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newsreel monday, july 9, 2012

jungle fever by minh dang

The earth is one subspecies poorer. Lonesome George, known worldwide as the sole surviving Pinta giant tortoise, died in captivity on the Galapagos Islands this past month. Luckily, some of his subspecies genes live on in other Galapagos giant tortoises. With his death hopefully there is a renewed interest and worldwide awareness of conservation and coexistence between humans and animals.

Sean E. Avery

Team 7

Uncommon Goods

Shira Keret

we predict... ‌animal-inspired pieces will stampede their way into your space. Think tasteful placements of animalian furniture and lighting, such as a coffee table inspired by a turtle shell or a lamp in the shape of a rhinoceros. Even decorate your bookshelves with a koala figurine made from CD shards. Whichever creature you decide to take home, it’ll surely be the talk of the animal kingdom. Michael Bartalos





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