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Congratulations Class of 2012

Great gifts for college-bound graduates METRO CREATIVE SERVICES – With graduation season having just wrapped up, scores of high schoolers are preparing to leave the nest for the first time. Parents of high school seniors often want to find a gift that both symbolizes the significance of graduation and proves useful in the fall when kids take their first step onto a college campus. Though most high school kids would love a new car for graduation, such a gift is not within reach for most parents nor is it practical, as many colleges don’t allow incoming freshmen to have cars on campus. While they might not be a new car, the following gifts can put a smile on a new grad’s face and prove useful at college, too. • Gaming console: Gamers may love to pack the latest gaming console among their belongings when they head off to college this fall. Though parents might want their kids hitting the books instead of playing video games, a gaming console can provide a welcome respite for college kids stressing out over their studies. In addition, gaming consoles can be great icebreakers, providing the avenue by which incoming freshmen can meet and befriend their fellow dorm dwellers. Some interactive gaming consoles, including the Nintendo Wii, can even help freshmen fight off the infamous “Freshman 15,” by encouraging physically active gaming. • Television: Like gaming consoles, new televisions make great icebreakers at college. Chances are, your favorite high

schooler has grown accustomed to Mom and Dad’s home theatre system. While kids likely won’t be able to fit such a system in their dorm room, a flat-screen TV can fit into any dorm room and give freshmen a little home away from home. • Computer: Today’s computers are more affordable than ever, and every incoming freshman can make good use of a new computer. When shopping, keep laptop computers in mind, as kids can take laptops along with them to class and study groups. If grads already have a new or relatively new computer, consider upgrading the computer’s accessories. For example, a new set of computer speakers can increase a computer’s functionality and might even serve as a less bulky home theater system. • Money: Though it’s not incredibly personal, money is a gift no college-bound recent graduate will turn down. Kids are going to need money more than ever before while they’re at college, where they’ll need to buy books, food and cover their social expenses. Parents might not want to give their favorite new grads money for graduation, but such a gift makes perfect sense for aunts, uncles or other distant relatives. • Furniture: Most dorm rooms are anything but roomy, but college-bound grads are still going to need some furniture. Consider functional furniture, such as bins, organizers or a new computer chair, that might not be as glamourous but will be very useful and effective.

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A new gaming console can make a great graduation gift for college-bound high school grads.

Graduation march is composer Elgar’s claim to fame

METRO CREATIVE SERVICES – When asked to list renowned classical composers, Mozart or Beethoven may come to mind. Many people may not think to mention Edward Elgar. But there’s an excellent chance thousands of people are very familiar with the most famous work by Elgar. “Pomp and Circumstance” is undoubtedly Elgar’s biggest claim to fame. It has become the standard to which many soon-to-be graduates proceed into their graduation ceremonies, both in high school and college. As such, it has become one of the most recognized concert marches. The song — the trio section of the first march in a series written by Elgar — was not written with the intention of being a graduation processional. Elgar built up his reputation as a composer of works for great choral festivals throughout

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An English march turned into a composition commonly heard at graduation ceremonies across North America. England. In 1901, Elgar began composing five marches that would be named “Pomp and Circumstance Marches.” He is perhaps best known

for the first of the marches, which went on to be simply named, “Pomp and Circumstance,” or “The Graduation March.” Since 1905, it has been used at

virtually all high school and university graduations in North America. The first time “Pomp and Circumstance” was played in a graduation setting was when Elgar received an honorary doctorate from Yale University in 1905. At the end of the ceremony, the march was performed as recessional music. It was so well received that it was soon expected to be played during graduation ceremonies at many other prominent schools. Today, it is rare to hear “The Graduation March” played outside of commencement ceremonies. Many graduates have fond memories of hearing “Pomp and Circumstance” at their school commencement, even remembering the exact moment they received their degrees. For those attending a graduation ceremony in the near future, expect to hear this powerful march.


Congratulations Class of 2012

Biology, business top popular majors METRO CREATIVE SERVICES – Thousands of high schoolers have be graduated in the past few weeks and many will be going on to college in the fall, a decision that may have been difficult to make. When pondering their futures, high schoolers may wonder whether college is necessary and a smart choice for success. Although every student is different and there are scenarios that can affect anyone’s future, the decision to attend college is generally beneficial. It often opens up doors and opportunities in the workplace that a high school diploma alone cannot. Here are some things to consider: • Ours is a global economy with many job applicants being pooled from all over the world. A higher education becomes a necessity rather than a luxury. • College may open up opportunities for internships, which offer hands-on experience in particular fields. • College can help develop social skills that are a benefit in and out of the workplace. • Generally college graduates earn higher salaries than those who only have a high school diploma. When students go on to college, there are some majors that prove more popular than others. But the most popular majors don’t always ensure the best-paying or most rewarding jobs. According to, here are the more popular college majors and what they generally pay in salary. • Biology: A biology degree is often the first step in a career in medicine. Biologists may specialize in biochemistry and pharmaceuticals, which may offer careers that pay a little more. Biology majors can expect to earn between $39,000 to $45,000. • Business Administration: These graduates are often in the right path for careers in real estate and infrastructure

of big companies. These grads often go on to get MBAs and eventually become executives, some even CEOs. Starting salaries are among the more lucrative at around $57,000. • Communications: These majors are often in competition with English majors for the same jobs, which can include interpreting visual and verbal messages, advertising, journalism, public relations, and speech writing. Salaries may start around $31,000. • Criminal Justice: These graduates have a number of options at their disposal, but tend to gravitate to law enforcement. Government jobs can be stable and lucrative, and a good option for criminal justice majors. Starting salaries average about $38,000. • Elementary education: Education is one of the few careers that continues to grow and provide good options for applicants. Although good teachers are an asset to future students and workers, a teacher earns the lowest starting salary of the most popular majors, averaging just $29,500. • Nursing: Nursing is one of the largest industries inside of the health care niche and continues to add workers. Nurses have a wide range of options in jobs. Salaries begin around $41,000. • Psychology: This is the second most popular major, usually for students who are unsure as to where they want to go in college. Psychology students often combine their major with others to have a specific concentration, such as adolescent counseling or teaching. Starting salaries are around $46,000. College can unlock doors in the career world. Depending on what students want to earn after graduation, college majors should be based on interests and earning potential.

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Researching a potential customer base is essential for people looking to turn their hobbies into careers.

Turning hobbies into careers

METRO CREATIVE SERVICES – The notion is oft-repeated at graduation ceremonies or passed down from generations: If you find something you love to do, you’ll never work a day in your life. While that’s a comforting thought, many adults recognize there are plenty of things they love to do, but no guidebook as to how to turn those beloved hobbies and passions into a career. Though there are no formulas to ensure the transition from hobby to career will be a success, there are ways to make the process go more smoothly and give aspiring entrepreneurs a solid foundation. • Talk to successful entrepreneurs. One of the best places to start pursuing your dream is to speak to others who have successfully pursued theirs. Chances are things were rocky at the start, but those who made it through those early struggles can likely offer some insight as to possible pitfalls or roadblocks to avoid or look out for. Use their experience to your advantage in an effort to make your transition go more smoothly. With regard to seeking guidance, even the government might have some advice or offer free seminars to prospective business owners. For example, the U.S. Small Business Administration ( offers a host of advice about starting a business. Whether’s it’s nuts-andbolts advice about finding funding or less official pointers like finding a mentor to help you through the process, the SBA is a great resource for aspiring business owners. In Canada, the Canada Small Business Financing Program has approved roughly $1 billion annually in loans to businesses since 1999 and makes a great resource for prospective business owners. In addition, prospective business owners should consult a financial advisor to help arrange finances and determine just how much it might cost to develop a new business. • Don’t limit yourself to one idea. If you have a specific idea for a company but the market appears

flooded, don’t limit yourself to that specific idea. For example, if your passion is lawn care but your community already has several landscaping companies already in operation, consider another idea that allows you to put your green thumb to good use. Perhaps there’s a stronger market for a gardening service or a landscape architecture business. Explore all of the possible ways you might be able to turn a hobby into a career, and be as open as possible. • Determine if there is a customer base. A little market research can go a long way toward turning a hobby into a career. In order for your business to be successful, you will need customers who want to buy your product or services. For example, no matter how big a movie buff you are, you likely won’t be successful if you open a video store, since people now have monthly subscriptions that deliver movies directly to their home via the Internet or the postal service. Some basic market research will help you determine if there is a need for your services and how strong that need might be. The stronger the need, the more likely your idea will resonate. If possible, speak with people who already work with your potential clientele and get their opinions on your idea. • Fully commit. Going into any prospective business venture half-hearted is a recipe for disaster. Though there’s no guarantee you will be successful, your chances are much better if you fully commit. Expect to put everything you have into this new venture and recognize that your hobby will no longer be something you do on weekends, but something you do to feed yourself and those who rely on you. Fully committing could likely mean quitting your current job and working around the clock until your fledgling business gets off the ground. If you aren’t ready to make a full commitment, be it a financial or emotional investment, then you might to put it on hold until you’re truly ready to make the leap.

Going into any prospective business venture half-hearted is a recipe for disaster.


Congratulations Class of 2012


Congratulates the Class of 2012! Daniel Abday Cole Aikens Alycia Aitken Robyn Amerongen Michael Babcook Eric Baxter* Stephanie Bazzarelli* Jayden Bearchell Kristyna Becker Marissa Beier Nicholas Bejcar Barrett Belland Nolan Benwood Mateo Berrio Tyler Biollo Tia Bizon Kyle Bodnar Evan Breda Katherine Burak Stephen Cain Reysan Carrasca Maxwell Carter Maxwell Cathcart Sarah Chan Kia Coles Bryan Collins Chelsea Collins* Julie Constantin Lindsay Cox Matthew Cox Patrick Cusack Charlotte Cuvilier Kyle Davies Connor Dawkins Gillian De Costa Evan Deane Tyler Demers Zoe Downing Geoffrey Durocher* Curtis Eldering Trace Elson

Haley England Aldo Esposito Nicola Fijalkowska Brennan Finley Marco Fiorilli Sarah Fleming Sasha Footz Ciara Fraser* Jesse Furber Steven Gatien Luc Gauthier Lane Gauvreau Joseph Gennaro Jordan Gentile Andrew George* Madison Gerencser Chantelle Gervais Janelle Gervais Nathan Gies Quenton Glass Brandon Goldsmith Joshua Goselwitz* Travis Grant-Horvat Devan Gunputrav Erik Halldorson Samantha Hallett Austin Havens* Chelsea Hebb Daniel Henry Mackenzie Hoekstra Taylon Holdsworth Damjan Horzic** Peter Hryhorchuk Shaylyn Hunter Jason Husak Logan Hutchinson* Alexander Iwaniuk Joshua Jewell Blair Johnson Mikelie Johnston* Shea Jose

Sianna Kaplar Jacob Kazakoff Sara Kendi Bryce Kennedy Kaitlin Klak Drew Korven Tanner Kovacs Sydney Kozuska Kelly Kuin Alexander Kvamme Jared Kwasney Eric Labrecque Brittany Lamash Connor Lawless Elisa Leclair Andre Leduc Gregory Lefebvre Kyle Lefebvre Madison Lochhead* Mitchell Lohmeier Tarren Luck Sarah Lumley Spencer Lust Kendall Lydon Jillian MacDonald Stephanie MacDonald Nigel MacGregor Benjamin MacKay Joshua Mackie Kathleen MacKinnon Michael Maguire Christine Malon Rebekah Marcellus* Melissa Marchand Chase Mariner Ryan Martindale Angela Mason Hannah Mason Stephen May Tania Mazzuca Christian McHale

Liam McNamara Mitchell McNamara Nicolas Meronyk Adam Micklich Emery Mindana Carly Mollan Cullen Moloy Riley Morin Amelia Musselman David Muzichuk Stefanie Mycko Meaghan O’Keefe Ryley Ostlund Steven Parth** Michael Paruby Brianne Peck Mitchell Perrott Vanessa Peynenburg* Erin Phelps Carline Phillips Emily Picard Tara Plawucki Trevor Poirier Palmer Policicchio Michael Polny Leanne Potiuk Carter Proft Salena Pysyk Kaitlyn Randall Antoni Randhawa Casey Reid Bradley Richmond Brandon Risling* Daniel Robertson Andrew Rodziewicz Taniesha Rogers-Kumar Daniel Rombough Christina Roth Daniel Roth* Jennifer Roux Karly Ruller

Brent Saccucci Bailey Sadowsky** Carson Samoridny Michael Schiller Alyssa Schmode Natalie Shaw You-Chun Shen* Calli Smith Adam Sobkowicz Sung Song Hailie Sperling Christopher Spiwek Jeremy Stegehuis Landon Steil Danton Tait-Vanderheide Tyler Takacs Elisabeth Tassone Jonathan Ternes Danielle Thomson Stephanie Tobinski Brendon Tonhauser Amanda Tremblay Perry Tremblay Craig Trischuk Jennifer Twa Natasha Valencia Nicholas Valliere Bryce Van De Walle Tyler Van Os William Vida Landan Viveiros Patrick Wall Cole Wanchulak Evan Warmington Hayley Warmington Landon Wenger Jenna Werhun Taylor Wilson Adelle Zalys Kristen Zentner*

** indicates International Baccalaureate Diploma Student *indicates International Baccalaureate Certificate Student




Holy Family Parish Thursday May 17, 2012 Th

Jubilee Auditorium Friday May 18, 2012

Edmonton Expo Center Friday May 18, 2012


Congratulations to all of the 2012 St Albert Graduates!

Hon. Doug Horner, MLA

Spruce Grove - St. Albert Constituency 780-458-1393

Hon. Stephen Khan, MLA St. Albert Constituency 780-459-9113

Congratulations Class of 2012


Congratulates the Class of 2012!

Angela Mason Valedictorian

Vanessa Peynenburg Grad of the Year




Congratulations Class of 2012


Class of

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Congratulations Graduates! Grads Fleeing The Nest? Let Us Help Find A Home That Matches Your New Lifestyle!


Congratulations Class of 2012


Class of

“ The Future Is Ours, Stand Close To Mee” Exccerpts of Valedictoriian, Veronica Kubbe’s Adddress To those who have guided and nurtured us, to those who have strengthened our roots, given us courage, taught us patience, and inspired us to persevere; thank you for being here to celebrate with us today. Our theme this year is “The future is ours, stand close to me”. We are the future generation. We are being given the responsibility of supporting and providing for the generations to come. We are being entrusted to make the right, responsible, ethical decisions necessary to better the world in which we live. Each of us has potential. Each of us has dreams. I look at the faces of my incredible classmates, and I see everything that they will become. I see the mothers and fathers, the lawyers, the teachers, the veterinarians, the physicists, the artists, the engineers, the doctors, the musicians, the police officers, the business men and women, the nurses, the actors, and the writers; the possibilities are unlimited, and I feel so proud to be graduating with a class of so many ambitious, hard-working individuals. As we graduate and join the adult world, we will still need the guidance and support of our parents, families, friends, and teachers. Like trees, as we grow stronger of character, and wiser of mind, we will need their continued pruning so that we may blossom and bear the fruits of success. So “stand close to me”, and stand close to us, as we venture off to discover the future that lies ahead.


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Congratulations Class of 2012


Class of



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Congratulations Class of 2012

PAUL KANE HIGH SCHOOL Abaza, Batool Acheson, Kevin Adam, Brianna Agius, Madelyne Allen, Kirsten Allen, Krista Anderson, Daylan Anderson, Des Anselmo, Alyssa Appleby, Noelle Arcand, Robert Armstrong, Ryan Ayer, Tori Baber, Joshua Babiak, Andrew Bachand, Luc Bailey, Chad Baker, Jamal Barber, Carly Barclay, Rachel Barker, Gillina Barker, Jessica Barr, Nathan Batt, Kalena Beeston, Maxwell Belley, Anne Bender, Mackenzie Bennett, Trent Bent, Lynsey Bergunder, Dawson Berry, Elise Bertin, Khalil Bertram, Nicole Best, Brandon Billsten, Colleen Bindon, Danielle Blatchford, Anton Boksteyn, Kelsey Bolduc, Stephanie Boucher, Stuart Boyd, Andrew Brochu, Jaden Brodeur, Nicole Bronetto, Jeff Brooks, Chelsea Brown, Allandra Bruce, Alexandra Bruce, Brittany Buffam, Julia Burow, Erik Burzminski, Taylor Butler, Katelyn

Cameron, Genevieve Cancian, Alyssa Carmichael, Olivia Cebryk, Joshua Chalifoux, Thomas Cherfan, Gabrielle Cheung, Chanel Chmait, Nader Clark, Morgan Codrington, Jared Coghlan, Neil Cole, Samantha Copeland, Sean Corazza, Massimiliano Cormier, Laura Craft, Hayley Cronshaw, Jessica Cruthers, Dawson Cunningham, Jordan Currie, Trey Curtis, Amber Cutting, David Day, Rebecca Dell, Connor Demchuk, Austin Demetrioff, Shelby Dennis, Rodney Despins, William Desrochers, Dylan Dick, Ryan Dickie, Fallon Doig, Michael Doroshenko, Amy Doughty, Mackenzie Dowbush, Leanne Drew, Kayla Dufault, Stephan Duguay, Laura Duncalf, Andrew Duncan, Logan Durham, Alex Eberlein, Jacy Elicksen, Keiran Ellingson, Cameron Enger, Mackenzie Espinoza, Meghan Ewasiuk, Kaitlyn Ezzard, Robyn Fernandez, Julius Fink, Krystal Fleming, Sarah Follette, Whitney

Forde, Sydney Formanek, Kirstin Foster, Paige Foster, Thomas Fraser, Morgan Freitas, Ryan Fuller, Ryley Fulmes, Ella Garland, Ian Garska, Bree Gendron, Chantal Glover, Chaisi Gradidge, Matthew Graff, Kristopher Grant, Emma Greco, Jordan Green, Dylan Green, Eric Greening, Gregory Grewal, Anjuman Gunnarson, Dustin Gunnarson, Kayla Gysen, Aaryn Hajjar, Adam Hall, Lauren Hambleton, Nathan Hansen, Casey Hardy, Aidan Harris, Shayna Harvey, Andrea Hauptman, Joshua Heathcote, Kiara Hertz, Erica Hodge, Kristin Holik, Joshua Holmes, Stephanie Hooke, Nicole Humble, Jolene Humphreys, Haley Hunt-Dochuk, Jessica Hurlburt, Joel Ingram, Morgan Irwin, Calvin Iskander, Abram Iwanyshyn, Brandon Jackson, Steven Jacob, Krystin James, Brandon Jennings, Brandon Johnson, Cody Johnson, Kaitlyn Johnson, Shelby

Johnson, Thomas Johnston, Shannon Joly, Sarah Kabat, Joshua Kalyn, Alyssa Kamins, Colby Kamminga, Caitlin Karbonik, Katelin Kay, Jennifer Klemmer, Jamie Kniel, Cameron Knoblauch, Gregory Koen, Brady Krissa, Jarrett Kuehn, Heather Kushlyk, Kristan Kushneryk, Jesse Kutryk, Terri LaBas, Andrea Lafleur, Dawson Laforest, Harrison Laurent, Savannah Lavoie, Jakob LeBlanc, Connor LeBlanc, Steven Lee, Doeun Lendzion, Charlotte Leonard, Allison Lesenko, Breanna Lillie, James Lindsay, Shannon Lintick, Kaylynne Livingstone, Kelly Ljuden, Heather Lobreau, Andrew Long, Joanna Ludwig, Caralyn Lutas, Zoraa Lutz, Hailey MacEachern, Carly Macuch, Blair Malbeuf, Amanda Malchuk, Gregory Malmberg, Samuel Mann, Karli Margetson, Justin Martin, Daniel Maslovskyy, Maksym McCaffrey, Courtney McDonald, Benjamin McGugan, Brent McKay, Peter

Class of

McNiven, Mallory McPherson, Katie Mentanko, Blake Meyn, Jessie-Lee Miller, Cody Miller, Phoenix Mirecki, Nicole Mitchell, Emily Mitchell, Jennifer Mitchell, Nathan Mochid, Miranda Molyneaux, Ryan Monai, Jeremy Moorhouse, Hayley Morrow, David Mullenix, Tucker Murphy, David Mustaklem, Rachel Nash, Cassara Needham-Pinette, Britni Newman, Chelsee Newton, Riley Nicholls, Kevin Nielsen, Nicole Nilsson, Thor Noel, Shaquille Officer, Elaine Oliva, Jamie-Lee Olson, Brooklyn Orriss, Dylan Oudenaarden, Nicole Ouimet, Raquelle Pannebaker, Shannon Paquette, Rachel Parayko, Kyra Paré, Kathleen Parratt, Morghan Pasalic, Braden Passek, Aaron Payne, Adelle Pharis, Laurenne Phelps, Emma Phillips, Daniel Pichota, Braydon Piercey, Zachary Plomp, Graham Posty, Jordan Price, Adam Prokop, Landon Pucci, Brandon Raheem, Reza Rahemtulla, Kahir

Randall, David Rawlick, Robert Rayburn, Madisen Rea, Kirsten Rekken, Mark Ribey, Tiffany Riehl, Cole Rock, Jeffrey Roebuck, Rachel Roeleveld, Michael Rogers, Emily Rose, Stephanie Roszell, Darren Rowse, James Rundell, Jared Ryks, Mark Sala, Samantha Samadi, Ideen Sandberg, Leah Sasseville, Robert Saunders, Jillian Savitzski, Christopher Schacher, Joshua Schmidt, Marc Schneider, Marisa Seddon, Ian Semeniuk, Darren Sestito, Matteo Sharpe, Katrina Shewchuk, Graeme Shirton, Daniel Simmonds, Nicole Sloboda, Zachary Smith, Andrew Spachynski, Aleksander Spencer, Jasmine Spring, Matthew Stadnyk, Hayley Stadnyk, Sasha Stehelin, Nicholas Stephen, Stephanie Stevenson, Cassidy Stewart, Jamie Stiles, Brandon Stuckey, Laura Sturgess, Adam Sutton, Hyrum Svenson, Jake Szo, Courtney Szutarski, Brittney Taef, Nahmmy Taylor, Jake

Thomas, Chloe Tkachyk, Megan Tosto, Isabella Trusty, Devon Tymafichuk, Kyeler Tymko, Jill Valji, Sarah VanDorp, Jonathan Van Norman, Kodi van Ouwerkerk, Cassie Vickers, Melissa Voigt, Hanna Wagener, Brendan Wardell, Jordan Watts, Joel Weber, Chantelle Weihmann, Michael Weiler, Carly Werre, Nolan Wheeler, Monique Wiggins, Samantha Wilkie, Joshua Williams, Colton Williams, Samantha Wilson, Joel Wise, Tyler Wolfleg, Alisa Wolosyn, Kennedie Woolley, Melissa Rae Worthington, Kathleen Wright, Nicole Yakabuski, Taylor Yardley, Evan Yaremko, Jordan Yee, Meredith Zahacy, Reece Zarft, Nicholas Zimmerman, Landon Bilingual Certificates Adam, Brianna Anderson, Des Anselmo, Alyssa Boyd, Andrew Brooks, Chelsea Buffam, Julia Butler, Katelyn Carmichael, Olivia Cherfan, Gabrielle Chmait, Nader Clark, Morgan Coghlan, Neil

Corazza, Massimiliano Despins, William Desrochers, Dylan Doughty, Mackenzie Duguay, Laura Ellingson, Cameron Espinoza, Meghan Fleming, Sarah Glover, Chaisi Gradidge, Matthew Greco, Jordan Hambleton, Nathan Harris, Shayna Holmes, Stephanie Irwin, Calvin Joly, Sarah Kamminga, Caitlin Karbonik, Katelin Kushlyk, Kristan Lafleur, Dawson Lavoie, Jakob Lesenko, Breanna Lindsay, Shannon Livingstone, Kelly Malmberg, Samuel Mitchell, Emily Mitchell, Nathan Molyneaux, Ryan Newton, Riley Ouimet, Raquelle Pannebaker, Shannon Parratt, Morghan Pasalic, Braden Passek, Aaron Payne, Adelle Pharis, Laurenne Piercey, Zachary Raheem, Reza Rawlik, Robert Roszell, Darren Saunders, Jillian Schmidt, Marc Sharpe, Katrina Spencer, Jasmine Stehelin, Nicholas Taef, Nahmmy Tosto, Isabelle Valji, Sarah Watts, Joel Wilson, Joel Worthington, Kathleen Yee, Meredith


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Congratulations Class of 2012



St. Albert Protestant Schools

Congratulations to each of our 2012 graduates!

From the Board of Trustees and administration of St. Albert Protestant Schools District Administration Office 60 Sir Winston Churchill Avenue



Congratulations Class of 2012

BELLEROSE HIGH SCHOOL Portia Adams Dale Albert Katie Allen Mathew Allen Celine Almond Colin Amyotte Britt Anderson Shilah Anderton Zachary Andres Josh Armstrong Paige Armstrong Sarah Atkins Braden Attrill Kimberley Barnaschone Matthew Barry Sean Barton Adrian Battiston Jesse Baxter Shannon Baxter Thomas Bell Kayla Bender Sean Bennett Zachary Birch Andrew Blackburn Connor Blackburn Nicole Block Robert Blunden Emma Boisselle Zachary Boras Haydn Borlase Tyler Bosso Joel Boucher Nicole Boulianne Shane Brady Austin Braithwaite Carly Brenton Christopher Brett Alyssa Brewer Bobi-Sue Broadbent Samantha Bruns Rachel Bryant Matthew Burley Graham Buttar Amey Caig Robyn Campbell Gabrielle Cariou Matthew Chaney Alexandra Cheney Aaron Chichak Devon Christenson Jared Christenson Kemal Ciplak James Comeau

Chelsea Cote Samantha Dacyshyn Cody Dickson Franceska Dnestrianschii Josie Drozdowski Amanda Dunnigan Kyle Duperron Cazandra Egan-Martinez Thomas Ellis Samantha Evans Dean Fairall Elise Farand Conor Feehan Scott Firby Kyle Firth Steven Fithen Keenan Fitzpatrick Madison Fontaine Riannon Frank-Taylor Sabrina Gannon Anita Gennaro Kathryn George Tanner Gettis David Gigena-Kazimierczak Ashley Gillett Michaela Goodman Danielle Granoski Cathy Grant Sophie Gray Jed Groenenboom Nathaniel Gros Ventre Boy Cory Gulaga Ashley Gurke Sun Doo Ha Emily Haines Benjamin Hale Aisha Hameed Alyssa Hartmetz Jordan Harvey Ashley Hebner Alyson Heimbecker Kren Henderson Brandon Heniuk Brandon Hoffman Deanna Hoffman Miranda Holmes Kenzie Hopkins-Hau Ian Horne Samantha Houk Kaylen Houle Sabrina Houle Daniel Huellstrung Haylee Huisintveld

Anisah Hussain Karlen Hutlet Sarah Hutton Daniel Jankovic Cynthia Johnson Kent Jones Lucas Josok Dylan Joy Daniel Keenan Alana Kehoe Musa Khan Erin Kirchner Abigail Kozma Jerrica Kress Meghan Kristan Austin Kruk Chelsea Kudryk Kyler Kutash Chris LaBuick Bradley LaJeunesse William Lamb Nicole Langford Kathryn LePan Brady Liske Alexander Los Duncan Lotoski Stephanie Lunsford Tyler MacAdam Connor MacCallum Katelyn MacLeod Miranda Maione Curtis Malainey Avery Martin Elizabeth Martinson Vanessa Mastervick Graeme Matichuk Gregory Mayes Kaitlin McDonald Keltie McDonald Kyle McDonald Thomas McDougall Andrew McDowell Ryan McGale Joshua McGann Megan McKenna Liam McLennan Egan McNamara Jake Mentz Trent Merrick Michelle Meunier Samantha Mickelsen Bethany Miller Emily Moloney

Daya Montakhebi Ryan Moore Katelyn Moorhouse Brandon Moulds Danika Mowatt Mitch Murray Brody Nagtegaal Taylor Neufeld Stephanie Nichol Mitch Nicholas Kristy Nuthall Giandrey Nutting Adam O’Hara-Zahorodney Lauren O’Kell Kieran Olenick Bethany Olivier April Olsen Kerri O’Neill Dylon Opalinsky Tyson Opalinsky Kelsea O’Reilly Erich Parenteau Davis Pearson Jacob Peckover Keith Penner Kara-Leigh Perry Connor Petrie Jillian Pineau Scott Piper Andrew Piven Christina Powell Christian Prosko Ryan Proulx Jeremy Puffer Adya Qaderi Danielle Rahel Ryley Reith Benjamin Rennie Emily Riehl Kelsey Robichaud Tanner Russell Michael Sadoway Brent Sagert Bayonne Said Nicole Sawchyn Tyler Schulte Caleb Schuman Katie Seal Dillon Shafer Brittney Sharawara Thomas Sharkey Marlo Shaw Jesse Siewert

Ryan Siffledeen Stewart Simmers Laura Simonsmeier Hayden Sinclair Ryan Skoreyko Kelsey Smith Chris Stachniak Alexandra Stanley Dominica Staszczyk Vance Steblyk Dugald Steele Meagan Stenner Amye Steven Sasha Stone Brock Sturtevant Thomas Swischook Danielle Tardi Connor Taylor Jacob Taylor Meghan Thompson Nicole Thorsley Rob Tingley Sarah Trithart Danielle Umbach Sarah Upfold Jordan Valan Allan Valentine Lucas Vallevand Jayden Van Leeuwen Mark Vaxvick Kristi Veenbaas Jordann Vendramin McKenna Vickers Marc Waddingham Kathryn Walker Amy Wanchulak Mikaila Wardrobe Matthew Webb Owen Weir Austin White Taran Wickstrom Daniel Wilhelm Audra Williams Eric Wilson Laura Wilson Kayla Wiseman Aimee Wright Erika Wright Jenna Wyatt Alexia Yahn Kent Zutz


Congratulations to the 2012 Grads Edmonton - St. Albert

Brent Rathgeber, Q.C., M.P.


Visit us at


Congratulations Class of 2012 400 Campbell Road St. Albert, Alberta t. 780.418.6088

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tuesdays, august 7 - august 21 6:00 – 7:00 pm cost: $24.00 (3 classes). . . . . . . . code: 16984

thursdays, august 2 – august 23 | 5:45 – 6:30 am cost: $24.00 (4 classes) . . . . . . . .code: 16992

spin and soul wednesdays, july 4 – august 22 | 6:00 – 7:30 pm cost: $112.00 (8 classes) . . . . . . . .code: 17308

spin–ESIS tuesdays, july 3 – july 24 | 7:30 – 9:00 pm cost: $52.00 (4 classes). . . . . . . . . code: 17217 thursdays, july 5 – july 26 | 7:30 – 9:00 pm cost: $52.00 (4 classes). . . . . . . . . code: 17216 tuesdays, july 31 – august 21 | 7:30 – 9:00 pm cost: $52.00 (4 classes). . . . . . . . . code: 17219 thursdays, august 2 – august 23 | 7:30 – 9:00 pm cost: $52.00 (4 classes). . . . . . . . . code: 17374

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straddle and swing tuesdays, july 3 – august 21 | 9:15 – 10:45 am cost: $110.00 (8 classes) . . . . . . . . code: 18142

the long hard ride wednesdays, july 4 – july 25 | 7:00 – 8:30 pm cost: $48.00 (4 classes) . . . . . . . code: 16996 wednesdays, august 1 – august 22 | 7:00 – 8:30 pm cost: $48.00 (4 classes) . . . . . . . .code: 16997

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