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standard stag thursday, july 26, 2012

Thinking Outside The Xbox

90s Nostalgia patrick Jones

Nostalgia is weird. Everyone experiences it, yet we all nostalgize about something different. It goes without saying my childhood memories are pretty geeky: entire days spent playing Playstation games until Toonami brought me the sweet release of crude violence and hammy-anime-dub-screaming. I realize these may be more exclusive to a certain segment of the population born in the mid-80s to early-90s, but in the end we all come back to the same thing: childhood. The sentiments and feelings of innocence are familiar to just about anyone who’s grown a bit taller and busier. Without straying on the side of kitsch, I found items that reconnect the past and the present that continue to inform my identity, while still being relatable to most people my age. To kick off my journey down memory lane: Mega Man. I recently replayed one of the titles in the series and found it to be a painfully, embarrassingly difficult game I thought I was good and it totally kicked my ass. Luckily, this decal set from Blik presents the iconic characters, powerups, and enemies of the series without the added fuss of realizing you’ve become a whole lot worse at video games.

1. Zac Gorman’s Magical Game Time Prints - The beauty of Zac Gorman’s Magical Game Time is his reinterpretation of classic video games with the experience of someone older, wiser, but just as passionate. For example: Super Mario isn’t a typical quest to rescue a princess, but a plumber’s realization that a life full of adventure beats one full of dirty work. Simple, brilliant, and entirely human,


2. iPhone SkateBack by Grove The 1990s were bright. It’s fun (if not a little embarrassing) to look back on some of the decade’s fashion trends to see what items have fallen out of style. A trend that did survive, and one that I myself took part in, was the explosion in popularity of skateboarding. This iPhone case utilizes recycled skateboard material with a delightful array of colors. It’s a subtle update on 90s trends, and one that improves on the kitsch and datedness of its predecessors.



3. The Ledge Desk by Urbancase - In the early days of my youth, personal computers and the internet boomed. But cheap, flimsy material, uninspired design, and a sense of Office Space-esque melancholy pervade my image of the average 90s workspace. Definitely not something in line with my nostalgia for the early days of mom and dad teaching me how to use a computer. That’s where this desk fits the bill: the 90s were all about the rise of minimalism, but this desk has character that transcends its simplicity. And besides, computers are smaller now.



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Daily Edition: Standard Stag, 7.26.12  

Patrick gets nostalgic about his childhood.

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