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editor’s obsession friday, august 3, 2012

Two for tea jenny gumbert Sometimes I really wish that afternoon tea was a more popular American activity. I love tea and the act of drinking it. I also love that it’s a beverage that no matter the time of year, it’s still the perfect answer to the question “what would you like to drink?” There are so many varieties: herbal, maté, green, black, white, chai...I could go on. Bring in the option of iced, hot, steamer or latté...It’s too much to think about. But really, the best part of being a tea drinker is taking part in an ancient ritual. Even now, with it being scorchingly hot, I still find myself warming a pot of water on the stove, bringing out my favorite honey, a new blend of leaves and herbs, and the perfect vessel, just so I can take part in an activity that I cherish. Speaking of great cups, I adore these faceted boulder cups from Leif—they make me think of a cool fall evening, cupping the tiny mug between my two hands and savoring every last drop of a chosen blend.



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1. White Coconut Crème Tea from Art of Tea, starting at $4 - I can’t even tell you how much I used to dislike coconut, but this past year I tried coconut tea for the first time and it is delicious both hot or iced. This one would be great with dessert. 2. Cold-Brew Iced Tea Pitcher from Art of Tea, $38.50 - Making a big pitcher of iced tea can be a bit of a pain, especially if you like to use loose leaf teas like I do. This iced tea pitcher with a built in filter is pretty much the coolest thing ever. 3. Orange Blossom Honey from Mignon Kitchen Co., $5 - A good honey is a great way to add a little sweetness to your tea or to even soothe your throat if you’re under the weather. 4. Tea Towel by Celina Mancurti, $19 - I’m not sure where the term “tea towel” came from, but I know that I love a good handprinted linen. A great use for a tea towel? Holding a hot pot of tea when pouring a cup for your guests.

Daily Edition: Editor's Obsession, 8.3.12  

Tea for two, two for tea...

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