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Away from the stress….. Some time for yourself. Time to relax on a physical as well as on a mental level, at a place where you feel comfortable, which inspires you in such a way that you can get rid of the stress and recharge. Alone or together. Spending time and giving attention to yourself, and your loved ones, during the year isn´t a hype or luxury anymore. It´s the same as taking time to find out which lifestyle, food, profession and physical activity suites you best. A week at the start of spring time to “shake of” the winter, and / or a week at the start of autumn to prepare for the cold days to come. And how about a long weekend in the winter, being lazy in a cabin with a fire, sauna, fresh baked bread and a good glass of wine? Wellness trips have the quality to get you in a state of well being, and not necessarily only by having massages and steam baths. And in such a way that being back in your daily routine, you still can enjoy it. I´m happy to introduce to you some destinations which have the quality to bring you in that state of well being, we all once in a while need.

Curaçao Sun, sea, beach, warmth 365 days a year, divers paradise, historical capital city, wonderful architecture, colorful history, European touch, African heritage, Jewish culture, nice arte scene, Carnival and friendly people. Dine and wine with your feet in the sand, enjoy a massage at the beach. In about 9 hours from The Netherlands lies the beautiful island Curacao in the Caribbean Sea. The place for an unforgetable vacation!

Germany Germany is a country with a large variety of types of vacations. This variety also counts for the wellness facilities. A place that needs recommendation is Aken. In ancient times the Romans build there thermal baths in Aken and Karel de Grote even chose Aken as the capital city of his empire. Aken is a perfect location, not to fare from The Netherlands to combine shopping, walking, and relax in a nice SPA!

India In the Himalaya´s in the North of India you will find a very special SPA. Your chauffeur will pick you up on arrival at Delhi airport to take you to your stopover hotel in Delhi. The next morning your chauffeur will take you to Delhi airport for your flight to North India which will take nearly one hour. From here a chauffeur will take you to a true Himalayan paradise where nature and delicious food are awaiting you. Let the pampering begin…Once you are in ”the land of the Gods” it´s worth while attending an arthi at the holy Ganga River!

Slovenia Land of Wellness, dragons and castles. Land of Lipizer horses, wineries, lakes, woods, wild animals and the Karpat Mountains. Enjoy a cup of coffee with the famous Bled Cream Cake at lake Bled, spend a day at the Bled Golf & Country Club, visit the Postojna caves or stay for a couple of days in Ljubljana the city of Dragons. Visit castles, drive through the woods and mountains or stay in one of the villages.Combine this with a SPA and you will feel recharged more than ever. In nearly 2 hours flying from The Netherlands a true magic country awaits you!

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Away from the stress…..

Adriatic Coast Those who like well organised beach facilities, charming hotels, Italian food and “staring” at people, Rimini and surroundings is the place to be. Visit Florence, Venice, Bologna and extend your stay with some days at the Adriatic Coast. Most of the hotels do not have the SPA facilities we know in The Netherlands. Reaching a state of well being here, can be achieved by enjoying a delicious Italian meal while starring at the sea with your feet in the sand. Enjoy the Italians dressing up realy classy, behaving very Italian and showing people that enjoying life is an art too!

Canada Canada is a huge and divers country. Special atention needs Quebec with the city Montreal. It´s a melting pot of Paris, European influences and yet North American. Old Montreal is a true museum. The streets, restaurants, shops and of course the copy of the Notre Dame. Spa´s like we know in the most places in Europa is not what you will find in Montreal. Rooftop city Spa´s or somewhere on an in between floor in a huge building is very common. High fashion bathing suites seem to be the dress code here. Everything in Montreal is an adventure on its own!

Serbia Serbia was once one of the six republics of Yugoslavia, and the capital city Belgrade is well known from TV since some years. A walk through Belgrade reminds you of history class: the Ottoman Empire, the Habsburg empire, Medival times, but also cities like London, Paris, Brussels and Barcelona. A visit to the Bohemian Quarter “Skadarlija”, the Montmarte from Belgrade, is unforgetable. The state of well being can be reached here by experiencing the country. Fresh made grill dishes, salades, bread (all from biological growth), loads of fields with flowers and the most beautiful monastries. Sebia is known for three world known thermal baths. In not even 2,5 hours flying from The Netherlands a real relaxing cultural surprise awaits you!

Spain Spain is a beautiful country. Special attention goes to Andalusia. Partly European, partly with Moorish influences which have become Spanish. This provides passion and a wonderful culture. Andalusia will fit every visitors needs: beach, villages, SPA´s, golf trips, city trips, round trips, cultural trips, etc., etc. When you take the time to drive from Malaga tot Gibraltar and back, you will be treated in a fantastic way. Andalusia is passion, passion, passion!

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Wellness Destinations  

Wellness Destinations