectively managed to capture my heart. I returned to Dominica recently, to work on the project with my design cohort Sarah Kelly (who is also the subject of this issue’s “Design Affair”). Celebrating that (at last!) we have figured out how best to navigate and enjoy this delightfully unpredictable island; our “On The Island” section—along with two design features—is sure to inspire a Dominican adventure of your own. Two of the most adventurous people I know, journalist Matthew D. LaPlante (yes, we’re related) and photographer Rick Egan share their story-capturing prowess to introduce us to the Dorze people of Southern Ethiopia in “Standard Visits”. Finding Zion, it seems, is as easy as going to High School. Back stateside, we explore some gutsy and glorious design by Ivan Spaller and Priscilla Glover in “Portal Play” and we head to the Austin Zoo (with a small pride of side tables!) to visit our favorite wild-rescue animals in a cheeky little feature called “Beauties and Beasties”. Here’s hoping the new year brings you the adventure of a lifetime!

Kelly LaPlante Editorial Director and Founder

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trend-predictor winter adventure, 2012 Whether you need something to help you get lost in space, or to infuse a little southern elegance into your life, weâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ve got you covered. Here we present three noteworthy news items that are sure to aid in your search for new treasures.


they’re a little bit country ...and a whole lot of class

We all knew that it was bound to come eventually­—there’s a remake of “Dallas” in the works. For those of you who haven’t seen the original TV Soap, it was basically where drama, extravagance, wealth and southern style came together in one great explosion. So, in honor of this classic show coming back to the airwaves (modernly revamped of course), why not bring all of the above and more to our homes?

Valerie Dekeyser on Eco First Art

Chez Camille

Disegno Karina Gentinetta Showplace Design + Antique Center

we predict...

...southern charm will run rampant! Think elegant equestrian with a Texas twist—rich browns, vintage leathers and gilded equines. Hold your horses, and don’t bring out those old cowboy boots quite yet ...unless you’re pairing them with a fabulous vintage fur coat and a little glitz.

Thomas Paul




keep your gaze upward

The magic and mystery of space is something that has always been enthralling and endlessly mesmerizing. Now, the end of NASA’s shuttle program as we know it is on many people’s minds—prepare yourselves for some serious space nostalgia. Just because NASA may be changing, it doesn’t mean that our fascination with celestial bodies is going anywhere. Let’s get lost in space.

Photographed by Kate Miss Joe Webb


Masanori Oji with Futagami on Task

Prismatic Shop

Anna James on Eco First Art

we predict... infusion of stars and galaxies everywhere we look. From outdoor dinner parties where guests are covered in comet-like lights, to filling our closets with the cosmos, and adding some starry-eyed romanticism to our wallsâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;weâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re certainly not done with outer space. 19

chic recovery


from drab medicine

The health care debate ...yawn. We’re tired of hearing about it and want to see some action. As things in the medical field are a-changin’, let’s hope that the same goes for the depressing grey walls and sad blue linens as well. All in favor of a Health Décor reform, say “aye!“

Jen Pearson Designs

Normann Copenhagen

we predict...

...a breath of fresh air infiltrating our hospitals. We see greenery overflowing from walls, clean lines and crisp whites everywhere. No more rooms without windowsâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;we want a surplus of sunlight soaking through, and the ability to gaze at the world outside. The best remedy for a sick system is a makeover.

Schoolhouse Electric & Supply Co.

Izola Pacific Domes


on the boards

choose your own adventure

Canâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t get away during these dreary winter months? Then bring all of the excitement and adventure of a grand voyage to your home! Jewelry, clothing and textile designer Caitlin Mociun comments on our picks... turn the page to choose your adventure!


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5 4





a walk on the wild side

Opposite page: 1. Cornelius Tray by ibride; 2. Mink Jaw Necklace by Elizabeth Knight Jewelry, $160; 3. Vintage White + Black Mink Fur Coat from Thrifted & Modern, $468; 4. Bow Bins by Cordula Kehrer, $45-55 each; 5. Clutches by Falconwright, starting at $35 each, I like the simple bold prints on the brightly colored leather. I also like that there isn’t a lot of hardware, it lets the shape of the pouch and print stand on its own. 6. Inheritance Collection Chair and Ottoman by Stephen Kenn; This page: 7. Starwoman Print by Mociun, This was inspired by an early Egyptian astrological image. I was looking at Art Deco prints (thus the layout). She has stars all over her body, and I like the idea that we are tiny humans and this giant woman is covering the whole sky, and we’re looking up at her star-covered body. 8. Pine Asp Box by Thomas Paul, $40; 9. Blue Love Pillow by Wolfum, $75; 10. Beverly Hills, September 1962 Wall Round by Justin Belmont from Not A Gallery, $99 for 24” 25








island hopping

This page: 1. Anouk Scarf by Woking Girl Designs, $180; 2. Coral Lighting in Lime by David Trubridge, $360; 3. Jewel Vase by Boom, $55; 4. Why Not Bangles (set of three) by Boda Boda, $22, I like that these can double as simple art objects. They could look cool hanging on the wall, as a light pull, in a bowl on a table, or on your wrist. I like the wood with the bold colors. 5. Color Pieces by Mociun, I was really just messing around on Photoshop, making this on the computer while I was talking on the phone! Haha. But I liked how it turned out. Opposite page: 6. Rainforest Wallpaper by Graham & Brown, $70 per roll; 7. Flower Long Dresser by Iannone Design, $4,500






2 6 7



an octopus’s garden

Opposite page: 1. Coral in Aqua Pillow by Inhabit, $62; 2. Octopus Throw in Indigo by Thomas Paul, $350; 3. Coral Powder Jar by Trinka 5 Designs, price upon request; 4. Vintage Ship Metal Wall Sculpture from mid2mod, $650; This page: 5. The Space in Between Print by Mociun, These were images that a friend took of me and some other friends, dressed in costumes and face paint, to use for projections for another friend’s band while they performed. He put the pictures through a visualizer and I photographed them. Then I morphed eight images together to create a giant print, and then went in and messed with the color. 6. Splash Bowl by Riverside Design Group, $11 for 5”; 7. Sea Spine Quartz Bracelet by Yellowgrey, $24; 8. Sawdust Fired Cup by City by the Sea Ceramics, $40, I love this cup. Nice simple shape and the glaze is great. It looks like something exploding in outer space. 9. Urchin Pendant Light by Varaluz, $449



on the ISLAND


Forget white sand beaches, drinks noisy nights of tree frogs and geckos... with little umbrellas in them, and cozy and roosters at three a.m.. lounge chairs...they are not a part of this adventure. So why visit The Nature Island? Because a day in the rainforest is worth five Dominica (pronounced Dom-en-eek- days of deep meditation. A hike to the ah, and not to be mistaken with the boiling lake will change your mind Dominican Republic) is not convenient, about what your body is capable of. And simple, or relaxing. One must earn a conversation with a Dominican­—any Dominica by narrowly escaping Dominican—will restore your faith in head-on collisions with local drivers, humanity. school children, goats, chickens, and landslides­ —all of whom share the Remember your most complicated and broken roads that link one side of the frustrating lover? The one who was so island to the other. One must prove beautiful and so intense you could not themselves worthy of Dominica by bear to leave? That’s Dominica. sleeping on uncomfortable beds (though we have some solutions for that) through 33

boiling lake The Boiling Lake, a natural phenomenon considered by many to be a wonder of the world, is certainly a sight to behold. Heated by an active volcano, the literally boiling water is so rich with minerals that it is white and chalky. The smallest gust of wind will overwhelm your senses with the steam and sulfur as you stand on the cliff looking over the bubbling water and out to the sea beyond. Wanna see it? There’s only one way to get there—the 12 mile roundtrip hike through a rainforest, up to the summit, and down through the Valley of Desolation, where you can stop off for a quick mud-mask (just pull it right from the earth and be careful not to dig too deep where the mud is burning hot). You’ll traverse across streams, climb over boulders, and then find yourself in a peaceful meadow for just a spell before you reach the lake. Take a quick lunch break and then turn around and do it all in reverse. You’ll need to hire a guide to get you there (about 100 USD for two people). Bring high protein snacks, a walking stick (seriously helpful), a bottle of

water (you can refill it from a natural spring on the way back—so forget the extra bottles and use the space in your backpack to bring a sammy and fruit for lunch). Make sure you have excellent hiking shoes that can get wet. We recommend this trek for very experienced hikers or for those in peak physical condition who want to challenge themselves. It will rock your world.


trafalgar falls

A much easier trek. The trailhead begins only minutes from an excellent viewing platform where you can see both falls and take in the majestic rainforest. Go on from there to explore the natural hot springs and mineral poolsâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;but only when it is not raining (the staff at the trailhead will tell you if it is safe to explore the springs or not).

To get the purest experience, youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ll want to hit Trafalgar when it is quiet. The mineral pools tend to get a bit crowded with tourists from cruise ships in the early afternoon, so go on a day when there is not a ship docked in Roseau, or head over in the morning before the tour busses come up the hill.

papillote wilderness retreat Just a little way down the hill from Trafalgar, we found a wonderfully soothing natural spring to relax in on the days when Trafalgar was overwhelmed with tourists (we leased a house in Trafalgar Village and became quite addicted to the mineral pools in the area... so finding a quiet place to soak each day was a top priority).

The intimate inn, spa, and botanical gardens are an ongoing labor of love for the proprietors, who have been at it for more than thirty years. We enjoyed one of the best dinners of our trip (and some very serious rum punch!) at their restaurant.


fort shirley

History buffs will not want to miss the opportunity to explore Fort Shirley, just north of Portsmouth, where an 18thcentury British garrison still stands over Prince Rupert Bay. Much of it has been beautifully restored and it is easy to see why, today, it is a popular venue

for events ...but stone ruins peeking through the jungle help the site to retain its sense of mystery. Trails throughout the property will take you through acres of untouched land, only to find little gems left behind, like the magnificent cannon hidden at the top of the trail.

champagne lake

bubbles coming up from yet another active volcano—this one buried deep underground. Hit the right pocket of bubbles and it truly feels like you are swimming in champagne. Bonus: the sea life is gorgeous and sea turtles nest Rent some snorkel gear at the top of the nearby so you may even catch a glimpse! hill, and then walk down the stairs and along the boardwalk until you reach the Head back up the stairs for some local end. Enter the sea and swim off to your passion fruit juice (you can get it all left at a 45º angle (no protractor needed, over the island but we particularly just head in this general direction). appreciated it after our long swim) and a You’ll first hear, then see, then feel the pita sandwich from the snack-shack. To be fair, this is not a lake at all, it’s part of the Caribbean Sea. Locals like to call it a lake—and we never figured out why—but the water is calm, warm and lovely, so we’ll call it whatever they like.


Citrus Creek Plantation & La Riverside Café

Miles of windy road behind us and before us, we were starting to look green and feel blue when we spotted a sign for La Riverside Cafe. It was espresso! In the middle of the rainforest! We stopped to refresh ourselves, met the super-chic French folks who own the establishment , and fell in love with the whole thing!

homes, and (so far) two guest residences— all anchored by La Riverside Cafe, which is set closest to the road, and keeps the indoor and outdoor spaces beyond private and quiet. A lively river rushes alongside the expansive property and meets back up with the sea after passing the cafe.

Once a banana plantation, the area is being carefully revitalized by the four French phenoms who are bringing in citrus trees, a small development of

We’d love to stay in the Safari Tent, a huge sturdy structure from South Africa, outfitted with a properly plumbed kitchen and bathroom (because roughing it is

nice, but having a toilet that flushes is really nice). A four-poster bed sits in its own nook where guests can open or close the tent flaps to let in as much light as they wish. Two additional twin beds function as a seating area under the tallest part of the tent. Enjoy breakfast (provided by La Riverside and waiting for you in your private kitchen) inside or out on the porch—either way, the sound of the river is your soundtrack. A private outdoor shower stands next to the river so you can really feel at one with nature.

For guests who need silence for sleeping, (in the tent you will hear the river all night) the Mango Cottage offers traditional walls and windows—but an outdoor kitchen keeps guests feeling connected to their natural surroundings, and the two beautiful hammocks on the porch are hard to resist. So spending time in nature is pretty much inevitable. Like the Safari Tent, you’ll find all of the breakfast fixings in your kitchen come morning. 41

secret bay

For those who want a tucked-away experience that feels more like a vacation home than a hotelâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;but with the benefits of having someone to call you a car, secure a private chef for the evening, or arrange an in-house massageâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;Secret Bay has struck just the right balance. Stay

in one of the four bungalows (which feel more like treehouses and feature floor to ceiling windows facing the ocean), or luxuriate in one of the two spectacular villas.

jungle bay

Sneak off to Jungle Bay Resort and Spa for dinner and you’ll swear you’ve discovered Robinson Crusoe’s “third date place.” The open air octagon has a royal palm growing straight through the center, and dinner by candlelight is even more dramatic when there is a storm forming over the ocean in front of

you. Indulge in their full bar and a few house baked bread bites with a clear conscious, knowing that dinner will be healthy and delicious. Good news for those who don’t want to be weighed down for the rest of the night. Wink.



You know how people say it’s a good sign when locals eat someplace? Well, it’s an even better sign when that place is directly across the street from where the cruise ships dock, but somehow, manages to stay full of locals almost exclusively. The sweet waitress will tell you what’s for lunch and give you a choice on the protein (usually chicken or fish). So check your ordering neurosis at the door, Sally! P. S. If you decide to use your credit card, you will have to go next door and run it through Kai, a clothing boutique. This is not a bad thing... except that you may be tempted to add a sundress on to that lunch tab.

talipot Don’t let the Grey Gardens appearance fool you, there is something very special about Talipot. Walking inside, one is not entirely sure that they’re supposed to be there—and may have to walk through a room or two before finding someone— but rest assured that guests are welcome in the space, which also features local art, gallery-style.

Flavorful dishes punctuate the menu (the curried goat was fantastic!) and we recommend lingering on the porch to watch the boats coming in to dock, while having a cup of Dominican coffee with a few housemade tarts.


kwanari ecolodge

Come this fall, there will be a new way to experience Dominica. The 11 villa ecolodge, designed by world-renowned architect Hitesh Mehta (with interiors by our own Kelly LaPlante!), is set on a rare bit of rainforest-meets-ocean terrain. Guests will feel completely immersed in the nature experienceâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;but with luxurious bedding, fabulous lighting fixtures and exquisite design. Glampers, get ready to fall in love.

jon vee tours

Unless you are comfortable driving on the left side of the street, navigating a foreign island and dodging chickens, goats and pedestrians, we highly recommend that you hire a driver during your stay. For us, Jon Vee was the perfect chauffeur. His car is clean, the air conditioner works (seriously, you cannot assume when it comes to this stuff), and best of all, he is knowledgeable and kind. Want to know everything there is to know about Dominica? Jon Vee will tell you. Want to just stare out the window and take it all in? Jon Vee will gladly shut the hell up. Warning: If you happen to take your trip to the island when we are also going to be there, weâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ll have to fight you for him. 767-235-2375


U S I N G F A S H I O N and D E S I G N E M P O W E R W O M E N to R I S E A B O V E P O V E R T Y xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx





design/build by spaller glover story by lilianne steckel photography by spencer selvidge 49


estled in the neighborhood of Travis Heights in Austin, TX, a sprinkling of homes are catching the attention of bystanders. Ivan Spaller and girlfriend Priscilla Glover of Spaller Glover Design Build, have been working on projects in this area for years. Their homes stand out from the other modern builds popping up like seedlings in this thriving city. One in particular caught our eye on a popular segue street between South Congress and South First. “A tribute to early modern monumental minimalism.” On a normal day cruising around town you might miss this beauty that lies on Mary Street, slightly indented from the asphalt, but not today. The dynamic duo has projects primarily in Austin and Europe (southern France and northern Italy), and share their passion for details and frolicking into the imaginative unknown. “Priscilla and I both have an innate craving for the unique, the exotic, and the well thought out. We are in continuous collaboration, actually from sun up to sun up, and we are in constant endeavor to impress or please one another—sometimes it’s madness!” In fact, this power couple lives an envious life of sharing the interface of work and play­ —strengthening their already fortified visionary bond. “I typically do the broad strokes and create a shell idea or concept. She will jump in the passenger seat and start pointing at things, then I will start looking and pointing at other things. The vehicle invariably starts swerving around and usually ends with us plowing into a fire

hydrant, and instead of water shooting out—bubbles of light (or what I call ‘ball lightning’) will bounce about the earth; scorching it a bit. What happens after that is a secret, sorry!“ The primary facade bearing the entrance and unconventional yard, is found on the side of the home, which aids in feeling more like a compound than a regular bungalow. The narrow portion of the structure faces the street and is highlighted underneath by a row of lights that gives the structure a sense of groundlessness—as if it is playfully floating under the trees. The whole exterior is wrapped in concrete tiles and surrounded by xeriscape landscape designed by Ivan. One of the challenges of this project was keeping the privacy and noise controlled on a fairly busy street, while creating natural character and distinct style. Since it sits up above eye level, privacy is bestowed upon inhabitants and allows the interior to be free from window treatments. The bedroom is the exception with large floor to ceiling panels gliding over the round glass to block out light and any view in at night. Custom rectilinear glass and metal doors allow maximum amounts of light to flood the living areas, providing a contrast with the round accents. A second challenge that came up, specific to the site, was the navigation around roots of the massive Heritage Oak trees that are protected by the city, therefore affecting the original layout of the building. 51

Opposite: Native succulents surround. An outdoor sofa made from reclaimed metal is shaded by palm and bamboo, creating a privacy wall behind at the fence line. This page: A custom designed dining table lines up with the front door, and a piece by Chris Carson is centered above it. 53

The twosome had become so enraptured with circular windows seen on countless jaunts around the world, that they were inspired to bring them into this design. “Round windows frame images in a different way, a softer way, and generally, a more flattering way. We grab one another and point when we see round windows—memorable ones like in Siem Reap, Cambodia (the Foreign Correspondence Club), Sarlat, the Maritime Hotel NYC, or the Lufthansa Terminal in Munich.” The use of an oculus in architecture is a very classic element— think back to the ceiling of the Pantheon in Rome. But in this case, the large scale, minimal enframement and repetitive nature give the openings a modern sensibility. They become a portal to the outside world, or alternatively, into the glowing home center from the exterior. Aided by nonconventional angles in the floor plan, these captivating circles line up and adventurously interact with each other. If you stand in the right spot, your view will transcend rooms through the course of several windows. Adding a much needed whimsy, instead of the ohso-serious tendency of a modern house. “We deliberately avoided sterility, which often seems to be the metric people use to define modernity.” Entering the front door, you advance into the main room which has no walls to separate the kitchen, dining and three lounge areas surrounding. White walls only emphasize the vast open

and airy feeling that is created from the high ceilings and impressive windows. Following the cues of early modernist architecture with a throw back to more elaborate European aspects, the aesthetic of the designers shine through in the union of the carefully placed and planned details. “You will see the definite influences of my brutish, renaissance masculinity in the use and craft of materials and, conversely, the perfect response with the balanced feminine refinements and discerning touches from Priscilla. We are fully hands-on from cradle to grave on all of our projects.” Oak flooring laid in a chevron pattern, round glass orb door handles found in the hall and bedrooms, and special moldings framing each doorway are all nods to early Parisian style. A central kitchen gleaming brightly with Carrara marble countertops and an island lit by large globe pendants, as well as pushbutton lighting switches, lend an early modernist touch to the interior. A raised lounge can be reached by climbing a step made of reclaimed stumps, positioned perfectly in front of a mirrored rise. This area provides a hiding place for a flat-screen TV and a vista of the rest of the room. Two living rooms are arranged on your path from the kitchen into the bedrooms and flood with light in the afternoon. Art perches in every opportune spot—a bit of gusto for each furniture grouping.

The main sitting area is centered under one of the large round windows that floods the room with afternoon sun.


This area, crowned by a vintage Sputnik pendant, looks out to the back patio. Two Bluestone Coffee Tables from Crate and Barrel sit in front of a charcoal sofa, and a painting by Rebecca Bennett pulls the group together.

The dramatic hallway leads you away from the great room and into the three sleeping quarters and bathrooms. “Have you spent the night here?” we ask Ivan. “No, it’s haunted,” he replies with a slight chuckle, adjusting his handlebar mustache. There are no spirits living here, but the space is ingrained with a strong presence. The master bedroom overlooks the second entrance into the home and patio with its euro-inspired black and white harlequin cube tiles, and peeks into the living room through its window. The en suite bath is decadently embellished with onyx tiles and an oversized spheric soaking tub that is complete with small glass tiles. With the intention of being dramatic, this bath

is a definite indication that the European influences were strong in the entire scope of the design planning. The guest bath, on the other hand, has a touch of Middle Eastern appeal with an ornately cut mirror hung above a stone vessel that’s been turned into the sink. Semicircular mirrors cover the bottom halves of every bathroom window, an ingenious way to solve the problem of privacy, as well as a solution for another concern—a woman’s desire to have mirror space with natural light. These demi-mirrors incorporate functionality with a play on the spacial awareness in each lavatory.


A stone vessel from Anthropologie was turned into a sink and is braced by a Carrara marble counter and backsplash in the half bath.

Leading to the bedrooms, art by Chris Carson lines the hall, lit with Beat Pendants by Tom Dixon.

“I’m going to be a tiger,” Ivan mocks, as he shapes his hand into a loosely formed claw and poses for his portrait shot. We were finally able to capture the designer in repose here. 59

This page: The master bedroom has floor to ceiling drapery, lending privacy at night. An arc floor lamp with marble base swoops over a Barcelona chair to create a reading spot. Opposite: The master bath, lined with onyx tiles, features a large window with the bottom half lined in mirror.

Currently, the house is in the process of closing with a new owner. Actually, its first owner other than Ivan and Priscilla. “Who do you envision living here?” Ivan replies, “Ideally a family with kids that occupy the back two bedrooms. It would be good for a family that also likes to throw parties.” Having finished the project and now ready to move onto their next, it is time to part with their structural creation. Wistful recollection sets in, “Priscilla likes the end of the framing process, when the house is in its skeletal stage and first taking shape. I like the very beginning and the conceiving, and then skip to the afterward—the remembrance of the toiling, the laboring over a floor no one in town can do, the fabrication of the windows, the bathtub, and the general obsessing over the details. At the end, when we have a few friends over (and a

few bottles of Bordeaux), it’s fun to pretend we live in the house.” Ivan and Priscilla tapped into their intuitive inspirations and the synergy ignited between them­ — creating yet another perfectly presented gift to the locale. What developed is not only a product of artistic vision, but of risk and a blatant good time had while bringing it to life—the result is timeless in its combination. “Truly the best thing is when it is just about done, Priscilla and I can sit in there, talk about the house and not hear the sound of saws. We can sit in witness of a house that will be a great forever home. I like to think that this, and all of our houses, will be a part of the community and appreciated for a very, very long time.”x


Double insulated round windows are as intriguing from the exterior as they are from the interior.


Come Away

with me story by mallory hamel



n the first day that I was here, I fell in love with the nature of the island, and the nature of the people. And I kept wanting to come back.” For Beverly, these words are a quick summation of how one American ended up in Dominica. She was looking for the freedoms of a new life, and an adventurous shift in direction ...the island had already won her heart. Now 18 years later, she lives and works in paradise, on what she appropriately deems, “the most beautiful beach in the world.” Here, her passions lie with a pleasantly transformative project—the ocean front resort and spa, Rosalie Bay.

Beverly has manifested these sentiments into a secluded, almost surreal destination, where one can come seeking solace and leave entirely rejuvenated. Blending into the commanding natural features of this location, the architectural and interior design of each building on the property represents facets of local influence. French Colonial construction (which leans heavily on building methods of the West Indies and Caribbean) is dressed up with complimentary colors, and Dominican detail. The villas are arranged to meet the needs of both singles and couples, as well as families, and large groups wishing to relish and retreat, offering varying levels of privacy and peace.

Rosalie Bay is now looking towards the future and what it can offer vacationers and staycationers alike, and will soon be incorporating an extensive menu of whole body wellness programs of which guests may partake while visiting the resort. This includes everything from hot stone massage and facials, to yoga and hiking, and even more intensive, personal health evaluations and treatments. With a beautifully trained staff and a wealth of wholesome products, Rosalie is “We wanted it to look like a village. We equipped for the satisfactions of rare but didn’t want to be an ordinary resort.” accessible luxury, and a comprehensive, therapeutic range of wellness support. When designing the property, Beverly strayed from notions of typical beachy getaways, and instead, aspired to the loftier goals of turning her island fantasies into realities. Found on a breathtaking plot of land cradled by foothills and the ocean, Rosalie offers accommodations and activities where guests can relax and replenish while enjoying the surrounding land in a very connected and respectful way.


The glistening water, and peaceful, circular design of surrounding stone, blend in to the edges of the enveloping, lush jungle vegetation.


Wanting to give guests as opportunistic a stay as possible, Rosalie will offer the chance to explore one’s own balance of nourishment and holistic healing. The staff of knowledgeable professionals provides health-related counseling, weight loss management and even essential oil applications in addition to customary spa treatments offered.

The quiet spa service rooms are natural and light, with views of the ocean and the sounds of its movement. All of the products and remedies that Rosalie Bay offers are made from the bounties of their own backyard—further deepening the guests’ experiences.

An emerald-green pool, surrounded by trees and bordered by an intricately laid Taking in the layout of the property is stone pattern is the alternative to soaking a sensory experience in itself. Beverly up the warm sun in delightfully simple notes that construction of Rosalie was an lounge chairs and hammocks. eight year project, and that even now, as it continues to flourish, sights are always In the spacious dining area, a calming set on improvement. energy radiates from the mixture of cool tones with caramel-colored wooden “It’s never really finished. There’s always panels and exposed beams. The presence something more that we want to do.” of native foliage, placed in several locations, brings a natural element into A gazebo by the river, (that also looks the space, circulating the light breeze out over the ocean), is where yoga and throughout the room. There are plans meditation take place, positioned to for a new, intimate group enclave, soothe and elevate individuals towards where guests can come together in an higher mindfulness, as well as its easygoing and supportive environment. beneficial guidance. Beverly (along with her pup, also fondly Rosalie has longer packages for people referred to as Rosalie) is raring to go, who are wanting specialized treatments; full throttle, towards the next phase in who have weight to lose, or are going Rosalie’s evolution—and even more through a big life event, such as a death ready to share the freedoms that are to or a divorce. be found in this complete retreat. x


The casual layout of the property allows for experiencing the tropical community at oneâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s own pace.


This Page: The resort borders a secluded black sand beach for viewing pleasure only, no swimming allowed! Opposite: Beverly beams as she talks of her path to Dominica, and then to Rosalie Bay. 75


home is where the histor

ry is

story by mallory hamel 79


mongst rows of colorful businesses and homes, and the abundant sounds of life teeming in the streets, one building in particular stands out from its neighbors. Exuding a sense of heritage, this special house in Roseau has quite a history—tied by family and transformed by those who have called it home. Joffre Green is the current resident, along with his wife Florence, and a fantastic story of how the house has passed down through generations and characters to become a decades-old, island tableau.

“He bought and dismantled the house, and then moved it! Can you imagine? ‘How are we gonna get this thing to Roseau?’” His grandfather already owned land in town, and after the purchase was complete, he had the structure relocated to the new plot. The base was built out of rubble stone, and Joffre points out that when putting the foundation back together, the house seemed to fit the property exactly.

“They brought it down by bull-driven When Joffre’s grandfather first purchased carts ...and it’s amazing how the lines the house in the mid 1940s, it was in worked out just perfectly.” a different location altogether. Having an estate in the countryside, Joffre’s Trying to maintain the family structure grandfather would make weekly trips in Roseau, the house was eventually to and from Roseau, walking through transferred to Joffre’s father, and a variety interior communities—each time passing of relatives cared for the residence by the residence of Colonel Hart, and until Joffre’s return from New York City stopping to prattle. The Colonel (who was in the late 80s. Upon his arrival, he an officer in the British Army) and Joffre’s was overseeing its function as a rental grandfather developed a friendship, with space. When its sole tenant, a university the house as a backdrop. Now, some 70 professor, vacated the building, Joffre years later, Joffre laughs as he reaches took the opportunity to negotiate with the part of his story where a retired his Auntie Alice (who was the current Colonel Hart (who was heading back to caretaker), and purchased the home, England) offered to sell the home to his moving in and setting up this chapter of grandfather. Joffre grins, stating, his life in Dominica…

Dwell Studio bedding and pillows by Modern Chic and James Saavedra cozy up the bed with its custom burlap headboard by IDG Studio Photographed by Erika Bierman


Now Florence, who is a fashion coordinator and buyer, has what Joffre describes as an “agri-style decor boutique” downstairs along the street, and she and Joffre share an eclectic and welcoming home upstairs, overlooking the vibrant neighborhood. Their robust collection of objet d’art from around the world is juxtaposed with locally made furniture, and hometown charm. An amazing array of Haitian artifacts is on display in the living area, including Arawak stones—used originally for cutting meat and making axes. Richtoned woods and soothing washes across the walls tie the interiors together, forming a very personal and cohesive work/live space.

Haiti. Joffre points to several paintings along a wall opposite the sofa, some of which are the works of prominent Martiniquan, Haitian, and African artists. One piece, featuring a young lady who is holding a flower delicately, was given to Joffre as a Christmas gift, by the president of the Chicago Tribune (for which Joffre formerly produced graphic design). As he looks toward the table situated below this particular collage of paintings, Joffre expresses a hint of nostalgia.

“Oh boy, that has quite a history. For many years I worked for Patricia Murphy as a decorator for her Candlelight restaurants ...she had a lot of antiques lying around. She’d say, ‘Take it away! Take it away!’, Much of the art is from Florence’s native so I did. I’ve had it for over 35 years.”


With a gorgeous Moroccan rug beneath their feet, and an open, bright ceiling overhead, Joffre and Florence flip through French design magazines.Through the louvre doors, a charming dining room awaits. 85

Above: One of many amazing relicsâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;an intricately characterized mask hangs upon one wall in this visually captivating space.


Joffre has made excellent use of uninhabited space, creating a quaint yet lively office in one of the previously spare hall closets. Here, you can see elements of his graphic design and architectural backgrounds intersecting harmoniously. In the master, a beautiful bed made of Dominican native wood, Laurier Poivre (commonly known as horseflesh mahogany), establishes a central foundation within their sleeping quarters. Joffre designed the bed, but commissioned his woodworking neighbor to build it. According to Joffre, Dominica is full of skilled woodworkers, and this is reflected in many facets of his home, as well as his neighborhood.

An ornate, four-poster bed made of Laurier Poivre (found throughout the eastern Caribbean), was desgined by Joffre and built by a neighbor across the way.


Joffre and Florence will be leaving the house soon, in search of greener (and quieter) pastures. The desire to move into the countryside, leaving behind this family homestead, has become more prevalent as of late, due to a dramatic increase in the hustle and bustle around their home. Joffre explains that many new clubs and venues are popping up in the neighborhood, drawing a large and lingering crowd.

Now leaving this urban environment means turning the house over to a new family, for the first time in over 70 years. “I don’t like it, and it’s unfortunate that it had to happen with me. But it had to happen with somebody.”

When he and Florence move, they will bid ado to this time-tested building and embark upon the process of transitioning into a new lifestyle and home. Joffre “Everyone wants to bring their music lovingly ponders possibilities for the house and its future. outside ...the house rumbles.” “It talks of its time, this house. It really talks of its time.” x

This page: Florence’s boutique is both rustic and chic—with an annex that extends beyond and exposes the original stone framing of the building. Opposite: Looking out onto the motley neighborhood, one cannot help but feel at home.


beauties &


We brought our own bit of domestication, With distinguished tables for this special occasion! All shapes and sizes of patterned fabrications (lent from companies, of which weâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re in adoration) In the home of 300 creatures, beautiful and smart The Austin Zoo caters to matters of Mother Natureâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s heart. Creating new homes for big and small alike, We brought some decoration for contrasting spots and stripes. Natural art and play ensue, Join us for a sightseeing stroll, of tabletopped views!


Like the mane of our regal fur ball, this seemingly random arrangement of bamboo makes an eye-catching statement. Just barely cradling a glass top, the table is surprisingly sturdy.

Bamboo Blow Up Small Table, by Alessi


Hand painted and carved Moroccan motifs create a table that is exotic and original. The interesting silhouette and slender figure make this table the perfect fit in any tight space. Our tiger friend rolled over to gaze, the look of approval was clearly on his face.

Slimani Wooden Table by Hamimi


The proof is in the peacock—this table will suit any space. Finished Maple, with a hand carved, ripple inset top. The tapered facets add dimension to the interesting shape—but we’re pretty sure that Mr. Peacock was attracted to the gold detailing.

STAS Taboret, in Tobacco, by JAK


This geometrical piece is made from one single sheet of steel and is available in red and white. Inspired by architecture, the clean and edgy design makes this a bold statement anywhere you place it.

Pac Side Table, in white, by Arktura

A rogue species of the Russian Olive Wood tree has invaded the banks of the Rio Grande River in New Mexicoâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;and is being arrested, executed and transformed. Cracks and burls make each stump uniqueâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;but the smooth surface of rings atop creates the perfect place for books or a cup of tea.

Russian Olive Stump Table by Pfeifer Studio


wear the room

dress down, climb up katherine brown Sometimes we get lost in our chaotic worlds. Just like when you were a kiddo, we all still long to have that quiet getaway to escape and be in our own thoughts for a while. With inspiration from a hideaway up in the treetops, by Roderick Romero, you can meditate over your next â&#x20AC;&#x153;go-toâ&#x20AC;? wardrobe piece!

tree house designed by roderick romero

the transformation to wearable style Womenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Long-Sleeved Highlands Dress by Patagonia The Meryl, in Bordeaux, by Matt and Nat Vintage Native American Bracelet from Waddell Trading Co.



a woven tale JAMES SAAVEDRA Some have said that variety is the spice of life, however I prefer to search out the best of the best and stick with each fabulous find once I deem it a keeper. For example: my chocolatier who makes the most divine truffles with Himalayian sea salt, or the letterpress company who produces all of my stationary; even the wine bodega just down the street from my LA studio. I am daring enough to sample many, but wise enough to select only the crème de la crème. So you know I’ve done my research when I say that, without exception, richly textured walls are the perfect foundation for any room— no matter how unusual the inspiration. Whether that inspiration is Aboriginal works of art (as in my clients’ SF loft above), Caribbean Chic, or even a Gentleman’s Speakeasy... the assortment of options for woven wall coverings are endless.

Weitzner Oracle

maya romanoff reed More fabulous than the status quo, reeded wall from Maya Romanoff, provides a powerful dose of color where many woven wall coverings fall short.

Weitzner Nimbus

weitzner nimbus Simply nothing else is like Nimbus. Use it in small doses for maximum impact. weitzner oracle Pure perfection can be found in the gilded sophistication of Oracle. Can be Uptown or Downtownâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;by far my favorite pick.

Phillip Jeffries Zebra Grass

Phillip Jeffries Jackson Square

phillip jeffries jackson square Phillip Jeffries IS woven wall coverings! Chocolately Jackson square is rich, masculine and never boring. phillip jeffries zebra grass An updated spin on the classic grasscloth in taupey neutrals fits the bill for traditional or even minimal modern spaces.

Maya Romanoff Reed

Innovations usa Kowloon

innovations usa kowloon Super chic and refinedâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;add a bit of textural shimmer and panache to make any room a little jewel box.


a design affair the lovely Sarah Kelly tells us all the steamy details

Sarahâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s sexy cocktail ring

Overseas adventures

Letterpress finds from Sri Lanka

Designer Sarah Kelly has always had an affinity for treasure hunting. When her shopping buddies have given up on the junk store and moved on to the coffee shop next door, you can still find Sarah sifting through a box of doorknobs looking for that diamond in the rough. Now Sarah is bringing her keen eye for vintage finds and design sensibilities for modern restoration to a new-meets-old collection. She’s roaming the country finding just the right pieces... and you’ll soon be seeing them in boutiques and online. She shares her most treasured treasures with us. your most important accessory? A cocktail ring that was given to me by a colleague during a business trip. This ring is a-m-a-z-in-g—and so much fun! I can be wearing a sweatsuit, but if I have that ring on, I look like a million bucks.   best trip you’ve ever taken? I’ve been very blessed to be able to travel quite a bit and each place has had something incredibly special to offer. I think the best would be my trip to Sri Lanka last year for my dear friend’s wedding. We got to experience Sri Lanka’s natural beauty by going out on a safari one day. Incredible! I felt like I was in a movie the entire time.   how do you bring excitement home? The right answer obviously involves lingerie, but I think you meant exciting interior design, right? What I’ve chosen to bring into my home tells a story of sorts. On my trip to Sri Lanka I was able to pick up some antique, hand carved wooden letters that were used for a letterpress, and I have them displayed on a little shelf.  Most people don’t recognize the letters so it gives me an opportunity to share my exciting tuk tuk outing.    best ever thrift find? If I had to choose, it would be this pair of chairs that I found outside of Boston. The other chair has the opposite detail so that when they are together they look like eyes...sassy eyes! Sarah’s beloved thrift find



standard visits the dorze tribe

finding zion story by matthew d. laplante photography by rick egan Through all of the heartbreak and hopelessness, sickness and starvation, it can be difficult to understand how early adherents of the Rastafari movement could have been so intransigently convinced that Ethiopia would one day be their Zion. But just 450 kilometers south of the gritty conurbation of Addis Ababa, overlooking the crocodileinfested waters of Lake Chamo and Abaya, there is a dusty little town called Arba Minch. Once there, you’re close. Go, they say here, in the direction of the Gods. An hour’s drive up a rocky, steep and winding road— nearly 3,000 meters above sea level—find a village in the clouds. If there is a case to be made for

Zion in Ethiopia, it is this village of Chencha. Here, the Dorze people live in towering beehive-shaped homes of bamboo and ensete leaves (also known as the false banana). The massive huts shrink a little each year as termites feast from the bottom up, but some of the oldest structures are said to be nearly a century old. The inner chamber of the home sleeps an entire family; the outer chamber is for the animals. “It gets cold in these mountains,” explains Mekonnen, the wellconnected, dread-locked leader of one of Chencha’s more prominent tribal families. “Together with the animals, we all stay warm.”


The Dorze tribe lives in huts of bamboo and ensete that shrink over the years from weather and termites. Mekonnen stands in front of two that are visibly different sizes showing the difference in time when they were built.


A woman in the tribe spins fibers onto a spool preparing it for weaving , one of their beautifully colorful crafts.

The ensete is central to Dorze life. The leaves are exploited for everything from roofing shingles to cooking utensils. The pulp is fermented underground, then resurrected and fried into kochoâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;a delicious mealy pancake eaten with honey and chili paste. The stalks are combed for fibers, used for ropes, weapons, musical instruments and looms.

master weavers, famous for their scarves and blankets. And an artistâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s cooperative established here nearly a decade ago supports scores of families. But it is still a rite of passage for Dorze men to disappear into the forests that surrounds the village with nothing but a spear, only returning with the lithe and lifeless body of a leopard draped over their shoulders. Indeed, the people of this tribe will always be proud of their warrior heritage.

Today the Dorze are most known as 115

“And when we’re not selling our art,” Mekonnen says with a toothy grin, “we’re in High School.”

High School is the cavernous town bar aside the village market, where hundreds of men pack into small rooms with delicate glass carafes of cloudy yellow honey wine. Between sips, some take shots of an absurdly alcoholic garlic-tinged liquor known as araki, and then—on special occasions—stumble to a restaurant next door, where the specialty is a recently-butchered side of beef...raw. Tearing through a slab of bloody red meat amid a pack of other equally ravenous young men, Mekonnen pauses for a moment of circumspection. “Who can say this isn’t heaven?” he asks. x

Men, young and old, gather at High School to sip the local alcohol.


Chencha, the village in the clouds, in Ethiopia where the Dorze tribe live.


ON THE SCENE Beth Broderick browses the necklaces

Kriten Chin and Sarah Post pay special attention to a few pieces.

In December, our Austin gals joined us for an intimate holiday shindig with superfood treats, showcasing 31 Bits jewelry. Using recipes from Superfood Cuisine by Julie Morris, we created Acai Berry Truffles, Maca-Macaroons, and Superfruit Sangria (which was quite the hit). We also made an Almond Breeze Pumpkin Nog (spiked, of course!), and Vegan Chocolate Cupcakes with maple frosting. Baked goods, jewelry and cocktailsâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;what more could a girl want?

Angie Johnson and Kelly LaPlante

We highlighted one 31 Bits designer in particular, Jennifar, but admired all of the hard work each woman pours into every piece of brightly colored, handmade jewelry.

Marita Hartmann and baby Eden pose for the camera.


darling & daring

Best friends, Maddy and Hannah were very curious about our tables and our sleeping pal over there.

Standard Issue 9, Winter Adventure 2012  

Abroad once again, the Standard team explores design and adventure on the island of Dominica in the West Indies.

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