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WELCOME Jesuit education seeks to be world affirming – to reveal a world ‘charged with the grandeur of God.’ Gerard Manley Hopkins, SJ

As a school, we encourage personal excellence and a delight in learning. We look to form men and women for others in a way that encourages their God-given talents. Therefore, we offer a wideranging programme of co-curricular activities. Our belief is that co-curricular activities allow significant and varied opportunities for personal growth. Pupils are encouraged to meet challenges in individual and group pursuits. Commitment, dedication and teamwork are transferable skills that will benefit our pupils throughout their time at the College and beyond. As you will see in this brochure, we have an exciting and well-developed programme in the Performing Arts, Outdoor Education, Sport and Activities and Clubs. Many of these groups offer trips in the UK and abroad. The co-curricular timetable is updated each term and available on the website on the Aloysian Life page. Please refer to it for up-to-date information for your children. Engage in the exciting Life Beyond the Classroom!



The Performing Arts form a major part of the artistic life of the College, offering a wide range of Activities and Clubs across Music and Drama including the annual school show. Whether your interests lie in performance or production, there is something to suit everyone, from choral singing and opera, to acting and backstage skills including lighting, sound and props. The Performing Arts offer students essential skills that are transferrable across the curriculum into life-long learning. If you are looking to diversify your skills and make lasting memories, get involved in Performing Arts! 4

MUSIC Music is an important part of the curriculum in all Scottish and Jesuit schools, promoting creativity, confidence and self-expression. In addition, Music is a fundamental ingredient in all the public and set-piece occasions of school life, from liturgies to prize-giving and concerts. Our liturgies take place in the beautiful St Aloysius’ Church, with its newly installed pipe organ. We are fortunate to be situated in the centre of Glasgow, in close proximity to the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland, Theatre Royals and Glasgow Royal Concert Hall, where our annual prize-giving takes place. Music is a subject which transcends curricular attainment and our extensive co-curricular programme allows pupils to make a valuable contribution to the life of the College through their involvement in choirs, ensembles and the instrumental tuition programme. Our specialist choral training programme, Schola Cantorum, is led by a dedicated Head of Choral Music. 5

SCHOLA The Schola is a choral programme unique to St. Aloysius’ College. Pupils from P4-S6 get a chance to join some excellent choirs, but it is also a much wider educational experience. Members of the three auditioned choirs get the opportunity to receive free singing coaching, and members of the two junior choirs get subsidised instrumental lessons in an orchestral instrument. All choristers get the chance to learn using the Royal School of Church Music Voice for Life Scheme, and over 80 pupils have achieved awards. 6



The Schola is the College’s Senior Schola choir. We lead College liturgies, sing regular Sunday Masses in St. Aloysius’ Church and have a busy programme of other performances and concerts. We have sung Mass in St Peter’s Basilica, Rome, Liverpool’s Metropolitan Cathedral and as part of ‘Sunday Worship’, live on BBC Radio 4. We are looking forward to a return visit to Liverpool next year. We also sing many secular songs from Spirituals to Jazz. Entry is by audition, normally from S3 upwards, but you don’t have to be an advanced singer to think of joining; potential is the key.

MONDAY 8am - 8.55am, FRIDAY 8-8.45am



The Schola Nova is an unauditioned choir, consisting of pupils from S1S3. It is a transitional choir; many choristers from the Schola Puellarum and Schola Puerorum go straight to the Nova. However, it is very much open to all. We sing one Mass per term at St. Aloysius’ Church, and assist at College Masses. We are former winners of The Herald Challenge Trophy at the Glasgow Music Festival.


WEDNESDAY 3.45pm - 4.30pm



This is our junior Schola for girls. Girls from P4 to S1 are members, and there is a simple audition to join, to gauge potential. Girls usually join in P4, but older girls in the Junior School are welcome to have a go (even a second go!) We lead Junior School liturgies, and sing several Sunday Masses in St. Aloysius’ Church, as well as a programme of concerts and other performances. In the last two years we have travelled to Edinburgh, St George’s Chapel, Windsor and Yorkshire. We sing all sorts of music, from plainchant to Latin American, along with secular songs.

MONDAY 3.45pm - 5pm, WEDNESDAY 8am - 8.45am



This is our junior Schola for boys. It works in exactly the same way as the girls’ Schola, and the opportunities are also exactly the same (although the songs we sing are different). Occasionally the choirs even sing together, as we did when singing backing vocals for Andrea Bocelli at the SSE Hydro a few years ago. Come and join the team!

TUESDAY 3.45pm - 5pm, THURSDAY 8am - 8.45am 8



The Senior Choir is an unauditioned choir open to all pupils from S1 to S6. All that is required from members is to be enthusiastic about singing, and you do not have to be able to read music to take part. The choir participates in concerts at least twice a year and sings alongside the Schola choirs at school Masses.

TUESDAY 3.35pm - 4.30pm 9

INSTRUMENTAL MUSIC There are many opportunities available to take part in the College’s instrumental music programme. A broad range of cocurricular groups are offered for instrumentalists, and we also have a comprehensive instrumental tuition programme covering a wide variety of instruments form orchestral instruments such as violin and clarinet to traditional music instruments such as clarsach and bagpipes. Therefore, whether you want to rehearse and perform as part of a group, or learn to play an instrument, the instrumental music programme is here to meet your needs.




The Senior String Group meets during lunchtime on Mondays. The club offers pupils the opportunity to play music with other string players in a variety of different styles, and in a fun atmosphere.

MONDAY 1.10pm – 1.50pm



The Senior Wind Band is open to all woodwind and brass instrumentalists. Designed to bring together all wind players, our group plays a huge variety of styles of music... all in a welcoming environment!

WEDNESDAY 1.10pm – 1.50pm



The Piping Group is open to all pipers, including those playing on chanter or bagpipes. The group gives pupils the opportunity to play traditional Scottish music, and the group normally performs in an annual recital and at other school events.

THURSDAY 3.35pm – 4.30pm

11 11



Instrumental tuition forms a large part of the work of the Music department, and individual lessons are available for most instruments, including: piano, voice, strings, woodwind, brass, percussion, guitar, harp/ clarsach and bagpipes. Theory of Music lessons are also available as part of a small group. These lessons are delivered by a team of visiting tutors. Pupils are encouraged to sit external exams including those of the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music and Trinity College. Lessons are scheduled through the school day and last for 30 minutes, and lesson times are rotated to ensure that pupils do not miss the same class on a regular basis. All pupils have the opportunity to participate in the many ensembles that rehearse weekly in the department. There is an additional charge for individual lessons.




The Jazz Band is open to all woodwind, saxophone and brass players, along with those who play drums or bass guitar/double bass. You will have the opportunity to play some excellent jazz arrangements in a variety of different styles in a fun atmosphere.

THURSDAY 1.10pm – 1.50pm 12 12



The Opera Group rehearses on a Thursday afternoon after school. Past performances have included extracts from Mozart’s ‘Magic Flute’, ‘Trial by Jury’ by Gilbert and Sullivan, Handel’s ‘Acis and Galatea’ and Sondheim’s ‘Sweeney Todd’. The group has performed at Greyfriars Kirk in Edinburgh as part of their ‘Spark’ lunchtime recital series and with The Glasgow Studio Orchestra. Our main performances take place at the College’s Summer Arts event in June. Opera combines the singing of fabulous, challenging music with great drama and lots of laughs along the way!

THURSDAY 3.35pm – 4.30pm



The Music Theatre Group’s main rehearsal is at lunchtime on Tuesday. We work towards the Performing Arts Showcase performance in March, and take part in other events from time to time. The group has performed extracts from a wide variety of musicals including Les Miserables, My Fair Lady, Oliver!, Blood Brothers and The Lion King to name just a few. There are opportunities for solo, ensemble and group work, so if you want to perform some great musical numbers from wellknown shows, or want to be involved backstage, come and join the fun!

TUESDAY 1.10pm – 1.50pm


DRAMA The Drama Department’s Co-Curricular activities, that take place outside the classroom offer participants invaluable skills which are transferable across both academic curriculum and beyond. Becoming a member of the Senior Drama Company or one of our clubs will not only be an extremely enjoyable experience that you will remember long after you have left the college, but will equip individuals with a variety of skills. Members can hope to gain the following skills: self-confidence, team-work, commitment, imagination, empathy, cooperation, concentration, communication skills, public speaking, memory, physical fitness and an appreciation for the arts and culture. So what are you waiting for? Sign up today‌ 14



This is a non-auditioned club open to all pupils in S1 and S2 who have an interest and commitment to Drama. This club may appeal to pupils who would like to be involved in performance outside the classroom in S1, or to those who were unable to choose Drama as an option in S2. This club will give its participants the perfect opportunity to maintain and develop their Drama and performance skills. Members will work as an ensemble on a scripted play, culminating in a public performance at the Performing Arts Showcase in the Spring Term. So if you act, dance, or want to be involved backstage, come and join the fun! MONDAY 3.45pm - 4.45pm



We are delighted to build on the success of the new S3 Drama Club which was founded last year, exclusively for S3 pupils. This club is inclusive and pupils are not required to audition to join. The Club is open to all pupils, with a continuing interest and commitment to Drama. This club is perfect for those pupils who are unable to study Drama as part of their timetabled classes. Members will acquire and develop a range of Drama skills with particular focus on creating characters for performance, culminating in a public performance at the Performing Arts Showcase in the Spring Term. So if you act, dance, or want to be involved backstage, come and join the fun!

WEDNESDAY 3.45pm - 4.45pm 15



2018 welcomed the launch of the St Aloysius’ Senior Drama Company. The Company will produce extracts from straight plays to be performed as part of the Summer Arts Festival at the end of the summer term. Pupils in S4-S6 can take advantage of this new and exciting venture which provides the perfect opportunity for those pupils, who are passionate about plays and theatre, to showcase their acting talents to a live audience. While places are limited, you do not need to be able to sing to audition for this Company!

SCHOOL SHOW Back by popular demand, our annual school show will be performed in October. This prestigious event is rehearsed over an intensive eightweek period. Interested participants can expect to be involved in auditions for principal, chorus and backstage roles. This activity provides vocational training in a professional setting culminating in public performances to a large audience. If you are the sort of person who relishes excitement, an electric atmosphere and the thrill of live performance, then this is the event for you! 16

SPORTS Sport at the College is an integral part of our young people’s education. Our traditional sports are Hockey, Rugby and Athletics but we offer a diverse, broad and exciting co-curricular programme, designed to suit all. The College participates in all major regional and national tournaments for Rugby, Hockey, Cross Country, Swimming, Golf, Athletics, and Football. Sport at the College is designed to inspire and excite our students and allow them to achieve their full potential.


HOCKEY The College hockey program enables the girls to work through passing, travelling and tackling skills. These are developed further into conditioned exercises, competitive situations, and finally progress into full games. Pupils also learn that the harder they work the better they perform. By never giving up, they are more likely to achieve their goals, which is a key component to being successful in life. 18

S1-S3 HOCKEY At this stage, pupils learn core skills including passing, travelling and tacking skills. From S1 upwards, pupils selected for teams will play 11a-side full pitch matches during Saturday morning fixtures. The S1, S2 and S3 A team also have the opportunity to play in a competition at the end of the season against other schools from West District. Pupils in S1-S3 also compete in two Interhouse Hockey Competitions each year, providing them with experience of competitive sports. These are held in November and March.

S1: S2: S3:

THURSDAY 1.40pm - 4.30pm TUESDAY 1.40pm - 4.30pm MONDAY 1.40pm - 4.30pm 19 12

S4-S6 HOCKEY From S3 onwards, pupils develop their skills further through conditioned exercises, competitive situations and specific drills. From S4-S6 pupils also take part in 11-a-side full matches on Saturdays, as well as A-team tournaments. S4, S5, and S6 pupils help coach and run the interhouse events for their younger peers, which gives them an insight into how to manage a team, make substitutions, and deal with the emotions of playing sport. Pupils performing to the highest standards for their age groups have gone on to represent West District and Scotland Hockey Squads. Along with the health benefits of sport, pupils gain many other experiences that help them develop, learn and grow. Team work promotes determination, persistence, and togetherness. Everyone in a team has a vital part to play.

WEDNESDAY 1.30pm - 5.00pm 20 12

RUGBY There are many positive values that pupils get from playing rugby. These include improving their fitness and health. However, it is the unseen benefits that have the greatest effect over time. These include the ability to function as a team, or the lifelong friendships that are forged on the field. In 20 years time, when the boys meet for a reunion, they will still be talking about victories against rivals, big tackles that took place in the primary Interhouse or winning the Scottish Cup. These are the reasons our pupils play rugby! 21

S1-S3 RUGBY As part of our rugby program for S1 to S3, we introduce a basic game plan, teach players to begin to scan for, and identify space, and introduce a basic strength and conditioning programme. We also begin to work on position-specific training and specialist skills. The Key National Themes of physical competency, speed, and agility exercises are built into warm ups. Through assessment, we highlight areas for concern or for improvement. At this level, pupils begin to express themselves and play an attractive and successful brand of rugby. The focus at S1-S3 is to develop our pupils’ skills in a fun environment.

S1: S2: S3: 22 12

THURSDAY 1.40pm - 4.30pm TUESDAY 1.40pm - 4.30pm MONDAY 1.40pm - 4.30pm

S4-S6 RUGBY At S4-S6, we now focus on learning to compete, and on developing performance. Each player is offered an individualised strength and conditioning program, which they complete twice a week. Video analysis is also used to assess the team. Mind skills training are also introduced at this stage, which produces confident individuals who perform consistently and to their full potential. For all year groups, training sessions are completed in line with long term player development principles and use the UKCC coaching techniques. As a result we produce mentally, physically, technically and tactically superior rugby athletes who are better prepared to deal with the rigours of international rugby

WEDNESDAY 1.30pm - 5.00pm

23 12



Basketball is a global sport that is fast-paced and combines the need for individual skill and excellent teamwork. The boys have the chance to learn the sport and develop basic skills. It is great for fitness and developing coordination and ball-handling skills. P7-S2 This group will comprise the S1 Team and the Under-14 Team. The S1 Team will compete in a number of friendlies and the Scottish Cup, while the Under-14 Team will compete in the Glasgow Schools League and the Glasgow Cup.

MONDAY 3.35pm - 5pm

S3-S6 This group makes up the Under-15 Team, the Under-16 Team and the First Team. The Under-15 Team will compete in the Scottish Cup, while the Under-16 Team will compete in the Glasgow Schools League and the Glasgow Cup. Finally, the First Team will compete in all competitions; Scottish Cup, Glasgow Schools League and Glasgow Cup normally competing 15-20 matches. The First Team has also had three recent trips to compete in tournaments in Gijon, Spain.

THURSDAY 3.35pm - 5pm 24



Athletics is a popular co-curricular activity and we enjoy success on the track and field in the Summer months. We participate in all major competitions from District League Matches to Glasgow Schools and Scottish Schools events. From March to June, our main curricular and co-curricular focus is athletics. Each year group from S1-S3 works on their chosen athletics discipline on their designated games day.




Strength and conditioning and fitness are an essential part of our rugby and hockey training. However, both are on offer to all pupils. The focus is on conditioning our students to make them faster, stronger, agile and more competitive. These sessions take place in our brand new sports facility.

MONDAY - THURSDAY 3.35pm - 5pm 25



Golf is an excellent sport that requires focus and concentration and demands exemplary sportsmanship. We participate in all major competitions from St Andrews to Glasgow. We also host our own competition in school. This year we have introduced a staff v pupils match.




Our Badminton club takes place in the new sports facility next door to the College. It is on offer to S1-S6 students. Pupils learn the rules and etiquette of the game, and have fun playing this popular sport. Badminton is also a major part of our core and certificated curricular programme, and pupils who attend this club benefit greatly from it in PE.

TERM 1 AND 2: TUESDAY 3.35pm - 5pm TERM 3: THURSDAY 3.35pm - 5pm 26



Individual talent, skill and flair combine with organisation and teamwork in Football. At the College, football is very popular and we compete at the highest level in National Competitions. In 2018, the team were crowned champions at the Scottish Independent Schools Football Association Scottish Cup Final. Football takes place from August to March.

TUESDAY 3.35pm - 5pm



Our Netball club takes place in the new state-of-the-art sports facility on-sire. Pupils learn the rules and etiquette of the game, and have fun playing this popular sport. Netball is also part of our core curricular programme, and pupils who attend this club benefit greatly from it in PE.

TERM 3: TUESDAY 3.35pm - 5pm




Cross Country is a core part of our sports curriculum. We participate in all major competitions from District Matches to Glasgow Schools and Scottish Schools events. From August to March we focus on Cross Country events and host our own invitational match.




Swimming is a sport that demands commitment, both physically and mentally. We participate in all regional and national competitions from Glasgow Schools Swimming finals to Scottish Schools Finals.




A technical sport, which is very rewarding and great fun. At the College we offer Volleyball to S1-6 students. Pupils learn the rules and etiquette of the game. Volleyball is part of our core curriculum as well as our senior certificated programme.

TERM 1 AND 2: WEDNESDAY 3.35pm - 5pm 28 12

OUTDOOR EDUCATION Outdoor adventure helps our pupils to develop the intellectual, physical, emotional, aesthetic and spiritual aspects of their personalities. Weekly outdoor education improves health and fitness through physical activity, and also develops long term positive attitudes towards an active lifestyle. The progressive outdoor programme is delivered through excursions, weekly after school sessions, and ongoing initiatives. Our programme offers pupils a broad experience of nature, a sense of open space, fresh air, adventure, and vital time away from the city. 29

DUKE OF EDINBURGH AWARD The Duke of Edinburgh Award (D of E) is the world’s leading youth achievement award. The award develops a host of personal and interpersonal skills through physical, challenges and commitments to skills and volunteering. Each level of the award culminates in a challenging, but rewarding, expedition. Over the past year this has included walking or cycling in the Scottish Highlands, and canoeing in scenic lochs and rivers. There are three award levels: Bronze, Silver, and Gold. Although most pupils will complete at least one award over their time at the College, we are proud to have many pupils who have completed all three awards. This achievement not only compliments our pupils’ academic attainment and CVs, but gives them a life enriching and unforgettable experience. 30



A Bronze D of E programme has four sections: volunteering, physical, skills and expedition. The award requires three months of volunteering, participating in a physical activity and learning a skill, which encourages time management and personal growth. A further three months must then be undertaken for one of those commitments. Pupils also participate in after-school expedition training, a training weekend, and finally a two-day Qualifying Expedition.



As with Bronze, the Silver award includes participation in 4 sections, however this takes place over a longer period. Volunteering must be undertaken for six months, while six months is dedicated to a physical activity or a skill, and three months dedicated to the remaining section. Both the practice and qualifying expeditions taks place over three days/two nights.



The Gold award is the pinnacle of the D of E scheme, and is for those who have shown commitment, and are willing to undertake a more challenging expedition. Acceptance onto Gold level is not taken lightly, as pupils must commit to spending 12 months volunteering, 12 months participating in either physical or skills, and six months in the remaining section. The expedition consists of a minimum of four days/ three nights for both the practice & qualifying expedition. The residential section is exclusive to the Gold award, and requires pupils to individually organise and embark on a shared activity, in a residential setting away from home, for five days and four nights.




In the Autumn or Summer term, climbers head wherever the sun is likely to shine the most! The destination is usually Northumberland, and occasionally Glencoe when the weather permits.



For pupils who are in Climbing Squad or who have been committed to climbing over a number of years, there is an opportunity to take part in a full day’s climbing. This is usually held at the International Climbing Arena, Ratho.



We climb at the Glasgow Climbing Centre, The Climbing Academy, the International Climbing Arena, and various other outdoor venues. Those who show both commitment and a desire to excel are encouraged to pursue entry to the Regional and National climbing squads which offer additional sessions on a Saturday afternoon and throughout the week at respective climbing centres. 32

WINTER SKILLS WEEKEND/ WINTER CLIMBING WEEKEND The Winter Skills Weekend is usually based in the Cairngorms, and offers a framework of the skills needed for adventuring in the Scottish Highlands in winter. The weekend includes ice axe and crampon use, avalanche awareness, route planning, navigation, and the foundations of rope work. The Winter Climbing Weekend is for pupils who have been on the Winter Skills Weekend. During this trip, we continue to use the skills learnt previously, with the aim of climbing a winter route each day depending on conditions. This excursion is again usually based in the Cairngorms.



Over the October half term, there is an opportunity to go climbing internationally. We visit either Costa Blanca, Spain or Fontainebleau, France. The trip is open to Youth Squad members, and pupils who have shown a commitment to climbing over a period of time. 33 12



The College has a kayaking base at Pinkston White Water Centre. The venue allows us to offer weekly, progressive, skill-based kayaking sessions through the autumn, late spring, and summer terms.



The College offers swimming pool sessions for regular kayakers who want to improve their water confidence. The intention of these sessions is to progress onto Eskimo rolling. Sessions are generally held indoors at Stirling High School. 34



Kayaking day trips take place on a Saturday, and are away from the weekly venue at Pinkston. We visit either a loch or river, depending on the group ability and conditions at the time.



The international kayaking trip takes place in South of France on the River Ardeche. This is an excellent introduction into white water rapids, expedition skills and cultural appreciation of prehistoric rock art. Based predominantly at a central camp, we paddle the best sections of the river. The trip includes a two day journey with overnight bivi in the gorge. 35 12




S1 pupils and teachers head to the Outward Bound residential centre near Loch Eil in Fort William at the end of August/September. The residential is a great time for pupils to develop new friendships, meet teachers and set goals and expectations for the forthcoming year. The cost is incorporated into the first school fees instalment.



Pupils will participate in additional days of outdoor activities. This provides further opportunity to participate in a mix of adventure related activities each day, with a focus on challenge, fun and learning new skills.



The senior trip offers S2 & S3 pupils the opportunity to visit the beautiful ski areas of Moena-Lusia and Val di Fassa. The area offers over 200km of slopes, with a ski instruction and a progressive programme allowing for beginner to advanced skiing abilities. Accommodated in the nearby and picturesque village of Moena, each day involves only a short transfer to the slopes. 37

ACTIVITIES AND CLUBS The wide range of activities and clubs on offer reflects the diverse interests and talents of our pupils. We hope to engage with and inspire each pupil to find an activity that will allow then to develop their individual, God-given gifts. From mental challenges to art, technology to public speaking we have something for everyone at lunchtimes and afterschool!




With over 100 awards in extra-curricular Mathematics competition last year alone, Schola Mathematicae is a thriving and dynamic group of mathematicians of varying abilities. If you aspire to be the next Rachel Riley or Andrew Wiles, or if you just enjoy a good puzzle… we are the club for you!




This club is for anyone who wishes to try out a foreign language they may not study normally in school. Last year pupils did a bit of Scottish Gaelic, some Japanese and some Russian. Next session we would like to try out Irish Gaelic as well. If you are involved in the Duke of Edinburgh scheme these language classes could count as a “skill”. Most language bites will last 3-6 sessions depending on pupil interest and uptake.


39 12



Got a question? Come see if we can help you find the answer! Mentoring drop-in and revision sessions are available to support you with your school work on Tuesdays and Fridays afterschool. Support is available to all pupils but understand that during SQA exams the priority is given to S4, S5 and S6 who are sitting national exams.





Lab Rats Science Club investigates exciting and interesting scientific concepts in only 25 minutes. It is a chance to learn new things, not usually explored in the curriculum, in an informal and fun way. No experience necessary, everyone welcome!




Looking for a fun, fast-paced, social sport? Then come along and try your hand at Table Tennis. This is a real challenge of hand-eye co-ordination and a great way to spend some time with your friends. Open to players of all ability from beginners to topspin and drop-shot masters!


41 12



Chess at St. Aloysius is a thriving dynamic club with pupils from all year groups and all levels; many pupils learn to play chess for the first time. Age is no barrier. It is not at all embarrassing for the teacher to be beaten by a pupil! Chess is a great fun game. It is also competitive and respectful. Chess develops your thinking skills; it trains your brain to develop strategies and think logically.




The S1 and S2 Art Club will hope to explore a range of artistic skills and techniques. It will allow those with an artistic flare to flourish and for those who are tentative to enjoy art and develop confidence in their own ability. Beginning in the second term, the first endeavour will be watercolours!


42 12




The Tech club is a lunchtime club, which allows you to get creative with computer code and electronic hardware. We use Microbits, Raspberry Pi’s, Arduinos and anything else we can get our hands on.




The Public Speaking Club is a very active group. Our members take part in many competitions throughout the year, such as Glasgow Speakers, Rotary, and our own Stephen Jardine Memorial Competition. Public Speaking is a fun way to boost confidence and gain valuable communication skills. We play verbal games such as “Just A Minute”, and everyone is encouraged to have a go. Additional coaching is available for individuals and teams entered in the Rotary and Crown Office and Procurator Fiscal Service Public Speaking Competitions. Pupils from S1-S6 are welcome to join this popular and successful club.




New Blood is a student-led Debating Society and all are welcome. Whether you are keen to express your views as part of a Team or during an Open Session, or perhaps you prefer to simply watch!




The Justice, Peace and Ecology group at the college promotes awareness of environmental and social justice issues in the world today. It also stimulates action through assemblies, campaigns, fundraising etc. If you are concerned with the planet, poverty, war or inequality, then drop by!




The opening line to a book or film is very important. The opening line to our lives, as unborn babies in our mother’s womb, is simply, “I want to live”. The Pro-life charity aims to answer the calls of unborn babies. The group discusses issues surrounding why a mother and father may be reluctant to go the full term with their unborn child and the issues of euthanasia. The group also engages in fund raising activities, such as, bake sales, Candy Cane Christmas, delivering an assembly and welcomes in speakers to discuss the latest issues on the pro-life movement.


46 12

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Senior School Magis Curriculum: Delight in Learning  

Senior School Magis Curriculum: Delight in Learning