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Friday, Sept. 19, 2008

Soccer Boys Kick Off A New Tradition Written by Alex Thompson Photo by Jonny Greene Ewy has also had to step up The boys soccer

GOING GREENE Written by Jonny Greene

Who Will Lead?

This fall sports season, the teams are adjusting without seniors. Freshmen, sophomores and juniors are getting the chance to step up and compete at the varsity level in all of the sports. Morgan Steward, a freshmen football player, has had the opportunity to contribute and play at the varsity level. “During the first game I was pretty nervous because it was my first high school game ever and it was on varsity. But once the first snap was taken my nervousness was gone and hard work took over,” Steward said. The absence of senior leadership this sports season was supposed to have a big impact on the teams’ performances. Juniors need to play the senior leadership role which is a big change for them. “A number of juniors have stepped up, but also some sophomores as well,” Head Football Coach Fred Bouchard said. Bouchard, who left a program at Harrisonville which was on a 41-game winning streak, came for an opportunity to start a new program. “It is a challenge to start a new program and involves a lot of people coming behind to pull together,” Bouchard said. With leadership and determination, along with a good coaching staff, the Staley Falcons should be able to overcome the absence of senior authority. The outcome of their hard work will show in the weeks to come.

High Hopes for Cross Country

Written by Taylor Doss After starting the season out with a win, the cross country team has high hopes for the upcoming season. “We make a good pack, we stay close and feed off each other,” said junior Asher Allman. Preparing for the next meet, the runners said they worked hard to improve upon what’s lacking, making sure to give 100 percent. “At practice we get serious, run hard, and push everyone to try and do their best,” said junior Nate Harmon. The team’s chemistry brings them close together, cheering everyone on through workouts and other team exercises at practice. “We have good talks and are very proud on our first meet,” said Allman. The cross country team plans to go strong all the way to the finish line making sure that they’re on top.

Girls Golf Starts Strong

Written by Hilary Griffith Seven girls have endured the burning sun and chilly rain with bitter wind to hit a golf ball around nine to 18 holes daily. They are the girls golf team. Girls golf coach Monte Harmon said it’s been a good first season so far. Goals for this season are to see someone score less than 100 on 18 holes, and 50 on nine holes. The dream of the team is to send someone through to Missouri State Competition. Because there are only seven girls who take turns playing matches and tournaments which are meant for five people, most golfers must play tournaments or matches day after day. Harmon described having only seven players as “challenging to get all matches covered.” With seven golfers, Harmon said there is no JV or Varsity. “They are just a team,” he continued. Why would a high school girl want to play golf? “I like being involved in sports and golf looked interesting,” said freshmen golfer Bailey Holloway. Harmon described the team as “fun.” This is the first year he has coached girls’ golf. Holloway said, “[The team is] crazy and I love them.”

Photo by Ashley Bethel

team started their season strong by taking second in the Winnetonka Tournament with wins over Van Horn High School and Savannah High School. The team also notched a win in their first regular season game against Grandview High School. Coach Jonny Chain has experience at the college and high school level, most recently as the girls soccer coach at Oak Park High School. Blake Owens has stepped up as a leader with hat tricks and several goals. The defense has already posted shutouts. Junior Keith

as a leader after taking a fouryear hiatus from soccer. Ewy scored two goals in the first four games and is confident about the team’s future. “We have a good nucleus of players that can hopefully do some damage late in the season,” said Ewy. Sophomore Dustin Miller left a successful football career behind to start playing soccer and is making an immediate impact on the varsity team. “I really missed soccer,” Miller said. He is returning to the field after taking a four year break. Miller is also looking forward

to the season ahead. “We’re a lot better than people thought, and I think we’ll do well,” Miller said. The lack of seniors has added a challenge for the team, but junior Carson Sanford is not worried. “We aren’t afraid. Most of the juniors and sophomores have experience against bigger schools when we played at Oak Park,” said Sanford. The team has adopted the motto “Never back down,” reflecting their attitude toward the coming season.

Taking the field on Monday, Sept. 8, sophomore Dustin Miller, along side junior Carson Sanford, drives the ball down towards Grandview’s goalie. Staley won the game 6-0.

UPCOMING HOME SPORTS EVENTS 9/19 - Varsity Football [Homecoming game] v. Ruskin Varsity Softball v. Ruskin 9/23 - Varsity/JV Volleyball v. Raytown Varsity/JV Tennis v. Platte County 9/24 - Varsity/JV Softball v. Kearney JV Golf v. Park Hill South 9/29 - JV Football v. Kearney Varsity/JV Softball v. Grandview 9/30 - Varsity/JV Soccer v. Raytown South Varsity/JV Volleyball v. Ruskin 10/1 - Varsity/JV Swimming v. Liberty 10/2 - Varsity/JV Tennis v. Hickman Mills 10/3 - Varsity Football v. Hickman 10/6 - JV Football v. Hickman Mills 10/7 - Varsity/JV Volleyball v. Hickman Mills 10/8 - Varsity/JV Swimming v. Park Hill & Park Hill South

SPORTS IN Short Bouchard’s Boys Bring It Home Written by Jonny Greene

This week’s game looks to be an important one for the Staley football team. The Falcons are coming into this game 2-1 and looking to win their third consecutive game. They take on a solid Ruskin team which is 1-2 on the season and ranked 245th in the state. “I think we’ve got a chance,” sophomore Evan Campbell said. “It’s homecoming and we’re all really excited.” The homecoming game is not only a game because there are many other events going on. At halftime the homecoming queen will be announced.

Also, students and players are looking forward to the dance the following day. The players will need to keep their minds focused on the game and not let the homecoming festivities get in the way. “I always have my mind set on football when it comes to game time,” junior Jayron Robinson said. Head football coach Fred Bouchard’s team will take the field against Ruskin tonight at 7 p.m. The homecoming game looks to excite along with all the other events this weekend.

The cheerleaders fire up students for the Grand Opening on Aug. 18.

Cheerleaders Soar

Written by Daniella Porras and Sarah Seidel Photo by Kristen Melies Standing in the bleachers, fans can hear and see the tumbling and stunts of the award-winning athletes. The cheerleaders brought home the first trophies for Staley after winning the cheer and dance competition at their summer camp held at the University of Central Missouri in June. They also placed third at regional competition in August, qualifying them for the state competition in November. The team works together to hold, lift and toss girls up in the air which requires much strength. The trust between a base and a flyer is deep. The possibility of falling from such heights poses a danger. The flyer has to trust the teammates below her to catch and cushion her fall. The girls stay in shape throughout the season by practicing after school two days a week. Many of the girls said they became close, being part of a newly-created team. “I think the upperclassmen are great leaders and they help out the team by giving us their past experiences,” said freshman Taylor Glenn. They are the first to set traditions for future Falcon cheerleaders. The girls spent all summer practicing from 6 a.m. until about 9 a.m. While preparing for regionals, they practiced until 11 a.m. Never cheering together before and not having seniors, the first-year pressure was on the junior girls to lead the team. The cheerleaders have made it their mission to keep the school and community enthused.


The cheerleaders fire up students for the Grand Opening on Aug. 18. High Hopes for Cross Country Cheerleaders Soar Who Will Lead? Photo by A...

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