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standard stag thursday, july 12, 2012

Thinking Outside The Xbox

Couch Surfing

image of wedge sleeper sofa courtesy of haiku designs

patrick Jones I love everything about CouchSurfing. org, the website that connects travelers from around the world with hosts in exchange for knowledge and experience. We’ve entertained a few surfers at our house, and I’ve had nothing but fun as a host. There’s one problem though: our surfing space. Instead of a comfortable and welcoming room, guests have a dusty and worn-out

couch with little else besides a TV (with no cable!) to keep their attention. While some of these items are way out of my price range like this amazing sofa by Haiku Designs—it’s a theoretical room, after all­—they serve a dual purpose of a makeshift guest room and a conventional living room. In a way, it’s two rooms in one...right?!

Aurora Glow String Lights from Allsop Home & Garden - It’s unbelievably twee, but Christmas lights are simply a nice and cheap alternative to overhead lighting or a lamp. Besides, a hint of magic never hurt anyone, right? These Allsop Home & Garden LED lights are solar powered, made from hand-blown glass, and come with their own solar panel for energy.

Green Organic Cotton Bed Sheets from Olive & Myrtle - A central Texas house with lots of sunlight isn’t going to need anything too dark or heavy. These organic cotton bed sheets from Olive & Myrtle are simple, elegant, and cozy enough for guests or a lazy day spent on the couch.

Distressed Black Silverware Shelf by JJEvensen Art - With travelers comes the inevitable deluge of backpacks, purses, jackets and the like cluttering a room for a few nights. A cool approach to minimizing guests’ materials in a room can be found in DIY projects that repurpose common household objects into coat racks. Whether they be old silverware or doorknobs, these racks are simple, convenient, and very cool. Make your own, or buy one from the experts.





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Have you couch surfed lately?