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Quick Way To Resize Photos Using Paint - Steps Shown With Photos I have found this to be a quick and easy way to resize photos.

Right click on the photo you wish to resize. You will get a drop down with many choices.

Choose “open with” you will get a new drop down. Now choose “paint”.

Left click on “Image” then Left click on “Resize/Skew”

You will now see your options to edit your photo. Change the “100” for both the horizontal and vertical to “30”.

Click "ok"

Your photo has been resized.

The photo that was used for this example started at 3.43MB and was 3648 x 2736. After resizing it is now 279KB and only 1095 x 821. If this is slightly larger than you desire just resize at 25% instead of the 30% used in this example.

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Quick way to resize photos using paint  

Quick way to resize photos using paint

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