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Thursday, March 6, 2014

FINANCE by Barry Bailey

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Not Your Typical Bean Counters

We’ve all heard the jokes and stereotypical descriptions about accountants and the accounting profession. Well, you can throw those stereotypes out the door when you meet the St. Albert-based team from Audits R Us. Passionate about their           they are committed to both teaching and learning from their clientele. The importance of tax planning in advance can’t be overstated for personal taxes and especially for business taxes. The biggest expense in your lifetime is not buying your house, as most would think, but the amount of taxes you will pay. The mission statement of Audits R Us is: “To provide clients with innovative tax strategies while providing education to support increased

    They provide all the services expected from

        T1 tax preparation, audit ready       planning, and payroll services. The          provide with the service. An area of passion for the Audits R Us team is helping clients prepare for the day they receive that conspicuous brown envelope from the Canada Revenue Agency. Audits R Us ensures that all of          Audits R Us team is comprised of tax experts and former CRA auditors. Being constantly up to date on tax regulation changes allows them to          services available in Canada. “Tax is usually the biggest expense for          !  " # founder Rob Chaulk, “and if you don’t have

$              taxes than necessary. That could be your biggest   They approach tax planning on a year-round basis, working with clients to understand their business and industry. Investing in accounting and tax planning, and building a solid foundation              businesses with greater peace of mind. !  " #         $  Passion, fun and energy permeate their business; they enjoy what they do and want their clients to enjoy the accounting experience as well. Contact Audits R Us by email at   %&'()*++

Audits R US Tax Tip: “Tax Season is quickly approaching! 2013 personal income tax returns are due April 30, 2014. Self-employed individuals have until June                   

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Why be afraid, when you are ready? ? Full Services Accounting & Tax Specialists #40 - 17 Boudreau Rd, St. Albert ph: 780.569.1122 Toll Free 1.877.854.9845

A practice Focusing on Wills and Estates The Wills and Estates Lawyers at Weary & Company offer in-depth estate planning for all of our clients. We specialize in probate, will preparation, powers of attorney, personal care directives and estate litigation and we are committed to ensuring the protection of assets and a smooth transition of wealth to future generations.

#400, 30 Green Grove Drive St. Albert, AB 780.459.5596


Count on the

Let us help you get there.

For your local marketing Over 20,000 copies every week. Print and Digital, we have the solution to achieve your marketing goals.

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Insurance & Investment Solutions Wealth, Retirement & Estate Planning

We advise members based on their needs, not ours. 780.419.6600 #401-30 Green Grove Drive, St. Albert

St. Albert Leader March 6, 2014  

St. Albert Leader March 6, 2014

St. Albert Leader March 6, 2014  

St. Albert Leader March 6, 2014