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editor’s obsessionfriday, september 28, 2012

Wine and Dine

Images courtesy of the organic wine company

jenny gumbert

One of my favorite things to do once the weather starts to cool down is drink wine. I know to some people that may sound like a problem (don’t you have anything better to do Jenny?) but there’s something so comforting about sitting down with a glass of red wine, perhaps with a fire nearby, a group of friends, and a delicious meal waiting to be eaten. There’s just something so—and I know that this word is egregiously overused, but I can’t help myself—cozy about this scenario.

Sure, light white wines in the summer are nice, but I love a deep, dark wine to sip in the evening. So how does one buy their favorite alcoholic beverage consciously? One place to start is the fabulous Organic Wine Company where there is a vast array of vinos to choose from. These (above) look particularly promising to me. Let’s celebrate the elixir of the gods with a round of some wine-inspired delights. Now, who’s ready for a glass?





1. Full Length Coat by Lindsey Thornburg from Totokaelo, $1530 - I love the rich burgundy shade of this coat. Not only is it wine-colored, but it would be great to wear out to drink a glass. 2. Reclaimed Wood Wine Rack by Aboriform, $85 - Store your precious bottles on this beautiful rack. 3. Danish Modern Dog Corkscrew from Vintage Modern and More This vintage corkscrew is not just adorable­, it’s also a perfectly unique piece to add to your bar cart. 4. Cheese Board from Esque Studio, $300 - Cheese goes with wine like peanut butter goes with jelly. They’re meant for each other.

Daily Edition: Editor's Obsession, 09.28.12  

Wine and dine is the theme of today's Daily!

Daily Edition: Editor's Obsession, 09.28.12  

Wine and dine is the theme of today's Daily!