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Canon has become a leader in the production of high quality cameras. Canon has produced a new product that is by far the best canon digital camera. The canon powershot A470 digital camera has various features that enable it to provide you with outstanding photo quality. Pictures can be taken in the darkest of places and every photo appears clear and colorful. Its easy to capture the moment anywhere with the portable canon powershot A470 digital camera. With a 7.1 megapixel, the canon powershot A470 digital camera has an incredible resolution that captures every detail in the picture. Images possess vivid colors and the brightness level is perfect every time. This camera also has an 0ptical zoom lens that captures a closer view of things that are farther away. The night display allows this camera to capture details even in the darkest of places so you don't lose quality because of the place your in. With the perfect combination of color and brightness the canon powershot A470 digital camera always produces the best photos. This digital camera also has a 2.5 inch lcd screen that displays your photos so that they are easy to view. The high resolution allows you to view your photos on a crystal clear screen. With this view you can easily see every detail of the photo and show it off to your friends. The canon powershot A470 digital camera also features face detection technology. With this advancement, the camera can recognize faces in a picture and focus on them. It also allows the camera to change skin tones to find a perfect match for the scene. This new technology is simply amazing. With the DIGIC III image processor, the camera is certain to take the perfect photo every time. This feature is important to this product for many reasons. It makes sure the camera produces great quality pictures and enhances the battery performance. It also allows the camera the ability to perform face detection technology by finding the focus point of the scene. With Red-eye correction, the canon powershot A470 digital camera eliminates the hated red eyes in photos. During a shot this product can detect red eyes and correct it to produce a perfect photo with no errors. You can also set the preferences on the camera to make the corrections yourself while reviewing your photos. This camera also contains a motion detection feature which makes photos appear high quality even when the people are in motion. The canon powershot A470 digital camera makes it easy to shoot vertical shots. All you have to do is turn the camera to the side and it automatically changes the view to vertical. This is very convenient and if your in a hurry is a very useful feature. You can also print your photos directly from a compatible printer. This is much easier than going through the process of transferring photos to your computer and then printing them. The canon powershot A470 digital camera is a great product with incredible features that enhance picture quality. Details appear more realistic and even motion pictures appear clear and crisp. With all of these outstanding features it is clear that this camera is the best canon has to offer. You can

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