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Our innovative system of carpet squares comes in an inspiring palette of colors, patterns and textures that can be assembled to create custom rugs, runners or wall-to-wall designs of any shape or size. FLOR is simply smart design, squared. VISIT FLOR.COM TO REQUEST A COMPLIMENTARY CATALOG. 3


U S I N G F A S H I O N and D E S I G N E M P O W E R W O M E N to R I S E A B O V E P O V E R T Y xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


A brighter future.

Every day, Habitat for Humanity volunteers, donors and partner families are building houses, hope and so much more in countries around the world. So, what will you build? 800-HABITAT




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the letter There’s an old song about the face on the cutting room floor. The girl who almost made it to the big screen... and everything she sacrificed to get, well, nowhere. While today’s “cutting room floor” is a lot less literal, it is no less tragic that such beauty is left unappreciated. A few months ago, I started looking through outtakes and realized that we had enough unseen footage to fill volumes—thousands of photos that just didn’t make it for whatever reason. Maybe another image was a better fit for the spread. Maybe we chose a different angle. Our “Director’s Cut” issue is like a guiltypleasure summer movie. Not particularly cerebral, not all that wordy. Just a bunch of never-before-seen eye candy that you can gaze upon as you take a break from melting. This fall we’ll be back to our old tricks with our Industrial Couture issue and a brand new website—both launching on September 26. And there is no need to be deprived while you’re waiting. Our new daily editions are the perfect bitesized morsels to control cravings between issues.

Kelly LaPlante Editorial Director & Founder

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STANDARD Editorial Director & Founder: Kelly LaPlante




Associate Editor: Jenny Gumbert West Coast Features Editor: Kelly Thompson Staff Writer & Senior Copy Editor: Mallory Hamel Contributing Writer: James Saavedra Editorial Assistant: Joanne Kim Milnes Staff Photographer: Spencer Selvidge Content Manager: Dan Reade Editorial Interns: Patrick Jones, Minh Dang, Megan Horton

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trend-predictor late summer 2012

Whether your home is a three-ring circus or you’re training to win the gold, we’ve got you covered. Here we present two noteworthy news items that are sure to aid in your search for new treasures.


newsreel let the games begin... minh dang

With the world awaiting the start of the 30th Summer Olympic Games in London, England (sorry Hunger Games fans, not those games), we can’t help but recall the incredible achievements of games past and the ancient Greeks who inspired them. Although the location of the event changes every time, its home will always be in Athens, Greece, where the first modern Olympics took place in 1896.

Uncle Goose

Jonathan Adler

we predict... …an emergence of ancient Greek Olympianinspired decor. Think of the popular Greek key pattern used in everything from handwoven rugs to various types of furnishings. Let’s not forget a fire pit, so you can have your own Olympic torch burning in the backyard. Partner these incredible ancient Greek-inspired pieces with British paint and wallpaper company Farrow & Ball’s decorating schemes. Who could resist paints with names like Down Pipe, Cabbage White, London Clay, and Charlotte’s Locks?

loll designs

Zen Threads



come one, come all Folks, get ready for a show like you’ve never seen before—The Bard Graduate Center: Decorative Arts, Design History, Material Culture—will present “Circus and the City: New York, 1793-2010” an exhibition documenting the history of the American circus in New York City. Although le cirque has changed somewhat from the past, they can still captivate an audience with the mysterious, the downright weird and the unthinkable. No wonder kids want to run away and join the circus.


Squint Limited

The Rekindled Page Mig and Tig

we predict... …you’’ll want to bring the show into your own abode. Juggle these circus-inspired pieces carefully because too much and you’ll have a real three-ring circus in your home. For a touch of humor, outfit your pad with a clown pillow or a vintage patchwork table lamp. Looking for something more subtle? Take the pendant lamp that resembles the Big Top, or a Strong Man kitchen towel. Don’t forget about the majestic elephants— this lamp will shine a bright light to set the stage.

Oh, Little Rabbit


on the boards 2




s p l a s h o f b l u e curated by joanne kim milnes

This Page: 1. Planter by Notty Pooch, $18; 2. Astrid Cuff, in Cobalt, by Dream Collective, $150; 3. Recycled Wine Bottle Wall Vases by Great Bottles of Fire, $77; 4. Cobalt Backpack by Baggu, $34; Opposite Page: 5. Sending All My Love to You Pillow by Four Eyes Handmade, $40; 6. Sea Salt Soap from Poketo, $7; 7. Float High Easy Chair by Claesson Koivisto Rune, from OFFECCT; 8. Natale-Cerulean PRIMA Wallpaper by Eskayel, $595 per roll







1 2 4

coffee & cream

This Page: 1. Veneerware Spork Set by Bambu, $8.98; 2. Buddy Owl by Decoylab, $68; 3. Nectar Hanging Lampshade by Rebecca Asquith; 4. Joya Rocker by Monte Design, $895; 5. Birch Bark Cuff by Bettula, $95; Opposite Page: 6. Lantern Outdoor Fireplace from EcoSmart Fire; 7. Madera in Chocolate Hand-tufted Wool Rug from Inhabitliving, starting at $142; 8. Laugh Hand-tufted Wool Rug, in Chocolate and Amber, from Inhabitliving, starting at $142






3 2

hello, sunshine

This Page: 1. XL Hello Wood Sign by Oh Dier Living, $100; 2. Three Postcard by Vitrine, $3; 3. Althea Lace Necklace by White Owl, $38; Opposite Page: 4. Yellow Accent Chair by Knits for Life, $500; 5. Upcycled Yellow Flowers Statement Necklace by BluKatDesign, $112; 6. Pixie Faceted Ring Box by Oh Dier Living, $45; 7. Scale Clock Yellow from Recreate, $173















just don’t fit the Standard puzzle at hand. These are the people, places, things, and ideas that we just keep coming back to. Now, we are proud and excited to share some of the always-growing pictoral hodgepodge of design that we’ve encountered on our adventures. One must bear in mind that each of the images hereafter are but relatives of former features, and every shot will point you in the direcWe can never seem to fit all of our in- tion of the bigger picture. So, let your spirations into any single issue. There imagination run free in our virtual playwill always be a handful of pieces that ground of exciting scenery. If a picture is worth a thousand words, then what is to come in the following pages should be epic. For nearly two years, we’ve been recording creation stories through snapshots. With every capture of the lens, we humbly add to our visual collection of amazing design, and reflect upon what a beautiful world we live in—and how lucky we are to collectively shape it.




A variety of Texas-loving variegated perennials and succulents dress up a bright blue wall inside the city-center garden of Big Red Sun in Austin, Texas.

Want more? Issue 11 “On The Boards�


This page: At this West Mary Street house, brought to life by Spaller Glover Design Build, European influences can be found mixing with modern treatments in its South Austin locale. Above, a steel and cedar bench (handmade by Ivan Spaller) sits adjacent to two large hunks of leftover cedar. Right: A custom-made metal sofa born out of reclaimed materials is complimented by bamboo, and offers a perfect place to sit and reflect upon the architectural geometry upon the property.

Want more? Issue 9, “Portal Play�


Architect Sean Hauze kicks back in his private outdoor space at The Union lofts in San Diego, California.

Want more? Issue 3, “Urban Mantuary”

Post-bloom Yellow Pond Lily pads float upon the cool water in The Wetland Pond feature at Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center in Austin, Texas.

Want more? Issue 5, “You Must Be High (tea)”

A deep reflecting pool holds a brilliant visage of the antebellum manor at Oak Alley Plantation in Vacherie, Louisiana, just outside of New Orleans.

Want more? Issue 5, “A Tale of Two Gardens”


Opposite: A fluttering Black Swallowtail comes to rest upon the bright blooms of a red Bottlebrush at the Oak Alley Plantation.

Want more? Issue 5, “A Tale of Two Gardens”

Below: A crassulaceae succulent unfolds its beautiful layers at Big Red Sun in Austin, Texas.

Want more? Issue 11, “On The Boards”`


At Garrison Brothers Distillery in Hye, Texas, visions of authentic southwest scenery can be had. An open gate leads out into a wide, oak-filled pasture. A cow skull rests peacefully against a tree trunk, surrounded by green upshoots.

Want more? Issue 7, “Standard Visits: Garrison Brothers�


A bright green family of Scouringrush Horsetail reaches toward the sky from the Wetland Pond at the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center in Austin, Texas.

Want more? Issue 5, “Event Design: You Must Be High (tea)�


In Temple, Texas, outdoor accents add unique elements to Robert Secrest’s yard. A beehive sculpture by Paul Meyer blends in naturally and a tarnished wind chime waits to be played against a white brick wall.

Want more? Issue 8, “even in suburbia”


A place fit for Hollywood stars, The Ace Hotel in Palm Springs, California, offers this poolside oasis to its guests, and boasts amazing views of the surrounding hills.

Want more? Issue 3, “Standard Visits: That Day at The Ace�


A colorful grouping of fascinating succulents bursts out of a sleek metal planter in the Los Angeles backyard of Gwen Samuels, designed by Big Red Sun, in Venice Beach, California.

Want more? Issue 11, “Magic Eye Effect�


Rustic elegance and delicious edibles await at Lenoir in Austin, Texas.

Want more? Issue 10, “ooh la Lenoir!�




At Texas Spice in Dallas, the farmers market vibe within is 100 percent complete. Booths modeled after the original bushel barrel provide a unique, semi-private dining experience. The wooden plank flooring, with inset steel, is but one of many industrial attributes modernizing the down home Americana feel.

Want more? Issue 10, “Art & Light�

A modern pendant, dressed in natural tones, features a jumble of wooden blocks, surrounded by a sack-cloth shade.

Want more? Issue 10, “Art & Light�


A lively, fiber-optic tree trunk chandelier, created with the help of iWorks, seems to grow from the ceiling in this private dining space at Texas Spice. A series of sliding barn doors closes this area off to create an intimate setting.

Want more? Issue 10, “Art & Light�


A wire sculpture created by artist Paul Meyer, entitled “Napoleonic Beehive Chandelier” hovers over an antique crystal candelabra, serving as a centerpiece in this bright dining area at the home of Robert Secrest.

Want more? Issue 8, “even in suburbia”

Natural, yet modern, this setup at West Mary Street is simple and sleek. The dining table was designed by Priscilla Glover of Spaller Glover Design Build, and put together in-house by the team. Behind it hangs “Euphoria in Bloom” by Chris Carson.

Want more? Issue 9, “Portal Play”


An elegant table scape designed by Kelly LaPlante in a private California residence was the scene for Standard’s inaugural Tastemaker Dinner.

Want more? Issue 2, “Newsreel Trend-Predictor”


Bess Bistro in downtown Austin, Texas, carries an old-West feel with classic European charm. The embossed leather seats in the central area add a subtle contrast to the bright red leather of the booths, and sparkling chandeliers produce the perfect casual lighting to harmonize the setting.

Want more? Issue 7, “Around The Table�


Opposite page: Soft curves, warm lighting and a golden glow create the perfect ambiance for comfortable conversation at Family Recipe in NYC.

Want more? Issue 8, “On The Town NYC” Left: In Berkeley, California, the casual table settings are jazzed up by the multi-faceted pendant lights hanging from the ceiling at Gather.

Want more? Issue 7, “Around The Table”

Below: Slender forks at the West Hollywood abode of James Saavedra add to the modern classiness of an outdoor dining arrangement.

Want more? Issue 8, “le petit Saavy”


A lively collection of tributed work by artist Frederick James Brown lines the walls within Cafe Sebastienne at the Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art in Kansas City, Missouri.

Want more? Issue 7, “On The Town Kansas City�


This West Mary Street kitchen is light and elegant. Arabescado marble lends an exciting natural pattern to the space, and helps to balance the modernity of the Wolf Stove and Sub-Zero refrigerator.

Want more? Issue 9, “Portal Play�


A prototype piece of Gwen’s shows her dimensional experimentation.

In the dining area in the home of Paul and Stephanie Meyer, bench seating surrounds a farmhouse table built by Paul for the space. Flanking this surface is a cabinet filled with some of Stephanie’s heirloom and collected china.

Want more? Issue 11, “Scavenger Hunt”


A beaming Sarah Sohn stands in the kitchen of her wood-rich NYC loft in the Landmark District. Wood from a 380-year-old pine rescued from a Crosby Street dwelling frames the kitchen. Niche Modern pendants hang perfectly above an island workspace, and a colorful backsplash made by Venice Art Tiles adds a soothing tone to the other, surrounding neutral hues.

Want more? Issue 8, “Loft en bois�


An enchanting crystalline fushia emanates from the bar at ABC Kitchen in NYC.

Want more? Issue 7, “Around the Table�

The Alice in Wonderland vibe encompassed by Austin restaurant Lenoir is enhanced by the applications of soft wood tones, flowing lace, and glass pendants hanging from above like elegant, luminous bats.

Want more? Issue 10, “ooh la Lenoir!�




In the West Hollywood studio of designer James Saavedra, a colorful interior harmony exists. A vintage Lucite diamond table sits between a JAK Studio Collection sofa and the Burl Table by John Saladino. The pillows on the sofa and chairs (also from the JAK Studio Collection) all wear colorful fabrics from Stark, and brighten modest backtones.

Want more? Issue 8, “le petit Saavy�


This page: The lazy afternoon sun comes through one of the signature circular windows of this South Austin home, lending a natural wash to the white West Elm sofa. Outside, a beautiful D.D. Blanchard Magnolia tree shows off.

Want more? Issue 9, “Portal Play�

A rustic sunburst mirror made by artist Paul Meyer, lends a subtle flashiness through golden tones and rough edges in his home living space.

Want more? Issue 11, “Scavenger Hunt�


At destination resort Travaasa Austin, inviting, modern leather chairs beg of you to have a seat for a game of chess in The Spur lounge area, whilst looking out onto the idyllic scenery of the Hill Country grounds.

Want more? Issue 7, “Just Relax�

A computer-generated image of Chuck Close’s 1967 selfportrait ups the coolness ante behind a red-felted billiards table at The Union lofts in San Diego, California.

Want more? Issue 3, “Urban Mantuary”


This photo and opposite page: Collected antiques and oddities can be found throughout the home of Robert Secrest.

Want more? Issue 8, “even in suburbia”

A metal circular sculpture poses in front of a large photograph of the beach, seemingly at the mercy of a threatening powertool in the home of Paul and Stephanie Meyer.

Want more? Issue 11, “Scavenger Hunt”


A fascinating resin sculpture by Dustin Yellin gives an artistic life-energy to the more grounded elements of the living room and steel staircase of this NYC loft.

Want more? Issue 8, “Loft en bois�


One gathering space in the home of Robert Secrest features vintage and modern elements alike. Several pieces by Paul Meyer line the walls, such as the triptych “Ego, Individuation and Bound”.

Want more? Issue 8, “even in suburbia”


A chandelier at Hotel Havana’s adjoining bar/lounge Ocho carries a gothic delicacy high above patrons.

Want more? Issue 6, “Standard Visits: Ocho”


A vintage Sputnik fixture adds a funky whimsy in this South Austin home.

Want more? Issue 9, “Portal Play”

An interior seating area at Hotel Havana in San Antonio, Texas, is richly textured and full of deep colors, with a mod-Victorian mix that is as intriguing as it is comfortable.

Want more? Issue 6, “Standard Visits: Ocho�


A resident room at the downtown Los Angeles, Good Shepherd Shelter, designed by Nadia Geller of Nadia Geller Designs. A tall, enveloping chair was donated by WestEnd Sales Gallery, and blends in naturally with the other, calming earthy elements such as the driftwood lamp and woven carpeting.

Want more? Issue 8, “Home For The Holidays�


spaces 91

At the West Mary Street residence, low and linear arrangements add to the relaxing vibe.

Want more? Issue 9, “Portal Play�


The master bedroom at Robert Secrest’s place is elegant and chic with contemporary and antique attributes. A custom-designed sunburst headboard constructed from painted scrap wood, tree limbs and a discarded brass shower frame (made by Paul Meyer, and inspired by such visions at the Villa Tre Ville in Positano, Italy) presides over the bed.

Want more? Issue 8, “even in suburbia”


On an episode of HGTV’s “Design Wars,” Standard’s very own Kelly LaPlante used some of her signature moves to create an air of chic sophistication for chilling out, staying up and sleeping in, in teenage Jessica’s bedroom. Tied together by a Karastan area rug, the side tables and accessories come from CB2, and the pillows and pouf were snagged at Cisco Home. The intricate blue wall decal is from Blik in Venice Beach, California. Lighting the room and providing a touch of avian intrigue are the lace pendant lamp from Live Style, and painting by Outi Harmal.


Clean white linens are enlivened by the rich wood of three guitar bodies hanging above the bed in this masculine loft at The Union in San Diego.

Want more? Issue 3, “Urban Mantuary�

Efficiency at its finest on display at The Union in San Diego. This bedroom/workspace is organized amidst a marriage of white and gray.

Want more? Issue 3, “Urban Mantuary�


Just outside of La Plaine, Dominica, the soothing island vibe in the solar-powered Mango Cottage at Citrus Creek Plantation is aided by the use of local river stones and red cedar.

Want more? Issue 9, “On The Island�

A lovely light-blue washed paneled bedroom walls in the Rousseau, Dominica, home of Joffre and Florence Green. Joffre designed the gorgeous bed frame, yet commissioned a woodworking native neighbor to build it.

Want more? Issue 9, “Home is Where the History Is�


A serene bedroom at West Mary Street blends both masculine and feminine elements to create a soft and relaxing vibe. A bed made of excess cedar posts prompted its designer Ivan Spaller to note, “In this case, abundance was the mother of invention.”

Want more? Issue 9, “Portal Play”


A gorgeous chandelier hangs in this bedtime vignette at Gypsies Antiques in Austin, Texas.

Want more? Issue 4, “On The Town Austin�


A beautiful pheasant rises in simulated flight in the BDDW showroom.

Want more? Issue 8, “On The Town NYC”


artisans &



Kooky artwork and unusual accents are but some of the goodies to be found at the super-hip boutique We Are 1976 in Dallas.

Want more? Issue 10, “On The Town Dallas”

Opposite: At the Soho showroom of BDDW in NYC, vignettes containing such things as beautiful, handmade furniture and BMW bikes alike are the norm.

Want more? Issue 8, “On The Town NYC”


At the Jon Vaccari showroom in New Orleans, it is easy to get lost in the details of the perfectly curated antiques collection.

Want more? Issue 5: “On The Town”

In the words of one staffer, Fair Folks & A Goat is ‘A hub for beautifully minded people.’ That sentiment is evident throughout the New Orleans boutique/cafe/home-awayfrom-home. The snowy lighting fixture and red chair add electricity to this domestic scene.

Want more? Issue 5, “Standard Visits: Fair Folks & A Goat”


If the signage alone doesn’t get you, the simple luxuriousness of the naturally bound interiors, designed by architect Ole Sondresen will pull you in to the classy-hip Brooklyn boutique Bird.

Want more? Issue 8, “On The Town NYC”


At Hammerpress in Kansas City, Missouri, authenticity is not compromised in the art of relief printing. Wooden blocks, heavy machinery and bright minds fill the interiors of this unique shop.

Want more? Issue 7, “On The Town Kansas City�


Like the prologue of a profound adventure, the alieneyed hare outside of Uncommon Objects on South Congress Avenue in Austin, Texas, is an indicator of the sea of vintage madness for sale within.

Want more? Issue 4, “On The Town Austin�

Textile designer Nancy Mims sifts through samples of her graphic patterns in her Hyde Park, Austin, home.

Want more? Issue 4, “Standard Visits: Mod Green Pod”

A team member holds up ‘Anticipate’ by Mod Green Pod, in the sunlight at Johnson’s Backyard Garden outside of Austin, Texas.

Want more? Issue 4, “Fabrics on the Farm”


An enchanting scene at Prize Antiques in Kansas City, Missouri, is both antique-laden and filled with natural elements.

Want more? Issue 7, “On The Town Kansas City�

Contemporary meets ornate in this grouping at Prize Antiques.

Want more? Big IssueSur 7, “On The home Town Kansas City” in the of John Tracey,

by Victoria Reed Design. 119

Photo by James Sommers

A tumbling ‘AND’ with its hit-or-miss bulbs at Nufangl on West 45th Street in Kansas City, Missouri.

Want more? Issue 7, “On The Town Kansas City”


form & function 123

At this West Mary Street home in Austin, Texas, European inspiration can be noted throughout. Welded steel raisers with white painted wooden tread creates the strictly step form of these entry-level stairs. This commanding door is another example of the consistent applications of steel and insulated glass at the home designed by Ivan Spaller and Priscilla Glover.

Want more? Issue 9, “Portal Play�


Bright white brick columns seem to give this hallway a sacred mystique. A Beaux Art Chest displays a piece by Paul Meyer in the home of Robert Secrest.

Want more? Issue 8, “even in suburbia�


A voluptuous, gilded maiden holds a luminary orb at the base of this red carpet-lined staircase inside of Hotel Havana in San Antonio, Texas.

Want more? Issue 6, “Standard Visits: Ocho�

Exterior steps at Hotel Havana are given a warm glow by tea-lights shining from within deep red hurricane glasses.

Want more? Issue 6, “Standard Visits: Ocho�


Built in 1898 by architect Charles Page, exterior Victorian details at the historic Barr Mansion in Austin, Texas (the nation’s first certified organic events facility), are preserved with care and hints to the whimsy within.

Want more? Issue 4, “Event Design: Wild and Wheeled”


A gray cloud cover further enhances the detailed brick façade of a Landmark District building in NYC, which houses the amazing loft of Sarah and Paul Sohn.

Want more? Issue 8, “Loft en bois”

A modern, LEED certified home in the community of Urban Reserve on the outskirts of Dallas.

Want more? Issue 10, “Urban Reserve�


A simple yet telling sign hangs outside of Farm on Adderly, a locally loved eatery in the Flatbush neighborhood of Brooklyn, New York. This establishment brings rustic, farmcentric culinary delights into the heart of the city.

Want more? Issue 8, “On The Town NYC�




You’re already doing your best to raise your family in a safe and healthy environment. But did you know that today’s homes are filled with pesticides and chemicals from everyday objects and foods? Discover how to eliminate your children’s exposure to man-made toxic substances and provide them with the best future possible. Discover the

to a healthier and safer home >


Thinking Outside The Xbox

Patio Potential

image courtesy of ecosmart fire

patrick Jones

It’s another blazing summer in central Texas, but that won’t stop anyone from enjoying a good evening cookout. I’ve always partaken in the tradition of summer outdoor dining, and now that I live in a house with a big backyard, I’ve begun fantasizing (yes, fantasizing) about the perfect patio furniture and accessories to compliment my home. My house is old and a bit worn out, but its residents couldn’t be more the opposite. I tried to capture this du-

ality in the furniture choices. The centerpiece for it all is the perfect fire pit. EcoSmart Fire’s Dish model is powered by bioethanol, which means less smoke, stink and mess—particularly helpful for my smoke-sensitive lungs. The rust finish gives it an aged, classic feel that belies its modern design, and I like the option of having a rock garden inside my portable fire pit. So pretty!


1. Recycled Glass Bottle Windchime from Modern Artisans I’ve always enjoyed the southern tradition of bottle trees that this wind chime pays tribute to. Luckily it’s not too windy in our area—I’d hate to risk this piece breaking! 2. Long Skateboard Bench from Uncommon Goods My two housemates are former skaters, and this reclaimed wood bench nods to the nostalgia of summers spent at the skate park or around town. Besides—it’s just cool.


3. Reclaimed Wood Outdoor Chair from Uncommon Goods I like the distressed appearances of this salvaged wood chair and the skateboard bench. Though it may edge close to trashy, these are perfectly Austin.


4. Dandies Vegan Marshmallows from Chicago Vegan Foods A summer fire pit without s’mores?! You’re killing me, Smalls!


Perfectionist Says...

Our young Patrick now­­has a big backyard, summer cookouts, and s’mores roasted over a fire pit. I’ve come to understand that at most any type of communal gathering, your guests appreciate being casual and comfy. Thumbs up on the cool factor of that cheeky skateboard bench. However, as with all hard surfaces­, how comfy is that bench, really? There is nothing here that is going to keep your guests around those flames for hours of mirth and merriment. Throw them some oversized floor cushions and watch your patio become much more popular. In the end, those in your inner circle don’t really care if your kick ass s’mores are melted over a super fancy fire pit, or if you own a clever bench—all that matters are the good times you spend with each other. - James Saavedra


wear the room megan horton

No matter what else you put on, nothing says summer beauty like healthy, glowing skin—which is why we indulged in an Organic Summer Facial at Viva Day Spa in Austin. Using Éminence products full of amazing ingredients like wild plum, coconut and naseberry, the skin care professionals at Viva are focused on working with each client to get them closer to their goals. Every experience is customized to be exactly what your skin needs, when it needs it. Now let’s take a cue from Viva’s chic lounge and retail space—designed by Joel Mozersky—and highlight that radiant skin with a relaxedyet-elegant ensemble.

the transformation to wearable style Karlie V-neck, Teal Peacock, by Amour Vert Pleated Silk Trousers by M.PATMOS Saddle Original by Fleabag Wood Earrings by Luminous Creation


a design affair Lisa Kaminski tells us all the steamy


Bathing suit designer Lisa Kaminski fell in love with the oh-so-fabulous bikini many years ago and managed to turn her obsession into a career. What else does Lisa adore? She gives us the skinny. what inspired you to start designing swimwear? My passion for swimwear started very early, growing up on the beaches in Florida. I designed and created my first swimsuit at age 15, and my initial business plan was to move to Hawaii and design swimwear full-time! I stayed in Florida, eventually pursuing my dream in 2010. how would you describe your design style? Expect the unexpected! My goal is for every design to include a unique element: unusual fabrics, reclaimed hardware, bead accents, vintage pins... I like to create wearable art. what is your favorite color right now? White rocks! I think a white swimsuit is always glamorous, and a signature element is to include a white design in every collection I create. White always works for summer, especially to showcase brightly colored statement jewelry. tell us what we’re in store for at austin fashion week? Major drama for my Italian-inspired collection! I have a few surprises and can’t wait to show my designs on Austin’s runway! what decade would you love to live in? why? The 1950s. The bikini was born in 1946! I’m so inspired by Hollywood glamour icons such as Marilyn Monroe, Elizabeth Taylor, Grace Kelly, and Sophia Loren. My design dream era!


darling & daring

Our staff photographer, Spencer Selvidge, dones a Stormtrooper helmut and poses for a self-portrait.

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