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e are thrilled to share with you our new 2013 products! Our newest offering builds on the popularity of our Fran•táge styling. Our catalog format allows you to see new images actual size. Returning images are shown at 35% of actual size unless otherwise noted.

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by Suzanne Czosek

S pecial thanks to our amazing

New Jumbo Cling Flowers................................3 Fran•táge Garden.............................................8 Fran•táge Ladies.............................................18 Fran•táge Circus, Kids, Men...........................20 Animals..............................................................24 Kiddos................................................................28 Cowlik Collection & Birthday.........................30 Babies................................................................31 Travel.................................................................32 Wedding............................................................36 Sentiments.........................................................37 Alphabets & Backgrounds..............................40 Essentials............................................................42

design and graphics teams: Debi Hammons, Kristine Reynolds, Cyndi Bundy, Jennifer Dove, Wendy Price, Wendy Jordan, Janelle Stollfus, Suzanne Czosek, Melinda Gleissner, Lisa Hindsley, Laura Weed, Terry Braddock, Tammie Wilson and Cat Haverstick.

T hanks also to the fabulous craft

industry vendors who support us with their products like Beacon Adhesives, Tsukineko, Bazzill Basics, May Arts, Core'dinations, Creative Impressions, and Kris Crawford of


by Lisa Hindsley

Stamping and Fran•táging with our new templates!

january 2013

more ideas @ • designs by fran seiford


JUMBO flowers with FREE template!

Clear plastic template provides center shape as well as outer frame for multiple applications.

Clip bridge points to separate center shape from outer frame.

Use template as a stencil to apply shapes of color to your design.

Use outer frame to quickly Use center shape to mask apply inks to center area. flower and apply inks to outer area of card. Use VersaMark Ink to emboss an Encrusted Jewel area as shown on sunflower card.

by Debi Hammons

order 1.800.869.0474 • Fax toll free 1.800.578.2fax • © stampendous 2012

january 2013


Jumbo Cling rubber

CRS5047 Cling Jumbo Sunflower

by Melinda Gleissner


by Melinda Gleissner

january 2013

by Kristine Reynolds more ideas @ • designs by fran seiford

CRS5048 Cling Jumbo Poppy

by Tammie Wilson

by Cyndi Bundy order 1.800.869.0474 • Fax toll free 1.800.578.2fax • © stampendous 2012

CRS5044 Cling Jumbo Butterfly Trio

january 2013

CRS5045 Cling Jumbo Spring Bouquet


CRS5046 Cling Jumbo Daisy

by Tammie Wilson

CRS5031 Cling Jumbo Hollyhock

by Fran Seiford


january 2013

by Kristine Reynolds more ideas @ • designs by fran seiford

CRS5001 Cling Jumbo Peony

CRS5002 Cling Jumbo Think of You

CRS5003 Cling Jumbo Thank You

CRS5007 Cling Jumbo Dahlia

CRS5010 Cling Jumbo Tiger Lily

CRS5011 Cling Jumbo Dogwood

CRS5012 Cling Jumbo Tulip

CRS5019 Cling Jumbo Baroque Bouquet

CRS5021 Cling Jumbo Romantic Border

CRS5029 Cling Jumbo Songbird

CRS5032 Cling Jumbo Orchid

CRS5033 Cling Jumbo Iris

CRS5034 Cling Jumbo Cottage Rose

CRS5035 Cling Jumbo Tropical Garden

CRS5037 Cling Jumbo Amaryllis

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january 2013


by Jennifer Dove

W084 Pear Blossom CRW084 Cling Pear Blossom

by Jennifer Dove

P190 Pomegranate CRP190 Cling Pomegranate W086 Orange Blossom CRW086 Cling Orange Blossom


january 2013

more ideas @ • designs by fran seiford

by Wendy Price

P184 Grape Label CRP184 Cling Grape Label

R159 Wine Labels CRR159 Cling Wine Labels

Perfectly Clear Stamps™ are shown at 95%. order 1.800.869.0474 • Fax toll free 1.800.578.2fax • © stampendous 2012

SSC1163 Herbs Perfectly Clear Stamps

january 2013


by Kristine Reynolds

W085 Rose Bloom CRW085 Cling Rose Bloom

N253 Color Outside CRN253 Cling Color Outside

P179 Violets CRP179 Cling Violets

R137 Garden Background CRR137 Cling Garden Background

by Cyndi Bundy Q130 Fresh Bloom CRQ130 Cling Fresh Bloom

W082 Rose Cluster CRW082 Cling Rose Cluster

by Jennifer Dove


january 2013

more ideas @ • designs by fran seiford

P187 Nasturtium CRP187 Cling Nasturtium

P185 Morning Glory CRP185 Cling Morning Glory

R112 Ranunculus Field CRR112 Cling Ranunculus Field

P116 Flower Fields CRP116 Cling Flower Fields

P136 Blossom Spray CRP136 Cling Blossom Spray

M282 Flower Path CRM282 Cling Flower Path

by Jennifer Dove by Kristine Reynolds

order 1.800.869.0474 • Fax toll free 1.800.578.2fax • © stampendous 2012

january 2013


P189 Sweet Pea CRP189 Cling Sweet Pea R161 Seed Catalog CRR161 Cling Seed Catalog

V248 Botanical Clematis CRV248 Cling Botanical Clematis


W069 Botanical Magnolia CRW069 Cling Botanical Magnolia

by Suzanne Czosek

january 2013

P152 Botanical Daffodil CRP152 Cling Botanical Daffodil

P153 Botanical Asperula CRP153 Cling Botanical Asperula

by Wendy Jordan

more ideas @ • designs by fran seiford

W088 Seed Background CRW088 Cling Seed Background P186 Carnation CRP186 Cling Carnation

P115 Star Lilies CRP115 Cling Star Lilies

N152 Agapanthus Long CRN152 Cling Agapanthus Long

W083 Hydrangea Bunch CRW083 Cling Hydrangea Bunch

P107 Agapanthus Cluster CRP107 Cling Agapanthus Cluster

order 1.800.869.0474 • Fax toll free 1.800.578.2fax • © stampendous 2012

by Kristine Reynolds

january 2013


by Suzanne Czosek R164 Tree Poem CRR164 Cling Tree Poem

P160 Shade Tree CRP160 Cling Shade Tree

SSC023 Summer Leaves Perfectly Clear Stamps


P121 Tree Swing CRP121 Cling Tree Swing

SSC1111 Agapanthus Thank You Perfectly Clear Stamps

january 2013

SSC1107 Narcissus Perfectly Clear Stamps

P180 Leaf Sprig CRP180 Cling Leaf Sprig

SSC1112 Daisy Thanks Perfectly Clear Stamps

more ideas @ • designs by fran seiford

by Kristine Reynolds

R162 Botanical Blooms CRR162 Cling Botanical Blooms

SSC1109 Dandelion Wish Perfectly Clear Stamps

by Melinda Gleissner

SSC1130 Rose Branch Border Perfectly Clear Stamps P188 Garden Gal CRP188 Cling Garden Gal

order 1.800.869.0474 • Fax toll free 1.800.578.2fax • © stampendous 2012

january 2013


by Wendy Price W089 Minuet Bird CRW089 Cling Minuet Bird

P122 Nesting Bird CRP122 Cling Nesting Bird

M283 Serenade CRM283 Cling Serenade

V237 Lone Bird CRV237 Cling Lone Bird H293 A Bird Sing CRH293 Cling A Bird Sing

P135 Bird Post CRP135 Cling Bird Post


by Lisa Hindsley

V266 Vintage Birdcage CRV266 Cling Vintage Birdcage

january 2013

M285 Bluebird Branch CRM285 Cling Bluebird Branch

P126 Bird Frame CRP126 Cling Bird Frame

R158 Nestled Bird CRR158 Cling Nestled Bird

more ideas @ • designs by fran seiford

SSC1072 Wildflower Sprigs Perfectly Clear Stamps

SSC1155 Royal Butterfly Perfectly Clear Stamps

SSC1154 Queen Bee Perfectly Clear Stamps

SSC028 Butterflies Perfectly Clear Stamps

shown at 100%

P182 Fairy Garden CRP182 Cling Fairy Garden

shown at 100%

AA085 Petite Dragonfly

B098 Butterfly Critter SSC1140 Nest Egg Perfectly Clear Stamps

P147 Butterfly Post CRP147 Cling Butterfly Post

shown at 50%

F227 Single Butterfly CRF227 Cling Single Butterfly

N030 Peacock Feather CRN030 Cling Peacock Feather

E164 Feather Points CRE164 Cling Feather Points

P119 Dragonfly Vine CRP119 Cling Dragonfly Vine

shown at 100%

J167 Ladybug Critter

W073 Bird Manor CRW073 Cling Bird Manor

order 1.800.869.0474 • Fax toll free 1.800.578.2fax • © stampendous 2012

M256 Tiered Birdcage CRM256 Cling Tiered Birdcage

january 2013

W072 Conservatory CRW072 Cling Conservatory


W090 Click Heels CRW090 Cling Click Heels

W091 Ruby Slippers CRW091 Cling Ruby Slippers

V260 Plume Portrait CRV260 Cling Plume Portrait

F215 Profile Portrait CRF215 Cling Profile Portrait

V249 Castle Hill CRV249 Cling Castle Hill

V241 Her Cameo CRV241 Cling Her Cameo

by Jennifer Dove


january 2013

more ideas @ • designs by fran seiford

by Jennifer Dove

P149 Single Chandelier CRP149 Cling Single Chandelier

P159 Bathing Beauty CRP159 Cling Bathing Beauty

P118 Deco Lady CRP118 Cling Deco Lady

SSC1136 Corset Ladies Perfectly Clear Stamps

W071 Daffodil Girl CRW071 Cling Daffodil Girl

SSC1135 Wonderland Perfectly Clear Stamps

order 1.800.869.0474 • Fax toll free 1.800.578.2fax • © stampendous 2012

P178 Ruffled Corset CRP178 Cling Ruffled Corset

SSC1137 Fantasy Tiles Perfectly Clear Stamps

january 2013

P146 Rose Corset CRP146 Cling Rose Corset

SSC1142 Vintage Frames Perfectly Clear Stamps


F228 Sir Toad CRF228 Cling Sir Toad

V271 Hippo Cycle CRV271 Cling Hippo Cycle

by Jennifer Dove

M290 Tutu Toad CRM290 Cling Tutu Toad H290 Life is a Circus CRH290 Cling Life is a Circus

M288 Carousel CRM288 Cling Carousel L253 Lil Joker CRL253 Cling Lil Joker

M286 Running Horse CRM286 Cling Running Horse V253 Da Vinci Horse CRV253 Cling Da Vinci Horse

SSC1120 Damask Chair Perfectly Clear Stamps


SSC1119 Vintage Crowns Perfectly Clear Stamps

january 2013

P181 Circus Poster CRP181 Cling Circus Poster

SSC1157 Carousel Circus Perfectly Clear Stamps

SSC1124 Charm Collection Perfectly Clear Stamps

SSC1122 Elegant Borders Perfectly Clear Stamps

more ideas @ • designs by fran seiford

Y026 Kids on Wheels CRY026 Cling Kids on Wheels

SSC1153 Children Play Perfectly Clear Stamps

by Laura Weed

P162 Poised Gent CRP162 Cling Poised Gent

V269 Lil Mr Fix it CRV269 Cling Lil Mr Fix it

Y022 Tool Border CRY022 Cling Tool Border

R127 Shell Background CRR127 Cling Shell Background

V255 Changito Surfer CRV255 Cling Changito Surfer

Y023 Sports Border CRY023 Cling Sports Border

V256 Changito Pool Party CRV256 Cling Changito Pool Party

N235 Sailboat Bay CRN235 Cling Sailboat Bay

P151 Mermaid CRP151 Cling Mermaid

W068 By the Sea CRW068 Cling By the Sea

order 1.800.869.0474 • Fax toll free 1.800.578.2fax • © stampendous 2012

N238 Breathe CRN238 Cling Breathe

january 2013

N234 Beachfront Boat CRN234 Cling Beachfront Boat


by Jennifer Dove

P183 Eagle Rock CRP183 Cling Eagle Rock

M284 Vintage Car CRM284 Cling Vintage Car

P156 Railroad Poster CRP156 Cling Railroad Poster

R141 Clock Works CRR141 Cling Clock Works


N247 Locomotive CRN247 Cling Locomotive

SSC1139 Railway Perfectly Clear Stamps

january 2013

R139 Flying Machines CRR139 Cling Flying Machines

P155 Steamboat Ride CRP155 Cling Steamboat Ride

SSC1143 Steampunk Gears Perfectly Clear Stamps

SSC1144 Gears Kiddo Perfectly Clear Stamps

more ideas @ • designs by fran seiford

M291 Literary Owl CRM291 Cling Literary Owl

by Jennifer Dove

P161 Felinus CRP161 Cling Felinus

V239 Cattus Librum CRV239 Cling Cattus Librum

V258 Winged Timepiece CRV258 Cling Winged Timepiece

P158 Typewriter Note CRP158 Cling Typewriter Note

SSC1145 Guys and Gears Perfectly Clear Stamps

SSC1131 Time Flies Perfectly Clear Stamps

SSC1132 Vintage Typewriter Perfectly Clear Stamps

R157 Bicycle Background CRR157 Cling Bicycle Background

january 2013


order 1.800.869.0474 • Fax toll free 1.800.578.2fax • © stampendous 2012

P177 Bicycle Works CRP177 Cling Bicycle Works

by Kristine Reynolds

SSC1161 Dino Time Perfectly Clear Stamps

V279 Squirrel CRV279 Cling Squirrel SSC1160 Serengeti Perfectly Clear Stamps

Perfectly Clear Stamps™ are shown at 95%.


january 2013

more ideas @ • designs by fran seiford

V275 Hedgehog CRV275 Cling Hedgehog

by Jennifer Dove

H235 Changito Pair CRH235 Cling Changito Pair

shown at 50%

J045 Sleeping Kitty

by Jennifer Dove

shown at 100% shown at 100%

A060 Paw

shown at 100%

AA060 Cat Face

C217 Large Paw CRC217 Cling Large Paw

order 1.800.869.0474 • Fax toll free 1.800.578.2fax • © stampendous 2012

january 2013


by Kristine Reynolds

Perfectly Clear Stamps™ are shown at 95%. SSC1165 Critter Collection Perfectly Clear Stamps

V244 Cowlik Cake CRV244 Cling Cowlik Cake

SSC1138 Cowlik Birthday Perfectly Clear Stamps


V257 Cowlik Sunflower CRV257 Cling Cowlik Sunflower

Q158 Cowlik Butterfly CRQ158 Cling Cowlik Butterfly

january 2013

P150 Cowlik Tractor CRP150 Cling Cowlik Tractor

more ideas @ • designs by fran seiford

by Jennifer Dove

SSC1162 On the Farm Perfectly Clear Stamps

by Melinda Gleissner D166 Bee Buddies CRD166 Cling Bee Buddies

H282 Feather Bonnet Baby CRH282 Cling Feather Bonnet Baby

V164 Chickie Hop CRV164 Cling Chickie Hop

H283 Posie Bonnet Baby CRH283 Cling Posie Bonnet Baby

order 1.800.869.0474 • Fax toll free 1.800.578.2fax • © stampendous 2012

V238 Spring Greeting CRV238 Cling Spring Greeting

january 2013

V234 Floral Bonnet Baby CRV234 Cling Floral Bonnet Baby


Q167 Doctor Kiddo CRQ167 Cling Doctor Kiddo

by Kristine Reynolds

V272 Nurse Kiddo CRV272 Cling Nurse Kiddo

by Kristine Reynolds

P164 Mermaid Kiddo CRP164 Cling Mermaid Kiddo


V265 Hula Kiddo CRV265 Cling Hula Kiddo

M278 Skateboard Kiddo CRM278 Cling Skateboard Kiddo

january 2013

more ideas @ • designs by fran seiford

Q160 Ballerina Kiddo CRQ160 Cling Ballerina Kiddo

Q168 Fireman Kiddo CRQ168 Cling Fireman Kiddo

by Melinda Gleissner

by Kristine Reynolds

by Cyndi Bundy

W080 Fishing Kiddo CRW080 Cling Fishing Kiddo

W081 Wagon Kiddo CRW081 Cling Wagon Kiddo

M279 Jump Rope Kiddo CRM279 Cling Jump Rope Kiddo

order 1.800.869.0474 • Fax toll free 1.800.578.2fax • © stampendous 2012

M292 Boots Kiddo CRM292 Cling Boots Kiddo

V270 Kiddo Hop CRV270 Cling Kiddo Hop

january 2013

Q165 Kissin Kiddos CRQ165 Cling Kissin Kiddos


by Melinda Gleissner

P165 Balloon Kiddo CRP165 Cling Balloon Kiddo

P163 Party Hat Kiddo CRP163 Cling Party Hat Kiddo

SSC1164 Kiddo Birthday Perfectly Clear Stamps

Perfectly Clear Stamps™ are shown at 95%.

M015 Birthday Wish CRM015 Cling Birthday Wish N163 Modern Invite CRN163 Cling Modern Invite

SSC1115 Birthday Assortment Perfectly Clear Stamps


SSC1005 Fifteen Candles Perfectly Clear Stamps

SSC179 Party Invite Perfectly Clear Stamps

january 2013

P031 Invitation CRP031 Cling Invitation

more ideas @ • designs by fran seiford

V245 Fluffles Icing CRV245 Cling Fluffles Icing

E277 You’re the Icing CRE277 Cling You’re the Icing

E202 Birthday Calories CRE202 Cling Birthday Calories

M287 Birthday Girl CRM287 Cling Birthday Girl

L186 Graceful Birthday CRL186 Cling Graceful Birthday

Y008 Party Balloons CRY008 Cling Party Balloons

V221 Bee Cupcake CRV221 Cling Bee Cupcake

F212 Elephant Baby CRF212 Cling Elephant Baby

F213 Giggle Wiggle CRF213 Cling Giggle Wiggle

Q157 Lion Baby CRQ157 Cling Lion Baby

V243 Tiger Baby CRV243 Cling Tiger Baby

M264 Giraffe Baby CRM264 Cling Giraffe Baby

V247 Baby Buggy CRV247 Cling Baby Buggy

V242 Zebra Baby CRV242 Cling Zebra Baby

N061 Twinkle Poem CRN061 Cling Twinkle Poem

shown at 100%

AA002 Tiny Star

W074 Pat A Cake CRW074 Cling Pat A Cake

D109 Child’s Smile CRD109 Cling Child’s Smile

Q159 Hobby Horse CRQ159 Cling Hobby Horse

D081 Newborn Baby CRD081 Cling Newborn Baby

order 1.800.869.0474 • Fax toll free 1.800.578.2fax • © stampendous 2012

V246 Christening CRV246 Cling Christening

C216 So Tiny CRC216 Cling So Tiny

january 2013

N215 Baby Stardust CRC216 Cling Baby Stardust


P191 Catifur Columbus CRP191 Cling Catifur Columbus by Kristine Reynolds

N252 Wander Lost CRN252 Cling Wander Lost

F229 Better Travel CRF229 Cling Better Travel

R163 Old World Map CRR163 Cling Old World Map


january 2013

by Kristine Reynolds more ideas @ • designs by fran seiford

by Jennifer Dove

SSC1167 Baggage Claim Perfectly Clear Stamps

SSC1166 Air Travel Perfectly Clear Stamps

Perfectly Clear Stamps™ are shown at 95%.

by Wendy Price

order 1.800.869.0474 • Fax toll free 1.800.578.2fax • © stampendous 2012

january 2013


by Jennifer Dove

W087 Navigateur CRW087 Cling Navigateur

by Lisa Hindsley

M265 Small Tag CRM265 Cling Small Tag

P157 Large Tag CRP157 Cling Large Tag

N237 Joy of Journey CRN237 Cling Joy of Journey

W075 London CRW075 Cling London

SSC031 Timeless Tags Perfectly Clear Stamps


SSC1121 Eiffel Tower Perfectly Clear Stamps

january 2013

SSC1156 French Flower Cart Perfectly Clear Stamps

P144 I Love Paris CRP144 Cling I Love Paris

more ideas @ • designs by fran seiford

N251 Suitcase World CRN251 Cling Suitcase World

R160 Luggage Labels CRR160 Cling Luggage Labels

P143 Carte Postale CRP143 Cling Carte Postale

by Kristine Reynolds by Janelle Stollfus by Suzanne Czosek order 1.800.869.0474 • Fax toll free 1.800.578.2fax • © stampendous 2012

january 2013


M293 Fairy Tale Wedding CRM293 Cling Fairy Tale Wedding

by Jennifer Dove

by Jennifer Dove

N255 Scrolled Blossoms CRN255 Cling Scrolled Blossoms


Jennifer and Melinda both used R162 Botanical Blooms background stamp from page 16 for their wedding cards.

G122 Join Us CRG122 Cling Join Us

V126 Happy Couple CRV126 Cling Happy Couple


shown at 100%

J118 Bride & Groom

january 2013

shown at 100%

J180 Mr. & Mrs.

N159 Orchid Invite CRN159 Cling Orchid Invite

more ideas @ • designs by fran seiford

V274 Golden Tales CRV274 Cling Golden Tales

by Suzanne Czosek

by Melinda Gleissner

V143 Ornate Heart CRV143 Cling Ornate Heart

N254 Married Monograms CRN254 Cling Married Monograms

N070 Wavy Music CRN070 Cling Wavy Music

H256 Imagine It CRH256 Cling Imagine It

shown at 100%

M082 Cherish Dream CRM082 Cling Cherish Dream

N228 Heart Stack CRN228 Cling Heart Stack

H122 Grad Cap CRH122 Cling Grad Cap

order 1.800.869.0474 • Fax toll free 1.800.578.2fax • © stampendous 2012

AA025 Double Note

january 2013

R103 Music Score CRR103 Cling Music Score


V273 Beautiful Life CRV273 Cling Beautiful Life

by Kristine Reynolds by Suzanne Czosek H292 Inspiration Exists CRH292 Cling Inspiration Exists

H289 Follow Art CRH289 Cling Follow Art

Q164 Cherish Family CRQ164 Cling Cherish Family

SSC1159 Rose Thoughts Perfectly Clear Stamps


N250 May Sun Shine CRN250 Cling May Sun Shine

SSC1141 Friendly Phrases Perfectly Clear Stamps

january 2013

Y025 Life is Art CRY025 Cling Life is Art

N033 TLC Blessing CRN033 Cling TLC Blessing

SSC134 Encouraging Words Perfectly Clear Stamps

N035 Shine on You CRN035 Cling Shine on You

SSC107 From the Kitchen Perfectly Clear Stamps

more ideas @ • designs by fran seiford

shown at 50%

V035 For All You Do CRV035 Cling For All You Do

M129 Thank Heaven CRM129 Cling Thank Heaven

D004 Thank You CRD004 Cling Thank You

V151 Life Path CRV151 Cling Life Path

H166 Thank You Swirl CRH166 Cling Thank You Swirl

D075 Sending Wishes CRD075 Cling Sending Wishes

V219 Dream Forever CRV219 Cling Dream Forever

D071 Sending A Hug CRD071 Cling Sending A Hug

E117 In My Thoughts CRE117 Cling In My Thoughts

Mini Quad Cube

L173 Worth It! CRL173 Cling Worth It!

SSC1158 Thoughtful Wishes Perfectly Clear Stamps

shown at 100%

K028 Just a Note CRK028 Cling Just a Note

SSC109 Happy Messages Perfectly Clear Stamps

order 1.800.869.0474 • Fax toll free 1.800.578.2fax • © stampendous 2012

M083 Friend Bouquet CRM283Cling Friend Bouquet

L223 Mothers Day CRL223 Cling Mothers Day

shown at 50%

shown at MTC03 50% Personal Notes

E260 Owl Love You CRE260 Cling Owl Love You

Q144 Dad Words CRQ144 Cling Dad Words

SSC1116 Friendship Assortment Perfectly Clear Stamps

january 2013

ATC03 Handmade Everyday Tiny Cube

SSC1117 Sincere Sentiment Perfectly Clear Stamps


SSC1151 Spanish Invite Perfectly Clear Stamps

SSC1152 Spanish Greetings Perfectly Clear Stamps

SSC181 Spanish Messages Perfectly Clear Stamps

by Jennifer Dove

H291 Muchas Gracias CRH291 Cling Muchas Gracias

R140 Distressed Type CRR140 Cling Distressed Type

R138 Calligraphy Sampler CRR138 Cling Calligraphy Sampler

SSC007 Storybook Alphabet Perfectly Clear Stamps

SSC014 Typewriter Alphabet Perfectly Clear Stamps


january 2013

M289 Feliz Cumpleanos CRM289 Cling Feliz Cumpleanos

SSC222 Tiny Alphabet Perfectly Clear Stamps

SSC015 Calligraphy Alphabet Perfectly Clear Stamps

SSC219 Small Typewriter Perfectly Clear Stamps

SSC055 Retro Alphabet Perfectly Clear Stamps

more ideas @ • designs by fran seiford

Our large background stamps achieve amazing texture in this craft project.

by Tammie Wilson

R105 Dream Text CRR105 Cling Dream Text

R145 Decorative Grate CRR145 Cling Decorative Grate

R146 Tin Panel CRR146 Cling Tin Panel

R147 Lacy Background CRR147 Cling Lacy Background

V268 Scrolled Medallion CRV268 Cling Scrolled Medallion

TC51 Foliate Quad Cube CRTC51 Cling Foliate Quad Cube

TC54 Tiled Quad Cube CRTC54 Cling Tiled Quad Cube

TC01 Marble Texture Cube CRTC01 Cling Marble Texture Cube

order 1.800.869.0474 • Fax toll free 1.800.578.2fax • © stampendous 2012

january 2013



ew encrusted jewel kits

Select image and jewel kit. Stamp in the center of the card and color in as desired.

Fran•táge Encrusted Jewel Kits are uniquely designed to combine embossing powders, glitters and other elements based on a color scheme.

Cover center with any die cut shape. Apply VersaMark embossing ink out to edges.

Dust all sticky ink with a base layer of embossing powder. Tap off excess to return to jars.


Notice the label on the side of the Kit lists items in each jar AND provides a set of stickers you can cut out and apply to each jar for identification.

new Royal Blue Glass Glitter Shabby Blue Embossing Enamel Royal Blue Tinsel Powder Silver Halo Glitter Mix Powder Blue Color Fragments


EJK03 Blue Encrusted Jewel Kit

january 2013

more ideas @ • designs by fran seiford

Use clip tool to hold card level while adding more powders, glitter, fragments, etc.

Brush unwanted powders from center. Apply heat from below until powders melt together.


Encrusted Jewel Card by Fran Seiford


Royal Purple Glass Glitter

Aged Rose Embossing Enamel

Aged Wine Embossing Enamel

Shabby Pink Embossing Enamel

Vintage Lilac Embossing Tinsel

Champagne Glass Glitter Rose Color Fragments

Lavender Glass Glitter

Pearlized Mica Fragments

Purple Color Fragments

EJK04 Purple Encrusted Jewel Kit order 1.800.869.0474 • Fax toll free 1.800.578.2fax • © stampendous 2012

EJK05 Pink Encrusted Jewel Kit

january 2013



aged enamels

Fran•táge is all about getting the most shabby chic, vintage, aged look possible. Our new embossing enamels provide chunkier, thicker powders and unique color mixes that imitate a worn feel such as our Aged Copper which exudes a weathered patina when heated. It's Fran•tágeous! Each embossing enamel jar contains approx. 0.60 oz. (17 g). These powders should be heated from underneath the project for best results.


FREG034 Aged Ochre Embossing Enamel

FREG035 Aged Spice Embossing Enamel

FREG036 Aged Teal Embossing Enamel

FREG037 Aged Marine Embossing Enamel

FREG038 Aged Hunter Embossing Enamel

FREG039 Aged Scarlet Embossing Enamel

FREG040 Aged Wine Embossing Enamel

FREG042 Aged Bronze Embossing Enamel

FREG030 Aged Ivory Embossing Enamel

FREG031 Aged Rose Embossing Enamel

FREG032 Aged Aqua Embossing Enamel

FREG033 Aged Taupe Embossing Enamel

FREG043 Aged Green Embossing Enamel

FREG023 Aged Silver Embossing Enamel

FREG024 Aged Gold Embossing Enamel

FREG025 Aged Copper Embossing Enamel

FREG026 Aged Black Embossing Enamel

january 2013

more ideas @ • designs by fran seiford

Lisa Hindsley used Aged Gold Embossing Enamel and Crushed Glass Silver Glitter with VersaMark™ Ink to create these wonderful Fran•táge bows with May Arts Ribbon.

deep impression chunky enamels Deep Impression Chunky Enamels give even more dimension to your embossing projects. • Apply powders over VersaMark™ clear ink • Or simply sprinkle and heat from underneath. • Add any other powders over chunky clear and heat from underneath to melt. • Stamp into a molten layer to make a deep impression. • For cracked glass, apply VersaMark™ ink to an entire stamped image then cover with a thick layer of Deep Impression Clear. When it cools after melting you can crack it and rub distress inks into the cracks with a makeup sponge for an authentic aged look. So Fran•táge!

clear on kraft paper FREG020 Deep Impression Chunky Clear

FREG021 Deep Impression Chunky White

FREG022 Deep Impression Chunky Black

by Fran Seiford order 1.800.869.0474 • Fax toll free 1.800.578.2fax • © stampendous 2012

january 2013


shabby embossing enamels Fran•táge shabby embossing enamels are made with chunky and fine enamels. This combination gives texture with integrated speckles of metallic colors.

FREG041 Shabby Green Embossing Enamel

FREG027 Shabby White Embossing Enamel

FREG028 Shabby Pink Embossing Enamel

FREG029 Shabby Blue Embossing Enamel

Aged Silver by Jennifer Dove Shabby Blue

Shabby Pink

Shabby White

Aged Gold

FREK01 Fran•táge Embossing Kit by Kristine Reynolds


january 2013

more ideas @ • designs by fran seiford

sparkly embossing powders Sparkly embossing powders provide the ultimate in bling for your embossed projects. Our premium glitters mixed with our top quality embossing powders guarantees the most sparkle for your dollar!

EP136 Red Dragon

EP171 Winter Wonderland

EP175 Jeweled Gold

EP234 Blue Magic

TP101 Silver Tinsel

TP113 Red Tinsel

TP114 Blue Tinsel

TP115 Green Tinsel

EP040 Stardust

EP050 Crystal

TP102 Gold Tinsel

vintage tinsels Vintage Tinsels have glitter intermingled in a unique embossing enamel mix to give shine and shimmer.


TP121 Vintage Pink Embossing Tinsel

TP120 Royal Blue Embossing Tinsel


by Kristine Reynolds

TP122 Vintage Blue Embossing Tinsel

TP119 Vintage Lilac Embossing Tinsel

TP116 Vintage Mahogany Embossing Tinsel

order 1.800.869.0474 • Fax toll free 1.800.578.2fax • © stampendous 2012

TP117 Vintage Plum Embossing Tinsel

january 2013

TP118 Vintage Olive Embossing Tinsel


embossing powders


PEARLustre™ powders are perfect for fine lined stamping on light or dark colored papers. • Acid-free, for cards, scrapbooking or crafts • Exclusive pearlized, translucent, two-tone colors.

Shown actual size

note Clear glass votive candle holders covered wtih PEARLustre Amethyst and Peridot.

EP231 Lapis


EP233 Rubellite

EP216 Garnet

EP222 Carnelian

EP152 Topaz

EP226 Champagne

EP221 Peridot

EP232 Jade

EP217 Emerald

EP218 Sapphire

EP228 Tanzanite

EP219 Amethyst

EP215 Hematite

EP223 Moonstone

EP150 Pearl White

january 2013

more ideas @ • designs by fran seiford

kaleidoscope embossing powder For endless embossibilities - use Kaleidoscope embossing powder!

Kaleidoscope on black cardstock.

Kaleidoscope on white cardstock.

EP030 Kaleidoscope

Get shades of amber, gold, green and blue when Kaleidoscope is applied with clear ink and heated. More heat creates more amber; less heat creates a blue-green hue.

opaque powders

EP113 Ruby Red

EP111 Midnight Black

metallic powders

DP111 Detail Black

EP100 White

DP100 Detail White

classics that every crafter needs! • •

EP101 Sterling Silver

DP101 Detail Silver

EP102 Pirate Gold

DP102 Detail Gold

clear with shiny finish

EP505 Clear Bark

EP020 Clear

EP211 Golden Sand

Choose detail powders for your fine line images. Choose chunky powders for bold images and Encrusted Jewel Technique. Heat from beneath to preserve large granules. Powders with no designation work well for any image or embossing project.

DP020 Detail Clear

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january 2013




Color Fragments add colorful texture to any project. Apply with any adhesive or sprinkle over our chunky embossing enamels and heat from underneath. Approx 1 oz (30g).

by Cyndi Bundy


FRC15 Canary Color Fragments


FRC20 Hot Lime Color Fragments



FRC16 Mint Color Fragments


FRC21 Hot Pink Color Fragments



FRC17 Peach Color Fragments



FRC22 Hot Blue Color Fragments

january 2013

FRC18 Teal Color Fragments

FRC23 Hot Orange Color Fragments


FRC19 Amethyst Color Fragments


FRC24 Hot Yellow Color Fragments

more ideas @ • designs by fran seiford

Powder Blue

Taupe FRC04 Rose Color Fragments

FRC05 Taupe Color Fragments

FRCK01 Fran•táge Fragments Kit

FRC02 Sage Color Fragments

FRC03 Chiffon Color Fragments

FRC06 Ochre Color Fragments

FRC07 Caramel Color Fragments

FRC08 Trick or Treat Color Fragments

FRC09 Purple Color Fragments

FRC01 Powder Blue Color Fragments

FRC11 Scarlet Color Fragments

FRC12 Burgundy Color Fragments

FRC13 Leaf Green Color Fragments

FRC14 Hunter Color Fragments

FRC10 Marine Blue Color Fragments



Sage by Cyndi Bundy


order 1.800.869.0474 • Fax toll free 1.800.578.2fax • © stampendous 2012

january 2013




Mica Fragments add chunky sparkle and texture to any craft project. Apply with any adhesive or sprinkle over our chunky embossing powders and heat from underneath for the look of Encrusted Jewels. Easily crushed if a smaller particle size is desired. Each Jar contains approx. 0.67 oz (19g).






FRM06 White Mica

FRM07 Red Mica

FRM08 Yellow Mica

FRM09 Green Mica

FRM10 Blue Mica

FRM01 PearIized Mica

FRM02 Gilded Mica

FRM03 Tarnished Mica

FRM04 Tea Stained Mica

FRM05 Bronzed Mica

shaved ice

FRG10C Shaved Ice

Pearlized Mica Gilded Mica Tarnished Mica Tea Stained Mica Bronzed Mica

FRMK01 Fran•táge Mica Kit


january 2013

more ideas @ • designs by fran seiford

crushed glass glitter

Our Crushed Glass Glitters give a chunky, sparkly look to your projects. They can even be tinted with permanent ink or markers. Approx. weight 1.4 oz

new Lavender Glass Glitter Silver Glass Glitter Steel Blue Glass Glitter


Champagne Glass Glitter


Fresh Green Glass Glitter

FRGK03 Fran•táge Glitter Kit 2.43 oz (69g) total weight

FRG15C Oceanic Glass Glitter

FRG16C Fuchsia Glass Glitter

FRG11C Red Glass Glitter

FRG06C Fresh Green Glass Glitter

FRG13C Royal Blue Glass Glitter

FRG07C Steel Blue Glass Glitter

FRG14C Royal Purple Glass Glitter

FRG05C Lavender Glass Glitter

FRG12C Green Glass Glitter

FRG01C Silver Glass Glitter

FRG02C Champagne Glass Glitter

FRG08C Bronze Glass Glitter

FRG09C Black Glass Glitter

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january 2013


glitter new

micro glitters

Our Micro Glitters work wonderfully on doublesided adhesive paper, tape, your favorite glue, or mixed in with other elements.

by Kristine Reynolds

MG01 Crystal Micro Glitter

MG02 Gold Micro Glitter

MG03 Silver Micro Glitter

MG04 Pink Micro Glitter

MG05 Orange Micro Glitter

MG06 Lavender Micro Glitter

MG07 Sunflower Micro Glitter

MG08 Lime Micro Glitter

MG09 China Blue Micro Glitter

MG10 Teal Micro Glitter

stamp n'bond adhesive powder

is a heat-activated adhesive powder. • Stamp your impression with slow drying ink • Dust image with Stamp N' Bond • Tap off excess powder, return to jar • Preheat Embossing Heat Tool until hot • Heat Stamp N'Bond just until clear • Do Not Overheat • Quickly dust with any of the glitters.


EP200 Stamp N'Bond

january 2013

more ideas @ • designs by fran seiford

halo glitter mixes Gold Halo Glitter Mix Champagne Glass Glitter Silver Halo Glitter Mix

FRG03 Silver Halo Mix

Silver Glass Glitter Multi Crystal Glitter Mix FRGK01 Treasures Glitter Kit 1.66 oz. (47g) total weight

halo glitter

GM801U GX801U Silver Ultra Fine Halo

FRG04 Gold Halo Mix

holographic crystal sparkles in varied granulations the brilliance of halo glitter comes out against dark colors.

GM802F GX802F Silver Fine Halo

GM803M GX803M Silver Medium Halo

GM804U GX804U Gold Ultra Fine Halo

GM805F GX805F Gold Fine Halo

GM806M GX806M Gold Medium Halo

jewel ultra fine glitter sparkly opaque metallic colors

GM250U GX250U Gold Ultra Fine Jewel

GM251U GX251U Red Ultra Fine Jewel

GM252U GX252U Rose Ultra Fine Jewel

GM255U GX255U Copper Ultra Fine Jewel

GM256U GX256U Royal Ultra Fine Jewel

GM258U GX258U Emerald Ultra Fine Jewel

GM254U GX254U Silver Ultra Fine Jewel

order 1.800.869.0474 • Fax toll free 1.800.578.2fax • © stampendous 2012

GM Size Jar

½ oz by volume weights vary by color

january 2013

GX Size Jar

1 oz by volume weights vary by color


pearl ultra fine glitter opaque pearlized colors

GM351U GX351U White Ultra Fine Pearl

GM352U GX352U Rose Ultra Fine Pearl

GM353U GX353U Cherry Ultra Fine Pearl

GM355U GX355U Tigerlily Ultra Fine Pearl

GM361U GX361U Turquoise Ultra Fine Pearl

GM362U GX362U Royal Ultra Fine Pearl

GM363U GX363U Lavender Ultra Fine Pearl

GM365U GX365U Black Ultra Fine Pearl

GM357U GX357U Sunflower Ultra Fine Pearl

GM358U GX358U Melon Ultra Fine Pearl


There's nothing like glitter to fill in those small open areas. Instant sparkle and life!

translucent glitters • Add glitzy accents to cards or crafts • Apply over any sticky surface: glue, Stamp N'Bond™, tape or double sided adhesive sheets • All glitter is available in bulk. Call customer service for details • Weights vary by color

crystal glitter

GX220U Multi Ultra Fine Crystal

GX225F Multi Fine Crystal

GX230M Multi Medium Crystal

by Fran Seiford

pastel glitter

GX701U Pink Ultra Fine Pastel


GX702U Yellow Ultra Fine Pastel

GX703U Blue Ultra Fine Pastel

january 2013

GX704U Mint Ultra Fine Pastel

crystal snow

GX705U Lavender Ultra Fine Pastel

GX900U Snow Ultra Fine Crystal

more ideas @ • designs by fran seiford

stuftainers thin



STOR02 Thick Stuftainers™ Perfect for containing clear blocks, and small glitter bottles. Sold in packs of five only.

STOR03 Thicker Stuftainers™ Perfect for containing wood stamps and larger bottles. Sold in packs of five only.

made in

D 7/16”

D 5/8”

STOR01 Thin Stuftainers™ Perfect for containing Cling Rubber™ and Perfectly Clear™ Stamps. Sold in packs of five only.

D 1”

bottles & jars Needle Tip

NT702EA (1) NT702 (25) Needle Tip Applicator Bottle 2 oz

NT700EA (1) NT700 (100) Needle Tip Applicator Bottle 1 oz

Spray Top

GS400 (1) Spray/Splatter Applicator Bottle 4 oz

Flip Top

GS402 (1) FT420 (1) Spray/Splatter Flip Top Applicator Bottle Applicator Bottle 2 oz 2 oz

• Snip needle tip as far down as you wish for varied width applicator. order 1.800.869.0474 • Fax toll free 1.800.578.2fax • © stampendous 2012

Dauber Top

DT201 (1) Dauber Top Applicator Bottle 2 oz


2 oz is ideal travel size. Easy to fill with your favorites and fly.

january 2013


The clear handles allow for precise stamping using Cling Rubber™ and Perfectly Clear™ Stamps. The curved edge offers a comfortable, firm grip. Stampers can enjoy added savings by investing in an assortment of handles in a variety of sizes. Jumbo handle is lightweight and slightly flexible for the best impression from any stamp.

SSH57 Jumbo Perfectly Clear Handle 5” x 7” x ¹/8”

SSH46 Large Handle 4” x 6” x ½"

SSH34 Medium Handle 4” x 3”x ½"

SSH38 Small Rectangle Handle 2¼” x 3½" x ½"



shown actual size.

january 2013

more ideas @ • designs by fran seiford

Tsukineko® VersaMark™ Inks

Tsukineko® VersaFine™ Ink

• 3 7/8” x 2 ½” pad • The perfect ink for Perfectly Clear™ Stamps

• All VersaMark™ inks are ideal for embossing

STF082 Onyx Black VersaFine™ Ink Pad

VM001 VersaMark™ Watermark Ink Pad

• VersaFine™ Ink is the best ink for stamping and watercoloring! This dark black ink leaves a crisp long lasting impression that won't run or fade.

VP001 VersaMark™ Watermark Pen

stamp cleaner

boss gloss embossing ink • Spray Top

• Dauber top

• Dauber top SC502 Rubber Stamp Cleaner & Reconditioner • Dauber top 2 fl oz

EI101 Boss Gloss™ Embossing Ink • Dauber top 2 fl oz

order 1.800.869.0474 • Fax toll free 1.800.578.2fax • © stampendous 2012

SC503 Rubber Stamp Cleaner & Reconditioner • Spray top 2 fl oz

january 2013


stamp size chart


3/4 x 1

AB A 1x1


E 1 1/2 x 2


C 1 1/2 x 1 1/2

F 2 1/4 x 2 1/4


J 1 x 1 1/2


H 1 3/4 x 2 1/2


K 3/4 x 2 1/4


D 2x2

G 1 x 3 1/2



N N 1 3/4 x 4


B 3/4 x 1 3/4

L 1 1/4 x 2 1/2

M 2 1/4 x 3 1/2

P 3 x 4 1/2

Q 3x3

all stamp templates shown in inches- actual size.


january 2013

more ideas @ • designs by fran seiford


stamp size chart

all stamp templates shown in inches- actual size

W 4x4

V 2 1/2 x 3

TC TC 2x2

MTC MTC 1 5/8 x 1 5/8

ATC 3/4 x 3/4


Y Y 1 3/4 x 4 3/4


order 1.800.869.0474 • Fax toll free 1.800.578.2fax • © stampendous 2012

R 4 x 5 1/4

january 2013



Cling Jumbo Sets

CRS5001 Jumbo Peony 7 CRS5002 Jumbo Think of You 7 CRS5003 Jumbo Thank You 7 CRS5007 Jumbo Dahlia 7 CRS5010 Jumbo Tiger Lily 7 CRS5011 Jumbo Dogwood 7 CRS5012 Jumbo Tulip 7 CRS5019 Jumbo Baroque Bouquet 7 CRS5021 Jumbo Romantic Border 7 CRS5029 Jumbo Songbird 7 CRS5031 Jumbo Hollyhock 6 CRS5032 Jumbo Orchid 7 CRS5033 Jumbo Iris 7 CRS5034 Jmbo Cottage Rose 7 CRS5035 Jumbo Tropical Garden 7 CRS5037 Jumbo Amaryllis 7 CRS5044 Jumbo Butterfly Trio 5 CRS5045 Jumbo Spring Bouquet 5 CRS5046 Jumbo Daisy 6 CRS5047 Jumbo Sunflower 4 CRS5048 Jumbo Poppy 5

Design Team

Cyndi Bundy 5, 10, 29, 50, 51 Debi Hammons 3 Fran Seiford 6, 43, 45, 56 Janelle Stollfus 35 Jennifer Dove 8, 10, 11, 18, 19 20, 22, 23, 25, 27, 33, 34,36, 40, 46 Kristine Reynolds 4 6, 10, 11, 13, 15, 24, 26, 28, 29, 32, 35, 38, 46, 47, 54 Laura Weed 21 Lisa Hindsley 2, 16, 34, 45 Melinda Gleissner 4, 15, 27, 29, 30, 37 Suzanne Czosek 2, 12, 14, 35, 37, 38 Tammie Wilson 5, 6, 41 Wendy Jordan 12 Wendy Price 9, 16


Bottles DT201 Dauber Top 2 oz 57 FT420 Flip Top 2 oz 57 GS400 Spray/Splatter 4 oz 57 GS402 Spray/Splatter 2 oz 57 NT700EA Needle Tip 1 oz 57 NT700 Needle Tip 1 oz 57 NT702EA Needle Tip 2 oz 57 NT702 Needle Tip 2 oz 57 Color Fragments FRC01 Powder Blue 51 FRC02 Sage 51 FRC03 Chiffon 51 FRC04 Rose 51 FRC05 Taupe 51 FRC06 Ochre 51 FRC07 Caramel 51 FRC08 Trick or Treat 51 FRC09 Purple 51 FRC10 Marine Blue 51 FRC11 Scarlet 51


FRC12 Burgundy 51 FRC13 Leaf Green 51 FRC14 Hunter 51 FRC15 Canary 50 FRC16 Mint 50 FRC17 Peach 50 FRC18 Teal 50 FRC19 Amethyst 50 FRC20 Hot Lime 50 FRC21 Hot Pink 50 FRC22 Hot Blue 50 FRC23 Hot Orange 50 FRC24 Hot Yellow 50 FRCK01 Fran•táge Color Fragments Kit 51 Embossing Powder DP020 Detail Clear 49 DP100 Detail White 49 DP101 Detail Silver 49 DP102 Detail Gold 49 DP111 Detail Black 49 EP020 Clear 49 EP030 Kaleidoscope 49 EP040 Stardust 47 EP050 Crystal 47 EP100 White 49 EP101 Sterling Silver 49 EP102 Pirate Gold 49 EP111 Midnight Black 49 EP113 Ruby Red 49 EP136 Red Dragon 47 EP150 Pearl White 48 EP152 Topaz 48 EP171 Winter Wonderland 47 EP175 Jeweled Gold 47 EP200 Stamp N'Bond 54 EP211 Golden Sand 49 EP215 Hematite 48 EP216 Garnet 48 EP217 Emerald 48 EP218 Sapphire 48 EP219 Amethyst 48 EP221 Peridot 48 EP222 Carnelian 48 EP223 Moonstone 48 EP226 Champagne 48 EP228 Tanzanite 48 EP231 Lapis 48 EP232 Jade 48 EP233 Rubellite 48 EP234 Blue Magic 47 EP505 Clear Bark 49 FREG020 Chunky Clear 45 FREG021 Chunky White 45 FREG022 Chunky Black 45 FREG023 Aged Silver 44 FREG024 Aged Gold 44 FREG025 Aged Copper 44 FREG026 Aged Black 44 FREG027 Shabby White 46 FREG028 Shabby Pink 46 FREG029 Shabby Blue 46 FREG030 Aged Ivory 44 FREG031 Aged Rose 44 FREG032 Aged Aqua 44 FREG033 Aged Taupe 44 FREG034 Aged Ochre 44 FREG035 Aged Spice 44 FREG036 Aged Teal 44 FREG037 Aged Marine 44 FREG038 Aged Hunter 44 FREG039 Aged Scarlet 44 FREG040 Aged Wine 44

january 2013

FREG041 Shabby Green 46 FREG042 Aged Bronze 44 FREG043 Aged Green 44 FREK01 Fran•táge Emb Kit 46 TP101 Silver Tinsel 47 TP102 Gold Tinsel 47 TP113 Red Tinsel 47 TP114 Blue Tinsel 47 TP115 Green Tinsel 47 TP116 Vintage Mahogany 47 TP117 Vintage Plum 47 TP118 Vintage Olive 47 TP119 Vintage Lilac 47 TP120 Royal Blue 47 TP121 Vintage Pink 47 TP122 Vintage Blue 47 Fran•táge Five Jar Kits EJK03 Blue Enc Jewel Kit 42 EJK04 Purple Enc Jewel Kit 43 EJK05 Pink Enc Jewel Kit 43 FRCK01 Fragments Kit 51 FREK01 Embossing Kit 46 FRGK01 Treasures Glitter Kit 55 FRGK03 Fran•táge Glitter Kit 53 FRMK01 Fran•táge Mica Kit 52 Glitter, Crushed Glass FRG01C Silver 53 FRG02C Champagne 53 FRG05C Lavender 53 FRG06C Fresh Green 53 FRG07C Steel Blue 53 FRG08C Bronze 53 FRG09C Black 53 FRG11C Red 53 FRG12C Green 53 FRG13C Royal Blue 53 FRG14C Royal Purple 53 FRG15C Oceanic 53 FRG16C Fuchsia 53 FRGK03 Fran•táge Glitter Kit 53 Glitter, Crystal GX220U Multi Ultra Fine 56 GX225F Multi Fine 56 GX230M Multi Medium 56 GX900 Snow Ultra Fine 56 Glitter, Halo FRG03 Silver Halo Mix 55 FRG04 Gold Halo Mix 55 GM801U GX801U Silver Ultra Fine 55 GM802F GX802F Silver Fine 55 GM803M GX803M Silver Med 55 GM804U GX804U Gold Ultra Fine 55 GM805F GX805F Gold Fine 55 GM806M GX806M Gold Med 55 Glitter, Jewel Ultra Fine GM250U GX250U Gold 55 GM251U GX251U Red 55 GM252U GX252U Rose 55 GM254U GX254U Silver 55 GM255U GX255U Copper 55 GM256U GX256U Royal 55 GM258U GX258U Emerald 55 Glitter, Micro MG01 Crystal 54 MG02 Gold 54 MG03 Silver 54 MG04 Pink 54 MG05 Orange 54 MG06 Lavender 54 MG07 Sunflower 54 MG08 Lime 54 MG09 China Blue 54 MG10 Teal 54

Glitter, Pastel Ultra Fine GX701U Pink 56 GX702U Yellow 56 GX703U Blue 56 GX704U Mint 56 GX705U Lavender 56 Glitter, Pearl Ultra Fine GM351U GX351U White 56 GM352U GX352U Rose 56 GM353U GX353U Cherry 56 GM355U GX355U Tigerlily 56 GM357U GX357U Sunflower 56 GM358U GX358U Melon 56 GM361U GX361U Turquoise 56 GM362U GX362U Royal 56 GM363U GX363U Lavender 56 GM365U GX365U Black 56 Ink EI101 Boss Gloss 59 STF082 Black VersaFine 59 VM001 VersaMark 59 VP001 VersaMark Pen 59 Mica Fragments FRM01 PearIized Mica 52 FRM02 Gilded Mica 52 FRM03 Tarnished Mica 52 FRM04 Tea Stained Mica 52 FRM05 Bronzed Mica 52 FRM06 White Mica 52 FRM07 Red Mica 52 52 FRM08 Yellow Mica FRM09 Green Mica 52 FRM10 Blue Mica 52 FRMK01 Fran•táge Mica Kit 52 Stamp Cleaner SC502 Dauber Top 59 SC503 Spray Top 59

Perfectly Clear Handles

SSH34 Medium Handle 58 SSH38 Small Rect. Handle 58 SSH46 Large Handle 58 SSH57 Jumbo Handle 58

Perfectly Clear Stamps

SSC007 Storybook Alphabet 40 SSC014 Typewriter Alphabet 40 SSC015 Calligraphy Alphabet 40 SSC023 Summer Leaves 14 SSC028 Butterflies 17 SSC031 Timeless Tags 34 SSC055 Retro Alphabet 40 SSC107 From the Kitchen 38 SSC109 Happy Messages 39 SSC134 Encouraging Words 38 SSC179 Party Invite 30 SSC181 Spanish Messages 40 SSC219 Small Typewriter 40 SSC222 Tiny Alphabet 40 SSC1005 Fifteen Candles 30 SSC1072 Wildflower Sprigs 17 SSC1107 Narcissus 14 SSC1109 Dandelion Wish 15 SSC1111 Agapanthus Thank You 14 SSC1112 Daisy Thanks 14 SSC1115 Birthday Assortment 30 SSC1116 Friendship Asstment 39 SSC1117 Sincere Sentiment 39 SSC1119 Vintage Crowns 20 SSC1120 Damask Chair 20 SSC1121 Eiffel Tower 34 SSC1122 Elegant Borders 20 SSC1124 Charm Collection 20 SSC1130 Rose Branch Border 15

more ideas @ • designs by fran seiford

SSC1131 Time Flies 23 SSC1132 Vintage Typewriter 23 SSC1135 Wonderland 19 SSC1136 Corset Ladies 19 SSC1137 Fantasy Tiles 19 SSC1138 Cowlik Birthday 26 SSC1139 Railway 22 SSC1140 Nest Egg 17 SSC1141 Friendly Phrases 38 SSC1142 Vintage Frames 19 SSC1143 Steampunk Gears 22 SSC1144 Gears Kiddo 22 SSC1145 Guys and Gears 23 SSC1151 Spanish Invite 40 SSC1152 Spanish Greetings 40 SSC1153 Children Play 21 SSC1154 Queen Bee 17 SSC1155 Royal Butterfly 17 SSC1156 French Flower Cart 34 SSC1157 Carousel Circus 20 SSC1158 Thoughtful Wishes 39 SSC1159 Rose Thoughts 38 SSC1160 Serengeti 24 SSC1161 Dino Time 24 SSC1162 On the Farm 27 SSC1163 Herbs 9 SSC1164 Kiddo Birthday 30 SSC1165 Critter Collection 26 SSC1166 Air Travel 33 SSC1167 Baggage Claim 33

Rubber Stamps

Add CR to item number for Cling Rubber mounting. * available wood mounted only A060 Paw* 25 AA002 Tiny Star* 31 AA025 Double Note* 37 AA060 Cat Face* 25 AA085 Petite Dragonfly* 17 B098 Butterfly Critter* 17 C216 So Tiny 31 C217 Large Paw 25 D004 Thank You 39 D071 Sending A Hug 39 D075 Sending Wishes 39 D081 Newborn Baby 31 D109 Child’s Smile 31 D166 Bee Buddies 27 E117 In My Thoughts 39 E164 Feather Points 17 E202 Birthday Calories 31 E260 Owl Love You 39 E277 You’re the Icing 31 F212 Elephant Baby 31 F213 Giggle Wiggle 31 F215 Profile Portrait 18 F227 Single Butterfly 17 F228 Sir Toad 20 F229 Better Travel 32 G122 Join Us 36 H122 Grad Cap 37 H166 Thank You Swirl 39 H235 Changito Pair 25 H256 Imagine It 37 H282 Feather Bonnet Baby 27 H283 Posie Bonnet Baby 27 H289 Follow Art 38 H290 Life is a Circus 20 H291 Muchas Gracias 40 H292 Inspiration Exists 38 H293 A Bird Sing 16 J045 Sleeping Kitty* 25 J118 Bride & Groom* 36

J167 Ladybug Critter* J180 Mr. & Mrs.* K028 Just a Note L173 Worth It! L186 Graceful Birthday L223 Mothers Day L253 Lil Joker M015 Birthday Wish M082 Cherish Dream M083 Friend Bouquet M129 Thank Heaven M256 Tiered Birdcage M264 Giraffe Baby M265 Small Tag M278 Skateboard Kiddo M279 Jump Rope Kiddo M282 Flower Path M283 Serenade M284 Vintage Car M285 Bluebird Branch M286 Running Horse M287 Birthday Girl M288 Carousel M289 Feliz Cumpleanos M290 Tutu Toad M291 Literary Owl M292 Boots Kiddo M293 Fairy Tale Wedding N030 Peacock Feather N033 TLC Blessing N035 Shine on You N061 Twinkle Poem N070 Wavy Music N152 Agapanthus Long N159 Orchid Invite N163 Modern Invite N215 Baby Stardust N228 Heart Stack N234 Beachfront Boat N235 Sailboat Bay N237 Joy of Journey N238 Breathe N247 Locomotive N250 May Sun Shine N251 Suitcase World N252 Wander Lost N253 Color Outside N254 Married Monograms N255 Scrolled Blossoms P031 Invitation P107 Agapanthus Cluster P115 Star Lilies P116 Flower Fields P118 Deco Lady P119 Dragonfly Vine P121 Tree Swing P122 Nesting Bird P126 Bird Frame P135 Bird Post P136 Blossom Spray P143 Carte Postale P144 I Love Paris P146 Rose Corset P147 Butterfly Post P149 Single Chandelier P150 Cowlik Tractor P151 Mermaid P152 Botanical Daffodil P153 Botanical Asperula P155 Steamboat Ride P156 Railroad Poster P157 Large Tag P158 Typewriter Note

17 36 39 39 31 39 20 30 37 39 39 17 31 34 28 29 11 16 22 16 20 31 20 40 20 23 29 36 17 38 38 31 37 13 36 30 31 37 21 21 34 21 22 38 35 32 10 37 36 30 13 13 11 19 17 14 16 16 16 11 35 34 19 17 19 26 21 12 12 22 22 34 23

P159 Bathing Beauty P160 Shade Tree P161 Felinus P162 Poised Gent P163 Party Hat Kiddo P164 Mermaid Kiddo P165 Balloon Kiddo P177 Bicycle Works P178 Ruffled Corset P179 Violets P180 Leaf Sprig P181 Circus Poster P182 Fairy Garden P183 Eagle Rock P184 Grape Label P185 Morning Glory P186 Carnation P187 Nasturtium P188 Garden Gal P189 Sweet Pea P190 Pomegranate P191 Catifur Columbus Q130 Fresh Bloom Q144 Dad Words Q157 Lion Baby Q158 Cowlik Butterfly Q159 Hobby Horse Q160 Ballerina Kiddo Q164 Cherish Family Q165 Kissin Kiddos Q167 Doctor Kiddo Q168 Fireman Kiddo R103 Music Score R105 Dream Text R112 Ranunculus Field R127 Shell Background R137 Garden Background R138 Calligraphy Sampler R139 Flying Machines R140 Distressed Type R141 Clock Works R145 Decorative Grate R146 Tin Panel R147 Lacy Background R157 Bicycle Background R158 Nestled Bird R159 Wine Labels R160 Luggage Labels R161 Seed Catalog R162 Botanical Blooms R163 Old World Map R164 Tree Poem V035 For All You Do V126 Happy Couple V143 Ornate Heart V151 Life Path V164 Chickie Hop V219 Dream Forever V221 Bee Cupcake V234 Floral Bonnet Baby V237 Lone Bird V238 Spring Greeting V239 Cattus Librum V241 Her Cameo V242 Zebra Baby V243 Tiger Baby V244 Cowlik Cake V245 Fluffles Icing V246 Christening V247 Baby Buggy V248 Botanical Clematis V249 Castle Hill V253 Da Vinci Horse

order 1.800.869.0474 • Fax toll free 1.800.578.2fax • © stampendous 2012

january 2013

19 14 23 21 30 28 30 23 19 10 14 20 17 22 9 11 13 11 15 12 8 32 10 39 31 26 31 28 38 29 28 29 37 41 11 21 10 40 22 40 22 41 41 41 23 16 9 35 12 15 32 14 39 36 37 39 27 39 31 27 16 27 23 18 31 31 26 31 31 31 12 18 20

V255 Changito Surfer V256 Changito Pool Party V257 Cowlik Sunflower V258 Winged Timepiece V260 Plume Portrait V265 Hula Kiddo V266 Vintage Birdcage V268 Scrolled Medallion V269 Lil Mr Fix it V270 Kiddo Hop V271 Hippo Cycle V272 Nurse Kiddo V273 Beautiful Life V274 Golden Tales V275 Hedgehog V279 Squirrel W068 By the Sea W069 Botanical Magnolia W071 Daffodil Girl W072 Conservatory W073 Bird Manor W074 Pat A Cake W075 London W080 Fishing Kiddo W081 Wagon Kiddo W082 Rose Cluster W083 Hydrangea Bunch W084 Pear Blossom W085 Rose Bloom W086 Orange Blossom W087 Navigateur W088 Seed Background W089 Minuet Bird W090 Click Heels W091 Ruby Slippers Y008 Party Balloons Y022 Tool Border Y023 Sports Border Y025 Life is Art Y026 Kids on Wheels

21 21 26 23 18 28 16 41 21 29 20 28 38 37 25 24 21 12 19 17 17 31 34 29 29 10 13 8 10 8 34 13 16 18 18 31 21 21 38 21

Stamp Cubes

ATC03 Handmade Everyday Tiny Cube MTC03 Personal Notes Mini Quad Cube TC01 Marble Texture Cube TC51 Foliate Quad Cube TC54 Tiled Quad Cube

39 39 41 41 41


STOR01 Thin Stuftainers 57 STOR02 Thick Stuftainers 57 STOR03 Thicker Stuftainers 57


by Wendy Price

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Stampendous January 2013 Catalog  

The newest images and accessories from the most trusted name in rubber stamping crafts. Stampendous has been providing quality stamping prod...