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thinking outside the Xbox


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If I had to make a list of the most masculine activities I could think of, it would probably begin with jumping out of helicopters and living with bears. If someone else had to list my most masculine activities today, they probably wouldn’t get much further than eating without a plate and not using my turn signal. Either way, bathing isn’t typically high on either list.

homeland, became one of the first resort towns in America because of its bathhouses—that, and its gambling. Al Capone and his cronies were regular visitors, as were many major league baseball teams.

Bring back the 20s by not slinking into the shower like a wet dog. Enjoy your cleansing ritual a bit more with some of these bathing necessities. You wouldn’t argue with Scarface, Al It used to be though. Whole towns or the Bambino about their manliness, popped up around the idea. Hot would you? Springs, Arkansas, a town near my

Standard Magazine Issue 15: Winter Escape 2013  
Standard Magazine Issue 15: Winter Escape 2013  

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