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Volume 10, Issue 12 December 2011

eNewspaper Most Ethnic Diversified

Sacramento Region is considered the most ethnic diversified in the country. I believe in embracing the different ethnicities. It’s an opportunity to learn about other cultures. You can eat wonderful food. Listen to great music. Watch graceful dancing, and more. Then you can share your ethnic background too. I’m a mixture.

America is a land of opportunity. I got to attend the “BEST by Russian Speaking Community” thanks to Sergey Ivannikov, Founder CEO Russian American Media. This was the Annual Awards Ceremony. It was an absolute glorious time. Everyone is so friendly. We mingled with many different people. We had

dinner (Russian Food) with new friends. It was a very glamorous event. The Masters of Ceremony were the beautiful Olga Ivannikov, CFO of the Russian American Media, and the entertaining Tim Ray Executive Director for AT&T. This Gala was held in November. Look at the photos.

SEVEN (7) Beautiful Women

Fred Millar, John Kehriotis, Adrian Perez

Joseph Stalick, Student; Olga Ivannikov, Master of Ceremony; and Esteban Nava, Carmichael Mayor Gary Stalick, Media Publisher; John Kehriotis, Embassy Suites; Miss Russian California 2011; Adrian Perez, Latino Media Publisher Miss Russian California 2011

Chevo Ramirez, Wells Fargo; John Kehriotis, Embassy Suites

Miss Russian California 2012

Masters of Ceremony, Tim Ray, AT&T; and Olga Ivannikov, Russian American Media

Sergey Ivannikov, Russian American Media

Page 2 – Community Newspaper – December 2011


Pet Tails

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By David Koenig

The Fall of an Icon

Joe Paterno has been a part of Penn State University for over 60 years, the last 46 as the head football coach. He has run a clean program never under NCAA investigations, graduated athletes at a high rate and for the most part, kept his players off the police blotter. No other head coach in the college ranks has been more respected or revered which is why the scandal that broke last month is so stunning. I won’t go into the specifics since it’s been reported non-stop since the story broke but I have a feeling that this is just the tip of the iceberg. It is going to get uglier and uglier and it just breaks my heart. While I feel sorry for the man, I am just dumbfounded as to how he could have just “passed this on to his supervisor” and then went on and started planning for the next week’s game. Why didn’t he, or SOMEONE in the organization, call the police?? It is unfathomable to me that everyone thought they had done their part by just telling their boss and nobody went to the police. He let those young boys down by allowing a known molester to continue harming kid’s right under his nose. He had a legal and moral obligation to make sure this went to the police and he failed on both ends. Instead of retiring on his own terms with his legacy intact, *********** he has been fired as a part of For more commentaries by Mr. Koenig, a horrendous scandal that has please go to http://kongsklassroom. damaged the lives of numerous children and appears to be getting You can email for any worse….. The lasting stain is a shame but he has no one to blame responses. *********** but himself.

Ask Betty

By Betty Vosters-Kemp

Not Speaking in Mother Lode Village

The Hearing Lady

Dear Betty, My husband and I have been going through some challenging times and every time we talk to each out about something that matters, we end up in a fight. What didn’t feel right and needed some communication ends up in a fight. Next thing you know, we’re not speaking to each other for a couple of days. What do I do? - Not Speaking in Mother Lode Village Dear Not Speaking, Do you remember the television show, “Star Trek”? They used to say in the opening of that show, “Space --- the final frontier!” Well, I believe “Relationship --- the final frontier!” A friend of mine says that when you are in an intimate relationship, you end up face first in your own stuff. She used another word but for the sake of this column, I will use the word ‘stuff’. All this talk about the importance of effective communication – all this advise and training we can get – and we still have difficulty talking with our partner without getting triggered. This leads to arguments and then, to the place of not speaking to one another. So, my advice to you comes from my Dutch Oma (grandmother). She was a wise woman and her advice was simple. Take a walk. There is something about having your body in motion that has people get off of their fixed point of view. It’s difficult to ‘stand your ground’ when you’re walking. You end up being more open and receptive to one another. And that’s what every good relationship *********** needs. Besides you are both walking in Betty Vosters-Kemp, BC-HIS, is an the same direction (a good metaphor). expert in the art of communication, Invite your husband for a hearing and listening, and cowalk. You may be surprised to see owner of Avalon Hearing. (www. a lot more couples walking in our Send your beautiful community working on their questions to thehearinglady@ relationships!


By Kay Burton

A Horse that Kisses— Therapy for Two

Lacey is a beautiful American Paint horse mare (female). She is sorrel (red) in color with white markings and white spots on her belly. Also, she has a blue eye and a brown eye, she is a drop dead gorgeous animal! Owner Diana Garner, a Gold River resident, had a life-long love of horses. Diana had a knee replacement had not been in the saddle for about seven years. Lacey was adopted by an Elk Grove family. At that time Lacey had not been ridden for several years. When a horse is not properly exercised they can develop bone and muscle issues; so, Lacey had developed problems with her front legs. A Gold River friend named Louise introduced Diana and Lacey. Lacey and Diana started “rehabbing” together, riding one day a week then slowly increasing the Lacey & owner Diana Willet days to improve and strengthen both of their legs. Now they are riding five days a week. In the 1899’s, the western plains were generously populated by free-ranging herds of horses, and those herds included the particular spotted horse. Because of their color and performance, flashy, *********** spotted horses soon became a favorite Kay Burton is a longtime columnist of the American Indian. The Comanche and supporter of the SSPCA and Indians considered by many authorities other rescue groups. To share your to be the finest horseman on the Plains, family pet story with our readers, favored loud-colored horses and had email: many among their immense herds. *********** Oh, by the way, Diana has taught Lacey to kiss her

Investment Real Estate Group Plan and ACTION

Action is just as important as planning. Many investors find themselves working very hard preparing to make money, only to find themselves frustrated and operating with little results. With all the organized chaos that happens while creating lead generating marketing, websites, fliers, etc – some investors underestimate the value behind just taking action. Consistent marketing to a small and growing target audience will often yield more results faster than a large marketing plan that takes up all of your energy to get 80% finished. Often at the end of these large, unwieldy marketing plans investors are so strung out and tired they either don’t make it to the finish line and begin actually marketing, or they are so tired and strung out that they implement the system, become frustrated and quit before their system has had a chance to begin producing results. So, remember to start simple! Pick a target audience, pick a marketing method and get it out there! An *********** imperfect system can be adjusted as David Granzella started NORCALREIA, you go – don’t obsess about it being Sacramento’s largest investment club in perfect, just get it out there and make 2004. They provide quality education for sure it’s out there consistently! Do that the newbie or old timers in this changing and you’ll begin to see results that will Real Estate market. For more info go to recharge your batteries and give you the energy to advance your system of *********** marketing to new levels!

Legal Ease

By Michael L. Hanks

Confusing Substance with Rhetoric Too often, we reward politicians with votes who are masters at the art of saying nothing and sounding profound. To assert that America has big problems that demand big solutions is no doubt true, but useless. Likewise the statements of those who promise to “bring us together” or “move us in a bi-partisan direction” without explaining how they propose to do it. The problem with the Occupy Wall Street movement is that it tries to substitute slogans and emotional discontent with concrete ideas and a practical (or even coherent) *********** agenda.  Catering to such groups may be, and Michael Hanks: increasingly is, enough to get a politician elected. Unfortunately for all of us, it is inadequate as a *********** source of policy with which to lead, as our current president demonstrates to all.  A society that becomes entranced by pretty words spoken by hollow men faces disaster.

Page 3 – Community Newspaper – December 2011

Political Observation

By Adrian Perez

California Governor, Schools Superintendent, afraid to make waves with teachers It is difficult to understand why California’s statewide leaders can’t put a decent proposal together to seek desperately needed federal funding to educate our children. After three attempts, the state of California has struck out again in competing for “Race To The Top” federal funding, this last time losing out on a total amount of $49 million. Each time, it appears, federal education officials found the state’s competitive bid to be short on something or another. This time, it was a 4-page incomplete proposal without signatures on the cover sheet. Really? “Race To The Top” is a $4.35 billion program President Barack Obama introduced to promote 4 basic education reforms including: Adopt internationally benchmarked standards and assessments that prepare students for success in college and the workplace; Recruit, develop, reward and retain effective teachers and principals; Build data systems that measure student success and inform teachers and principals how they can improve their practices; and, Turn around lowest performing schools. Since the project was introduced in 2009, California has been unable to develop and agree on strategies to achieve any of the 4 basic reforms. It has been known that California’s teachers and unions have not been supportive of this effort. This time, however, statewide officials may as well tell the over 1 million students in the state’s public schools, of which nearly 55 percent are Latino, that their education is second in consideration. It is unconscionable to believe Governor Jerry Brown and State Superintendent of Schools Tom Torlakson felt they could not sign the proposal since teacher evaluations and school performance strategies would undermine local school district authority. Yet, they moved swiftly a few months ago to sign a law that prohibits local school *********** districts from firing teachers to resolve email Adrian Perez at budgetary problems. Apparently $49 million into education coffers is not *********** necessary.

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We came to The Lodge for my wife. We stayed for both of us. Eskaton Lodge Gold River Assisted Living & Memory Care 11390 Coloma Road Gold River, CA 95670 916-852-7900

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Community Foodie

By Alona

Prism of Living

Universe Expansion

Where Do The Buffalo Roam?

I listened to the interview on NPR this week with Saul Perlmutter, a Berkeley professor, one of the three astrophysicists awarded the 2011 Physics Nobel Prize for their discovery that the universe has been expanding at an accelerating rate, and not slowing down by gravity as other scientists had assumed. Astrophysics is normally beyond me but that interview captivated my interest. The dark energy, spread throughout the universe, is thought to be associated with all empty space and is somehow working against gravity to push the universe apart faster and faster. I couldn’t help thinking about that comic expansion up high in association with our human network expansion on earth. With the advent of social networking led by Facebook and followed by over 500 other sites of all sizes, we are now possessing miraculous tools to expand our circles of influence. I had found two close friends lost over 30 years ago thanks to Facebook. I have a growing network of contacts that continually bring in more mutual friends. This social networking trend is expanding exponentially as a formidable force. It was already a powerful communications tool, instrumental in bringing down dictatorial regimes in Egypt and *********** Libya. It is feared and banned by the remaining Helen DangTH is a Real ones such as China and Vietnam. Social Estate Broker for Savvie and networking empowers people in their fighting a GSVACC member. Formerly for social, democratic and political reforms. worked as an editor, teacher, As scientists puzzle about the dark energy translator, and business spreading throughout the universe, I wonder manager for Jardine Pacific what underlies the social networks rapidly and Franklin Templeton. Write sweeping over our world. Is it the response to to her at the growing need to stay connected and not pulling apart in our modern society?

On the beautiful 800 acre J Bar S Ranch located on Highway 20 just six miles from US 101. The ranch is immaculate with sparkling white buildings trimmed in green. As you approach on the drive way there is expansive lawn and you may possibly see a couple of buffalo in the field across from the bison store. The ranch expands into the low hills where the 80 head make up the buffalo herd. This is the largest ranch dedicated to bison in California. Buffalo are wild animals and on the J Bar S are treated accordingly. The ranch philosophy is to respect their individuality as a true unique American animal. They will respect fences, but on the ranch are given plenty of space. They cannot be rounded up like cows, but are taken from one area to a smaller area to an even smaller area when being prepared for their journey to Lewiston, Utah. This is where they are processed and the meat returned to the ranch store available for purchase along with hides and other buffalo articles. I have very little experience with bison (buffalo or bison, either is correct). According to the literature buffalo is lower in fat, cholesterol and calories than any other red meat. While visiting the store there was a steady stream of customers purchasing the different cuts of meat and one woman who testified that she had lost 35 pounds since making the switch from beef. My choice for home cooking was sirloin steaks and ground buffalo. We had a family BBQ preparing the steaks and it was a real winner. *********** Absolutely delicious. The ground meat made excellent oven roasted meatballs. We Alona’s hobby is food and all that it brings.  This has resulted in writing travel that way frequently and now will articles, travels and great times. make J Bar S ranch a definite stop, but next *********** time bring my ice chest.

Successful Thinkers

The Wonder of it All

“See the world through a child’s eyes and you’ll know it as the universe intended.” Darren Bocksnick Life was intended to be a journey, not a destination! It was orchestrated since the annals of time that the human experience would be one wrought with adventure, mystery and wonder! We observe this daily in the curiosity, fearlessness and vitality of our children. They are teeming with life because that’s all they know! To them, everything is new and each opportunity for learning something different is viewed with excitement and expectation. The world is still so fresh and flavorful, for it is all they know in their sheltered state of innocence. Then somewhere along the way, life happens. The stress of daily living, of responsibilities, of deadlines and with peer pressure begins to erode at our newness. At this stage, many lose the zest and zeal for life they once exhibited and embraced. Yet, even now amid the high tech gadgets, fast-paced living and overextended lifestyles we’ve grown accustomed to, there is a call beckoning to us again. We are sensing the gentle wooing of our childhood to experience the wonder of it all once again! We need not analyze, conceptualize, quantify or justify on why we should heed the call. We should heed the call because it’s who we are, what defines us and what firstly embraced us when we made our initial debut into the world. The wonder of joy awaits us once again. The wonder of newness in experience and newness in perspective is beckoning us again. The wonder of beauty permeating the world all around is tugging at our heart strings and calling us up higher.


Written by Darren Bocksnick, Writer.


the CURE for the Common Oak! Cabinets & Kitchen look dated? Ugly yellowing & �laking? Redesign to match your style... Exciting samples to choose from...



By Darren Bocksnick

The wonder of it all awaits you.. It longs to welcome you back into the world so that you may partake of all its bounty and blessings. Welcome back… a wonderful life is ready to embrace you once again!

By Helen Dang

By Brett Owens

Hugh Hendry Outlook for CFA Society of Sacramento

Last week I had the great honor and opportunity to sit courtside here in Sacramento for a live one-hour presentation from famed hedge fund manager Hugh Hendry himself. What a thrill! Hendry, as you may know, is partner and Chief Investment Officer at Eclectica Asset Management. His contrarian strategy paid off in a big way in 2008, when his out-of-the-money options hit big, and his fund returned 31.2%. The New Model for the Global Economy You know the old drill - China and Asia produce, the US consumes. They cycle their greenbacks back over this way, finance our debt, we buy more of their stuff, and the wheel goes on. This model officially stopped with the launch of QE2, Hendry says, as the US officially started rejecting the globalization that had made the global economy hum (perhaps largely at the expense of US employment and manufacturing). With QE2, dollars were printed and exported - along with inflation - to Asia. This led to the countries in Asia - and Europe, too - to raise rates in an effort to combat inflation. The result, he says, is that global economic growth has essentially ground to a halt. What’s next? A crash, of course. 2012 Economic Outlook and Investment Positions He sees society’s mood as “dark” (Tea Party, Occupy Wall Street, and social unrest in Europe to name a few), and believes this makes bailouts and money printing very hard. Of the many places Hendry doesn’t want to be long, China is near or at the top of the list. He thinks China could be subject to a 25% (!) decline in GDP over the next five years. How is that possible? He draws an interesting analogy: “UK GDP *********** fell 8% in the Great Depression, while US GDP To find Chrometa’s time management app at fell 25%.” Inferring, of course, that today’s China is the upstart US to our current “UK peak Sign up at: empire” role. *********** In what he calls “the great unwinding”, the strongest economies in the world are the most vulnerable. But that doesn’t mean he’s bullish on the developed world, either. He has an aversion to just about everything. “It’s checkmate. Everywhere it’s checkmate.” Big thanks to the CFA Society of Sacramento for hosting this event!

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Villager Lifestyle

The Gold River Villagers, a social group, are accepting new members who are residents of Gold River. The purpose of the Villagers is to acquaint one another with similar interests and promote friendship among members through various groups and activities. The Villagers meet once a month for luncheons and coffees. To receive a membership application please contact President Zori Lozano-Friedick at 635-7791.

Page 5 – Community Newspaper – December 2011

December Events at David Girard Vineyards December 5

Repeal of Prohibition

December 10

Christmas Open House

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National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB)/CA - The Voice of Small Business

Regulatory burden not a ‘myth’ Take Back Your Life

By Dan F. Deshong

Thanksgiving vs. Thanks-receiving

We don’t need another article on Thanksgiving. We may need to look at Thanks-receiving. There is a lot of difference. Are we thankful for what we have received or can we be thankful for what we give. Early colonist Edward Winslow showed the assembled to be content with their lot: And although it be not always so plentiful as it was at this time with us [when we were back in England], yet by the goodness of God, we are so far from want that we often wish you [our English brethren] partakers of our plenty. It is beyond me how such a blessed Nation as ours is so wanting for more. We don’t even appreciate what we have and yet there is never enough. Maybe if we wrote a list of what we have on one side of the page and what we don’t have on the other side it may be an eye opener. Have you ever given anything to those that have less than you so that you could be thankful for what you have. When we concentrate on what we don’t have it becomes a self fulfilling prophesy. Our church is helping stock the Rancho Cordova food locker for the season. It’s a big deal with tremendous rewards. There are a number of groups in our community that need help in helping others. Get involved. When *********** I put my focus on helping others I take Dr. Dan has a passion for helping the focus off myself. others. His mission statement of life is I pray this was the best to please God, serve others and live “Thanksgiving” you have ever had. abundantly. Wellness master, author, Mostly because you were intent on teacher with 35 years of experience. giving and not receiving.


Rules remain a top impediment to smallbusiness growth

John Kabateck

As the holiday season gets underway, one would expect most to enjoy the colors of the season, red and green. In California, most small business owners are seeing red – red tape that is - and very little green to help them create jobs. And we have our ongoing hostile regulatory climate to thank in large part for this somber mood on Main Street. NFIB recently conducted a survey revealing that nearly one in five small firms said the single most important problem facing their business was federal regulations and red-tape - second only to poor sales. A recent Gallup survey of small-business owners mirrors NFIB data, showing twenty two percent of owners citing federal regulations as their top problem. In California, NFIB has heard from our members year after year about the burden of regulations that are crippling their ability to survive, let alone grow. Small businesses end up paying about 37 percent more than larger businesses to comply with federal regulations. I would invite anyone from a Sacramento or Washington, DC think tank who thinks otherwise to spend some time with real small-business owners, and learn from them how much this affects their business. This year, NFIB supported SB 617, which the Governor signed and requires a thorough economic analysis for every regulation with an economic impact of over $50 million. It supports more transparent rulemaking, will improve oversight of agencies, and will encourage policymakers to implement the most cost-effective *********** ways to achieve their goals. Even with the small win of SB 617, the legislation NFIB is the nation’s leading small business association, with offices in Washington, D.C. doesn’t address the disproportionate and all 50 state capitals. NFIB gives small impact that regulations have on small and independent business owners a voice in businesses. shaping the public policy issues that affect It’s time that our politicians get their business. NFIB’s mission is to promote and protect the right of our members to own, sensible, get real and get to work so operate and grow their businesses. More Californians have hope and certainty, information about NFIB is available online at not just during the coming holiday season but into 2012 and beyond.


Local Girl Continues to Excel Gold River resident Sierra Casas made her mark in Select, Competitive and High School soccer while growing up in the area and has continued that excellence in college. As a junior at Cal-State Stanislaus in Turlock, she is a 2-year starter on a team that on Sunday 11/6, won the California Collegiate Athletic Association conference championship. After upsetting top seed and #7 nationally ranked UC San Diego

2-1 on Friday night, the Lady Warriors demolished 2nd seed Chico State 4-0 in the finals to claim the automatic berth to the NCAA Division II Women’s Soccer tournament. In the NCAA D-II tournament the following week, CSUS played Chico State again. Unfortunately, their season ended with a hard-fought loss on Penalty Kicks after 2 scoreless OT’s but with only 3 seniors on the team, they figure to

be strong again next year and ready for a longer tournament run. Sierra is working towards a Social Science degree with visions working for the Peace Corps for a few years before going back to school for her Masters. During the minimal amount of time when she isn’t on the soccer field, she enjoys relaxing, watching movies and hanging out with her 3 housemates….as well as continuing to make us all proud.

Sierra Casas – CSU-Stanislaus Class of 2013

2011 CCAA Conference Champions (Sierra kneeling front-right w/plaque)

Page 6 – Community Newspaper – December 2011

Photo Center Send us your photos!

Email to

Please include the photographer’s name, captions for photos, and event location.

Big Event

Honorary Mayor Luncheon

A mayor is a symbol and a public face of what a city bureaucracy provides its citizens. John Hickenlooper As a former mayor, I know that local governments must have control over land use decisions. Elton Gallegly As long as I am mayor of this city the great industries are secure. Frank Hague

I want to be a mayor who helped, really helped. Harold Washington I guess a small-town mayor is sort of like a community organizer, except that you have actual responsibilities. Sarah Palin Your Mayor must seek new ways to bring jobs and industry to our community. Alan Autry


Page 7 – Community Newspaper – December 2011

Gold River Salvation Army Fundraiser The Salvation Army Women’s Auxiliary hosted the seventh annual Helping Handbags luncheon and auction. More than 200 items were offered during the event’s live and silent auctions, including designer handbags, gently-used purses, donated gift certificates, and items given by local businesses. Some notable items auctioned off at Helping Handbags included: Valentino, Coach, and Michael Kors. A handbag donated by singer Linda Ronstandt was also included in the auction. Proceeds from Helping Handbags will go toward Salvation Army’s programs for women and children in the Sacramento area. Photos by Tia Gemmell, Political & Event Photographer. 920-2903 • We raised more than $75,000.

Dr. Beth Blackely, Kaye Blakely

Andrea Hill, Dale DiGirolamo

Diane Priest, Cathi Ruff

Syndee Hendriks, Women’s Auxiliary member Nancy McGagin retired Raley’s corporate consumer affairs manager and community volunteer. Mayor Colleen Riley, Salvaton Army divisional director of Women’s Ministries. Elizabeth Dodson, Tina Brummel

Laurel Speier, Women’s Auxillary member and Chair of event Syndee Hendriks, Women’s Auxiliary member

Mary Louise Klein, Judy Payne Sirois

Page 8 – Community Newspaper – December 2011

San Juan Education Foundation Hall of Fame

Celebrity alumni helped the San Juan Education Foundation raise money for classroom programs in science, technology, arts, and literacy at the 5th annual Evening with the STARS event on September 30 at Arden Hills Resort Club & Spa. Inducted into the STARS Hall of Fame this year were journalist/author Joan Lunden (Bella Vista graduate), Eagles bassist Timothy B. Schmit (Encina graduate), Olympic swimming gold medal champion Debbie Meyer (Rio Americano graduate), and Hollywood car customizer George Barris (San Juan graduate).

Photos by Tia Gemmell, Political & Event Photographer. 920-2903

SJEF Board members Tania Fowler, owner of Interplay Coaching, and Gayle Hensler, owner of Maranello’s Restaurant.

Evening with the STARS honoree Timothy B. Schmit with San Juan Education Foundation Executive Director Pam Lapinski and her husband David Lapinski.

Community activist Nancy Brodovsky, John Finegan, CEO of BeckAg, and 2010 STARS Hall of Fame honoree Michele Wong, CEO of Synergex International Corporation, and her husband Tony Wong.

Evening with the STARS honoree George Barris with the new San Juan High School principal Gloria Ervin. George graduated from San Juan High School.

Evening with the STARS honoree Joan Lunden with San Juan Education Foundation board member Samantha Thomas, Chief, CA Prison Health Care Services.

Evening with the STARS honoree Debbie Meyer with Emmy Award winning comedian Jack Gallagher, MC for the event.

Page 9 – Community Newspaper – December 2011

SARTA’s MedStart Connect Mixer features “Snapshots” of Med Tech Company Progress

The SARTA MedStart Connect Mixer on September 22 featured nine local med tech companies who shared their innovations for making healthcare safer, more effective and/or less costly in two-minute snapshots. Held at Shriners Hospital for Children, the mixer attracted over 150 professionals either directly involved in or deeply interested in the growth of the medical technology sector in the Capital region. SARTA is a 501(3)c focused on accelerating technology ventures in the Capital region. The MedStart program, a regional economic development collaborative, envisions a thriving medical device and medical technology industry in the Capital region and is a catalyst in making that happen. “We believe that our region is rapidly developing as a thriving center for medical devices, diagnostics, and medical information technology, including telemedicine.” says MedStart Chair, Cary Adams. “The med-tech companies that grow here will not only create jobs, revenue, and wealth in our region, they will help save costs in the national healthcare market by improving efficiency, safety and efficacy. There’s a lot of room for improvement on all of those fronts.” Photos by Tia Gemmell, Political & Event Photographer. 920-2903

Donna Chabrier, Outside In; Lorry Huffman, Myraqa

Jean Wiley, Wiley Design Communications; Laura Good, SARTA

Harry Laswell, Widdet; Pete Bernardoni, Wavepgint Ventures

Christian Renaudin, The MarkeTech Group; David Wiley, Stratovan; Michael Castorino, Widgeta

Meg Arnold, SARTA; Alan Anderson, Shriners Hospital for Children

Carol Davydova, FUEL Creative Group; Ricky Mat, JDID; Dr. Judith Kjelstrom , UC Davis

Page 10 – Community Newspaper – December 2011

Act Right

Let’s power change. Your choice can make a difference.

By Charlie Holliday

Hold On To Your Dream A few years back, while I was living in Hollywood, pursuing my acting career, I was sitting in a deli in Beverly Hills with a very talented actress friend named Vicki and my best friend Dave. She was at a low point in her career, living in LA, but apart from her husband, while she was trying to “make it.” Unfortunately, her husband wasn’t at all supportive of her career and was pressuring her to “give up all that nonsense and come back to the Bay area where you belong.” She made the comment that maybe she should just give up on her dream and go home. “No don’t do that.” Dave said. “You have to hold on to your dream. Those words inspired me to write the following, which is dedicated to all of us who are blessed - or cursed - with talent. By Charlie Holliday Hold On To Your Dream There’s a voice that calls to some of us From somewhere deep inside A voice that will not give us peace, Until at least we’ve tried To catch that bright elusive star, Though foolish it may seem To those not driven as we are To hold on to a dream

When you enroll in Greenergy, we’ll meet up to 100% of your electricity usage with power from renewable resources, like wind, water, solar and

It’s not just thoughts of fame or wealth That keep us hanging on When others would have given up, When all but Hope is gone. When sometimes even Hope grows dim And casts its faintest beam, We wonder if it’s worth it all To hold on to a dream.

biomass. Your contributions will also help build more local, renewable energy resources that power cleaner, greener energy for our community.

And then that voice inside of us That others cannot know Tells us that our chance will come, That we must not let go. If we can only persevere Someday our Star will gleam! And they’ll know why we had to try To hold on to our dream.

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You can email Charlie Holliday at:


Powering forward. Together.

The author Edward Bulwer Lytton once said, to find what you seek on the road of life, the best proverb of all is that which says: “Leave no stone unturned.” Always give your very best!

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ESTATE PLANNING Stop putting it off. Once it’s done, you’ll feel so much better! FREE 30 minute Consultation Michael L. Hanks, Esq. t. 916-635-0302 e. w. 11211 Gold Country Blvd., Suite 107 Gold River Executive Center

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Page 11 – Community Newspaper – December 2011

Sacramento County Animal Shelter Celebrates the Season A Visit From Santa And A Special Holiday Drive! Saturday and Sunday, December 10 and 11, Santa Claus will pay his annual visit to the Sacramento County Animal Shelter for festive pet photos. All residents of the County are invited to come by with their pet and have their picture taken with Santa from 12 noon to 4 p.m. both days. Professional photographer, Michael Kressner has donated his services for this event. Photos are $12 and proceeds benefit the animal shelter. The El Camino Veterinary Hospital is having a special holiday donation drive especially for Sacramento Animal Care. Until December 21, individuals can drop off items at the El Camino Veterinary Hospital, at 4000 El Camino Avenue, 24 hours a day. Some of the items on the Animal Shelter’s wish list include: dog and cat toys, kitten and puppy feeding bottles, heating pads, new leashes and collars, cat litter, and much more. To view the entire list, visit the Animal Shelter’s site at The shelter is also accepting donations Wednesday through Sunday from 12:30 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. County residents are reminded that the Pet Licensing Amnesty has been extended until December 31. The late fee of $100 is waived for those pet owners whose license has expired. Licenses can be renewed on line or in person at the County shelter at 3839 Bradshaw Road. The County Animal Shelter is open Wednesday through Friday from 12:30 - 5:30 p.m. and Saturday and Sunday from 12:00 – 4:30 p.m. and is closed Monday and Tuesday and most holidays. The shelter is located at 3839 Bradshaw Road, south of Highway 50.


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Mail Boxes Etc., Inc. is a UPS® company. The UPS Store® locations are independently owned and operated by franchisees of Mail Boxes Etc., Inc. in the USA and by its master licensee and its franchisees in Canada. Services, pricing and hours of operation may vary by location. Copyright © 2011 Mail Boxes Etc., Inc.

The UPS Store #1614 Village Marketplace 11230 Gold Express Dr., #310 Gold River, CA 95670-4484 916-852-6390 Phone

Extended Holiday Hours Begin Sunday, December 11th! Mon-Fri 8:00 a.m. - 7:00 p.m. Saturday 9:00a.m. - 5:00p.m. Sunday 10:00a.m. - 3:00p.m.

Albert Schweitzer once said, “In everyone’s life, at some time, our inner fire goes out. It is then burst into flame by an encounter with another human being (even in cyber space).  We should all be thankful for those people who rekindle our inner spirit.” “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed people can change the world.  Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”  -Margaret Mead

Page 12 – Community Newspaper – December 2011

Foto News McTeacher’s Night

At Wedding

YMCA McTeachers’s

Faculty members from Folsom High School perform to “YMCA” in front of customers at the Folsom McDonald’s restaurant as they dance through the decades as part of the school’s “Musical McTeacher’s Night”. The event was a fundraiser for the high school and for the Folsom Police Department’s Christmas Basket Program.  Faculty members performed and served the students from behind the counter.  20 percent of the sales generated from 4 pm to 8 pm will go back to support the school. 

Folsom community members, and students and faculty members from Folsom High School packed the local McDonald’s restaurant on Iron Point Road on Thursday, November 10 as part of a “Musical McTeacher’s Night” to raise funds for the High School and to also support the Folsom Police Department’s Christmas Basket Program. Faculty members performed and served the students from behind the counter.  20 percent of the sales generated from 4 pm to 8 pm will go back to the school. 

Position Attacker

Foto by Jaynie Smith The new Mrs. Ingram with her ring “bear.”

Letter of Intent


Led the team in scoring, third in assists, second in ejections drawn and led the team in steals. Best Offensive Player, First Team All League, First Team All Section, Academic All American.

Honorary First Lady & Mayor

Betty Vosters-Kemp acknowledges the ‘Ambassadors of the Year for Better Hearing’, Dorothy Nordstrom and John VanderMyden.

Kids In Business

Kendall Kulper, a senior at Rio Americano High School, signed her letter of intent to play Division I water polo at Wagner College in Staten Island, New York. She was awarded an athletic scholarship as well as an academic scholarship where she will earn her four year BSN degree.  She is currently recovering from shoulder surgery and will be ready to play for her freshman year.

Esteban Nava is 2012 Honorary Mayor of Carmichael

Teresa and Esteban Nava enjoy luncheon after Mayor announcement.

Sarah Cook, Raising CEO Kids; Joseph Stalick, Student


Nephews with aunt and uncle, Steven, Connie, Howard, & Joseph pose after dinner. They hadn’t seen each other for 10 years. Keep in touch with family.

Esteban Nava of SMUD has won the election for the 2012 Honorary Mayor of Carmichael race. Nava bought off the race by buying 3,694 votes. To become Honorary Mayor, you must raise the most money for the chamber of commerce. Esteban brought in over 93% of all money raised. It was a slam dunk.

Page 13 – Community Newspaper – December 2011

Foto News


In Charge

Waiting to register at BIG EVENT

Michelle Fox Directing BIG EVENT

A Storytelling


Michael Kemp shares an inspiring story and then orders lunch for 400!

Foster Care-Social Worker Notes

Last month another County requested a foster home for a child with special needs. As usual, the child (we’ll call him Alex) was described in terms of his general behaviors and specific needs. Alex had been beaten with a baseball bat, and suffered serious brain damage, causing many behavioral challenges. Alex is severely hyperactive and is unable to take medication because of his brain trauma. He wore a helmet to protect his skull while awaiting surgery to replace missing bone fragments. I looked at my list of foster homes. Who would have the desire and the skills to care for Alex? He had many medical appointments. He needed constant supervision and redirection. He needed gentle, caring attention. He needed educational assessment for much Cherisse Dossman needed individualized instruction and academic support. *********** Alex found a home in our agency Kathleen has her MA in Social with a foster mother who already cared Psychology, and has been working in for a mentally challenged teen. She had foster care for the past 5 and ½ years. the skills, and the love in her heart to take Before that, she taught Psychology young Alex into her home and care for him. classes for Yosemite College District, Some people suggest that foster and California State University, care is a bad thing. I disagree. Alex Stanislaus and worked as Research deserves to live in a family setting, with Consultant for the California Board of a parental figure to guide and direct him. Corrections. Institutionalization (in orphanages, for *********** example) has already been tried and shown to be a failure. Leaving Alex with the parent(s) who so seriously injured him would also be irresponsible. Alex came to foster care because of harm by a parent. He is one of the lucky ones, because Alex is still alive, being cared for by a loving foster parent with the skills and the open heart to share her love and her family with him. What about you? Could you open your home and heart to care for a child like Alex? If so, please contact Positive Option Family Service at 916-973-2838. Kathleen McKuin, MA Social Work Supervisor

Steven Stalick, Student and Alejandro Reyes, Speaker

Winter Wonderland at Fairytale Town December 10, 2011 - 11AM to 3PM

Father Christmas will be making a special holiday stop this season at Fairytale Town for its Winter Wonderland event on Saturday, December 10.   Father Christmas will take the center stage, listening to holiday wish lists, and welcoming families to take holiday pictures for $5 each. The Children’s Theater will become Santa’s Workshop filled with holiday decorations and cheer.  Also happening throughout the park will be free arts and crafts celebrating the seasonal holidays from around the world.    To enjoy this Winter Wonderland affair regular  weekend park admission is only $4.50 (Children 1 years of age and under will be admitted free). For more information please call 916-808-7462 or visit our website at  What: Winter Wonderland at Fairytale Town, When: Saturday, December 10

Cherisse Dossman

Time: 11AM to 3PM, Where: Fairytale Town, 3901 Land Park Drive, Sacramento, CA 95822, Cost:  $4.50  Weekend General Admission (Children 1 and under are free),   Contact Phone: 916-808-7462, Contact e-mail: mail@fairytaletown. org, Website: Caption pic Winter Wonderland: Father Christmas (Santa Claus)

An unknown author once said, “Most people come into our lives and quickly leave. It is the special few that come in and leave a footprint in our hearts. and we are forever changed.” (even in cyberspace) Thank you for being my friend Author Brandi Snyder once quoted “To the world you may be just one person, but to one person you may be the world.”

Page 14 – Community Newspaper – December 2011

Events By Tia

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Political & Event Photographer Tia Gemmell 920-2903

AFP California Capital Chapter National Philanthropy Day The California Capital Chapter of the Association of Fundraising Professionals is proud, each year, to honor the hearts and actions of local philanthropic leaders as part of the international National Philanthropy Day ® celebration. The Association of Fundraising Professionals is an international organization committed to advancing philanthropy through effective and ethical fundraising. For over two decades, the local chapter has provided education, awareness, advocacy, and mentoring for the fundraising professionals of our region.

Each November, we celebrate National Philanthropy Day ® to honor the philanthropic contributions of individuals, organizations, and businesses – those who are changing the world with their giving hearts. Please join the Association of Fundraising Professionals in honoring those who make a difference in our communities.

Janice Wagaman, Beth Kang, Leslie Dougherty Sophia Agafonow

Brenda Page, Jack Tracy, Kimberly Cox

Former Gold River resident, Dottie Linen, Estate Co-Trustee of Howard J. Boscus (in Memoriam), accepts Outstanding Philanthropist award.

Andrea McManus, Arleen Planas, Susan Willson Kitty O’Neal

Jennifer Scott, Carrie Johnson

Peter Lee, Catherine Connolly

2011 National Philanthropy Day Honoree’s

Rosanna Garcia, Kit Dillon Givas

Harry C. Elliott III, Elliott Family Foundation Outstanding Philanthropic Organization with family members Chelsea and Roxanne. Kerry Wood, Outstanding Fundraising Professional and Vice President of Resource Development and Communications for the Foundation for California Community Colleges. Dottie Linden, Estate Co-Trustee of Howard J. Boscus (in Memoriam), Outstanding Philanthropist/ and retired from AT&T as Regional Director - Northern California. Tim Fry, President of Lionakis:  Outstanding Philanthropic Organization Catalina Rodriguez, Outstanding Youth in Philanthropy and a Student at Solano Community College Dan Noell, Outstanding Volunteer and Executive Director, Public Sector Investment Team, AT&T

Page 15 – Community Newspaper – December 2011

About Cartoon above: These men are janitors, but the litter and waste these men mop up is different. They clean up after spies. Eben07 and Ninja Dan are espionage janitors working for the Intelligence Cleaner Agency - a secret organization steeped in the shadows of history. Now, Eben07 takes the reigns of a legacy left by his forefather and the ICA’s founder, Abel - a task he doesn’t take lightly. After every cloak and dagger comes Eben07’s mop and bucket. This is series is Operation: Goofinger - we find our covert custodians at Ft. Knox shortly after a skirmish between MI6’s top field agent and a Korean bodyguard.  Find out more at - Eben07 created by E. Burgoon & D.Bethel

WANTED Competent & Caring Hearing Healthcare Provider Nobody wants to wear hearing aids. In fact, people often go through years of frustration, misunderstandings and even embarrassment to avoid getting hearing aids. We know how difficult it can be to come to terms with a hearing loss. As a family-owned, community-based hearing practice, we are committed to helping you hear the best you can…for life. That’s why we provide a warmer, more personal approach to your hearing care. When you walk into one of our convenient locations, you’ll feel the difference immediately.

You have THREE neighbors to choose from!

Betty Vosters-Kemp, BC-HIS

Michael Kemp, MS

Shannon Klun

Owner, Hearing Provider, Columnist

Owner, Audiologist

Hearing Healthcare Provider

To receive your FREE 90-minute Hearing Test & Consultation, call the office nearest you to schedule your appointment, today. More neighbors trust Avalon with their hearing. Be sure to mention the Gold River Community Paper and you’ll receive a special gift!



1260 Fulton Avenue, #B

8146 Greenback Ln, #100



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“Nothing happens until something moves.” Albert Einstein

Suck-cess by Allen Fahden

Page 16 – Community Newspaper – December 2011

You Get the Most Thorough Carpet Call Holiday Carpet Cleaning Call (916) 224-6624 (916) 224-6624 Stalick Carpet Cleaning S Carpet Cleaning “YouCleaning Get the Most Thorough Carpet or It’s Free!” Ever, orCleaning it’s Ever, FREE! FreePhone Phone Quote Free Quote

Do You Know These Secrets That Save You Time, Money, Frustration And Your Health?

We’ve all been brought up with the idea that every spring we should clean our homes from end to end and freshen up for our health. This might have come from the idea that in spring, things are fresh and new and cleaning the home will renew your feelings about yourself.

well with any home remedy. Sure you can dust and do the basic cleaning just fine. But drapes, fine rugs and upholstery often cannot be safely cleaned except by a professional. Let’s face it. If those puny little cleaning systems could even come close to the effectiveness of a trained professional using a $55,000.00 steam cleaning system, no one would pay the money for them. But There’s Still One Thing You Should Know . . .

1. Improve Your Health Without Diets Or Pills Pollens, mold, and mildew spores are dumped into the air at incredible intensity. Pollutants from car exhaust, burning fields, and cigarette smoke were also dumped into the stagnant air. All this gunk drifted into your home and when you closed the house up, where do you suppose it’s been ever since? It got trapped in your home. Thanks to today’s air tight, energy efficient homes, your family and guests have been breathing that recycled air-garbage.

I have seen many service personnel that my wife would not allow in our home. Good character and integrity have kept us in business for 21 plus years

2. Your Home Is Your Personal Breeding Ground For Invisible Critters And Varmints In addition to the air-garbage from outside, you have uncontrolled vermin inside. Too tiny to see, dust mites live in your carpet, upholstery, bedding and drapes by the millions. By now their dead bodies and dung are in your house by the billions. They live off your dead skin as do billions of bacteria in your home, including those that cause staph and strep infections. Ever wonder why so many people get strep as soon as it cools off outside? Now you know. Plus, fleas brought into your house last summer don’t die off like they do outside when it freezes. Bacteria and germs have been breeding in the warm fibers of your carpet. 3. Does Your Bedroom Smell Like A Gerbil? Here’s Why… Besides being Harmful to our health, all the germs, bacteria and critters that live off dead skin from us and our pets, stink. They eat skin and along with other excretions, put out tainted methane gas which smells bad. 4. Heavy Soil From Outside Sifts Deep Into Your Carpet Never To Be Seen Again Until the winter rains have washed the sand soil from the roads and sidewalks, heavy soils from outside are tracked onto your carpet, wiggle down deeper than your vacuum can reach and stay there, grinding your carpet down into worthless fibers. You’ll find them in your vacuum bag.

King and Prince of Clean, Gary and Steven Stalick

Cleaning now, will get rid of sandy soils before they do lots of damage or get too deep. 5. Finally – Someone Who Can Remove Those Ugly Black Lines By The Walls, or Crevice of Steps I’ve had new clients call us to evaluate some embarrassing black lines where the carpet meets the wall and at the edges of steps and jagged lines under curtains. They told me no carpet cleaner could get them out and in some cases they had tried up to five different firms. But the black remained. I inspected these lines and found the cause to be an air filtration problem. With extra effort and knowledge on our part, the ugly black lines can be removed. I told the client this and they were apprehensive. I also told them if it didn’t come clean as I described, they would not have to pay us. How’s that for confidence? Yes, we cleaned the ugly black lines. Yes, our clients were happy. 6. Do-It-Yourself Folks Get What They Paid For… …Nothing The problems I have described here can’t be fixed very

Choosing a company can be treacherous. I’ll tell you up front that my service is not for everybody, but here are some reasons to choose me: If all you want is a cheap, brush-the-dirt-off-the-surface cleaning, lots of companies can help you. Choose us when you want deep, thorough cleaning. We’ll give you the fluffiest, freshest, healthiest, longest lasting, clean carpets possible . . .

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7 Days a Week. Saturday & Sunday OK Stalick Carpet Cleaning


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