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Diane Bischoff

Diane Bischoff

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Adrienne Brizzi

Carolyn Illge

Adrienne Brizzi

Melissa Coban Melissa Coban

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Loida Cruz

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Irene Cuffe

) 4)Vice President Branch

Jana Currier

Coldwell Banker Coldwell Banker Ramsey/Upper Saddle RiverRamsey/Upper Saddle River 201.825.7700 201.825.7700 www.cbhomes.com www.cbhomes.com Joseph Sarkar

Jana Currier Jaclyn DiPeri


Dana Kinni

David Decker



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Dana Kinni Gloria Ling

Alisa DiGirolamo

Dana Kinni

Dana Kinni

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Nicolette Lisella


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Kira Johnson

Kira Johnson

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Zachary Lisella

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Kathy Gottschall

 Jaclyn DiPeri

Donna Regante

 Ken McPartland Corry Grant



Norma Jimenez

% " Norma Jimenez

Branch Vice President Coldwell Banker Ramsey/USR 875 Route 17 South, Ramsey 201.825.7700 www.cbhomes.com

Jana Currier David Decker


Carolyn Ilge

Gail Jacobs


Melissa Coban

Irene Cuffe

Cornelia Grant

Cornelia Grant

Adrienne Brizzi

Loida Cruz



Marisa Regante

 Donna Regante George Song

Laurie Schragen

Marisa Regante Christine Stockinger

Riccarda Sellner

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Terri Shedler

Laurie Schragen

Susan Slatter

Riccarda Sellner


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Patrice Kinch

*As per NJMLS market share by company ©2017 Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage. All Rights Reserved. Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage fully supports the principles of the Fair Housing Act and the Equal Opportunity Act. Operated by a subsidiary of NRT LLC. Coldwell Banker© and the Coldwell Banker logo are registered service marks owned by Coldwell Banker Real Estate LLC.


FA M I LY TR AD I T I O N S S TA R T H  ERE                 Whether you’re a family with small children, teenagers or     


      young adults, at our country        

 club you’ll start a new 



tradition family      every  of time that member         your family will enjoy.

                     G O O D P E O        P  LE.    G R E A  T   F O O D .

18-hole golf course with 3 Lakeside beach with summer                 top-rated short-game area, Yoga program *'&(! #  # # #(%& #(%&   &*'&(!!% !!% with #  &  men’s tournament group, 3 Playground *''#$%'  & junior golf   $%#%! $%#%! & picnic areas *''#$%'  women’s leagues


,"#'"$%#%! %! &#%' !% ,"3 Paddle #'"tennis $%# 3 Jr. Olympic size pool &  *'"&   *'  "&  '""&  '""& swim team for all ages 3 Relaxed dining #(%"!"' %#($ $"fine % & #(%"! !"' %#($  ,%#(" ,%#("$"%& 3 Kayaking & boating program restaurant with #!"& (& """ live entertainment #!"& (&  + +""" " ("#% # " ( ("#% #  %&'(%"'*' ) %&'(%"'*' ) %  ,,!$ &- "'%'"!"' % ,!$&- $## $ '!#%  *!'!#% *!  & 3


Come see for yourself. Com






284 North Franklin Turnpike, Ramsey

Summer is Finally Here! Now is the Time to Catch Up on Family Eye Exams!

Jeffrey R. Van Inwegen, M.D. Medical Director, Ophthalmologist

Robin E. Hauck, O.D. Optometric Physician

NJ License # 25MA06364300

NJ License # 27OA00638500

Routine eye examinations, treatment of your medical eye conditions, replacement of your old glasses, updates to your contact lens prescriptions, or surgical vision correction...we offer it all at NJREC! Our office is located across from the entrance to Interstate Shopping Center

201.327.3006 Visit QUALITY OPTICAL, INC. Bergen County’s Premier Optical Store We’re available for appointments on weekdays, as well as Tuesday & Thursday evenings, & most Saturdays.


SUMMER2018 #18

Photograph By

Amy Ledlow


Cooperstown Team p. 16 04


Spr p ing is here, and it’s time to do som o ething for yourrse self. Club Pilates Ramsey has classes 7 days a week, from morning to evening. We wa w nt everyone to benefit from the Pilates experience. e D Pilates. D Do Do Life.®


875 Route 17 South | Ramsey, NJ 07446 (551) 264 -9222 | ramsey@clubpilates.com


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50 N. CENTRAL AVENUE 3 RAMSEY 3 201.327.3060

Cosmetic & General Dentistry FOR THE Whole Family Schedule Your Childrens’ Appointments for the Summer Before the New School Year Begins!

Summer Brings Smiles! www.ramseyfamilydental.com Follow us on Facebook & Visit our Website for Events & Specials!

Make Yours Stand Out With Teeth Whitening

0 % Fina

ncing with Low Monthly Payments for All Dental Treatments


*Monday: 8am-2pm

Thursday: By Appointment

Tuesday: 9am-8pm

Friday: 8am-3pm

Wednesday: 9am-8pm

*Saturday: 8am-2pm

*Alternating Mondays/Saturdays




7 Day Per Week Therapy Services


Private and Semi-Private Rehabilitation Suites


Cardiopulmonary, Orthopedic & Neuro Rehabilitation


Guest Services/Concierge Driven Experience


Physician Driven Rehabilitation Services


Kosher Meals Available Upon Request

Rehabilitation Experience

To T o le learn arn more more about our pr eferred preferred rrehabilitation ehabilitation location, ple ase contact contact us today today at please

201.337.3300 A Proud Proud Me Member mber o off Marquis Marquis Health Health Services Services

20 Breakneck Road, Oakland, NJ 07436 oaklandrehabhc.com oaklandr ehabhc.com

Sean Farrley Broker Salesperson

45 E. Main Street, Ramsey, NJ 07446 Cell: 201-286-7206 Office: 201-934-0600 x58 Email: sfarley@tocr.com Website: sfaarley.tocr.com

767 Darlington Ave, Mahwah

336 Lake Street, USR

557 Wyckofff Avenue, Mahwah

4 Brittany Court, Ramsey

FOR SALE ~ List Price: $999,999

FOR SALE ~ List Price: $475,000

OFFER ACCEPTED ~ List Prriice: $ 570,000

UNDER CONTRACT ~ List Price: $749,000

1 Chapel Road, Mahwah

802 Wyn netta Place, Paramu s

45 Whitney Road, Mahwah

7 Charles Terrrace, Waldwick

UNDER CO NTRACT ~ List Prriice: $ 975,000

UNDER CONTRACT ~ List Price: $556,000

FOR RENT ~ List Price: $3,800/Mo.

SOLD ~ Sold Price: $352,921

24 Ro obin Ridge Road, USR


325 Fern Dell Street, USR

183 Redwood Courtt, Ramsey

SOLD ~ Sold Price: $610,000

SOLD ~ Sold Price: $510,000

SOLD ~ Sold Price: $950,000

SOLD ~ Sold Price: $315,000

Re vie w from r Tes e timonial Tre r e... I RARELY give an excellent rating. But Sean far exceeds all expectations. Here is the litany of things that made him a 5 star rating: HIGH trust level - He never pushed. Always responding to my direction. Knowledge - He is a pro! He knows the home buying industry lik e nobody else. He navigated us through every single part of the process. He had the answers or got them for us. SERVICE - he is the epitome of the customer service. Here again, above and beyond! Went to inspections, was present when contractors needed to get into t he house, attends the closing. NETWORK - His network is VAST! For every home need we had he had someone who was high quality to work with - meaning they worked fast, were efffective, and their prices were always reasonable to what I anticipated. They too went above and beyond. Sean's team and those he works with are top notch. Proactive - He was always ahead of me. Telling me the next steps. Hum ble He has great self worth but no ego. He has a servant's heart. Patient - he always had time for me and "jjust another question". H e educated me throughout the process and was willing to take the time, recognizing that I do not buy and sell homes every day. Bottom li ne, with such a majjor investment as a house, there is no one else I would trust more than Sean Farley to guide me through this process. My other family members have used him too. Worth every penny! Pete & Mary D. (3/2018)

& THAT THIS Around Our Town

Transformation Expert It pays to be handy with a hammer and saw. You could win some money on a TV show just like Chris Broking did. BY

Lauren DePaul Schreiber





a Around Our Town

A LITTLE CASH can go a long way with the right amount of creativity on HGTV’s Flea Market Flip. That’s what Ramsey’s own Chris Broking, a former Wall Street banker turned special education teacher, learned when he and his brother appeared recently on the popular cable show.

DOWNTOWN RAMSEY: What inspired you to appear on Flea Market Flip? CHRIS: One Sunday, my wife Janene and I were unwinding and watching Flea Market Flip when I casually turned to her and said, “I could totally do that.” I didn’t give it any thought after that comment, but Janene did! She went right on their website and sent them an email. They wrote back to tell her they were casting for their new season. So, I go from making a casual comment to my wife to filling out an application to appear on the show. [Laughs] Janene had to submit some of my previous projects, and my brother, Mike, and I needed to be interviewed. But all the credit goes to Janene when it comes to how we ended up on the show! 12


Around Our Town

Tell us about your building experience. Early on, my older brothers Ray and Mike—my Flea Market Flip partner—and I were always encouraged to be creative, to work hard and to use our hands. Our grandfather would always tell us, “As long as you can work with your hands you will never go hungry.” My father Ray was a surveyor with a 50-year career in New York City construction, so we were always shown how to be handy and self-reliant! For our readers who haven’t seen the show, can you tell us a little about it? The entire show—which lasts only 21 minutes!—is filmed over three full days: one day we filmed at a flea market in New Milford, Conn., one day was at their warehouse in Stamford, and on the third day we were at the Long Island City Flea Market in New York. Day one is buy day, day two is construction/transformation day, and day three is sell day. Each team gets $500 to spend. The goal is to try and spend as little as possible since the winner is determined by the amount of net profit. I was most concerned about the quality of the pieces we could find. I could live with losing, but I wanted to make something great. I guess you could say we weren’t the best strategists, but I felt that if the pieces were of solid quality, then the sell would take care of itself. Tell us what it was like to film the show. The first day was the most stressful day for me because I was really worried about finding good pieces to work with. The big moment of the day was when the teams were introduced by the host of the show, Lara Spencer. Lara then gave us our flip list—sleek and simple, refine design, and compact design—and then we were off and running! I sort of had my mind on creating a bar. We kind of steered the crew and Lara to a vendor who had a large selection, but specifically had an old work table 14


and a stained glass window. Compared to most contestants, we spent a lot because we were buying two pieces to turn into one project. I just knew with those great pieces we had a good chance to create something cool, of which we would be proud. What happened next? We still had two more pieces to buy. Fortunately, we came across a four-drawer horizontal filing cabinet for $35 and a transit tripod for $55. The tripod was a sentimental piece because our father used a tripod on countless projects throughout his construction career. We then had our three pieces. I was relieved! We had the bones to make projects that we felt would be winners—a bar, a coffee table and a standing lighting fixture. Mike and I were up early again on day two as we made our way to the warehouse in Stamford. It would be another full day of filming. As for our projects, Mike and I worked on one each, and we split the work on the last piece. I was the main builder on the workbench/stained glass window bar, Mike took on the transit tripod lamp, and we completed the filing cabinet coffee table together. All three pieces came out better than we expected! Lastly, tell us about the final day. The day in Long Island City got off to a good start, but it then poured for almost every minute of the time we were allotted to sell. Despite it all, this day was the least stressful for us. We had picked our pieces and successfully transformed them. It was just a matter of the right buyers showing up. In the end, we wound up selling everything and we won! It was really great to spend time with my brother and even come out on top! We split the grand prize of $5,000. Mike went on a cruise with his $2,500 and I spent my share on a pallet expander for my son Trevor. I’d say he got the better of the deal, but I wouldn’t trade the experience for anything! 

ter Regis

w! No AGES



Learning HOURS

6:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m.

C e n t e r


Your Child Our Program Their Success 4


Focus/Education Geared on Individuality & Various Learning Styles Prodigy Academie is a member of professional organizations including the National Association for the Education of Young Children and the New Jersey Child Care Association 4

3 Fresh, Healthy Meals Served Daily On-Site 4 After-School Program Available


Art 4 Music 4 Krav Maga 4 dance 4 Yoga 4 Etiquette

875 Route 17 South, Lincoln Plaza Mall, Ramsey

201-934-8009 www.prodigyacademie.com

Come See Our New Playground & Etiquette Enrichment Room! AGES



Around Our Town

Coaches Kurt Badenhausen, Shawn Kirk and Michael Burns with players (back row, from left), Lucas Rodriguez, Jason Miller, TJ Gustafson, Troy Sterling, Bryan Paul, Aidan McNally, William Kirk, Nick Mitra, & (front row) Dylan Burns, Christian Badenhausen, Matt Kymer, Will Thompson, Lucas Quinn & Aidan Garbasz.

The Boys of Summer Ramsey’s Cooperstown team is ready for its upstate challenge. BY


Coach Mike Burns

VERY SUMMER, THE Ramsey Baseball and Softball Association (RBSA) sends a group of 12-year-old boys up to Cooperstown, N.Y., to participate in a week-long baseball tournament. The boys attend tryouts as early as the previous October and begin training soon thereafter. The months of preparation culminate in an opportunity not only to play the game they love in a highly competitive environment, but also to meet other teams from across the country and serve as ambassadors for Ramsey. It’s an experience that creates memories that last a lifetime. This year, I’m lucky enough to be one of the volunteer coaches for the RBSA Cooperstown team, along with Shawn Kirk and Kurt Badenhausen. To be sure, there is a lot that goes into coaching a Ramsey Cooperstown team, not the least of which is coordinating the fundraising efforts that help defray the cost of the tournament. It has been a second job of sorts for the three of us and all of the parents who have devoted their time to preparing the team. But the time spent is a small sacrifice in exchange for the great enjoyment I get from being a coach for this squad. And that’s because of the group of boys that are on the 2018 RBSA Cooperstown team. In order to properly describe the boys on this year’s team, I have to begin with their love for the sport of baseball. If they aren’t playing



baseball, they’re talking about it. (On the field, I overhear a lot of conversations that 12-year-old boys have and, for this group, the topic 95% of the time is baseball—not Fortnite!) This is a baseball team in every sense of the word. The boys’ love of the sport is only matched by their love for their hometown of Ramsey. Through good parenting, and with some reinforcement from their coaches, these boys know what a privilege it is to live in our great town and the advantage they have growing up in Ramsey. I know every coach loves their team. But I can say unequivocally that this group of boys will represent Ramsey with pride up in Cooperstown, both on the field and off. Thank you for all your support, and, as always—go Ramsey! 

The Ramsey Renegades 2018 Cooperstown Team Would Like to Thank the Following Sponsors

Gold Sponsors

Blue Sponsors McDonnell & Whitaker LLC Ramsey Liquors Steve’s Market

Thank You!

Around Our Town

The Revolution is Being Led By

Dr. T If your child has a neurological problem, world-renowned physician Dr. Rosario Trifiletti may be able to help right here in Ramsey.


Lauren DePaul Schreiber

Dr. Rosario Trifiletti earned his M.D. and his Ph.D. in neuropharmacology, from Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. He has been board certified in neurology, with a special qualification in child neurology, since 1992. He is also the author of over 80 scientific papers, mostly on basic and clinical child neurology.



DOWNTOWN RAMSEY: You specialize in treating children with PANDAS/PANS syndrome. What is that? DR. TRIFILETTI: PANS stands for Pediatric Acute-onset Neuropsychiatric Syndrome. It is when an infectious trigger, environmental factors, and other possible triggers create a misdirected immune response that results in inflammation on a child’s brain. The onset is sudden and the child quickly begins to exhibit symptoms such as, but not limited to OCD, anxiety, motor and vocal tics, phobias, personality changes, decline in math and handwriting abilities and much more. In 2010, the name was changed from PANDAS to PANS when that term was determined to be too restrictive. There were many cases of children with the sudden onset of symptoms that were associated with infections other than streptococcus. How did this come to be your area of specialty? One day in 1997, I happened to attend a

Pediatric Grand Rounds by Dr. John Zabriskie, a professor at The Rockefeller University. Dr. Zabriskie’s life work involved streptococcus, or strep throat. Dr. Zabriskie had just begun a collaboration with Dr. Susan Swedo from the National Institutes of Mental Health (NIMH) in Bethesda, Md. Dr. Swedo’s group had just described a new medical condition called PANDAS. I had never heard of it and it was about to change my life’s path. As it turned out, Dr. Zabriskie was to do his special testing on patients in New York, and at the same time they were to have a neurological examination. Dr. Zabriskie needed a child neurologic, preferably one interested in tics, and I was in the right place at the right time. I began to see children with PANDAS. These patients had sudden onset of severe neurological and psychiatric symptoms, at a level that would traditionally be treated with powerful psychiatric medications such as Prozac or Haldol. These children got better within days of treatment with an antibi-

The P.A.N.D.A.S PANS Institute Rosario R.Trifiletti M.D., Ph.D., LLC Pediatric Neurologist P.A.N.D.A.S/PANS Expert 545 Island Road, Suite 1D Ramsey 201.236.3876 www.pandasinstitute.org www.mykidisnotcrazy.com

otic—safer, cheaper and more effective than the standard treatment. I saw the potential for this approach to revolutionize child neuropsychiatric medicine. I never looked back. You’re originally from Park Ridge, but when did you decide to open an office in Ramsey? Since the Ramsey practice opened in 2009, I have had the privilege of seeing over 4,000 patients with PANDAS/PANS. With a current intake of six to 12 new patients suspected to have PANDAS/PANS each week, I have one of the largest experiences in the world in this condition. I’m a solo practitioner and have examined and treated every patient. It is now estimated that one to two percent of children have PANDAS/PANS, and the number may be some tenfold higher in children with autistic spectrum disorder. It is therefore a major condition in child neurology and psychiatry; medical residency programs are beginning to adapt their training to include PANDAS/PANS. I have had the unique privilege to intensively study a common and important new disease in child neuropsychiatry. Along the way, we have obtained laboratory and genetic data on patients. We have settled on an optimal workup and treatment protocol. I feel that scientific and clinical treatment of the condition is much better now than when I started in 2009.

Many people have never heard of PANDAS/PANS. Why? Unfortunately, there has been a delay in acceptance of PANS in the medical community. This situation appears to be changing at a modest pace. As a result, there have been a small number of physicians with the interest, and luxury, to devote their practice to PANDAS/ PANS. It is the high prevalence of these conditions that makes such practices financially viable. The situation outside of the United States is even less favorable. As a result, we have had patients from Canada, England, Ireland, Italy, Austria, Finland, Mexico, Australia and even Bangladesh travel to see us right here in Ramsey. Of course, I am limited to advising doctors in these countries, but with the advent of worldwide availability of video-teleconferencing such as Skype, it’s now feasible to provide proper diagnosis and follow-up to these patients. But the sheer thought of the number of children in populous places such as Africa, India and China, and many other areas, who likely have infectious-associated “mental illness,” truly saddens and overwhelms the mind. How many children now in inpatient mental institutions and/or in jail might benefit from these therapies? If the estimates of the number of children with PANDAS/PANS is correct, they are staggering and far beyond what one doctor in Ramsey could handle. Clearly, the training of doctors in these areas is needed.  WWW.STAMPONEPUBLISHING.COM



Bobcat’s Texas BBQ 112 East Main Street








Lisa Johnson

THE TASTE OF Texas barbecue has come to Ramsey! Located on Main Street, Bobcat’s Texas BBQ specializes in slow-smoked meats. Their patented secret ingredient gives their meats just the right taste. “Our specialties are brisket, pulled pork, St. Louis ribs and baby back ribs,” says proud owner Lisa Johnson. “Our meats are always slow smoked to perfection!” Lisa grew up the youngest of five children in a small Texas town named Sealy, about 50 miles west of Houston. Her dad, Robert Johnson Sr., who’s nickname was Bobcat, always dreamed of opening a barbecue restaurant. Some of Lisa’s fondest memories are of her dad making what she calls “old time moppin’ sauce” when he cooked. 20


Photography By Salina McLaughlin

The aroma would let the neighbors know that Bobcat was barbecuing. That’s how all the backyard barbecues started at the Johnson house. Bobcat always created his own recipes and Lisa says they got better and better every time he cooked. Lisa’s mom, Helen, would whip up all the sides and her Aunt Red would make all the desserts. “Sadly, my dad passed away at age 50,” says Lisa, “and I made a promise that I would one day fulfill his dream of opening a restaurant and never stray from his ‘moppin’ sauce’ secret recipe.” On New Year’s Eve 2012, a fire destroyed Lisa’s North Bergen condo. She and her family eventually found a home in Ramsey, and then something great happened!

“On Oct. 7, 2015, I remember craving some good barbecue, so I asked my new neighbors Mr. Bob and Mrs. Pat if I could use their grill to make ribs, chicken and hot dogs for the kids,” Lisa remembers. “That’s when it hit me! I started researching Texas barbecue in the area and nothing came up. I then knew it was time to fulfill my promise to my dad.” Lisa says she jumped in her car and “like Dorothy following the yellow brick road,” found the location for what would become the home of Bobcat’s on Main Street. If you’re wondering what the secret to Lisa’s success is, look no further than the two main ingredients she says she always uses in her food—love and passion. Says Lisa: “We love what we do!” 





104 West Oakland Avenue 2 01-337-5480 201-337-5480 w ww.greenmeadowsinc.co om www.greenmeadowsinc.com

Loving it

7 Expert Opinions


Brought to You By

Excel Physical Therapy 700 C Lake Street 3 Ramsey 3 exceltherapy.com 3 201-962-7454


Ramsey Clinic Manager Debbie Dieter-Barker & Excel Orthopedic Physical Therapy CEO Gary Flink



IN A SHIFTING healthcare landscape where mergers and acquisitions have become the industry standard, physical therapy has become one of the most highly impacted fields. It became apparent to Debbie Dieter-Barker, founder and owner of TruCare Physical Therapy, PC, that joining forces with another provider was the best path forward for her company. “As a business owner, I have always made it a point to be very aware of what’s happening in my profession and what’s happening around me in the community,” she says. “There’s a large consolidation going on.” When the time came for Debbie, who first established TruCare in Bergen County 13 years ago, to explore potential partnerships, one local company quickly came into focus. “I reached out to several organizations that were becoming a larger presence in the area and in doing so I discovered that we really didn’t have a lot in common and we didn’t share the same philosophies, with the exception of Excel.” Excel Orthopedic Physical Therapy opened its first office in Fort Lee 28 years ago and has expanded to nine facilities in Bergen County in the time since. Over the past year, the company has seen accelerated growth with the opening of a facility in Hoboken. Locations in Summit and Westfield are set to open this summer. But even with its expansion into neighboring coun-

ties, Excel remains focused on finding ways to make its standard of care accessible to even more Bergen County residents. “We’re always looking to become better as a company,” says Excel CEO Gary Flink. “We’re looking to become better for our patients, better for our employees, and better for the physicians who have the confidence to send their patients to us for their physical therapy. The more we spoke with Debbie and learned about TruCare, we realized that we could bring a lot to those three groups.” The partnership with TruCare represents a new approach for Excel Orthopedic Physical Therapy, as this is the first time Excel has partnered with an existing company. It’s more than a merging of businesses, though. It’s an integration of ideals. “It really only made sense for me to merge with someone who shared similar philosophies, who shared the same respect for the community, and who shared the same values in treating patients,” says Debbie. As to what TruCare patients can expect moving forward, Debbie says she has high expectations. “The care is just as important to Excel as it is to TruCare, so the care does not change,” she tells us. “If anything, I think the care is actually going to improve.” Gary certainly shares the same optimism. “We’re really excited to have Debbie on our team,” he says. “We really think it’s a win-win for our patients.” To schedule an appointment at the Ramsey location, call 201-962-7454 or you can visit www.exceltherapy.com for more information. 



FREE Physical limitations can happen to anyone, at any age. The most common swing characteristics seen in golfers are directly related to an imbalance in movement, causing pain and increased risk for injury. Let our Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) certified clinicians identify these imbalances so you can get back to enjoying your time on the course – without limitation. This is NOT a swing assessment. It is a physical screen and movement assessment, accompanied by corrective exercises designed to identify and correct each physical limitation that can prevent you from reaching your full potential on the course.

CURIOUS TO SEE HOW YOU CAN IMPROVE YOUR GAME? Call 201-818-8711 or email tpi@exceltherapy.com to set up yyour screeningg with one of our GolfRight g TPI-certified clinicians! Fort Lee / Oakland / Hackensack / Waldwick / Cresskill / Rutherford Montvale / Mahwah / Old Tappan / Hoboken / Ramsey / Summit / Westfield

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HERE AT KOLINSKY WEALTH MANAGEMENT, we are strong believers in the benefits of owning real estate. Private, non-traded real estate investments can help diversify investor's portfolios, while providing income and growth opportunities. The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (tax reform) that passed in 2017 should be beneficial to real estate markets and real estate investors. Increased Net Operating Income Consumption accounts for roughly 70% of U.S. gross domestic product (GDP). More dollars available to American consumers through tax cuts can lead to short-term economic growth and increased demand for many real estate sectors. REIT Tax Advantages Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) still maintain their tax benefits. Real estate businesses may opt out of the interest

expense deduction limitation. Internal Revenue Code Section 1031 exchange rules were preserved with respect to real estate. Real estate investors are still able to take advantage of tax-deferred 1031 exchanges. Lower Tax Rates on Real Estate Distributions Taxpayers with pass-through entities may deduct up to 20% of any “qualified real estate distribution” received in a taxable year. This new pass-through deduction reduces taxes on real estate income and should drive demand for real estate as an asset class. Multi-Family Sector Stands to Benefit With the limitation on home mortgage interest deductions, and state and local property tax deductions, the tax code reduces the advantages of home ownership. This change is positive for real estate investors since the number of renters should increase.

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Since 1982, we have helped business owners reduce their income taxes and save for their future

s Advisory Services offered through Kolinsky Wealth Management, LLC an independent Registered Investment Advisor, Securities offered through American Portfolios Financial Services, Inc., Member FINRA, SIPC, Kolinsky Wealth Management, LLC is not affiliated with American Portfolios Financial Services, Inc.



g y e s m ra

e e l l y y S Stt ’18



OLIVIA OLIVIA MANZO is always making a STATEMENT, whether through her WORK ethic, her DESIRE to

SUCCEED, or her sense of STYLE. And that’s just how INTERVIEW

Lauren DePaul Schreiber Kat Yannalfo 26


SHE likes it.

When one dream ended for Olivia Manzo, a new one began. The Ramsey High School senior, 18, is a professional model who knows how to make herself comfortable in uncomfortable situations. She’s not afraid to make a statement or start her own trend. In her world, shoes are junk food and perseverance is a delicacy.

DOWNTOWN RAMSEY: Tell us about how your professional modeling career began. OLIVIA: I was actually discovered on a plane! [Laughs] In 2015, my family was flying to California for a vacation. My parents were sitting next to a marketing advertiser who was affiliated with major brands like Live Nation and Wet Seal. He saw me and told my parents that I should be a model. He said he knew someone at a boutique agency in New York and that he would be able to set up a meeting with one of the main agents there. So, at age 16, I was signed with Major Models New York. Do you remember your first modeling job? It must have been a lot of fun. It was a print ad for Dr. Martens shoes. The brand is so iconic; people wore Dr. Martens in the 1980s, 1990s and are still wearing them today! Booking a job for them as a brand new model was amazing. Are there any other brands that have stood out to you? From shoots to jobs to fashion shows, each is very different. I’ve been lucky enough to meet very unique and creative people who inspired me. I work consistently with the brand Alice and Olivia by Stacy Bendet. She is one of the sweetest and most creative people I have ever met. Her 28


clothing lines always speak for themselves, literally and figuratively. Stacy is an inspiring feminist who teaches women to be strong and to be forces to be reckoned with. She has taught me so much. Have you ever worked during New York Fashion Week? Fashion Week is probably one of the hardest yet most rewarding weeks you can spend as a model. I have participated in four seasons. The first one was in the summer of 2016. There are many girls in the modeling industry and every one of them is auditioning for shows at Fashion Week. You’re definitely told “no” many more times than you’re told “yes.” I’ve walked in over 25 shows, so I feel blessed to have had the opportunity to work with so many great designers.

g y e s m ra

e e l l y y t t S S ’18

Which shows have been memorable for you? One of the coolest shows I’ve been in was for the brand Desigual. I wore this green, Japanese-inspired dress that simply didn’t cover much. [Laughs] And I had to dance down the runway in a big straw hat! This industry has definitely taught me to be comfortable being uncomfortable. Each day as a model I’m pushed out of my comfort zone, and I get to become another person for a day. That is definitely one of the reasons I love modeling so much. What does it feel like to be on the runway? It feels like it was something I was meant to be doing. I always get a rush of adrenaline. My nerves go away when I see the bright lights, all of the cameras and all of the people watching. You’ve been working as a professional model these last few years while also living life as a high school student. How do you transition between the two worlds? Well, typically, I work about 25-35 hours a week. Being a working model while being in school is definitely a challenge. But as a senior, I think I’ve mastered it! Being sent on castings while I’m in school, and having to drop everything and leave for New York in the middle of math class, is difficult. I’ve missed more school than the days allowed for jobs. But, thankfully, Ramsey High School is so supportive of my career. They’ve made navigating my two worlds easier. How much traveling do you do? Mostly, my work is in New York City. The farthest I’ve traveled for a job is when I went to California for Wet Seal.

so young, my love for the sport outweighed all the hard work and dedication it took to do it. I was going to practice from 5:30 to 9:30 every night and competing each weekend. You were certainly dedicated. I was. But when I got older and the sport got more demanding, my love for it began to decline. I had a coach who was very hard on me. Each day would mentally drain me. I would go home from practice and cry to my parents; I dreaded going back to the gym. I was very frustrated. I decided to move to another gymnastics club and it was the best thing that ever happened to me. I felt the coaches really cared about me—they were very encouraging and really positive. The final season of my gymnastics career, I made it to the level nine Junior Olympic Championship and placed 9th in the country. Unfortunately, after that meet I suffered a severe hip injury that resulted in two surgeries. It put an end to my career. But the sport has taught me everything I know today. The lessons I learned helped me with what would come next—modeling.

What’s your Ramsey story? Did you grow up here? Well, I’ve lived in Ramsey since I was two years old, so growing up in Ramsey and living in this town is all I know! I live near Hubbard School with my mom, dad, my sister Sydney and my brother Tommy. My family is very involved in sports and I once pursued gymnastics at an elite level. I love living in Ramsey because it’s a town that’s like a small family. At a young age, my sister Sydney was affected by cancer. I always felt support and love from others. Ramsey has an overwhelming culture of support that shines throughout the town. It sets us apart from other towns, making it such a great place in which to grow up.

As a model, who are your role models? First, I’d definitely have to say my parents, Art and Tracey, are role models. They taught me to always work hard and persevere even when times are tough. My role models in the fashion industry would have to be Rihanna, Cindy Crawford and Donatella Versace. These women inspire me to be different among a crowd of similar people, and that success doesn’t come to those who just hope for it. They inspire me to have my own voice and to be a strong woman.

You pursued gymnastics at an elite level? Yes. At the age of three I took my first gymnastics class. It was love at first somersault! [Laughs] Throughout the years, I progressed levels and started learning harder skills— the skills that the “big” girls would do. Even though I was

How would describe your sense of style? I would say I have an edgy, vintage street style. I’m obsessed with top designer brands, but also have a love for vintage, timeless pieces. Shoes are my “junk food.” My go-to brands are Nike,



Adidas, LF, Urban Outfitters, Free People and Zara. Some of my style inspiration comes from top name brands like OFF White, Balenciaga, Yves Saint Laurent and Alexander Wang. If you know me, you know I’m the girl who will definitely make a statement. I love to be the one who starts a trend. Is modeling as difficult and competitive as we hear it is? It’s definitely not as glamorous as it’s portrayed on social media. I’m faced with negativity all the time. I’ve had to learn that every “no” could soon lead me to a “yes.” Just because one client doesn’t like my look doesn’t mean the next one won’t. The fact of the matter is that I work in an industry that judges you based on your looks. I’ve been exposed to the harshness of the larger world. But I’ve built up a resilience to it. And I continue to pursue my passion for the profession despite the intense competition, multiple rejections and periods of self doubt. What’s it like to be a model in the world of Instagram? Being a model in the world of social media, in general, is very difficult. I wish I lived in a time where social media wasn’t a thing. I think that the modeling world would be very different. Girls with 50,000-plus followers on Instagram, or people with a story that grabs your attention, are the ones being booked for the jobs. But social media allows you to hide behind your imperfections with applications that make you look perfect. And many of the top models now are the daughters or sons of famous models or actors, which has also changed the way models are booked. It makes it that much more difficult. You’re heading to the University of Miami in the fall. Congratulations! What’s next for you? Yes! I’m super excited and proud to become a Miami Hurricane! I will attend the Miami School of Business. I plan to also take classes in the city at the Fashion Institute of Technology or LIM College to pursue a career in business and fashion management. What would your advice be to others thinking of trying to make it in the fashion industry? Stay true to who you are and always remember who it is you are. This industry is full of stereotypically tall, pretty girls and each casting you go on is you being judged and compared to the next tall, pretty girl like you. So it’s important to have thick skin and always remember that there will be someone who is going to love your look. You’re not going to get all of the jobs you go on castings for, but if you don’t go on the casting call then you won’t even be considered. There are a lot of girls trying to make it in the fashion world, so just keep your head in the game and focus on your own success, not that of others.  32


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50% Off First Haircut or Color Service! Runway Blowout Lounge is now under new ownership. The new owners are Jason Morvan and Vincent Manzella, cousins who come from a long line of hairdressers. Jason and Vincent have over 40 years of experience in the hair industry, combined. Jason owns Hair Dynamics Salon in Fort Lee and Vincent owns Vincent Van Zandt Salon in Franklin Lakes. In January, they teamed up to buy Runway Blowout Lounge and transformed it into a full service salon. They now offer every hair and makeup service to fit a client’s needs!

70 East Main Street


201.818.8901 www.runwayblowoutlounge.com @runwayblowoutlounge

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DiTOMASO LANDSCAPE GROUP 201.644.7500 www.dhlandgroup.com TODAY’S LANDSCAPES CAN be described as a “lifestyle.” Most clients of the DiTomaso Landscape Group want to re-create a resortlike setting to provide themselves with a vacation style at home. That means pools with water features, spas, sun shelfs, outdoor kitchens with large grills, refrigerators, ice makers, sinks and plenty of bar36


side seating. Outdoor fireplaces and fire pits are also a very popular staple in today’s back yards. All of these items are usually centered around the “outdoor TV” for complete entertainment. Because of the climate in North Jersey, covered sitting areas such as pavilions and pergolas with a retractable canopy system provide

protection from the elements and extend the use of outdoor living areas. Of course, lush plantings provide privacy and aesthetics. Ample lawn areas as well as landscape lighting are always a must. Together, these elements provide DiTomaso Landscape Group clients with the back yard of their dreams for that suburban retreat. 


When summer arrives, everyone breathes a sigh of relief. Summer brings a feeling of carefree days, easy summer style and breezy nights. Summer style this year is all about the three C’s—casual, comfortable and color. A casual summer dress is an easy style choice with a comfortable pair of flip flops and a colorful clutch to bring the look together. Don’t overthink your choices, just go with the summer flow!”



e e l l y y t t S S ’18

ERICA MAZZILLI Lily & Kate 201.327.LILY www.shoplilykate.com


TRULY TRUL LY FREE CHECKING * Firs der of basic Firstt or order printed free free checks printed

electronic Monthly electronic statements with images statements

Fr ee debit car d, bill pa y Free card, pay and mobile banking

A ccess tto oo ver 55, 000 Access over 55,000 sur charge-free A T TMs surcharge-free ATMs

888-ORIT TA ANI • ori oritani.com 161 Fra anklin Turnpik u ke, Ramse se ey, NJ 07446 4 Offices located in Berrgen, g Hudson, Passsaic s & Essse sex Counties *TGIF Checking is for consumer accounts opened in person only, minimum to open $1.00. Oritani Bank and its agency are not responsible for any typographical errors. ©Oritani Bank 2018

Michael A. LiPari

OFESSIONAL R P E G A TG R O M and my wife l. He assisted me 2018 FIVE-STAR na sio es of pr clear e siv us informed in a i is an impres

ing “Michael LiPar process by keep about of the mortgage is knowledgeable He : ills sk l during each step ia ec sp s ocess, ha l pr ae e ag ich tg M or r. ne unicate the m m m and precise man co to le ab th that process. ustry, but also at come along wi th the mortgage ind s ion at ct pe ex was a s, and the e rate possible. He in layman’s term e lowest mortgag th nds in frie k y m loc l al us to ed He help mmend him co re ll wi I d an th wi pleasure to work ~Past Client for a mortgage.” g kin loo e ar o wh

Purchasing a New Home? There are many important things to consider throughout the process, especially if you’re a first-time homebuyer.

Applying for a Loan?


Michael A. LiPari

Our online application process is conveniently designed to allow you to stop any time and pick up where you left off.

Bond Street Mortgage Vice President

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Licensed Mortgage Banker: NJ Department of Banking & Insurance NMLS #187388

Remodeling Your Home? 115 West Century Road Suite 115, Paramus E-MAIL:


Be it a kitchen, bathroom or back yard, contact Michael to help find the right loan for you.



g e e l l y y S Stt NG WINNI






meghan meghan lobue!! lobue is

Kat Yannalfo AT THE

Ramsey Golf & Country Club





MEGHAN’S STORY Meghan LoBue and her husband, Tommy, live in Ramsey with their four children: Sam (9), Cecelia (7), Jack (5) and Lucy (1). Meghan is a cantor and choir director for St. Anne Church in Fair Lawn. She was thrilled to win Downtown Ramsey’s Summer Style Makeover Contest, which we held on our Facebook page.

OUR CONTEST SPONSORS & MEGHAN’S PRIZES Runway Blowout Lounge Full head of highlights, cut, blowout and style. Full makeup application

Photography by Sky Photoshoot

Lily & Kate The necklace Meghan is wearing in her photos

Ramsey Golf & Country Club $100 gift card for dinner

Club Pilates of Ramsey One month of unlimited classes

Party Host Helpers Gift certificate for one Party Host Helper for a four-hour event

DJ Jazzy Two hours of DJ services

The Project Chick One-hour “closet makeover” consultation

“The day of being pampered at Runway Blowout Lounge was such a treat,” Meghan tells us. “The team there went above and beyond! And after my photo shoot at the Ramsey Golf & Country Club, I’m really looking forward to going back so I can enjoy dinner on the beautiful patio. I’m looking forward to using all of my prizes and celebrating the summer!”




‘What should we wear for a family portrait?’ is the most common question I’m asked as a photographer. Step 1: You don’t have go out and all buy new outfits for your photo. First, choose clothing for one family member. Most times, you can create a great look by building your clothing around one person’s outfit. It’s usually best to start with the person in the group who is the hardest to pick an outfit for. Most of the time, this is the mother or daughter. Look through your closet for a great piece you want them to wear for the photos, or consider buying an outfit for that person and going from there. For example, you’ve found a fun sweater for your daughter in navy blue. You know the rest of your family has clothing at home that would match the colors in the sweater. So, you decide she could wear the sweater with a light blue shirt, jeans and brown shoes.”



e e l l y y t t S S ’18


Photography By Sky 201.327.3185 www.photographybysky.com

Flipper’s Summer Programming is divided into 6 different age groups, from 3½ years to middle school. Each day will consist of gymnastics instruction at various stations throughout the gym, as well as arts and crafts, games, music, and many other activities. Campers can choose 3 time options: 9amnoon, 9am-12:30p.m. (add lunch), or 9am-2pm (full day: ages 4 and up only). You may choose any number of weeks from 1 to 7:

Week Week Week Week Week Week Week

1 2 3 4 5 6 7

– – – – – – –

Real instruction, no pressure

www.flippersgymnastics.com 69 Orchard Street, Ramsey 201-327-FLIP

July 2-6 (Closed July 4) July 9-13 July 16-20 July 23-27 July 30-August 3 August 6-10 August 13-17

Flipper’s Gymnastics is a new facility founded on the philosophy that you don’t have to compete to enjoy gymnastics.

201.962.9755 www.bobcatstxbbq.com

! We Cater

112 East Main Street, Ramsey

$5 OFF

ANY ORDER OF $25 OR MORE With this coupon Expires 7/31/18



g Vinnie, Holly, Kylie, Caitlin, Amanda, Rob & Jason

Happy summer, everyone! The Runway Blowout Lounge is making this season one for the record books by promoting styles, services and products that can take the heat. Also, we were so excited to give Meghan LoBue, the winner of the Downtown Ramsey Summer Style Makeover Contest, a complete makeover to enhance her look! Our newest, and possibly most fun menu item now is the Summer Band, which puts a trendy twist on the classic hair wrap we all loved as kids or teens. With the help of your stylist, you’ll be able to create a personalized and accessorized band that will turn heads whether you’re at the beach or hanging around town. To beat the summer humidity and eliminate frizz, we strongly recommend the Brazilian Blowout or Keratin treatment. We also love the Marula Oil Style Extending Primer by Paul Mitchell for daily usage to extend the life of your hairstyle. To ensure your makeup stays in place throughout the unpredictable summer weather, we seal every makeup application with a long-wear setting spray or powder.”



e e l l y y S Stt AY RUNW



201.818.8901 www.runwayblowoutlounge.com

Lily &Kate 66 E. Main Street Ramsey


OPEN Mon-Fri 9 to 6 Sat 9 to 5




The Beach, Patio & Pool Call For… Inflatable Ride-On Floats, Beach Bags, Coolers, Party Cups, Melamine Platters, Beverage Buckets, Pool & Lawn Games, & Boho Accessories

Jewelry 3 Candles Hostess Gifts Home Décor 3 Tabletop Bridal 3 Baby Fashion Accessories


www.shoplilykate.com The best way to find out what’s new @lilyandkategifts is to follow us on Instagram

Let’s Have Fun This


Monogramming Done In-House Personalized Gifts SOME OF THE LINES WE CARRY

S’well Bottles, Sugarfina Candy, Scout Bags, Candles by Lafco, Voluspa, Nest, Jewelry by Gorjana, Stia, My Saint My Hero, effYbee, Lotus, Giftware by Mud Pie, Mariposa, Ben’s Garden & Beatriz Ball

Lenny DiTomaso


Joshua Hampton


201-644-7500 3 www.dhlandgroup.com 3 dhlandgroup@gmail.com NJ Licensed Architect: AS00456 / NJHIC License: 13VH09341900 Licensed Landscape Architects DOWNTOWN RAMSEY


g e e l l y y S Stt RAM G A T S IN ’18


With more than 20,000 followers, Stacey Royale is Ramsey’s resident Instagram celebrity By STACEY


FLASH BACK TO THE summer of 1991. I met my husband during my sophomore year of high school at Finch Park in Ramsey. Even though I grew up in Midland Park, and my husband came from Mahwah, I knew then that Ramsey was where my heart belonged and that I’d never leave. Fast forward almost 30 years. We’ve been married for almost 20 of those years and have raised all three of our children here in Ramsey, with our third now graduating from Ramsey High School. And we’ve loved every minute of it! My love for fashion and food, which is why I actually started my Instagram page, @heelsncrumbs, began with innocent pictures of my shoe choice for the day, or a perfectly garnished meal I had prepared for dinner. I would then post the photos on my Instagram account with an ever-so-clever caption. Being a catering coordinator for Ramsey Gourmet for almost five years now has really helped me improve my eye for detail and creativity, both with work and my fashion blog. Event and party planning, and overseeing that every detail is perfect, all goes hand-in-hand. I love that the blogging community is all about women supporting women. Sharing outfit inspiration, beauty tips and secrets, and “mom moments” are just a few of the many things I look forward to every day. One of my favorite perks of fashion blogging is collaborating with different brands and hosting events at my favorite boutiques. Not only has fashion blogging given me a platform to develop new skills, it has also helped me gain a newfound confidence. It has provided me with the opportunity to meet people I never would have met otherwise. I recently attended several events 48


where I was introduced to many New Jersey bloggers and was able to do a lot of networking. The number of women who use blogging as a creative outlet blew me away! I’ve enjoyed so much support from my girlfriends and fellow Ramsey moms who often come to me for fashion advice. A few summers back I was helping a friend of mine with some outfit choices for a family vacation. Knowing we had similar tastes and that we just happened to be the same size, I shared a few dresses of mine that I knew would be perfect for her. Just another reason I love what I do. In the end, the only fashion advice I can give you is forget the rules. If you like it, wear it! 

2+05,8$8755641)-8./% ® 7#478"$8755641-8 )

2+64*6,8"731-8 /% % ® .0*238$8755641-8 ./% ®

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."/" 8/ ) .)8%) " TM ./%88 /663*,-8/2'#&274,8573'74'80!8.746 ®

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$#&#& $ & & $!"$"%& "$& !" %







/7+2*,80!87+16,1 7558755641(0876746'823   


Reserve Your Party Now!

Boys & Girls, All Ages! Sports 4 Games 4 Challenges 4 Giveaways


July Lacrosse


4 For boys in grades 3-8, all levels Mon., July 23 – Thurs., July 26, 9am - 1pm 4 For players with the passion, will and determination to be lacrosse champions! 4

Camp Highlights: Skills and drills stations including

stick work, shooting, ground balls + more. Camp Bergen County’s Premier Indoor Sports Training Facility

NJ Home Field Advantage 50 Spring Street, RAMSEY 4 201.825.2036 www.njhomefieldadvantage.com WWW.STAMPONEPUBLISHING.COM


nalfo Kat Yan

y z z a J DJ


Lauren DePaul Schreiber







ore m e h t f o e n o e b e may y. e s m a R n i s e r u recognizable fig n as w o n k o s l a — f f i Jacob Z at e r u t x i f a s i — y z DJ Jaz nd a s r e s i a r d n u f , s local event he e r e h w l o o P y e s the Ram . s e g a l l a f o e l p o entertains pe tion a c u d e l a c i s u m s Hi ure s o p x e y h t l a e h a consisted of n n e l G m o r f e n o y to ever ce Miller to Bru na o o g s ’ t e L . n e e t Springs ests u q e R . y e n r u jo l musica e. are always welcom

DOWNTOWN RAMSEY: You’re a fixture at the Ramsey Municipal Pool every summer. Who’s more famous than you in town? JACOB: I’ve been playing gigs at the Ramsey Pool since the summer between my freshman and sophomore years. During jobs, I try to vary my setlists between genres, especially since people of all generations come to have fun at the pool. On the last day of summer, I make a habit of bringing out my turntable and playing some of my vinyl record albums, which amazes and confuses everyone. [Laughs] One of the best things about the pool is that it’s a genuinely fun place to hang out, which is why people from surrounding areas go there. Is it an easy crowd to play for? Last summer, an older woman came up to me and said that she normally puts in her headphones and listens to her mix of music at the pool, but on that particular day she didn't have to because I played the music she wanted to hear. It’s such a wonderful feeling to hear praise like that, because it shows that I’m doing my job right and people genuinely enjoy having me at the pool. The highest praise I have ever received was at a Ramsey Council meeting, where apparently my name was dropped multiple times for all the work I do. I owe a lot to the pool for helping me get my start, but I especially have to thank Gary Bach, the pool manager. He went out on a limb to provide space and time for me to play, and has been so generous in letting me come back year after year. If not for him, I definitely would not be the DJ I am today. Do you remember those early gigs? I arranged with Gary to provide free music at the pool, as a way to advertise a podcast I was doing at the time. I had no equipment, so I borrowed my friend’s living room speakers, my school laptop and an old mixer. One day, I was approached by a woman who wanted to pay me to play music at her block party. That party would be my very first paid gig. Then, more paid gigs came rolling in, some of which were at the pool. I used the money from the bookings to buy new equipment and business cards. I also dedicated time to learning everything I could about DJ software, amplifiers, lighting kits, contracts and more.



Of course you wanted in, right? Yes! I asked if I could join and, after a quick tutorial of the sound system and an introduction to the club leader, Mr. Lyle, I became a full member of the morning radio team. Steve went under the name DJ Steve, but I wanted to call myself some54



And that’s how DJ Jazzy was born? The real genesis of DJ Jazzy Entertainment, which is the name of my business, came during the first week of my freshman year at Ramsey High School. It was really early in the morning, and I was sitting outside one of my classes when all of a sudden I heard the opening bars of “Tenth Avenue Freeze-Out” by Bruce Springsteen playing in the halls. As an avid fan of “The Boss,” I was immediately intrigued, and went to the main office to find out who was playing the music. As it turned out, it was an old friend of mine, Steve Coletti, who I hadn’t seen in years. He was part of the morning radio program, which broadcasts music through the hallway speakers every morning.

thing new and unique. At the same time, I had been running a YouTube channel called jazzyjaz53, which led to everyone calling me Jazzy. On top of that, my initials are JAZ—for Jacob Alan Ziff. Plus, I love jazz music, and I wear fedoras like my idol, Frank Sinatra. I could think of no better name than DJ Jazzy. Tell us your Ramsey story. I have lived in Ramsey my entire life. My dad moved to a condo in Cambridge Heights before meeting and eventually marrying my mom. I lived in that condo until I was five years old, which is when my twin sisters were born. After their birth, we moved to a house right near Smith School, and have lived there ever since. I also had a lot of health issues as an infant, so I was in the hospital a lot. The way my dad tells it, I was in the hospital with a high fever and had to be placed in the NICU because I couldn’t breathe properly. One of the nurses suggested to my parents that they should sing to me, since it might help calm me down and normalize my breathing. They sang “I Know Why”

So your love of music goes all the way back to your infancy? Yes, I’ve always been a fan of music. Growing up, I didn’t listen to current music, nor did I have much knowledge of music from the 1990s, since all I heard growing up was anything pre-’90s. My dad influenced my love of jazz by playing lots of Glenn Miller, arguably one of the best jazz trombonists and bandleaders of the 1940s, as well as Frank Sinatra, Benny Goodman, Artie Shaw and Tex Beneke. I have an entire shelf of Glenn Miller on vinyl, and another shelf full of Glenn Miller on CD, so it’s fair to say that Glenn Miller and his music has had a big effect on my life. Glenn Miller is actually the reason I started playing the trombone. Your entire family sounds like an enthusiastic group of music lovers. Yes, my mom, grandma, and aunt exposed me to all sorts of genres, from classical music all the way to pre-’90s rock and pop. My mom has a collection of CDs that she used to play in the car, some of which are CDs that she made herself. And ever since I was little, my grandma has been taking me to the NJPAC in Newark to see the New Jersey Symphony Orchestra play in the children’s series concerts, which aimed to introduce kids to classical music. My aunt, on the other hand, would take me down to the Jersey Shore in her convertible, blasting Bruce Springsteen and the Beatles with the top down. I could never see over the dashboard since I was so small, but the music was always there. [Laughs] I’ve been listening to music my whole life, but I’m now starting to really appreciate and understand music on a deeper level. Tell us about some of your more memorable DJ jobs. I’ve DJ’d a lot of gigs since the inception of my business, some more memorable than others. One of the most memorable pool-specific gigs occurred last year when I brought out my vinyl records and started playing some songs. That day, I realized that a lot of the kids who came to my booth had never seen or heard of vinyl records before! So, seeing these huge black discs spinning around and playing music blew their minds. Even some of the pool staff, who are my age, were amazed!


by Glenn Miller, which, surprisingly enough, seemed to work.

Do you have a favorite song that you play at all your parties? I have a lot songs that I love to play, but one of my absolute favorites is “24K Magic” by Bruno Mars. I’ve used it in my party-starting mix, which includes “Celebration” by Kool and the Gang, “All Night Long” by Lionel Richie, and “I Gotta Feeling” by the Black Eyed Peas. The song that always gets people dancing is “The Cha Cha Slide” by DJ Casper, so I play it in my line dance mix. What song do people most request? My most requested song—until it became so overplayed that nobody wanted to listen to it ever again—was “Despacito” by Luis Fonsi, Daddy Yankee and Justin Bieber. The other big request I used to get was “How Far I’ll Go” from the Moana soundtrack, but that came mainly from little kids. I love that movie, so I had no issue playing it, but it’s not the best song on the soundtrack. I prefer “You’re Welcome” and “We Know The Way,” both of which are incredibly catchy. Music has changed a lot since last summer, so we’ll see what the big request is this time around. Personally, I’m still waiting for someone to request some jazz, but that has yet to happen. [Laughs] You’re trapped on a desert island with only three albums. What are they? This is the easiest question you’ve thrown at me so far! [Laughs] First and foremost is Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band by the Beatles. It’s easily the best rock album ever made. Next is Graceland by Paul Simon, and third is The River by Bruce Springsteen. Normally, I would say Born to Run, but this album is much longer and really shows The Boss’ artistry and musicianship. You’re graduating, so what’s in store for you? I’ll be attending Rutgers University in New Brunswick, and will major in computer science. Whenever I tell people that, especially after I’ve gone on about my DJing business and playing the bass trombone, they’re caught off-guard. Do you plan to keep spinning at college? I’ll keep DJing as long as I still enjoy doing it and I have a place to store my equipment. The dorms are pretty small, so that may be an issue, but the nightlife at Rutgers may be an interesting opportunity to take my business to new heights!  DOWNTOWN RAMSEY


& TELL KNOW See Something, Say a Lot!

Spectacular A story about red glasses and so much more. BY

Lauren DePaul Schreiber


HEN I WAS three years old, I was diagnosed with a “lazy eye.” The problem would eventually be corrected, but I would need to wear glasses all of the time, or for what they said was the foreseeable future. My parents were upset—they could see a future filled with tantrums and broken lenses. On the other hand, I was thrilled! I thought my new glasses were spectacular! They had big red frames and took up the majority of my face but I was as proud as punch. I never lost them, never broke them, and my parents never ever had to remind me to wear them. When I was in 3rd grade, we moved and I had to start at a new school halfway through the year. On the first day in my new class, I overheard someone call me “four eyes” and laugh. I wasn’t sure what that meant, but I quickly figured it out as others asked me why I needed glasses and why they were so big. I still wore my glasses every day without fail until I didn’t need them anymore. But after that day, I wasn’t as excited to look at myself in the mirror when I put them on each morning. Over the years, my “look” changed with the trends of the time. I embraced the late ’80s bodysuits, rolled up socks and Z. Cavaricci jeans. When I wasn’t wearing my Catholic high school uniform, you could find me dressed



in head-to-toe flannel and my beloved Dr. Martens. Massachusetts preppiness merged with cold weather gear in my college closet, which was packed with LL Bean heavy wool sweaters, Holy Cross sweatshirts and duck boots. Life in the city was a mixed blessing—a huge rent on a tiny paycheck, but also help from the editors at the magazines where I worked. These days my style is defined by finding which jeans aren’t the dirtiest and which shoes are the easiest to throw on as I’m running out the door. Every stage of my life brought changes with it, but there remained one constant: me. I wish I could go back and talk to the young girl who couldn’t muster up a smile in front the mirror. I would tell her that even though her look would change over the years, her true style would not be defined by fashion sense, but by a good old fashioned sense of one’s self. I’d make sure she knew that one day she would realize that the items in her closet that bring her the most happiness wouldn’t be the ones that are the trendiest, they would be the ones that have the memories attached to them. I’d tell her to be proud of those big red glasses, that frizzy hair and that challenging Catholic school uniform. Because as long as you love yourself, your true beauty will bubble up from within and shine for the whole world to see. 

Daughter For A Day Home Care


Home Health Care Services Caring For Your Loved Ones While DAUGHTER FOR A DAY HOME CARE cannot replace the love and support of one’s family, our services can make it possible for your loved ones to remain independent for as long as possible in the comfort and familiar surroundings of their homes, or to have better care in an assistedliving facility or nursing home. We work with you to ensure quality care, and we’re committed to providing the following helpful and necessary services:

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Know & Tell

Postcards To You BY Danielle


Who Says You Can’t Go Home?


AD, CAN WE take Main Street home?” That’s my usual request as we near the Lake Street exit on Route 17, the familiarity all rushing into view and my happy heart beating fast in my chest. The funny thing is that we usually avoid the treacherous traffic of our town’s main avenue like the plague; but I never seem to mind being forced to come to a standstill during the short breaks in my schedule when I’m back in Ramsey. It’s then and there that I take it all in. I lived in Ramsey for 22 years and embraced every Ramsey Recreation sports team I played for, roamed Main Street on half days, supported many local businesses and, ultimately, embraced the small-town charm that our little suburb holds. I simply could not have asked for a better town to grow up in. But in many ways I outgrew my stomping grounds. In 2013, I graduated from Ramsey High School and discovered another place to thrive down south while I was earning my undergraduate degree. When that journey concluded last May, I made my move to Boston to pursue a Master’s degree, revealing yet another territory that embraced all that I am and all I can become. It was another place that I could see myself calling home. But there is nothing like knowing your roots. There’s something magical about the nature of Ramsey; everyone you encounter seemingly



grows up with you. Each time I return, there is an amalgamation of individuals asking how I am, the same individuals who watched me flourish from the timid toddler I was when I moved here, into the confident, opportunity-seeking young woman I am today. From teachers to coaches, friends’ parents to business owners, Ramsey is a network of doers, helpers and thinkers so strong, I’m constantly in awe of who remembers me as I wander down the roads of 07446. Anyone in this town who knows me somewhat well understands that leaving familiarity is not a strength of mine. I’m easily intimidated by ambiguity, yet am intrigued by so many new opportunities to grow. It’s quite the catch 22, but to know I always have a

home in Ramsey is reassuring beyond measure. That’s something I hope every resident feels as they venture up and down Main Street, sink their teeth into a Jersey bagel, enjoy a hot cup of coffee and wrap their hearts around the nostalgia that comprises their Ramsey experience. For all of the places I’m bound to go, I’m confident in knowing the lessons I have learned in this beautiful suburb will carry me forward. That’s the kind of light I hope to shed as I write this column, and the kind of takeaway I hope you gain as you read along. For right now, I want you to revel in this moment, knowing you’re in a wonderful place. I want you to know that you will miss all of this if you have to leave. But who says you can’t go home? 

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Hawthorne 973-427-0124 www.elgallonj.com

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Know & Tell

In Ramsey, it’s Time for an Upgrade Building repairs and ways to educate are on the agenda. BY

Dr. Matthew J. Murphy, Ed. D. Ramsey Superintendent of Schools



XCITING NEWS! The Ramsey Board of Education is considering a bond referendum for Dec. 11, and will use the time between now and then to refine the details and explain them to residents. A citizen-led referendum committee guided us to this point after months of study. That comprehensive review of all district facilities resulted in a sobering conclusion: Ramsey School District is highly successful, but our deteriorating and/or out-of-date facilities are impacting student learning. The school-by-school exploration showed: ● High school locker rooms (circa 1938), windows (circa 1965), and roof sections (about 20 years old) are inefficient, from both the standpoints of student use, safety and energy use. ● Science rooms at the middle school have space, flexibility and equipment shortfalls that make it difficult for teachers to meet current national standards as well as our district’s own high standards. ● Lauded and growing extracurricular activities like athletics and the music program can’t adequately serve all the interested students because of space constraints. ● Successful pilot installations of security measures at the high school and Smith School should be expanded

60 SUMMER 2018

to other schools, and the quickest way to do that would be through a bond referendum. While we need to make basic building repairs, the proposal also considers how we can improve the way we educate our children. The committee kept that in mind, aiming to protect the community’s investment in its infrastructure and its student body. Both of those goals are tied to stable property values that benefit our entire community, parents and non-parents alike. We look forward to continued citizen input on this bond referendum proposal. The Ramsey Board of Education plans to further discuss the projects in the months leading up to Dec. 11. We still have a long way to go, including an architect’s detailed guidance, state Department of Education approval, and financial estimates including tax impact and state aid. To help residents stay informed, the Ramsey School District launched dedicated web pages full of information, which will be updated as the referendum proposal evolves and we draw closer to December. Please visit the district’s website for more information; look for Bond Referendum in the upper right corner. Thank you for the many ways you support Ramsey schools and students. 



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Know & Tell

Remember When?

A fond look back at Ramsey days gone by. BY Anne

Roswell Sabatini Coyne

WITH Betsy

Let’s Go Shopping!


HE RAMSEY OF today and the Ramsey of the ’50s, ’60s and ’70s weren’t all that different where fashion was concerned. The difference came about when you realize how inconvenient it was for residents at the time to find local clothing stores. According to my aunt, who grew up in Ramsey, a dress shop called Scala’s was one of the only places in town where women could find a dress in the 1950s. Clothing was either made at home (my maternal grandmother was a wiz at creating gorgeous outfits), or it required you to make a trip to Paterson. Back then, Paterson was what Paramus and Ridgewood were to those of us who grew up in the 1970s. When the summer ended and the first day of school approached, without a local store that carried a wide variety of clothes, that meant it was off to Paramus Park for hours of shopping! My mother made sure that we were dressed for school not only in something that was stylish, but something we liked it as well. For me at least, those two ideas clashed—often!



Photograph Courtesy of Nick DeBenedetto

As a tomboy, my idea of “fashion” was pastel pink denim pants with a matching denim jacket, and a cowgirl shirt. My mother would only agree to that outfit if I also got two dresses that were short enough to show my knees. Fine. Of course, getting me to actually wear either dress was a whole other story! If you grew up in Ramsey, you probably also remember Shirlane’s, Freeman’s, and Irv Lerner’s (pictured above)—all were located at Interstate Shopping Center. Needed shoes for your outfit? Gibling’s (and, later, Thom McAn’s) was right there, too. The one place that a lot of the gals I graduated with remember was Freeman’s. Why? Because it was where we had to purchase our gym uniforms for middle school. Back in the ’70s,

we wore a light blue onepiece suit that was hard to get into quickly, especially if you suffered a growth spurt at any point during the school year. There was no “give” to the cloth, which made getting your arms into the sleeves something only the most limber of us could do with any sort of grace. Later, the blue uniform gave way to another onepiece suit that was striped (horizontally, no less!) on top with a dark blue bottom. A friend once described the cloth as “pajama-like.” No wonder my memories of middle school are dim. Gym clothes were a nightmare! Nowadays, there are plenty of clothing stores in Ramsey and in many surrounding towns. finding the perfect outfit isn’t further than quick trip around town. How times have changed! 

Lynn Spain

“Customer Service is My Specialty in Buying or Selling Your Home!”

Sales Associate MOBILE




lynn.spain6@gmail.com / www.lynnspain.com Distinguished Sales Club Award 2018 Recipient Circle of Excellence Silver Level Recognition

2 W. Allendale Avenue, Allendale, NJ 07401

If ideas can move mountains . . . what moves ideas?



Only in Ramsey

I Love This Town! When you bleed blue and gold, people know where you’re from. BY

Kristen Benjamin Bianco


H, THAT RAMSEY moon! You may have heard of our exclusive group—we are the ones who recognize faces at the Ramsey Pool, we know the location of every street in Ramsey, and we can discover a “Ramsey” connection with just about each new person we meet. We are the Ramsey Sweethearts, the couple who fell in love under the silvery glow of the Ramsey moon! Pete and I are typical Ramsey High School sweethearts. I wore his football jersey to football games, we attended proms, and we were both sports editors of The Ram newspaper. Our college years took us to different areas of the country—it was Boston College for Pete and Wake Forest in North Carolina for me. But even during our “rockiest” times, that Ramsey moon always brought us together. After dating for 10 years, we were married, and then Pete’s company transferred us to Massachusetts. During this time, we were blessed with our twins, Olivia and Nicholas. But as happy as we were in Massachusetts, life never felt right—it just wasn’t home. We missed seeing Yankees’ and Giants’ hats while strolling through the Ramsey Farmers’ Market. We missed driving down Main Street. We missed going to Brady’s for a drink or popping into Steve’s Market for a few quick items. And after



three years in Massachusetts, we were thrilled to hear that Pete was being transferred back to New Jersey. And where do you think we ended up? Right here in Ramsey—where it all began! Perhaps it was that Ramsey moon that steered us back home. Now, Pete and I so enjoy discovering Ramsey through our children’s eyes. How wonderful to watch Olivia and Nicholas play soccer at the Adorno field, run around Finch Park that we—as kids— helped to raise money to build, swim at the Ramsey Pool, attend St. Paul Church, and participate in the town parades! Very soon they, too, will be playing baseball, softball, and football at Finch Park. Then they’ll be attending our fabulous Ramsey

schools. Perhaps they’ll even have some of the same teachers! Stay for a bit, Mr. Parcells! Our Ramsey moon certainly is magical! Pete and I are proud of the inclusion in this group of dozens of couples who dated, married and are raising a family right here in Ramsey. My sister, Nicole, also married her Ramsey High School sweetheart and they reside in Ramsey. My parents happily boast that their daughters and grandchildren live within a mile of their home. They would never dare to leave Ramsey! So, my fellow Ramsey friends, bask in the glow of our Ramsey moon. Hopefully, its magic will always create special moments of joy, peace and love for you, too! 

Outside Patio is NOW OPEN!



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Join in u us sS SAT-SUN AT-SUN 11-3 3P PM M ffor or B Brunch, runch, Daily Lunch D aily L unch & Dinner Specials D inner S pecials RT Y R OO M & CATE RI NG ALWAYS AVA I LA B LE

West Main Street

RAMSEY 201- 3 27- 9748

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Downtown Ramsey Summer 2018  

Downtown Ramsey Summer 2018