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When you apply for a credit card online, the application will be reviewed instantly. For every approved application the bank’s representative gets in touch with you. On physical submission of the application form in the branch, you will have to wait to get the status revealed. With AIP on board, you will be informed upfront, whether you are eligible or not. AIP or Approval-in-Principle simply means an instant decision maker for online applications. The data you have submitted online will be immediately assessed by the bank with the help of a third party credit bureau, letting you know your credit worthiness instantly. Standard Chartered Bank is the first to come up with this facility in India, so that their customers can avail a quick approval of their credit card application, subject to instant online verification and their individual eligibility.

Online CC AIP (Credit Card Approval in Principle) not only lets the customer know their eligibility for a CC upfront (in principle decision basis the bureau and internal policies) but also the following enhancement in the process are beneficial to the customer: Easy product comparator, with card images, to help the customer choose a card best suited to his/her lifestyle  Short online application form backed by approval-in-principle: a customer can get an instant provisional decision on card approval status basis some basic details entered on the form  Application tracking [URL:-]  Allowing the customer to choose a suitable time to be contacted back by the Bank’s representatives for documentation and application process fulfillment

The following are the advantages of Standard Chartered’s Online Credit Card Approval Process:  Upfront checking of eligibility of a customer and instant provisional decision on card application, vs. current process where a customer has to wait for 7 to 10 days from the time of physical application form fill to know the status of card approval  Ease in choosing the right product & guidance on exact documents required for applying  Application tracking online [URL:]  Ability to schedule a doc pick-up appointment as per customer convenience  In addition to this the whole process is secure as the site is thoroughly tested for any vulnerability and all the information is secure using SSL certificate.  If for some reason the applicant is unable to fill the application details the telecenter will help them in filling the form over the phone by guiding them step by step on how to fill the form



Customer can apply for a Credit Card online and access this feature through the website Keep personal details like Name, Address, Contact Details, PAN Number, & Employment details handy Fill in all the details in the form and get an instant provisional decision on card approval status basis some basic details entered A customer can apply for any of the credit card variants through the Online AIP process ; product-specific eligibility norms will continue to apply. The customer is contacted back after being AIP-okayed for collection of supporting documents and app form completion. Post submission of all required documents, card approval & delivery should take about 7 to 12 days. The customer can also track the status of the application by visiting the URL:

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Standard Chartered Bank - Benefits of Online Credit Card AIP  

Standard Chartered Bank launches India's first instant online Credit Card approval solution, which will enable a customer to apply for a ca...