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Volume 11, Issue 4 April 2012

eNewspaper A Dad in Every Home “It may not happen in our lifetime, but who can argue that we need a dad in every home? We need “Playmakers Dads” who are committed to go the distance with our kids.” Coach Roz (Greg Roeszler) A huge “Fun-raiser” (I do mean Fun) crab feed was held Saturday March 31st. You should have been there. If you want to go next year contact this newspaper. Legends showed up to support the Playmakers organization. I’ll mention a few: Ted Popson, 49ers; Phil Ostrowski, 49ers; Rick Jennings, Raiders; Craig Penrose, Broncos; Garrett McIntyre, Jets; Don Thames, PGA Golfer; David Graves, University of Hawaii; Dano Graves, Air Force Academy, all honoring Loreto Garza, WBA light welter weight World Champion.

Many of these kids may not have a dad at home and are going through the academic program 5 days a week after school. They were in need of the right kind of attention to learn better and understand what great character is (There’s much more than that). If you ever want to see how the coach teaches and gets all these kids excited to go to the front of the class and read, let this newspaper know. grcommunitynews@, 224-6624. Look through the photos and see who you know. There are more photos in ONE Community eNewspaper, it’s free, just request it at the email above.

Ingrid Rosten, SARTA and Don Thames, PGA Golfer

Greg Roeszler, (Coach Roz) and Mike Lueken, Pastor, Oak Hills Church

Maria West and Allen Fahden, discussing the greatness of Playmakers

Ingrid Rosten and Mike Sheele

Tony Carter, EFT Management; and Ted Popson retired 49er, Super Bowler

Eric Herberholz, Community Specialist; and Judith Larson Jerichco

Fred Kent, Retired Military and Linda Roeszler

Conrade Mayer and Melody Mayer

Ted Popson, 49er; Eric Herberholz, Digital Media; Phil Ostrowski, 49er

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Pet Tails

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By Alona

The Art of Real Food “To eat is a necessity; to eat intelligently is an art”.* Laura Kenny personifies this maxim. She is a trained chef, worked in various restaurants and was head chef at the Persimmon Café in Lincoln. She has been a personal chef and has her own catering company. She teamed up with Joanne Neft and wrote the very popular Placer County Real Food book. In its third printing this cookbook is a wonderful guide to using what is at our back door - the farmers markets of our area. Joanne is a true epicurean pioneer – she organized, promoted and managed the first farmers market in Placer County in 1989 and proceeded to set up five more over the next few years. Their beautiful book has great ideas based on what can be purchased at the farmers market every week of the year and then prepared for a wonderful meal. They have once again collaborated for The Art of Real Food due to be published in May. With a slight twist on their previous book, Joanne and Laura have taken a single product from the farmers market for each of the fifty two weeks and have various ideas for preparation. The celery chapter describes all the health benefits and interesting ways to use this ingredient. Celery will no longer only be thought of as part of the “holy trinity” along with onions and carrots. Paula Amerine’s original art and Anthony Maki Gill’s ceramics, are displayed beautifully in the book. After finishing their first book, another effort was not in the picture. But their love of food and the message of *********** eating well from our own sources were not to be denied. We foodies are very glad. Alona’s hobby is food and all that it * Quote by La Rochefoucauld. Contact brings.  This has resulted in writing articles, travels and great times.


Legal Abuse

By Tom Scott

ADA Lawsuit Reform – Is It Possible? There is a group of trial lawyers running around the State of California filing lawsuits against small businesses and even cities that are not compliant with the American with Disabilities Act. The California Commission on Disability Access has spent more than three years trying to get its house in order with little or no progress – and the lawsuits continue to be filed. Lawyers Against Lawsuit Abuse has stated that there have been approximately between 25,139 and 34,763 ADA/access lawsuits filed in California just over the past few years. If 98% of businesses are non-compliant that tells me that there is something wrong. Either the law is confusing or there is no easy way for a business to know if it is or is not compliant. We all want access; Citizens Against Lawsuit Abuse just believes we can get access without litigation. These shakedowns are not benefitting anyone. This year in the Legislature we see a stream of bills being offered up as a way to try and stop the lawsuits and increase compliance with the ADA. All of these bills will have to go through either the Assembly Judiciary Committee or the Senate Judiciary Committee. In the past, both of these committees have not been very interested in this kind of legislation. They believe SB 1608 that was signed by Governor Schwarzenegger in 2008, should be given a chance to work and that nothing more needs to be done. SB 1608, has had more than three years to work and nothing is happening, SB 1608, is only suppose to study the ADA litigation issue and present a report to the Legislature within the next two years. It will not stop the lawsuits. *********** Please get involved with CALA and Tom Scott, Executive Director help us stop these abuse ADA lawsuits. California Citizens Against Lawsuit Abuse. We need to be creating jobs, not lawsuits.


By Kay Burton

A Sweet German Shorthaired Pointer Rescued by Kitty and Dan Piotrowski, Gold River residents, “Squirt” is a sweet natured and a good family dog. The German Shorthaired Pointer not only love their families and other dogs but will accept cats if raised with them from an early age. They require early, gentle, firm obedience training Squirt is a medium-size breed, she has an aristocratic bearing A versatile hunter and all-purpose gun dog, the German Shorthaired Pointer possesses keen scenting power Squirt the German shorthaired pointer and high intelligence. The breed is proficient with many different types of game and sport, including trailing, retrieving, and pointing pheasant, quail, grouse, waterfowl, raccoons, possum, and even deer. When hunting, Squirt will find any bird that is in heavy cover and when fishing she will bark when a fishing pole starts to wiggle. The German shorthaired pointer needs only a quick brushing (with a rubber brush) once a week. Squirt’s coat is short, thick and tough. The color is liver and white. Her eyes are large and deep brown. This breed was developed in German in *********** the 19th century; its ancestor was probably Kay Burton is a longtime columnist a Spanish pointer and some English and supporter of the SSPCA and German or scent hounds. Squirt loves to run which can be other rescue groups. To share your a problem; she thinks the whole family pet story with our readers, neighborhood is her play yard. She loves email: children and is an excellent watch dog.


Cleaning Tips

By Gary Stalick

Kitchen Oven Racks: Place your oven racks in a garbage bag and throw in an ammoniasoaked cloth. Seal tightly and leave outside overnight. Wash down well with soap and water the next day. Oven Window: Tackle that brown-stained oven window. Make a thick paste of water and baking soda. Coat the inside of the window well with the mixture, leave on for 10 to 15 minutes or until completely dry and then scour off with clean water. Freshen up the Microwave: Deodorized and freshen microwave by placing a heat resistant bowl of water on the carousel and add 3 or 4 slices of lemon. Cook it on high for about 30 seconds. OR Add several drops of vanilla extract to a small heat resistant bowl of water. Place it in the center of your microwave and heat for 30 seconds or so.

Legal Ease

*********** Gary Stalick started and grew a janitorial company 3 times in 3 states. He’s hired hundreds of employees. His first 12 months in the Sacramento Region he had 22 employees. He wrote a Booklet on how he started and grew the business fast. Gary can be contacted by email: gstalick@


By Michael L. Hanks

A Few Small Things Legal problems, including lawsuits, typically are determined by a few small things. These are the critical facts that will control the outcome. For instance, in a civil negligence suit arising out of an auto accident, the critical  issue will be whether the defendant was negligent.  That determination will be controlled by the facts surrounding the event. Was the light green or red?  Was the plaintiff speeding or not?  Likewise, in business disputes, despite typically complex fact patterns, the resolution will often depend on one or two facts:  Did the defendant breach the agreement by failing to deliver the goods by the date promised?  Did the defendant diligently pursue a loan before being turned down?  It is the role of the lawyer to sift through the facts and emotions to identify the one or two essential issues that will control the case.  Once they are *********** identified, evaluation of a claim becomes both simMichael Hanks: pler and more accurate.

*********** The reality is however that it takes considerable experience practicing law to be able to identify the critical facts and then trust your own judgment enough to construct a strategy for the client based on that. Much time and energy is wasted every year by the failure to simplify and identify, and then to solve.

Page 3 – Community Newspaper – April 2012

Fashion Show Folsom Women’s Service Club (an IRS recognized 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization,) will have its annual spring fashion show and raffle at the Folsom Community Center, 52 Natoma St., in Folsom, April 12th from 1:00 to 3:00 P.M. Fashions from Cho Cho’s of Fair Oaks, CA. Adult guests Welcome. Free admission and parking. Refreshments served. E-mail contact is Website is http://www. 100% of the proceeds from the Raffle will go to provide college scholarships to graduating seniors from public high schools in Folsom, California.

Monthly Military Retiree/ Spouse Meeting: Our next monthly meeting will be held on 10 Apr 2012 at the North Highlands Park and Recreation District, 6040 Watt Ave, North Highlands 95660. Our meetings always start promptly at 1030 hrs. Guest Speaker will be John Locher, DMV Ombudsman, who will talk about Senior Driving Issues. A very interesting subject for those of us who are aging or ailing, whichever applies. Direct any questions to our volunteers at our new number: 916-923-4979. Chief Moses, Director


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If you are a successful grant writer, please contact me. I’m finding a couple of good non-profit organization that could use your help. Gary Stalick 224-6624, or email:

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Ask Betty

By Betty Vosters-Kemp

Getting along with others

This advice is transcribed from an Ann Landers column from many The Hearing Lady years ago. The original column was entitled: The Ten Commandments of How to Get Along with People. 1. Keep skid chains on your tongue. Always say less than you think. Cultivate a low, persuasive voice. How you say it often counts more than what you say. 2. Make promises sparingly and keep them faithfully, no matter what the cost. 3. Never let an opportunity pass to say a kind and encouraging word to or about somebody. Praise good work, regardless of who did it. 4. Be interested in others: their pursuits, their work, their homes and their families. Make merry with those who rejoice: with those who weep, mourn. Let everyone you meet, however humble, and feel that you regard him as a person of importance. 5. Be cheerful. Don’t burden or depress those around you by dwelling on your aches and pains and small disappointments. Remember, everyone is carrying some kind of a burden. 6. Keep an open mind. Discuss but don’t argue. It is a mark of a superior mind to be able to disagree without being disagreeable. 7. Let your virtues, if you have any, speak for themselves. Refuse to talk about the vices of others. Discourage gossip. It is a waste of valuable time and can be destructive and hurtful. 8. Take into consideration the feelings of others. Wit and humor at the expense of another is never worth the pain that may be inflicted. 9. Pay no attention to ill-natured *********** remarks about you. Remember, the person who carried the Betty Vosters-Kemp, BC-HIS, is an message may not be the most expert in the art of communication, accurate reporter in the world. hearing and listening, and coSimply live so that nobody will owner of Avalon Hearing. (www. believe him. Disordered nerves and bad digestion are a common Send your cause of backbiting. questions to thehearinglady@ 10. Don’t be anxious about the credit due you. Do your best and be patient. Forget about yourself and *********** let others “remember”. Success is much sweeter that way.

John Thomas Flynn

Candidate for the State Legislature Assembly District 8, including Gold River

National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB)/CA - The Voice of Small Business

Main Street Menace of the Month: John Kabateck Senate Bill 969 (Vargas), Not Businessman’s Best Friend Welcome to California, the land of fruits, nuts and over-regulation. In this state, we regulate everything from water and air quality to veterinarians and doctors. Now, we aren’t saying all regulations are bad, but what we are saying is that some thought needs to be given to the long-term consequences of any regulations that are imposed. Take, for example, a recent bill that was introduced in the Senate that would regulate and license pet groomers in California. Senate Bill 969 (Vargas) would mandate any entrepreneur considering opening a pet grooming to pass a state test, and require groomers to pay up to $350 to be licensed by the Veterinary Medical Board. The legislation would also regulate everything from lighting in facilities to how they maintain records. Proponents claim that the industry needs to be regulated because of a few outof-the-ordinary incidents that have occurred. While even one incident is too many, is it really necessary to regulate the entire industry? The reality is that this bill has the potential to regulate small business owners who provide these services right out of business due to the cost of compliance, training, and other associated expenses. And those expenses will likely be passed on to the customer who brings their pet in for regular grooming. So maybe it’s time for the folks *********** in the Capitol to take a step back NFIB is the nation’s leading small business and let the marketplace weed out association, with offices in Washington, D.C. the bad businesses. Small business and all 50 state capitals. NFIB gives small owners largely rely on word-of-mouth and independent business owners a voice in advertising and recommendations in shaping the public policy issues that affect order to get and keep business. They their business. NFIB’s mission is to promote know that - unlike government – if they and protect the right of our members to own, don’t provide good customer service, operate and grow their businesses. More their business will suffer. That is why it information about NFIB is available online at is in their best interest to make sure that they provide good service for a fair price *********** and take care of their customers.

A. I’m in this race because like most Californians: • I am deeply troubled by the performance of state government in general, and

Investment Real By David Granzella Estate Group Your Niche

• To a great extent with the performance of both political parties, but • In particular, our woeful state legislature No longer represents the interests of the people of California, but Special interests, nameless benefactors, large corporations, and especially government labor union leadership that owns & controls the legislature.

John Thomas Flynn

I want to put the people back in charge of their government.

B. John Thomas Flynn

• I am cofounder/president of a technology firm headquartered in Gold River

• Most of my career in the private sector; but

C. Served in President Reagan’s Administration and was California’s first Chief Technology Officer. I just didn’t make a career of it like most in the Capitol building.

D. My priorities

• Create real jobs,

• Reduce intrusive, nanny state, regulatory crazy government, and cut waste by $5 billion

E. The Opposition

The last time I wrote, I introduced the’ three golden principles’ – Find your Niche, Create a relationship (establish safety, security and competence with your client) and Follow up. I promised you that we would look closer at these, and we will. Today let’s talk about finding your Niche. Any time you go to an introduction to Real Estate Investing (or many other similar types of professions) you will hear ‘find your niche.’ That’s great, you think. Now... what do they really mean? Great question. And you’re right, its more than finding something you enjoy doing. Real estate offers an infinite array of ways to attack the same situation and you should definitely specialize in one or two methods. But you should do so with intent. For example, if my ‘food stand niche’ is selling ice cream from an ice cream cart, I wouldn’t open it up in New York in the middle of winter, would I? Not unless I was Mr. Freeze, no. The same concept is applied to Real Estate and other investment mediums. Identify a need in the marketplace and attack it at the appropriate time! Otherwise you will end up eating all your ice cream yourself and have one BIG of a brain freeze.

• A state legislature employee, a former lobbyist, and a Congressional staffer – all three government insiders:

Ken Cooley is the state employee; not a legislator, he works in the legislature.

He oversees the operations of the Senate Insurance Committee

He has accepted almost $50,000 in donations so far just from insurance companies. • Flynn asks, “As a state employee, Mr. Cooley, you cannot accept a cup of coffee from those with business before your committee; yet you think it’s ethical to accept almost $50,000 in campaign donations.

What is it these insurance companies want from you, sir?

And what have you promised them?”

And finally Mr. Cooley, why do support the Interchange over US-50 into our Gold River community that will ultimately affect most of the residents (and their children) of Gold River with its noise, pollution, and more? Learn more:


By Katie Freeman


When one has children it is decided that the father’s name or “Legacy” will live on, but what does that really mean? Does it mean if one has a boy their name will live on for another generation or is it bigger than that. The Playmaker organization strives to teach these young men that there is more to their legacy than their last name. Their legacy should be bigger than them, and contribute to the good of the surrounding community. If one could imagine an eleven year old boy thinking about what he wants to leave behind in order to make a better future for his children, which is what we are trying to accomplish at Playmakers. Imagine the things he will accomplish over the span of his life knowing that when he is gone people will continue to carry on his legacy after him. A legacy of giving back to the community, a legacy of serving *********** others, and treating women with the Katie Freeman played utmost respect, that is the kind of legacy soccer and graduated from we need from our young men. Notre Dame College with a BA in Every day we are creating our Communication. She coaches a U17 legacy. From the jobs we have to the competitive girls soccer team and is activities we involve ourselves in, these a media relations consultant for The things shape our legacy. Playmaker organization. So, what kind of legacy will you *********** leave behind?

Page 5 – Community Newspaper – April 2012

Water Alert

By Shauna Lorance

Why Is Folsom Reservoir So Low?

Anyone driving by Folsom Reservoir can tell water levels are down … way down. The dry winter is partly to blame but not the full story, and everyone should be concerned. Rainfall is at 50 percent of seasonal average, and Folsom is 40 percent of capacity. Other reservoirs are in better shape. Shasta is at 70 percent and Lake Oroville is 72 percent. So why is Folsom lower than all other major reservoirs in California? The answer is complicated. The State of California is pressuring the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation to increase future flows to address Delta water quality issues. Reclamation is mandated to provide reliable water supplies for federal contractors while complying with the Endangered Species Act by managing flows and temperatures for fish. Meanwhile, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers’ mission is to operate Folsom for flood protection. The Corps and Reclamation have oft-conflicting mandates on managing Folsom for flood control and water supply, which has significant economic impact regionwide. There’s even talk about turning Folsom into a “first responder” for Delta water quality events, which could take more Folsom water. At San Juan Water District, we are concerned about water levels falling below the water intake, which feeds our treatment plant. If that happens, we must take extraordinary and costly measures to serve our customers. Folsom Reservoir is the primary *********** water supply for San Juan and the Shauna Lorance is the cities of Folsom and Roseville, together general manager for San Juan Water serving nearly half a million people. San District. A degree in Mechanical Juan’s water rights were in place long before the Central Valley Project granted Engineering from the University of Reclamation rights to Folsom. Our rights California, Davis with a, Shauna has been with SJWD for 16 years, and were recognized then but must still be has served as general manager for defended today. the last eight. Shauna is a registered Clearly, there’s a battle within the civil engineer and a certified special volatile world of water and politics. district administrator. We’re in that fight—to protect our *********** customers and the community—by protecting our valuable water rights.

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Page 6 – Community Newspaper – April 2012

Questions to a Professional Football Player Steven…What foods do you eat? Garrett…Typically “4,000 to 5,000 calories per day”, protein based, 7 eggs with oatmeal, toast, and chicken or steak for breakfast, about 3 or 4 (50 gram) protein shakes, chicken, steak, tons of protein and vegetables all day Steven…On average how much do you study your opposing team before playing them in a game? Garrett…”The eye in the Steven Stalick Reporter Student and Garrett sky never lies” so we watch a lot of McIntire New York Jet Linebacker film. Have three hard practices per week of about 12 hours each. 5 hours of watching film during those practices, easier practices on the other days with about 2-3 hours of film averaging 20 hours of studying film per week not including studying when outside of practice. You have to know what you’re doing and everybody must be on the same page or the team won’t work. Steven…What are your ideas on perseverance? (at which point he gave his football background having many setbacks and depressing moments that would put his career in question) Garrett…Senior year at South Lake Tahoe High School they lost every game ending season 0-9 yet he was still named “Defensive player of the year”. Was not being scouted, put together a highlight tape, knew someone who knew someone that knew a coach at Fresno State University and sent a tape of himself playing in a few games. He was a “walk-on” and ended up playing as a starter for the team receiving a full scholarship. Got named defensive player of year again (first was HS). After graduation was not invited to the NFL combine, confused on whether or not to pursue football. His football choices were either the European League or ‘Arena Football League’, he signed a contract with the ‘San Jose SaberCats.’ The team closed/discontinued due to funding after one season. He got picked up relatively quickly by the ‘Hamilton Tiger Cats’ of the ‘Canadian Football League’, then was looking for teams, the NY Jets of the NFL liked what they saw and signed him as an ‘outside linebacker’, then the “lockout” and wasn’t sure if he would have a position any longer. There were many points throughout the road that would have been easy to quit as some of my high school friends did my senior year but I stuck in it.

The Girl of Gloom and the Black Sea Mermaid (Continued from the March Newspaper) The mermaid’s smile that had once comforted the girl was now full of deceit. Nevertheless, the girl didn’t fight as the mermaid reached for her hand. Her hold was gentle and threateningly pulling her to the edge. Suddenly she tightened her grip on the girl’s hand and plunged into the water. The ill-fated girl fell to her knees and held against the mermaid’s strength. Her resistance felt like an eternity in which an array of regrets flashed through her mind. The desire to let go and plummet was stronger in her head than it was in her tired body. As she braced herself, the rays of the sun flickered and she felt a quick shade pass overhead. She twisted her head back and caught a flash of white above her. In an instant, the mermaid’s pull sent the girl into the dark water. The Girl and the Mermaid When she opened her eyes the mermaid’s grin was all the girl could see in the murk. Something told her to look back at the mermaid’s tail which extended past the choking girl’s head. A glimpse was enough time for the drowning girl to see that the mermaid’s tail was that of a snake’s and enough time to see the crane’s silhouette over the water. “I’m sorry! Pleas help me!” her head screamed…then closed her eyes to the cruel reality of her inevitable demise. She missed seeing the crane gracefully dive in. Flying through the water it reached the girl and grasped her arm. The sharp talons woke the girl for a second before choking darkness took its hold again. A morbid tug of war commenced. But a tremendous pull made the mermaid’s grip slip. The girl woke to see the mermaid…the serpent floating in the darkness, disappearing completely. (Conclusion next month) by Kelsey Suan, Student at American River College.


This Community Newspaper wants people to share their voice. We do not necessarily support every view point. We want you to be involved in your community. It is your responsibility to make your own decision on the written words in the columns and articles. We support kids, small business, and big business that help our community. We support Great government leaders, too.


By David Koenig

Can’t spell “bullet-train” without BULL

The CA Senate will hold a hearing this week on the state’s high-speed rail project (bullet-train). The federal government is offering $3.6 billion dollars for a project that’s estimated to cost over $100 billion and the CA state budget can’t afford to allot an estimated $700 million each year to repay the billions of dollars we plan to borrow for it. The enormous costs would be a ridiculous waste of taxpayer money but the real question begs to be asked….who will ride it?? The only passenger rail system currently in operation in the US is Amtrak which is about as efficient as the US Postal Service. It’s been losing money for years and in the high-speed, technological world we live in today, why would ANYONE want to drive to a train station, pay to park their car and then take a train that will take an additional 2-3 hours of travel-time to get from the bay area to LA? You can fly to Burbank for $49 one way in less than 2-3 hours including pre-flight security measures. I wonder what the bullet-train will cost?? Let’s face the reality of it all, the HSR is just another government and union boondoggle to suck more money out of its already dry taxpayers. The state budget can’t handle it, the CA High-Speed Rail Authority has found the business and funding plans lacking and people just aren’t going to ride it except maybe once out of curiosity. Plus, have you driven on CA state highways lately? Our local infrastructure is BADLY in need *********** of funding so why not use these For more aries by Mr. Koenig, please go to billions of dollars to build up our existing roads? You Personally, I just drove can email from Sacramento to Turlock for any responses. on Highway-99 and I want my kidneys back…. ***********

Take Back Your Life

By Dan F. Deshong


Happiness: a consistent state of well-being characterized by frequent, longlasting emotions ranging from contentment to intense joy. Only 10 percent of your happiness comes from external circumstances. Happiness has a fragrance. Body odor scent changes when you are stressed or happy. Happy people generally earn more than unhappy people. Your genes and family upbringing account for only half of your happiness levels. Education and intelligence do not make you happier than anyone else. Happy people live an average of 9 years longer than unhappy people. A pet can reduce blood pressure and stress, promoting health and happiness. Rating high on psychological tests develop about 50% more antibodies than average in response to flu vaccines. Smiling releases endorphins and makes us feel better. Even “faking” a smile can lead to feeling happier. The U.S. ranks #16 on the list of the happiest countries in the world. Thirtyseven percent of the people on Forbes’ list of Wealthiest Americans are less happy than the average American. Americans’ personal income has increased more than two and a half times over the last fifty years, but their happiness level has remained the same. Outlook on life and choices account for 40 percent of your happiness levels. This includes your friendships, work, and participation in your community. It gets easier as you age. A 2005 U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention survey showed ages 20-24 are sad for *********** 3.4 days per month.  Those between Dr. Dan has a passion for helping 65-74 are sad only 2.3 days per month. others. His mission statement of life is The most powerful way to increase to please God, serve others and live your short-term feelings of happiness is to perform random acts kindness to abundantly. Wellness master, author, others, or to send a letter of gratitude to teacher with 35 years of experience. someone you care about. Five such acts in a week will increase your happiness *********** for up to three months. Be Happy.

Russian Experience

By Yana Sanakina

I’m Learning

I have big experience in Russia. But America has helped me learn a lot of new business. Many of my new American customers are very disciplined and successful people. I realized that the secret of their success is discipline. Every business needs good planning and concentrated execution of the plan. Every meeting with a client should be prepared in advance. The conversation should be calculated by the minute. This will help to achieve success. I can be late to the meeting with my friend, but I can’t late to the meeting with my client. This is also a discipline. Order and tidiness in the office, elegant style of dress, listening partner - is also a discipline that helps many people achieve their goals in life. My magazine - is not only a *********** beautiful edition, it is a planned business, Yana Sanakina; Chief which helps me meet many interesting and new Editor, Publisher people. I hope he talks about many interesting Women’s Magazine and useful things, I usually learn something new. “Gorozhanka” (“City Girl”)  My magazine is “Russian City Girl.” It makes me more disciplined, and therefore working to be more successful.


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Folsom Governmental Affairs Meeting

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Playmakers Crab Feed

THIRD ANNUAL RUSSIAN-SPEAKING COMMUNITY PARTNERS CAPITOL RECEPTION Annual Russian-Speaking Community Partners Capitol Reception is designated to facilitate a successful assembly of the Russian-American communities through the acknowledgment of the key contributors of the intercommunity relations. Ten community activists of the year are named and awarded by the elected officials, civic counselors, and corporate representatives. The event inspires civic involvement and trust as it shows the goodwill of the policymakers and rewards community advocates. Photos by Tia Gemmell, Riverview Media Photography


Clean Start Event at McClellan

Page 7 – Community Newspaper – April 2012

Digital Media Unconference, a.k.a. Open Space Technology... “Open Space Technology (OST) [a.k.a. unconference] is an approach for hosting meetings, conferences, corporate-style retreats, and community summit events, focused on a specific and important purpose or task—but beginning without any formal agenda, beyond the overall purpose or theme.” Unconference

Free Online Stanford like Classes

By David Koenig

Two Tips

1: narrow and focus Google searches by adding “” to your search keywords. Example: Pavilion g6z In this example, you have an HP Pavilion g6z PC and want help troubleshooting a problem, from HP. The “” search term restricts the results to come from, your trusted source. 2: Use the “define:” search construct to find the definitions on the web for a word or phrase. Example: define:online community manager

Go to Focus at this time is on computer science. Thanks to Sebastian Thrun and Peter Norvig


“A hackathon (also known as a hack day, hackfest or codefest) is an event in which computer programmers and others in the field of software development, like graphic designers, interface designers and project managers, collaborate intensively on software-related projects.[1] Occasionally, there is a hardware component as well. Hackathons typically last between a day and a week in length. Some hackathons are intended simply for educational or social purposes, although in many cases the goal is to create usable software, or to improve existing software. Hackathons tend to have a specific focus, which can include the programming language used, the operating system, an application, an API, the subject matter and the demographic group of the programmers. In other cases, there is no restriction on the type of software being created.” -

Watch What You Say Near Bluffdale, Utah the National Security Agency is building the country’s biggest SPY Center. It will intercept and store your phone calls, emails, Google searches, and more. It’s called Utah Data Center. Its purpose: to intercept, decipher, analyze, and store vast swaths of the world’s communications. This is a $2 billion center, and should be up and running September 2013. It’s estimated the energy to run the facility is $40 million per year. So what do you think about this? Send your thoughts to

iPad Donation

Is there someone or a business that would like to donate used ipads to The Playmakers Non-Profit organization? If so, please contact, Gary Stalick at or 916-224-6624.

How to Innovate

Susan Cain, author of the new book, Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking, shares what works better. “Virtual” Collaboration—with team members cogitation on solutions alone, in private, before getting together to talk them over. Researchers have found that groups working in this fashion generate better ideas and solve problems more adroitly. To get the best out of people have them work alone first, then network later.

DO YOU RECOMMEND YOUR DENTIST TO YOUR FRIENDS? I DO Binu A Thomas, D.D.S. 9197 Greenback Lane, Suite C Orangevale, CA 95662 Tel. 916-988-8890 is my dentist. Now age 45, Dr. Thomas came to Sacramento County about two years ago with a fine background in dentistry to take over a well established practice here. He does superior quality dental work and is very considerate of his patients. He is very ably assisted by a dream-team staff of professionals who make you feel right at home. YES, I have placed this ad and have paid for it. Dr. Thomas may be surprised if you call him! Gene Arant, patent attorney, Gold River.

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Prism of Living

By Helen Dang

Let It Go “To err is human; to forgive, divine.”

Alexander Pope

I love books and the mysterious kismet of having them find me. I often wander in the library, following a voice inside me and pick up those books that draw me in. I am awfully glad I discovered Sarita Mandanna’s Tiger Hills, an epic and extraordinary debut from an astonishing talent. A hazardously passionate love and the shackling grip of memory over a monstrous act possess the main heroine Devi most of her life, rendering her ruthless and relentless. Only upon her grandma’s and her son’s deaths does she finally learn to forgive the man who committed the act, thereby finding love and peace. I can understand the ordeals Devi faced and how she harbored such a painful memory. Most of us have endured personal trials that have changed our lives forever. Whether it is a loss of love or a failed relationship, a brutal beginning or a tragic ending of something important, we all have strong emotions laden in our hearts like heavy boulders. I have had my share of those moments. While I tried to appear calm outside, my heart was bleeding inside. Tears, fear, frustration, and pain buried deep have at times overcome me. Fortunately, I’ve learned that only when I *********** let go of those emotions that I can free myself Helen DangTH is a Real from the emotional weight of those burdening Estate Broker for Savvie and memory boulders. Life is worth forgiving and a GSVACC member. Formerly everything and everyone deserves another worked as an editor, teacher, chance. Whatever lessons you can learn from translator, and business the past, dwelling on them will probably just manager for Jardine Pacific impair your ability to move on with your and Franklin Templeton. Write life. Let’s focus on enjoying the moment and to her at relishing the beauty of the present. Let go of the painful past and execute your future plans by starting with actions now. ***********


By Brett Owens

How to Capture Your Email Time –And Invoice For It As you know, it’s nearly impossible to accurately track your email time with merely a start/stop timer. You’re probably bouncing from email to email in rapid fire mode. The last thing you want to worry about is timekeeping, especially if you switch from one client to another as you reply to email messages. The “magic” of Chrometa is that it runs in the background of your PC (and home Mac), quietly making note of my activities. It’s like having your own personal timekeeper. But as great as Chrometa has been, it’s had one big flaw — it didn’t capture important details when generating email-based time entries. Such as the to/from fields for emails … and also the details on Outlook messages viewed from the preview pane. Well, that is, until now! We listened to your requests – that email details needed to be a priority for Chrometa in 2012. For you heavy email users, we have great news – we now have special Chrometa plugins available for Microsoft Outlook and Gmail. Once you install them, you’ll never lose another minute of email time (you’re probably losing thousands of dollars in billable hours each year … or even month … today). The plug-in automatically tracks how much time Chrometa users spend reading and composing emails and enters that data, eliminating the need for manual data entry. Chrometa will record the subject line of the email and the to/from fields. Outlook users will also have the folder location *********** entered as well. To find Chrometa’s time And you create an invoice for your time management app at with the click of a button! If you’re not yet a Chrometa user, you can Sign up at: get started with Chrometa for free — and be up *********** and running in a matter of minutes.

People Aren’t Coming to Your Website… and They Aren’t Calling or Buying

How many visitors are coming to your website? How many visitors do something while they are there? The answers are very discouraging. Most people either don’t have enough (if any) visitors, or they are attracting the wrong type of visitor. People who aren’t their ideal customer click in and click out. Few if any of the visitors are taking action—opting in, buying or calling. Then some so called SEO marketing expert comes along and says “I can get you on the first page of Google!” Isn’t that tantalizing? The idea of massive internet exposure, wow, that sounds great. Now you’ll be in the 21st Century. You’ll put down good money to some random search engine optimization (SEO) person, in hopes this works. You may come up on the first page next to your competition. You may as well be in the yellow pages. I hope you didn’t do this. It’s more important that people know who you are and how you can benefit them. Maybe it’s time to look at marketing to your geographical niche, in your Community Newspaper. You need consistent exposure. To be remembered you need to broadcast you, your company, and what you do for them. Consumers are attacked by businesses trying to sell something. It’s important that when someone is ready to buy they remember seeing your business in that local paper. They’ll go look for you there.

Consumer Classified Ads Via Email

Health & Beauty SAVE $2. Best Haircut Two great Barber’s, Test them…It’s only $8. On corner of Alicante Way & Zinfandel Drive near Folsom Blvd. 10702 Alicante Way, Or call Bobby D’s…638-7734 MASSAGE MAGIC For Body Mind and Spirit, unsurpassed massage techniques, to relax and re-energize, Call Inge CMT 638-3345

Wanted Looking for good webmaster to work with this newspaper. Call 916-224-6624

Real Estate Wanted Wanted Lease with Option to purchase house. Looking in the Sacramento Region. Call 916-224-6624

Services MOBILE HOME WANTED CASH BUYER Single 12’-14’ wide, loc in MHP, available in 30-60 days, in good condition. Call Dennis 916-567-1155.

Concern for man and his fate must always form the chief interest of all technical endeavors. Never forget this in the midst of your diagrams and equations. Albert Einstein

Page 9 – Community Newspaper – April 2012

Foto News Strength

After School

Don’t Anger New York Jets Linebacker

Mo Mabry and Linda Roeszler at Playmakers Breakfast in Rancho Cordova

Steven Stalick, College Reporter; Greg Roeszler, Coach Roz; August Kilpatrick Canadian teacher; Garrett McIntyre, New York Jets Linebacker; in Rancho Cordova

Steven Stalick cautiously interviewing NY Jets Linebacker Garrett McIntyre. In Rancho Cordova

Sharing with Playmaker Students

New York Jets Linebacker Garrett McIntyre takes the time to share the need for reading to students. Then the students get to ask questions.

Ribbon Cutting for New Offices at Palladidio Folsom

Vice Mayor, Steve Miklos; in front with sissors—President of Protelo, Christer Johansson; Mayor, Kerri Howell; City Council members—Jeff Starsky, Ernie Sheldon, Andy Morin

Open House Connections

Enjoying the Open House Celebration

President of Protelo, Christer Johansson and Chairman of the Board Folsom Chamber of Commerce, Eric Hanson, having an open discussion

Preparing for Government Affairs March Meeting in Folsom

Jim Karris-next President of Folsom Rotary, Marko Miikotin-River City Communications President, John Kabateck-Executive Director NFIB (National Federation of Independent Businesses)

New Aquaintance

See more photos of people you know FREE. Send an email to grcommunitynews@ and receive a copy of One Community eNewspaper Mary Ann McAlea-Sr. VP, Folsom Tourism Bureau, Joe Gagliardi- President/CEO, Kerri Howell- Mayor

Steven Stalick College Reporter and NY Jets Linebacker Garrett McIntyre. In Rancho Cordova

Page 10 – Community Newspaper – April 2012

Events By Tia

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Political & Event Photographer Tia Gemmell 920-2903

DeVry University’s HerWorld

DeVry University’s HerWorld provides opportunities for students to participate in confidence-building workshops, hear from female leaders about their career journeys and be inspired by their own potential and the career opportunities that await them. Even as opportunities have grown for women in science, business and technology, many young women remain unaware of these careers. HerWorld helps expose young women to college and career readiness.

This year, it is anticipated that more than 7,500 young women from hundreds of high schools from across the country will participate, all with the opportunity to interact with peers, participate in educational and confidence-building activities, and receive advice from successful female leaders in the community.

Two time Olympic Gold Medalist and former Sacramento Monarch Ruthie Bolton with Manager, Community Outreach from DeVry University, Efraín Cornejo

Ruthie Bolton delivers her inspirational message to female high schools students from throughout the region.

Dr. Rina Roy, Dean of Science and Engineering at American River College, discusses the accomplishments of great female scientists.

Act Right

Ellen Estes-Lee proudly wearing her silver and bronze medals won participating in Women’s Water Polo.

Two time Olympian Ellen Estes-Lee discussed her challenges attending Stanford University while participating in the Olympics.

By Charlie Holliday

Sharks In The Water - Part Two We left off last time telling you that real agents don’t solicit people in the shopping malls. They seldom advertise for talent, as they don’t need to.  Real actors know how to contact them if they are seeking agency representation.  Most agencies seeking new talent work on referrals from actors they already represent. Some other things to look for:  «Our registration fee is only...» Real agents never charge a fee for anything!   Agencies are in the business of representing talent.  Their job is to help the artist find work, negotiate their contract, and follow up in case there is a problem with collections, etc.  For this they earn a commission - 10% in the case of agents franchised by the performers unions (22 1/2% for print work,) 15-20% is usual for non-franchised agents.  «You need new pictures.  We want you to use so-and-so as your photographer.»  An agent may refer you to two or three photographers that they feel are good, but if they insist on a particular photographer, they are probably getting a finders fee... in violation of their license.  «You aren›t quite ready yet.  You need to take our class in....»  That one comes under the «coaching and dramatic school»: phrase above.  «For only $75 we will put you in our *********** talent directory...» Again, a direct You can email Charlie Holliday at: violation of their license.  It’s their JOB to promote their talent.     Now managers or talent *********** management companies don›t have to be licensed, and have no real rules and regulations to follow.  They are also forbidden to negotiate contracts.  There are good, legitimate managers out there, but be very, very careful before signing any sort of contract, as you have very little recourse if something goes wrong.  Stick with a licensed talent agency, preferably a franchised agency.  The list is available from the Screen Actors Guild in San Francisco, or you can email me at Good luck to you all!

DeVry University faculty member Sonja Sheppard speaks about overcoming your obstacles and achieving your goals.

Political Observation

By Adrian Perez

GOP gambles on a lawsuit As the June 5th primary draws near, California voters will witness a barrage of campaign ads and material, mostly negative, to sway them to vote a certain way. This is a general tactic commonly used by all campaigns, and many voters have become immune to these sometime sophomoric strategies. However, a new strategy is being used, although much more costly, that is challenging a candidate’s title in court. The law firm Bell, McAndrews & Hiltachk recently filed a lawsuit challenging former astronaut turned politician Jose Hernandez, from using the title of “astronaut” on the ballot since, they argue, it is not a life-long title. Really? Hernandez is running for Congress in a newly redesigned 10th district now held by freshman Congressman and former state legislator Jeff Denham (R-Tracy). Hernandez traveled to space as a crewmember of the space shuttle Discovery in 2009 and was the first to tweet back to his hometown of Stockton, California. Not everyone can claim they have gone to space, much less tweeted from space. Although he may never travel back to space, does that make Hernandez less of an astronaut? Moreover, will challenging his use of this title improve the incumbent’s chances at getting reelected? Denham’s office states they are not involved in the lawsuit, yet many believe the GOP is involved since Charles Bell, Jr., was the Republican Party’s former general counsel and Brian Hildreth worked for former Gov. Pete Wilson. The newly redrawn district favors the Democrats and includes a heavily Latino population. The GOP believes Hernandez, who is also Latino, has an inside chance to beat Denham, but instead of figuring how to gain more Latino votes, the lawsuit *********** is a distraction from real issues that email Adrian Perez at may backfire and hurt Denham instead. This is a poor and expensive *********** tactic for the GOP.

Page 11 – Community Newspaper – April 2012

Got hearing aids? Change your perception of hearing aids. And change your life. Forget everything you’ve ever heard or thought of hearing aids and remember the name Wi Series™ by Starkey. Stop believing what you’ve heard – and start believing what you hear. Don’t miss Avalon’s DEMO DAYS on Wednesday & Thursday. Whether you need better hearing aids or are getting ready to invest in your first hearing aids, who you work with is just as important as getting the right technology. At Avalon, we take a warm, more personal approach to your hearing care. Call your neighbors today for your FREE Hearing Test & Consultation. Test drive the Wi Series right then and there so you can hear what you’ve been missing! Call now as appointments are limited!


1260 Fulton Ave • Suite B Sacramento, CA 95825

(916) 483-9064

The RMS Titanic sank on April 15, 1912

Cost to build the Titanic in 1912…$7.5 million—Cost to build in today’s dollars $171 million. First class cabin aboard the Titanic in 1912…$4,350—First class cabin aboard the Titanic in today’s dollars $99,000.

Michael & Betty Kemp Owners & Your Neighbors

Fair Oaks

8146 Greenback Lane • Suite 100 Fair Oaks, CA 95628

Here’s how it looked in the Boston Globe

(916) 729-2711

Bill Husa holds newspaper of the Titanic sinking 100 years ago.

Page 12 – Community Newspaper – April 2012

Quote FreeFree Phone Quote

You Get theCARPET Most Thorough Carpet Call SPRING CLEANING Call (916) 224-6624 (916) 224-6624 Stalick Carpet Cleaning S Carpet Cleaning "YouCleaning Get the Most Thorough Carpet or it's FREE!" Ever, orCleaning it’s Ever, FREE! Do You Know These Secrets That Save You Time, Money, Frustration And Your Health?

We’ve all been brought up with the idea that every spring we should clean our homes from end to end and freshen up for our health. This might have come from the idea that in spring, things are fresh and new and cleaning the home will renew your feelings about yourself.

well with any home remedy. Sure you can dust and do the basic cleaning just fine. But drapes, fine rugs and upholstery often cannot be safely cleaned except by a professional. Let’s face it. If those puny little cleaning systems could even come close to the effectiveness of a trained professional using a $55,000.00 steam cleaning system, no one would pay the money for them. But There’s Still One Thing You Should Know . . .

1. Improve Your Health Without Diets Or Pills Pollens, mold, and mildew spores are dumped into the air at incredible intensity. Pollutants from car exhaust, burning fields, and cigarette smoke were also dumped into the stagnant air. All this gunk drifted into your home and when you closed the house up, where do you suppose it’s been ever since? It got trapped in your home. Thanks to today’s air tight, energy efficient homes, your family and guests have been breathing that recycled air-garbage.

I have seen many service personnel that my wife would not allow in our home. Good character and integrity have kept us in business for 21 plus years

2. Your Home Is Your Personal Breeding Ground For Invisible Critters And Varmints In addition to the air-garbage from outside, you have uncontrolled vermin inside. Too tiny to see, dust mites live in your carpet, upholstery, bedding and drapes by the millions. By now their dead bodies and dung are in your house by the billions. They live off your dead skin as do billions of bacteria in your home, including those that cause staph and strep infections. Ever wonder why so many people get strep as soon as it cools off outside? Now you know. Plus, fleas brought into your house last summer don’t die off like they do outside when it freezes. Bacteria and germs have been breeding in the warm fibers of your carpet. 3. Does Your Bedroom Smell Like A Gerbil? Here’s Why… Besides being Harmful to our health, all the germs, bacteria and critters that live off dead skin from us and our pets, stink. They eat skin and along with other excretions, put out tainted methane gas which smells bad. 4. Heavy Soil From Outside Sifts Deep Into Your Carpet Never To Be Seen Again Until the winter rains have washed the sand soil from the roads and sidewalks, heavy soils from outside are tracked onto your carpet, wiggle down deeper than your vacuum can reach and stay there, grinding your carpet down into worthless fibers. You’ll find them in your vacuum bag.

King and Prince of Clean, Gary and Steven Stalick

Cleaning now, will get rid of sandy soils before they do lots of damage or get too deep. 5. Finally – Someone Who Can Remove Those Ugly Black Lines By The Walls, or Crevice of Steps I’ve had new clients call us to evaluate some embarrassing black lines where the carpet meets the wall and at the edges of steps and jagged lines under curtains. They told me no carpet cleaner could get them out and in some cases they had tried up to five different firms. But the black remained. I inspected these lines and found the cause to be an air filtration problem. With extra effort and knowledge on our part, the ugly black lines can be removed. I told the client this and they were apprehensive. I also told them if it didn’t come clean as I described, they would not have to pay us. How’s that for confidence? Yes, we cleaned the ugly black lines. Yes, our clients were happy. 6. Do-It-Yourself Folks Get What They Paid For… …Nothing The problems I have described here can’t be fixed very

Choosing a company can be treacherous. I’ll tell you up front that my service is not for everybody, but here are some reasons to choose me: If all you want is a cheap, brush-the-dirt-off-the-surface cleaning, lots of companies can help you. Choose us when you want deep, thorough cleaning. We’ll give you the fluffiest, freshest, healthiest, longest lasting, clean carpets possible . . .

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Satuday & 7 Days a Week. Saturday &Sunday SundayOK OK

7 Days a Week. Saturday & Sunday OK Stalick Carpet Cleaning


You Get the Most Thorough Carpet Cleaning Ever, or it’s FREE!

Stalick Stalick Carpet Carpet Cleaning Cleaning (916) 224-6624

Alloffers offers Expire March 10,29, 2010 All Expire December 2010 Expires April 30, 2012

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