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STANDARD: Layering elements of nature is a great way to visually stimulate visitors in both modern and traditional gardens. How do the choices of these plants and flowers give insight into the lifestyle that the homeowners live, or lived? L/S: In making plant choices, the designer must listen to what stimulates the owner of the house; that has a big hand in guiding the selections. We absorb the theme of their interior design, and will ask the client where their favorite vacation place is—or about landscapes they have always loved. Then we’ll look at areas where they spend the most time outdoors, and work with the architecture to determine what fits best. Knowing and appreciating the Ling’s level of commitment to a drought-tolerant landscape — and seeing the very contemporary style of the architecture helped us choose trees like M a n z a n i t a a n d Pa l o Ve r d e s , a s w e l l t h e succulents noted above.


More formal, lush, layers of foliage were commonly used in traditional landscaping

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Summer Romance, 2011  

Issue Five is all about romance, gardens and sultry nights in New Orleans. We peek inside Lisa Ling's garden and even take a trip to Buenos...