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discover pisa straight from tuscany In case you dream about exploring Tuscany, villas provide the perfect base from which to plan travel by yourself terms - and also somewhere private to chill after a day's adventures. The rolling splendour with the region's countryside is all around you, while its finest cities are a simple drive away - and you've got the advantage of having the capacity to explore several elements of closest city your own pace. For anyone staying near or around Pisa, below are a few tips to guide your exploring - the two 'must-do' as well as the lesser-known highlights. Piazza dei Miracoli Lying for the north in the old town centre, the Piazza del Miracoli - Square of Miracles - is when you'll find the most famous of Pisa's sights: the Duomo, the Baptistry, and of course the Torre Pendente - the Leaning Tower. Originally intended as a bell tower for your nearby cathedral, its 12th century builders soon ran into problems as the ground underneath partially gave way and caused the tower to tilt, even during its construction. number plate makers It continued to tilt with the centuries, only creating any complete stop in 2008 - and although now stabilised, it is still an awesome and strange sight to behold, as well as a great viewpoint for seeing the entire of Pisa distributed below. Also really worth a visit are the Duomo, with its sumptuous artwork and trendy Romanesque design, the Baptistry, which has interesting acoustics and also lovely architecture, as well as the Museo del Opera del Duomo, where there are some excellent paintings and sculptures. If you are looking to avoid the worst of the tourist crowds that flock for this section of Tuscany, villas are a fantastic option - just make sure you determine off early to conquer the ticket queues.

The River Arno Promenade Many visitors limit their time in Pisa to the Piazza dei Miracoli, people that venture beyond it will be rewarded and among one of the most vibrant and fascinating cities in your neighborhood. One highlight that lots of miss may be the Arno promenade, where Renaissance palaces rub shoulders with bars and restaurants, and picturesque bridges arch on the water. As they definitely allow you to travel all on your own terms in Tuscany, villas will often will feel limited when it comes to evening activities - so why not stay longer on the riverside, take advantage of the lively Pisa scene along with the excellent dining options, before heading back to rest?

Piazza delle Vettovaglie When staying in Tuscany, my latest blog post villas supply you with the choice to eat at restaurants or ready your own feasts - and each good home-made Italian meal begins with a great Italian market. Pisa's Piazza delle Vettovaglie will be the quintessential Tuscan grocery store, boasting locally grown fruit and vegetables, pecorino, cured meats plus much more - make sure to check out!

Discover Pisa From The Comfort Of Tuscany Villas  
Discover Pisa From The Comfort Of Tuscany Villas  

In case you dream about exploring Tuscany, villas provide perfect base from which to plan travel on your own terms - and also somewhere priv...