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Wine and Dine

Images courtesy of the organic wine company

jenny gumbert

One of my favorite things to do once the weather starts to cool down is drink wine. I know to some people that may sound like a problem (don’t you have anything better to do Jenny?) but there’s something so comforting about sitting down with a glass of red wine, perhaps with a fire nearby, a group of friends, and a delicious meal waiting to be eaten. There’s just something so—and I know that this word is egregiously overused, but I can’t help myself—cozy about this scenario.

Sure, light white wines in the summer are nice, but I love a deep, dark wine to sip in the evening. So how does one buy their favorite alcoholic beverage consciously? One place to start is the fabulous Organic Wine Company where there is a vast array of vinos to choose from. These (above) look particularly promising to me. Let’s celebrate the elixir of the gods with a round of some wine-inspired delights. Now, who’s ready for a glass?

Daily Edition: Editor's Obsession, 09.28.12  

Wine and dine is the theme of today's Daily!