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Bachelor of Science in Information Technology

Stamford International University



Stamford International University

Bachelor of

Science in Information Technology In light of the increasingly globalized economy and rapidly changing technology, corporations are demanding for IT professionals who are exible and have up-to-date knowledge with international capacity. Stamford’s Bachelor of Science in Information Technology program aims to develop students who will keep pace of the latest trends of technologies to enter the rapidly changing information technology world.

Students with IT knowledge are highly sought after by local and international job market. Stamford students can choose the program that best meets their needs, abilities and career goals. Stamford International University offers Bachelor of Science in Information Technology program with concentration options of Information technology and Business Information Management.

Stamford International University



Truly Global Network

As a partner of Laureate International Universities, Stamford is connected with 65 universities in 29 countries and more than 750,000 students around the world. Students have access to: Global Teaching and Learning Resources. More Study Aboard and Dual Degree Opportunities. World-class programs such as Laureate English Program & Laureate Hospitality Programs.


International Community Every day is a truly cross-cultural experience, using real English in speaking, playing and learning. 30% of our students are international students from over 60 countries at the Bangkok campus. Our faculty members come from all corners of the world.

Real World Experience

At Stamford, students develop both academic and practical skills. Many courses are taught by professional experts who know what it takes to prosper in the industry. A 480-hour program of corporate internship is provided to prepare students to be ready for the real world.


Stamford International University

The Stamford Family

With small class sizes, individualized attention is given to each student in a student-centered learning environment. Stamford emphasizes student leadership, giving every student a chance to shine.


Program with Affordable Fees Stamford offers a fast-track program with affordable fees. Bachelor Degree: 3 - year program + 1 semester of internship. Master Degree: 1.5 - year program (one day per week) or 1- year full-time MBA program.


Stamford International University


Curriculum Structure Bachelor of Science in Information Technology Structure and Components

International Program Credits

1) General Education - Humanities - Social Science - Science and Mathematics - Language

35 8 9 9 9

2) Professional Courses - Basic Core - Major - Concentration

96 30 30 36

2) Free Electives


Total Credits


*Stamford also offers bilingual option. For details, please refer to Stamford’s brochure about ourbilingual program.


Stamford International University

Professional Courses

All students enrolled in the Faculty of Science in Information Technology are required to take the following basic core courses and major core courses. This ensures that students are prepared and have a solid foundation and understanding of Information Technology.

Major Course Principles of Management Computer Programming II Data Structure and Algorithm System Analysis, Design and Implementation Multimedia Technology Database Management Systems Physics in Everyday Life Data Communication and Networking Internship

Concentration Courses Concentration : Information Technology

Concentration: Business Information Management (Computer Business)

Computer Programming Web Programming Web Design and Interactive Media Principles of Operating System E-Commerce Management Information Technology Management Mobile Computing Foundations of Artificial Intelligence Software Engineering Game Design and Development Information Security Data Warehouse Systems Data Mining Systems Mobile Games Development Objected Oriented Programming Programming for Multimedia and Digital Media Information Technology Planning and Project Management Special Project II System and Network Administration Information Technology Entrepreneurship

Concentration Courses

Business Economics Business Finance Introduction to International Business Operations Management System Design and Implementation II E-Commerce Management Information Technology Management Computing Operation Research Business Intelligence Management Information Security Computer Application in Business Computer Application in Accounting Database Management Systems Data Warehouse Systems Data Mining Systems Programming for Multimedia and Digital Media Enterprise Resource Planning Information Technology Entrepreneurship

Depending on students’ choice of specialization, Stamford offers career-based courses to meet your needs in either our International or Thai language programs. Students can select from courses in their areas of concentration, based on their interests, needs and abilities.

Bangkok Campus International Program

Bilingual Program

Hua Hin Campus Bilingual Program

Thai Program

Bachelor of Science in Information Technology • Information Technology • Business Information Management

Stamford International University


Information Technology

Program Highlights The Curriculum provides students with a strong knowledge in three key areas: Programming: Software Programming, Web Programming, Web-based programming for Office Application, Application on Mobile Network architecture: Data Communication, Network Solution Database programming: Designing Interface, Database Applications for Office-Usage Bachelor of Science in Information Technology students will get the industry exposure while studying at Stamford.

The program offers students opportunities to participate in field studies, workshops and internships. Stamford’s supervised 480-hour Internship Program provides extensive practical experience and on-the-job training.

Faculty and lecturers are highly experienced instructors with a background and extensive experience in the information technology industry.

Career Opportunities • Database Officer / Administrator / Developer • IT Support/Helpdesk • Software Developer for Office /Mobile Application • Software Security • System Analyst • Network Officer / Administrator / Designer • Network Security


Stamford International University

Stamford International University


Business Information Management

(Computer Business)

Program Highlights Businesses today use technology in every aspect of commerce. The alignment of Business and Technology is very necessary in the current global market. Business- IT alignment is a well-known strategy that helps a business organization to use information technology effectively to achieve business objectives, improve financial performance and marketplace competitiveness.

In this curriculum, students will learn what “Information Technology (IT)” is and the relationship between IT and business, The different aspects in business industry; the challenges of managing each industry sector with a specific business information management solution, how to apply or use information technology in different aspect of business, the impact of technology on health and the quality of life.

Faculty Highlights


Apitep Saekow, Ph.D.

Donaldine Samson, Ph.D. (a.k.a. Dr. Dolly)

Dr. Saekow has over 15 years of experience teaching in Japan, Australia and Thailand and served 5 years as Dean and Assistant President for Academic Affairs at Stamford International University. He is also a government consultant and a researcher in e-Government interoperability projects. He was a researcher of the winning e-Asia Award project, India. Apitep Saekow earned his B.E. in computer and information from Toyohashi University, his M.S. in computer science from La Trobe University and Ph.D. in computer engineering from Thammasat University.

Dr. Samson has worked in higher education for the past thirty years, having served variously as Computer Science department chair, and acting dean of Business Administration, and Chair of Strategic Planning, with the academic rank of Professor. Dr. Samson has a wide range of international experience through teaching and research assignments in Japan, Jordan, Lithuania, Netherlands, Sudan, and Vietnam. Her technology industry experience includes positions in private industry and county government, and she served on the board of directors of a wireless telecommunications ompanyin Hawaii. However, Dolly’s greatest successes are the many students who have earned their bachelors and masters degrees to go on to successful careers in information technology.

Stamford International University

Seri Asvaruk, Ph.D. Dr. Asvaruk earned a doctorate with a dissertation on the work of Digital Mobile Communication. His current areas of research include the development of new Mobile Technology used in suburban and remote areas. Before joining Stamford, he worked as a project manager and program manager in IT departments. The projects that he dealt with during 2003-2007 were related to the Satellite and Mobile Network infrastructure implemented in India and Nepal.

Mr. Phyo Min Tun (John Leong) Mr. Phyo Min Tun has his Master of Information Science (M.I.S), Internet and E-Commerce Technology (IEC), from Assumption University and a B.A. in English from Taunggyi University. With over 10 years of extensive experience in IT industry including working closely with project managers, graphic designers and other software engineers in designing and developing interactive web applications, perform QA, developing e-learning system integration, he also developed various web applications and multimedia modifications.

Mrs. Kallaya Nantha Mrs. Kallaya received Bachelor of Business Administration on Business Computer Major in 1999. She attended Naraesuan University in Phitsanulok, graduating with Master of Science Program in Information Technology in 2004. Mrs. Kallaya spent more than 10 years teaching in the field of Computer Business and Information Technology. Her industry experience includes work with Oracle Corp. and Acer Corp., as well as with several entrepreneurial firms.

Mr. Atikom Srivallop Mr. Srivallop has an M.A., from Webster University, in the U.S.A and earned his B.S. from Southern Illinois University, USA and has his B.Ed, from Chulalongkorn University, Thailand. Mr. Atikom has over 15 years of teaching experience in Computer Science and Information Technology. Prior to becoming a full time lecturer, he was a General Manager the in the real estate development industry.

Career Opportunities • Project Management Officer • Business Development (Technology related) • Business / System Analyst • Event Organizer/ • Software Developer • Database Administrator • Tech Support Specialists /System Administrators

Stamford International University


Highlighted Activities Bachelor of Science in Information Technology

Cisco Networking Certification: Students take academic courses directly related to CCNA certification that has global recognition.

International Guest Speaker: Mr. Chris Bromby, Art Director, n-Space, special effects animator for Walt Disney.

MOS: A program to encourage students to earn Microsoft Office Specialist certifications (such as excel specialist, word, access, etc) in a specific Office programs and give them a chance to participate contest events.

Field trips: TCC data center, Monk Studio (Animation House), Thomson Reuters, and Ocean Glass

International Guest Speaker: Mr. Carl Heaton, Managing Director and Instructor, Web Courses Design


Stamford International University

Guest Speakers from Thomson Reuters Topic: Software Quality Assurance

Hear first-hand about the experiences of our Bachelor of Science in Information Technology Faculty Members and Students

We are bringing people from the industry into the classroom so that our students learn more. Stamford is a truly international university, so students have the opportunity to learn in a multicultural environment. One of Stamford’s strengths is that we engage students in an ‘interactive classroom’ – a philosophy that is applied to everything that we do. We share ideas and thoughts -- holistic learning develops during class discussions.

Dr. Samson, Lecturer

I’m sure I’ve chosen the right field of study and the right university. Stamford offers the IT program that I love, in a great environment, with friendly teachers, and scholarships. The most important thing is – I’m doing what I love. It took me some times to realize that I love IT. But it is worth spending time trying to find what you love, then go for it the best you can. At Stamford, if you study hard enough, and give respect to your teachers, everybody can achieve their goals -- anybody can be Einstein.I used to think there was too much homework, but then, I saw the work it was for the teachers grading my assignments. I realized, the more assignments they gave us, the more work they had to grade they evaluated every single piece of work we submitted, every single line of the code we wrote. They have become my role models. I appreciate their hard work, and I want to do the same.

Ms. Kay, IT Student

Our new concentration in Business Information Technology fills the gap between IT knowledge and business knowledge bridging the relationship between them; whereas our concentration in Information Technology focuses on programming and network architecture. Students can choose which areas are suitable for their capabilities and interests – but no matter what they decide, we are here to support them throughout their program of choice. We offer a supportive learning environment.

Dr. Asvaruk, Lecturer

Stamford International University



Stamford International University


Requirements High School completion or equivalent official transcripts (GED, IGCSE)

What to submit

When applying…. High School Completion Certificate Official Transcripts Stamford Application Form Three recent passport-sized photographs (taken within last 3 months) Citizen ID (Thai nationals) or Passport English Proficiency Test Score

For admissions into International Bachelor’s Degree Program, students are required to take a placement test and must pass Level 4 of the Laureate English Program exam. Alternatively, students can submit any one of the following English Proficiency Test Scores: -TOEFL - with a minimum score of 550 (Computer-based: 187) -IELTS - with a minimum score of 5.5 Students who do not achieve the required English placement test score will be required to attend the Laureate English Program prior to enrolling in Stamford’s international degree programs.

Admissions Calendar Applications may be sent in round the year. Intake occurs during 3 terms: • Term 1 - June • Term 2 - October • Term 3 - February Stamford International University



Stamford International University

Bachelor of Science in Information Technology  

Students with IT knowledge are highly sought after by local and international job market. Stamford students can choose the program that best...

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