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Thursday, Jan. 5, 2012

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Thursday, Jan. 5, 2012

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Fireworks light up the sky over downtown St. Albert on New Year’s Eve. The annual display, put on at Seven Hills by Victory Life Church, attracted hundreds of people who watched in awe from several vantage points.


Horner not tired of elections yet

GLENN COOK St. Albert Leader

Even though he just got off the campaign trail, Doug Horner is anxious to get back on it. Fresh off a grueling campaign for the leadership of the Progressive Conservative party — which he ultimately lost — the Spruce Grove-Sturgeon-St. Albert MLA is raring to go once again with a provincial election on the horizon this spring. “After eight or nine months of campaigning, I’m kind of looking forward to the election, because that’s what I spent the last year doing,” he said with a laugh. “I am looking forward to it. I think it’s going to be an interesting election across the province.”

“Alberta has changed a lot from when I grew up.” Doug Horner Deputy premier


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The hockey team for Le club athlétique Canadien — today known as the Montreal Canadiens — play their first game, seven years before the National Hockey League is founded.

And Horner figures he’ll be in for a fight in his own riding when the writ is dropped. “We know where our vote is, and we’ve got to get it to the poll. That’s going to be critical,” he said. “I think we’ll do OK in the riding. Do I think we’re going to do as well as we did last time? That’s going to be tough to beat,” he added. New Democrat Juliette Trudeau is the only other declared candidate in the riding thus far. 2011 was certainly an eventful year for Horner, taken up mostly by the Tory leadership race, which ran from February to November. “To me, the biggest thing from last year was finding out that Alberta has changed a lot from when I grew up,” he said, noting the province’s international focus

and ethnic diversity as examples. But, despite the lack of normalcy over the year, he said he’s glad he threw his hat in the ring. “[You think] there’s a whole bunch of things I could have been doing, but the reality is, I felt we could win,” he said “You can look back on it and regret the fact you did it, or you can look back on it and say, ‘That was one hell of an experience and I learned an awful lot [and] grew individually.’” Late in 2011, once Alison Redford had emerged as the PC leader, Horner was re-appointed deputy premier, and given a new post as president of the Treasury Board. He said it’s been a steep learning curve, but he has enjoyed the challenge. “I view it as kind of being in everybody’s sandbox, but in a supportive role,” he said. “My role is to make sure ministers can have the cross-ministry initiative support they need to have. And being the treasury board president as well, that gives me the added authority I need to have to make sure that happens.” Meanwhile, Horner has seen many of his caucus colleagues announce recently that they are not seeking re-election, but he doesn’t think that has anything to do with Premier Redford. In fact, he said he feels the current caucus is working well. “There’s a new emphasis on the people of Alberta — education, health care, those sorts of things,” he said. “There’s a renewed emphasis toward that, and if you look at her platform, that’s where it comes from. ... We’re starting to catch up to where Albertans were.” But Horner conceded there are things to work on, and he plans to tackle those issue head on. “That was one thing I heard lots on the campaign trail — that we needed to get our message out,” he said.

*Some restrictions apply. Offer expires January 31, 2012

Photo: GLENN COOK, St. Albert Leader

Despite having just wrapped up a nine-month Tory leadership campaign, Doug Horner says he’s itching to get back on the campaign trail this spring.

RCMP looking for tips in assault case GLENN COOK St. Albert Leader

St. Albert RCMP are hoping that eyewitnesses can fill in some fairly large gaps in the investigation into an assault in the Forest Lawn subdivision last week. At about 3:30 a.m. on Tuesday, Dec. 27, police say a 17-year-old man was exiting a taxi cab in the area of Forest Grove when he was ambushed by three males wearing ski masks. The victim reported that, during the attack, he was

thrown to the ground and kicked in the head. Unfortunately, the only description that the victim could provide was that his assailants were wearing dark clothes, including hoodies, sweatpants and ski masks. St. Albert RCMP are hoping that folks in the area may have information that could lead to identifying the suspects in this attack. Anyone with any information is asked to call the local detachment at 780-458-7700 or Crime Stoppers at 1-800222-TIPS (8477).


Thursday, Jan. 5, 2012

Revamped Education Act to be back before MLAs in spring sitting TANARA McLEAN Sun Media News Services

Revamped education legislation is being pushed for when MLAs head back to work for the spring 2012 legislative sitting. Weeks of consultations about the new Education Act are set to wrap up Jan. 8 after newbie Education Minister Thomas Lukaszuk halted plans in November to pass the massive piece of legislation, citing the need for more consultation is due to “outstanding issues.”

The ministry said the act will be ready in time for debate in the upcoming spring session that’s slated to start in early February. Through a series of public consultation meetings and online feedback, Lukaszuk opened up the floor to teachers, students and other Albertans typically not consulted about education for feedback. The ministry said they sent out about 600,000 letters to students asking for their input.

Thomas Lukaszuk Education Minister

Critics have called the push for additional consultation a publicimage exercise, but Dave Colburn, the chair for Edmonton Public Schools, disagrees. “The new Education Act will define education for years to come, so I shouldn’t think there’s any concern on my front, or the board’s front, that there’s been too much consultation,” Colburn said. If passed, the Education Act will replace the existing School Act,

which was last updated in 1988. The new legislation was introduced under former education minister Dave Hancock. Changes under the law will tackle school bullying, making provisions to allow schools to expel or suspend students for bullying on or off school property. Another change under the act would boost the dropout age from 16 to 17. Students could also complete high school under a public model until they are 21 years old, up from 19. To have a say on the new act, visit www.

Thursday, Jan. 5, 2012



Thursday, Jan. 5, 2012


The Best Place to Meat


118-205 Caregie Drive, St. Albert

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Christmas crease crashers

Photos: glenn cook, St. Albert leader

Above: Matthew Cesarz of the novice St. Albert Devastators reaches for a puck during a semifinal matchup in the St. Albert Minor Hockey Association’s 2011 Christmas Tournament on Thursday, Dec. 29, against the St. Albert Scorpions. Below: Players from several tournament teams pose with the Go Canada Go World Juniors banner sponsored by local realtors Chuck Mullholland and Cindi Knight.

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Tree pickup program returns GLENN COOK St. Albert Leader

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As fast as they go up, Christmas trees often come down early in January. And the City of St. Albert wants to help residents clean up. The City is once again offering its Christmas tree pickup program from Jan. 9 to 20 as part of regular curbside garbage pickup. Solid waste program co-ordinator Christian Benson said that, once picked up, the trees will be chipped into mulch. “We bring in a large chipper a couple of times a year, and we turn it into mulch,” he said. “We use the mulch for public works, for any of our aspects, or we bring it to a compost facility.” And, following a storm of complaints after bagged leaves picked up in the fall were dumped in a landfill, Benson assured that trees would find their way to the compost yard, not the dump. “The biggest problem with the leaves was

bagging; it’s horribly expensive to debag leaves,” he said. “With trees, they’re not bagged; they’re easy. We can just throw them in the pile like a normal tree.” That is, of course, as long as all the decorations are removed, as the City is asking residents to do. “People do throw them in garbage bags every year, which is kind of strange. They can definitely keep the garbage bag,” Benson said. “Just put it out loose, somewhere easy for our guys to get to, and it’s not an issue to pick it up.” Benson said there are fewer and fewer real Christmas trees being used every year, but the program still gets a fair amount of use. “I think the vast majority of people use artificial trees,” he said, “but we still get quite a few. Our guys are in trucks pretty solid all day for the next two weeks, picking up trees.” Residents can also drop off their Christmas trees at the City’s compost depot, three kilometres west of St. Albert Trail on Villeneuve Road.


Thursday, Jan. 5, 2012

Local ref plays big part at WJHC

GLENN COOK St. Albert Leader

Most spectators at the World Junior Hockey Championship games at Rexall Place were there to see Team Canada or one of their Pool B opponents. But there was another team on the ice, the one wearing black and white stripes, and it was a local man who made sure everything ran smoothly for them. Blake Bradburn, the St. Albert Leader’s sales manager, served as officials host for the tournament games in Edmonton, making sure the referees and linesmen — 11 in total, plus two supervisors — who came in from all over the world had what they needed to do their jobs effectively. The opportunity to work at the tournament was something Bradburn grabbed soon after it was announced it was coming to Alberta, getting in touch with the general manager and the operations manager for the Edmonton games. “When I heard the World Juniors were coming to Edmonton, I wanted to be involved somehow. But I wanted to put my expertise from my previous background to work,” he said. Bradburn served as a linesman in the Western Hockey League for five years, and has plenty of hockey officiating experience

under his belt at levels ranging from Canadian Interuniversity Sport and junior A leagues to the Allan Cup, Canada’s senior amateur men’s championship, in 15 years wearing the stripes. “I had a really good understanding of what the expectations for the officials were going to be, and liaising between the tournament host committee and the officials and supervisors,” he said. Although he had been working since October, there were “a few hiccups here and there,” especially given that Rexall Place is usually meant to house two National Hockey League teams and one crew of four officials, not five teams and 11 officials. “The referees’ room that the NHL guys use is really well-equipped, but we weren’t able to use that room,” he said. “One of the problems we had was that there was no phone from the video goal judge booth to the referees’ room, which is a requirement. But it was kind of an oversight, because it’s set up, but you change rooms. It was little things like that that came up throughout the week.” Plus, although the International Ice Hockey Federation requires all of its officials to be able to communicate in English, there was still a bit of a language barrier to overcome, with officials hailing from places like Finland, Germany, Sweden and the Czech Republic. “A lot of Canadians don’t really realize it,

but we use a lot of slang. ... We went out for dinner, and one of the guys orders a scotch, and the waitress says, ‘On the rocks?’ And he says, ‘What is on the rocks?’” he said with a laugh. “We had to explain to him that it just meant ice. He said, ‘Oh! I was picturing rocks in my drink.’” One of the games Bradburn oversaw was the New Year’s Eve showdown between Canada and the United States, which he said was an amazing experience. “The building was electric,” he said. “It was a great night to be a part of. ... It was a big game for all the volunteers from Edmonton.” Canada’s 3-2 win over their southern rivals featured one of the most interesting calls of the tournament, when U.S. forward Emerson Etem was called for clipping after sending Canadian goalie Scott Wedgewood somersaulting in the second period. Clipping is not a call seen very often either in international play or the NHL, but Bradburn confirmed it is in the rule book. “Clipping is the act of, for lack of a better term, targeting the knees or below,” he said. “It’s a penalty to target those kind of low bridge hits.”

Photo: GLENN COOK, St. Albert Leader

Local ref Blake Bradburn served as the officials host for the Edmonton games of the IIHF World Junior Championship.

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Photo: Sun Media News Services

Canadian goalie Scott Wedgewood is tripped up by U.S. forward Emerson Etem during the teams’ New Year’s Eve showdown at Rexall Place. Etem was given a clipping penalty on the play.



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Thursday, Jan. 5, 2012



More words to banish

Here’s what people are saying about #StAlbert on Twitter:



very year, for the past 37 years, Lake Superior State University has put out their annual List of Words to be Banished from the Queen’s English for Misuse, Overuse and General Uselessness. This year, some of the entries included: ginormous; baby bump; occupy; man cave; and amazing. by Glenn Cook The 15 or so words compiled by the small Michigan college offer a snapshot of pop culture and current events in the year that just passed, and perhaps a glimpse to where we might be headed in the future. In that spirit, we here at the St. Albert Leader might suggest a few additions to the list — some specific to the city, others not so much: • Starbucks: It’s not that we want to get rid of the coffee shop entirely — just the sore feelings that surround it. There was a lot of dissent brewing over the addition of a Starbucks kiosk to Servus Place over the summer, including petitions to oust councillors and wondering out loud about the legality of the deal. But it’s open now, and it’s turning a few extra bucks to pay down the facility’s deficit. You don’t have to buy anything there, but there’s no need to keep dragging the issue out. • NIMBYism: This is a particularly dangerous word, and one that should be banished due to it too often being associated with St. Albert and the projects in which it has stood in the way. The more this word is thrown about, the worse the city looks. Not far behind on the way to the banished list should be CAVE (Citizens Against Virtually Everything) people and BANANAs (Build Absolutely Nothing Anywhere Near Anyone). • El Tabador: The little Mexican wrestler in the lime green tights was kind of funny when cellphone provider Koodo rolled him out in their ads. But he has mostly become an annoyance, causing channels to be flipped — be it TV or radio — when he comes on. • Yuuup!: Alright, we’ll admit — we watch way too many episodes of Storage Wars on A&E, even ones we’ve seen dozens of times before. And it’s pretty much universal that Dave Hester and his trademark bid are the most annoying part of any of them. So there they are, giving LSSU a head start on the 2013 list. They can thank us later.

So there’s now a Starbucks and a Tim Hortons a minute away from my house in St.Albert. I don’t even know what to do with myself #COFFEE #JAA

@craicmonkey Just came from the #StAlbert fireworks. Nicely done. Thanks to the hot chocolate lady for the tip on prime viewing location #happynewyear


@StA_ServusPlace Did you see us on Breakfast Television? Great coverage of St. Albert’s Minor Hockey! #stalbert #servus_place

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Do business licences need conditions?


here is not a week that goes by where I am not contacted by someone who has an issue they would like to share their opinion on. I have been humbled by all the thoughtful, well-researched ideas and positions that have been presented to me. For that, I give full credit to voters and to our newspapers. We are truly fortunate for the excellent, hard-hitting news coverage we receive on all municipal issues. While politicians may not always appreciate some of the commentary, the resulting benefit of a well-informed electorate within our democracy must be recognized. I am always looking for common sense solutions to civic issues and newspapers like the St. Albert Leader help to facilitate the


MacKAY City Councillor My City dialogue of opinions and ideas. One issue that arises quite regularly is the practice of business licensing. Currently, business licences are issued to whomever so chooses to apply restricted solely on the ability to pay. I had always assumed that a business licence was much like your driver’s licence — not a right, but a privilege — and as such would have some restrictions and obligations for the licensee to uphold. Should there be a minimum standard to operate a business in St. Albert or do we rely exclusively on the invisible hand of Adam

Publisher: Rob LeLacheur

Editor: Glenn Cook

Sales Manager: Blake Bradburn

Smith and the free market to determine which proprietors are able to set up shop? Municipalities have been given the legislative authority to regulate business within their municipal boundaries and many have created rules and regulations as conditions for licensing but St. Albert does not. Should someone who has recently been convicted of fraud be permitted to open a used car dealership? Or how about a tradesman who has had his membership in his trade association rescinded? These examples are purely hypothetical however, these types of issues do arise and currently there is nothing to prevent such occurrences. Throughout the year, many residents will call the City to ask if a business is licensed or not. Intuitively, we all assume

Delivery concerns? Email us at All claims of errors in advertisements must be received in writing by the publisher within 5 days after the first publication. Liability for errors or failure to publish is limited to the amount paid for the space occupied. The opinions expressed within publication are not necessarily those of the St. Albert Leader or RJ Lolly Media. Material published may not be copied or reproduced with the express written consent of the publisher.

that there is some procedure or standard in place that makes a licensed business more ethical than one that is not, but presently that is not the case. I do not want to introduce unwanted red tape, but I would like to see some bare minimum standards in place that protect the consumer and that does not restrict the free market from functioning as it should. Some restrictions precluding a past history of criminal activity and a requirement for a good standing within a professional association may be proactive policy that could benefit us all. Let me know if you think business licensing should have some caveats or if the principle of caveat emptor should apply. Share your thoughts by emailing or call 780-721-8679. Owned and operated by

RJ Lolly Media Inc. 13 Mission Ave. St. Albert, Alta. T8N 1H6

Phone: 780-460-1035


Thursday, Jan. 5, 2012

Sticking to your resolutions St. Albert Leader

For many, with the flip of the calendar to a new year comes the annual resolution to get in shape. But, a scant few months later, most who have made that promise to themselves have fallen off the wagon — or the treadmill, or the exercise bike. So what is the key to sticking to a fitness program? Bryce McLeod, fitness and wellness co-ordinator at Servus Credit Union Place, said one of the biggest keys is to start slow and work your way up. “Don’t bite off more than you can chew,” he said. “Often I see people doing too much too soon. If [people] haven’t done anything regularly and then decide it’s a good idea to start a fitness regime, they usually try to jump in and do too much too soon. I always say a graduated entrance to an exercise program [means] better success for continuance and sticking with it.” McLeod said he sees traffic in the fitness centre, located on the second floor of Servus Place, go up substantially at the end of January and beginning of February each year.

“All those New Year’s resolutioners start to pour through the doors. ... The numbers speak for themselves,” he said. “We do daily head counts, and that is our busiest time of the year.” But, he said, that spike is usually short-lived, not only as people give up on their resolutions, but also as the temperatures rise and people can exercise outdoors much more comfortably. “Usually people stay strong, but we see our first drop after March,” he said. “That’s kind of when you see the attendance take its toll. It’s not dramatic, but after those first three months, it starts to take its first little dip. Then, as we get closer to July and August, it kind of patterns out.” Along with the too-much-too-soon problem, McLeod said he sees people come in with ideas about what they should do, rather than what they enjoy doing, which might help them stick with it longer. “Maybe what they should actually be doing is completely different,” he said. “Sometimes people think that just coming in, doing some cardio and some weight training in the fitness centre is best for them, when they actually need

to find something they enjoy.” He adds that, although there are plenty of good intentions this time of year, people should have a goal and a plan to reach that goal before setting foot in the gym, possibly one put together with the help of a fitness professional. As well, exercise is only one component of a healthy lifestyle, and people also need to watch their nutrition if they want to see encouraging results. “There’s always multiple layers. Depending on what your goals are — if your goal is weight loss, especially — you’ve always got to factor in that it’s not just exercise,” McLeod said. “You need to make sure your nutrition is up there too, and maybe seek out a nutritionist, make sure you have a balanced diet for yourself.” At Servus Place, there are plenty of programs to help folks achieve their New Year’s resolutions, ranging from yoga and pilates to spin and dancebased Zumba classes. “This time of year, we’ll see a big influx in our weight loss-based programs; we’ve got a ‘Bigger Loser’ program that’s quite popular,” he said.

Photo: GLENN COOK, St. Albert Leader

Servus Place fitness co-ordinator Bryce McLeod shows proper form on a machine in the facility’s fitness centre. Edmonton

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Thursday, Jan. 5, 2012


Stars set to light up silver screen in 2012 BRUCE KIRKLAND Sun Media News Services

Everything old is new again — and again! As in 2011, Hollywood will focus on prequels, sequels and re-makes for the next 12 months. Franchises from Spider-Man to the Jason Bourne saga will be re-launched with new names on the marquee. They will all vie at the box office with a new genre: 3D conversions of vintage blockbusters. Among them are: James Cameron’s Titanic; George Lucas’s Star Wars: Episode 1 — The Phantom Menace; and Disney’s animated classic Beauty and the Beast. The surprise success of the 3D version of The Lion King in 2011 is responsible for this unique trend. Meanwhile, 3D in general — especially for big-action pictures — is expanding and not shrinking, despite a backlash from tech-weary fans. None of this recycling rules out the fresh and original. No one — not even Hollywood suits who hate taking risks — can stop innovative filmmakers from seizing on new creative ideas. But the pillars of Hollywood commerce in 2012 will still be bizarrely familiar. Some titles may become instant classics anyway. In the prequel category, Peter Jackson will offer The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey. This is based on J.R.R. Tolkien’s children’s book, The Hobbit, which explains the origins of The Lord of the Rings. Sequels with key stars returning include: The Dark Knight Rises; Ice Age: Continental Drift; Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance; American Reunion; The Expendables 2; Men in Black III; The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn — Part 2; Wrath of the Titans; Dairy of a Wimpy Kid: Dog Days; Madagascar 3: Europe’s Most Wanted; G.I. Joe: Retaliation; Taken 2; Underworld Awakening; and Journey 2: Mysterious Island (a sequel to

Photo: Sun Media News Services

Reboots — like The Amazing Spider-Man, starring Andrew Garfield (above) — sequels and prequels are set to dominate the box office in 2012. Internationally, significant films will As a re-make bonus, the TV show 21 Journey to the Center of the Earth from include Angelina Jolie’s feature directorial Jump Street is getting the movie treatment, 2008, itself a re-make of the 1959 movie). debut, In the Land of Blood and Honey; with Johnny Depp reprising his Tom And, of course, we will get the longMarc Forster’s World War Z, the zombie Hanson role but playing support to awaited 007 film Skyfall, with Daniel Craig apocalypse project that had Brad Pitt Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill in the returning as James Bond. outbidding Leonardo DiCaprio for the starring roles. Re-makes include: Baz Luhrmann’s rights to the novel; the Disney action Re-booted franchises include: The version of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s famous novel adventure flick John Carter, from the Amazing Spider-Man, with Marc Webb The Great Gatsby, with Leonardo DiCaprio Edgar Rice Burroughs novel; the new directing instead of Sam Raimi and in the role Robert Redford essayed so Disney-Pixar animation Brave, a tale set in Andrew Garfield in the title role as Spiderlanguidly in the 1974 film; Tom Hooper’s the Scottish highlands; Rodrigo Garcia’s Man/Peter Parker; and The Bourne Legacy, Les Miserables with Sacha Baron Cohen, with Matt Damon missing and Jeremy drama Albert Nobbs with Glenn Close and Anne Hathaway and Hugh Jackman; Mia Wasikowska; John Madden’s The Best Renner becoming the focus in a whole new Total Recall with Colin Farrell and Kate Exotic Marigold Hotel; Lynne Ramsay’s character and saga. You could put Snow Beckinsale; and, uniquely, Tim Burton’s celebrated We Need to Talk About Kevin; White and the Huntsman in this category, Frankenweenie. and the Farrelly Brothers’ biopic, The Three too, with Kristen Stewart as the fairest In this stop-motion animation, Burton Stooges. of them all. Plus Judd Apatow’s This is is turning a brilliant short he made in Also coming are: Ridley Scott’s sci-fi 40 expands on the secondary characters his youth into a feature film that deals adventure Prometheus; Joss Whedon’s that Paul Rudd and Leslie Mann played in metaphorically with his own angst-ridden Marvel comics superhero movie The Knocked Up. youth growing up in Burbank. Avengers; Curtis Hanson’s surfing film, Of Before you despair about the death of Men and Mavericks; Ang Lee’s long-awaited originality, be assured there are those fresh Michael’s @ The Inn The Life of Pi; Larry Charles’ The Dictator, a ideas. Remarkably, five new titles this year come new satire with his pal Sacha Baron Cohen and Megan Fox as the femme fatale; James from three of Canada’s most acclaimed Watkins’ The Woman in Black, starring directors. David Cronenberg has two films 11:00AM – 2:00PM Daniel Radcliffe as a man named Arthur for 2012: A Dangerous Method with Michael Steak Sandwich with Fries & Garlic Toast, with (and not a boy named Harry); Baltasar Fassbender, Keira Knightley and Viggo choice of Soup or Salad served with dessert. Kormakur’s thriller Contraband with Mark Mortensen in a Freud-Jung psychological Wahlberg and Kate Beckinsale; and Timur free-for-all; and Cosmopolis, with the odd 4:00PM – 9:00PM Bekmambetov’s wildly weird Abraham and interesting trio of Robert Pattinson, Steak Sandwich with Garlic Toast, with Paul Giamatti and Jay Baruchel co-starring. Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, an undead project choice of Fries, Baked Potato or Rice, brainstormed by Tim Burton. Sarah Polley has her already-acclaimed choice of Soup or Salad served with dessert. Meanwhile, Tom Cruise looks unfettered Take This Waltz ready for the summer, with in the trailers for Rock of Ages, while Jack Seth Rogen, Michelle Williams and Sarah the Giant Killer looks like it will be a ride Silverman co-starring roles, while Stories Bring in this ad to receive into the sky for the boy with the beans. We Tell is set for the fall. Deepa Mehta’s Nicholas Hoult stars as young Jack in this Midnight’s Children, adapted from the an additional 10% OFF re-imagining of the classic fairytale. Salman Rushdie novel, is also coming.






Thursday, Jan. 5, 2012



Thursday, Jan. 5, 2012

Plenty of games coming in ’12

allies and foes, and I’m dying to see how it all plays out in the end. UnchArted: Golden ABySS (PlAyStAtion As we stumble out of the holiday season, VitA; feB. 22): This prequel adventure in engorged and drunk on the all-you-can eat the Nathan Drake saga will make its debut buffet of blockbuster video games released on the PlayStation Vita, Sony’s high-tech over the last couple of months, it might be successor to the PlayStation Portable. While best not to look too hard at the year ahead. I’m definitely looking forward to running, That’s because as insanely jam-packed as gunning and climbing with mini-Drake, 2011 was with I’m equally great games, excited for 2012 looks as if some other Vita it could be even titles hitting in bigger. A classic 2012, including heroine will get Hot Shots a gutsy reboot, Golf: World a beloved sci-fi Invitational and trilogy will reach the made-inPhoto: Sun Media News Services its climax, a Toronto Sound Mass effect 3 producer casey hudson speaks about the game at e3 in l.A. in Shapes. powerful new June 2011. handheld game diABlo iii system will (Pc And MAc, make its debut and a role-playing game fans eArly 2012): It’s been 12 long years since the have waited 12 years for will finally emerge. release of Diablo II, one of the most cherished A proper list of the most anticipated (and addictive) computer games of all time. games of 2012 would be far too long to fit But if game development studio Blizzard in this space, so here are the eight releases Entertainment holds true to its word, I’m personally most stoked for. Better we’ll soon have the next instalment in this finish up Skyrim, Arkham City and Saints action-oriented fantasy RPG series ruthlessly Row: The Third while you can, because the destroying our productivity. I’m calling in new avalanche of killer games is already sick that month. thundering down the mountain. toMB rAider (XBoX 360, PS3 And Pc; lAte BioShock infinite (XBoX 360, PS3, Pc; tBA 2012): Lara Croft is the most famous female 2012): This isn’t a direct sequel or prequel to icon in interactive entertainment, but her 2007’s outstanding BioShock, but it is being games went through a period where they crafted by developer Ken Levine and the folks started to kind of suck. Even though the last at Irrational Games, the maestros behind the few Tomb Raider adventures have been pretty original. No one blends action and thoughtsolid, this upcoming origin-story reboot, provoking story like these folks, and the starring a young Lara just learning the tools setting — a spectacular yet ominous floating of the trade, looks utterly fantastic. city in an alternate version of 1912 America GrAnd theft AUto V (XBoX 360, PS3, — is like nothing we’ve seen before. Pc; tBA 2012): The release of a new Grand MASS effect 3 (XBoX 360, PS3, Pc; MArch Theft Auto game is always a huge event, and 6): Our friends at Edmonton-based BioWare Rockstar Games says this sequel to 2008’s Corp. have a lot to live up to with this final Grand Theft Auto IV will be their largest and instalment in the much-loved Mass Effect most ambitious game to date. Details are sci-fi game trilogy, but from what we’ve seen still scarce, other than that the game is set in so far, it looks like they’ll end on a high note. Los Santos (a reimagined version of presentPlayers have had two epic games to get to day Los Angeles) and will offer “a bold new know Commander Shepard and his (or her) direction in open-world freedom.”

STEVE TILLEY Sun Media News Services

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Thursday, Jan. 5, 2012

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One_entry_per_person._Winners_will_be_notified_by_phone/email. Deadline_for_entries:_11:59_p.m._on_Jan._31,_2011._Ties_broken_by_random_draw.

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Thursday, Jan. 5, 2012


Home is where the laughs are MARCY CORNBLUM Sun Media News Services

Going as far back as grade school, Sandy Jobin-Bevans was the student who could make his classmates laugh. He describes his childhood filled with “sports, comic books and GI Joe. I always wanted to be in a GI Joe movie when I was a kid. “ His other passion was sports. My walls were covered with articles and pictures from Sports Illustrated — and years later when he was hired to write for the NHL Awards and later the NHL All-Star Game — “it was a dream come true.” It was while studying at the University of Manitoba to become a high school history teacher that Jobin-Bevans realized he was able to make money doing improv comedy. “Being funny comes easily to me. My friends and I jumped on the stage (at the Winnipeg Planetarium) with the performers (whom I was writing with) and did a bunch of improv games. When it was over, I felt the experience was exhilarating.” These days, Jobin-Bevans is a

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busy guy but he wouldn’t have it any other way. His current projects include starring in the new YTV show called Life With Boys. “I play a single dad with four kids. My character is a gym teacher with a daughter who is the most athletic amongst her three brothers.” “It is fun working with kids and I always wanted to do a series.” The best part of his job? “Getting paid to make people laugh — something I’d do for free.” Jobin-Bevans invited Sun Media into his home. Q: How would you describe your home in a few words? A: Happy. After being on our honeymoon for five weeks, we want to have people over and party. People in the house make it feel like a home. Q: Tell us about your home. A: It is a 1,400-square foot, three-floor townhouse. It is 10 years old. I moved in May 2009. Special features include underground parking outside the basement door and a very tiny backyard. There is just enough space for the barbeque and the outdoor furniture. We

completely renovated the space when we moved in. The first project was to restore the master bathroom. We put in a bathtub, double sinks and painted it grey. The kitchen now features a white countertop and stainless steel appliances. In the living room we redid the fireplace and installed shelves. Q: Who shares this home? A: My wife Kylee Evans. We are newlyweds. Q: What is your favourite room and why? A: The living room. We decided to take away the TV and have tons of books in there. Take away the TV option, and you become more social. Q: How would you describe your decorating style? A: Modern eclectic. I agree with whatever my wife decides it should be. The look of our house is clean and simple with little quirky details and things that mean a lot to us. It’s definitely the most adult home I’ve ever lived in. Most of the rooms in the house are painted in the colours of grey, black or white. The master bedroom is painted light

Sun Media News Services


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in this home? A: Last year’s Christmas/ housewarming/engagement party. Our place was full of friends who stayed on until the early hours of the morning ushering in the holiday season by spilling wine on our carpet and breaking our new couch, but we loved it anyway! Q: If your walls could talk, what would they say? A: “Time to vacuum!”

Consider this: over the past 10 years, there has been a 65 per cent increase in the value of the average Canadian home. To put that into dollars and cents, in 1985 the average home in Canada would have cost $150, 720. Today, that same house would be valued at $248,176 — a big increase in value over this period of time. And, of course, the earlier you can redirect the money you currently pay in rent into paying down a mortgage, the faster you’ll start building equity in your home. An investment that lets you sleep at night: Does the increase in value shown above represent a good investment? The answer is yes, because housing is typically a stable investment, offering good rates of return. Relative to the stock market, which can fluctuate, your home typically offers you a dependable rate of return. And, of course, you can’t live in a stock portfolio!

No roller coaster ride for today’s buyers: Today’s housing market differs sharply from the 1980s, when panic buying and an oversupply of homes caused violent swings in house prices. Unlike those overheated times, we have been living in a period of low inflation and low interest rates, both of which help to maintain a strong, but steady, market for homes without wild swings in prices. Demographics, immigration, and a sound economy are all factors supporting the belief that a home will continue to be a good investment, at least in most parts of Canada. Perhaps more than ever, location is the key factor driving price increases. So if you’re hoping to buy in a particularly desirable area, you may not want to wait: homes in these neighborhoods are more likely to see above-average price increases over the next few years.

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green. We have a photo wall in the basement covered with images of all the places we’ve been. There is a big piece of art hanging in the main entrance. It is a painting by Peter A. Barelkowski. It is mostly white, with a ladder leading down to a red box that contains a single chair. I like to think of it as a place where an individual can go to be away from the world. Q: What is your fondest memory

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Photo: Sun Media News Services

Actor Sandy Jobin-Bevans and wife Kylee Evans say the favourite room of their 1,400-square-foot, three-storey townhouse is the living room.

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Thursday, Jan. 5, 2012


Time to know your worth, creatives JULIE TYIOS Sun Media News Services

It’s an exciting time to be a job candidate in Canada, especially if you’re working a creative position in the online space. As our economy keeps bouncing back, the demand for creative services keeps increasing as more money is being poured into marketing and advertising. This means, of course, the creation of new jobs — particularly in the startup/ SMB sector, which is the fastest-growing sector of our country’s economy. According to The Working Group, the most in-demand positions in Canada heading into the new year are: information architect, interactive marketing manager, mobile designer/ developer, online project manager, SEO/SEM specialist, user experience designer, video producer, web analytics specialist and web designer/developer. If you have experience with any of these roles, 2012 is projected to be a great time to take a look at the market and find an opportunity that will help boost your career. Also promising are the health care, mobile, gaming,

agency, retail, education and technology industries. If you’re an experienced creative professional, start taking a look at roles within these areas to capitalize on the projected demand. As demand increases, so do salary offerings. There’s an old cliché that creative professionals are often overworked and underpaid. If you’ve been denied a raise or feel you are not being paid well enough for your job performance, a change of workplace can help you obtain the salary you want. Although it may be tempting, I always advise people not to play the blackmail card — don’t go for interviews and shop around for job offers in order to get your current company to pay you more. Speak to your current boss first and ask if you can get your salary reviewed. If you’re denied that opportunity, you can start applying for jobs elsewhere. Once you’ve had the initial chat with your boss, you can bring salary offers to the table from other companies to see if they’ll match them. There’s no guarantee, though, and you should be prepared to leave your job for a better opportunity

regardless. Good companies will pay good money to attract and retain the right candidates. If you have something outstanding to offer, you shouldn’t settle for less. Do what’s right for you and your career and take advantage of a market that’s chasing your talent. Julie Tyios is the marketing manager and chief matchmaker at,a career destination for young professionals. Contact her at

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ADMINISTRATION POSITION: Active Warehousing Inc. is seeking a full time office person to work in our warehouse shipping office, duties include but are not limited to customer service, data entry, filing, producing bills of lading and shipping documents, and basic office functions. This position will require someone whom can work in a shipping office warehouse setting, work with trucking companies and warehouse staff on a daily basis. You must have computer experience and an understanding of the industry would be a benefit. You will be required to work Monday - Friday on a day shift with some weekend work involved however weekends are not regularly required. You will be required to keep you work area clean and organized. Rate of pay is $16.00 per hour and time and a half for overtime as required. We offer a comprehensive benefit package after 3 months.

Please reply to this ad by emailing, by fax at 780-482-5151 or you can drop off your resume at 12900-148th street to the attention of Marcy.

Our employees take pride in providing more than 60,000 residents with high-quality programs and services. A wide array of opportunities are available to suit your passion and experience. You can cultivate your career in a place where staff not only care about the work they do but also the people they work alongside. We have the following employment opportunities available: • • • • • • • • • • •

Chief Administrative Officer/City Manager General Manager, Economic Development Aquatics Recruitment & Training Associate Emergency Services Personnel Fitness Instructors Night Shift Caretakers Pilates Instructors Purchasing Coordinator Senior Project Manager Temporary Payroll Support Utility Engineer

For information on these and other current opportunities available at the City of St. Albert please visit our website at or drop by our Human Resources department. Human Resources The City of St. Albert 216, 7 St. Anne Street St. Albert, Alberta T8N 2X4 Fax: (780) 459-1729 Online applications: We wish to express our appreciation to all applicants for their interest and effort in applying for this position but only candidates selected for interviews will be contacted.


Thursday, Jan. 5, 2012


Global coffee prices set to boil over SUN MEDIA NEWS SERVICES – Global coffee prices may surge early in 2012 as tighter bank lending in top robusta producer Vietnam chokes off cash to exporters, cutting supply and pushing up premiums even as the harvest rolls in. London robusta prices could rise by about 10 to 20 per cent, leaving roasters with no choice but to pay up until farmers in Vietnam decide to release stocks and beans from other key coffee growers resurface in the second quarter of 2012. Robusta from Vietnam is typically offered at hefty discounts to Liffe futures when supply is bountiful during harvests, but prices have flipped over to a premium for the first time in at least a decade during harvest as many cashstrapped exporters have disappeared from the physical market. Vietnam has tightened bank loans this year to slow annual credit growth and combat inflation of more than 18 per cent, but the move has cut cash flow to exporters who need money to buy beans from farmers and also raised new fears of defaults. “When you tighten the purse strings on the exporters, the chances are that prices will rise due to a crackdown on supply,” said Jonathan Barrat, managing director of Commodity Broking Services in Sydney. “On a break of $1,840, we can see prices moving above $2,000.” London robusta (LRCc2) has bounced almost three per cent since hitting an 11-month low at $1,784 a tonne in November, partly due to limited sales

Photo: Sun Media News Services

A farmer picks coffee cherries at a farm in Vietnam’s central highland of Di Linh district in December. from Vietnam, although the contract is still well below a peak of around $2,670 hit in March. The contract traded at around $1,830 on Dec. 23, the last day of trading before the holiday period. “If Vietnam does not sell much next month, roasters will have to buy from London markets and prices could then rise to $2,200 a tonne,” a trader with a European firm in Ho Chi Minh City said. This forecast implies a 23 per cent surge in London prices from the November low. Many buyers, who had delayed

purchasing Vietnamese coffee to take advantage of seasonally typical discounts of more than $100 per tonne as the crop peaks in December, are having to pay premiums of as high as $70 to the London March contract (LRCH2) as they fight over freshly roasted beans for nearby shipments. In December 2010, Grade 2, five per cent black and broken beans, mainly used in instant coffee, were sold at discounts of between $135 and $170. “Pricing is chaotic this year, and some traders are short of beans because of the premiums to London,” said a coffee

dealer in Ho Chi Minh City. Vietnam has tightened lending to reduce bad debt, targeting a reduction in credit growth to around 12 per cent this year from 27.65 per cent in 2010 as it fights soaring inflation. The policy change has hurt domestic trading houses. Exporters complain they are not able to get bank loans to stockpile coffee from the 2011-2012 harvest, which is likely to yield 20.83 million bags in the crop year to September 2012, or about 14 per cent of global coffee output. “Banks have not started disbursing funds yet. Banks are very careful now in doing business with coffee companies after many losses in recent years,” said a Vietnamese banker. Banks are reluctant to lend to exporters, who either delayed or defaulted on shipments in the previous crop year as farmers refused to honour earlier contracts after domestic prices climbed and eventually hit a record at 51.9 million dong ($2,468) a tonne in May. While bankers need government approval to grant extra credit to exporters for bean purchase and stockpiling, cash-rich farmers who have gained from a nearly 50 per cent rise in domestic coffee prices this year refuse to sell beans at below 40 million dong a tonne. Vietnam’s coffee exports in December fell an estimated 8.5 per cent from a year ago to 150,000 tonnes, as farmers held back stocks and exporters struggled to buy beans.

2012 outlook on menu at Chamber lunch

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The economic outlook for Alberta and beyond is on the menu this Wednesday at the St. Albert Chamber of Commerce’s monthly luncheon meeting. The Chamber will welcome ATB Financial senior economist Todd Hirsch as

their special guest for the luncheon, to be held at the Sturgeon Valley Golf and Country Club from 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. Aside from his post with ATB, Hirsch is also a sessional economics instructor at the University of Calgary. He is

co-chair of the Calgary Arts Academy, and was named one of Alberta’s 50 Most Influential People by Alberta Venture magazine in 2011. He has a new book hitting shelves soon titled The Boiling Frog Dilemma: Saving Canada’s Economy in the 21st Century.

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Tickets for the luncheon are $30 each for Chamber members and $35 each for non-members. The Community Spotlight at the meeting will focus on the Canadian Cancer Society’s Relay for Life. — GLENN COOK

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Up 0.69¢

98.82¢ US S&P/TSX

Up 281.76

12,208.43 NASDAQ

Up 23.52

2,648.72 DOW

Up 106.03

12,397.38 GOLD

Up $13.10

$1,606.80 US OIL

Up $1.70

$102.97 US Figures as of closing Tuesday, compared to one week prior. For information purposes only.


Thursday, Jan. 5, 2012

Rise and fall of the euro SUN MEDIA NEWS SERVICES – Ten years ago Saturday, the European Union celebrated the launch of the first euro coins and notes with fireworks, parties and solemn speeches. Today, several members are on the edge of bankruptcy. First-world Europe is reduced to asking the IMF and China for help. The euro itself is at risk of unraveling. How could it all have gone so wrong? In a series of interviews with architects of the euro — a former president, a former prime minister, two former finance ministers, a former central banker, a former EU commissioner and a former EU Affairs minister — common explanations emerged. The single currency would not have sparked the euro zone debt crisis, they argued, if the pro-European dynamic that led to its creation had continued into its first decade. But instead of launching an economic and political integration of Europe, the low interest rates and easy money that arrived with the euro led peripheral states on a path of profligacy, widening the gap with frugal, export-oriented economies of the north. Meanwhile, as rapid enlargement made EU decisionmaking more cumbersome and as citizens’ enthusiasm for Europe waned, EU leaders hollowed out the authority of the European Commission, the union’s chief executive body and guardian of its treaties and of fiscal probity. Most of all, some of the architects now admit that after the first few euphoric years, it became clear the euro itself was a flawed concept, laying a single currency over a group of countries that stuck to national sovereignty over their economies. The euro was a dare from the get-go. Former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher famously spurned the currency as unworkable and a threat to sovereignty; Sweden stayed out, too. Euro boosters themselves pushed ahead with the project despite sharing misgivings about its inherent political and economic flaws. “One thing was evident to me from the beginning,” said Guy Verhofstadt, leader of the European Parliament’s Alliance of Liberals and Democrats, Belgian prime minister from 1999 to 2008, and one of Europe’s most federalist politicians. “A state can exist without a currency, but a currency cannot exist without a state.” One of the driving forces of European integration is former French President Valery Giscard d’Estaing. Now 85, he resides in a stately Parisian townhouse filled with museum-quality 18th-century furniture. As president from 1974 to 1981, Giscard, with German Chancellor Helmut Schmidt, helped create the European Monetary System and the European Council summits of EU leaders. Early last decade, he chaired the drafting of the European Constitution that later became the Lisbon Treaty, which governs EU institutions as they function today. For Giscard, one of the key reasons for today’s euro

Photo: Sun Media News Services

Air Miles has announced that all reward miles accrued by subscribers before Dec. 31, 2011, must be used by Dec. 31, 2016. Photo: Sun Media News Services

A technician on a hydraulic elevated arm puts finishing touches to a giant mural of a one euro coin on the facade of the Group Banques Populaires building in Paris in December 1998. zone debt crisis is the EU enlargement of the past decade, in particular in 2004, when 10 countries — mostly former East Bloc nations — joined the European Union. “By the time the euro was introduced, the group was no longer homogeneous,” Giscard said in an interview. The European Union now counts 27 members and is set to receive a 28th — Croatia — in 2013. Enlargement has made the European institutions hard to govern, he says, notably the executive European Commission, which has a commissioner for every member country. The crisis erupted first in Greece. Giscard, a hellenophile, did as much as anyone to bring Athens into the European Union. He championed its EU candidacy at a crucial moment in 1979, fending off German objections and European Commission reservations at the time against admitting the country just seven years after the fall of its military junta. Greece joined what was then called the European Economic Community in 1981. Two decades later, in 2001, it joined the euro. Standing in his ballroom-sized entrance hall, decorated with deer antlers and two enormous elephant tusks, Giscard now voices the unthinkable: Greece should consider leaving the euro. Giscard said that a deflation, or economy-wide drop in prices, of 40 or 50 per cent would be necessary to restore competitiveness if Greece remains in the euro. That is probably too hard for its citizens to bear, which makes a euro exit and consequent devaluation a more acceptable outcome. The Greek people need to study “seriously and honestly” whether to go back to the drachma or stay in the euro. “It’s a Greek choice.”

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Air Miles now have 5-year expiry date SUN MEDIA NEWS SERVICES – Canadians saving up their Air Miles for a big trip in the far future are out of luck. The rewards program says customer have to cash in their points within five years or lose them forever. Starting on Dec. 31, all Air Miles will have a five-year time stamp. Reward miles collected before or on New Year’s Eve 2011 will have to be redeemed by Dec. 31, 2016. After that, each new reward mile will have a fiveyear lifespan. Angry collectors took their concerns to Air Miles’ Facebook page, many threatening to cancel their accounts and some even calling for a boycott. “Some people have been saving them for decades for that special trip, and you want to force them to redeem before they’re ready? Not cool,” wrote Debbie Spence of Winnipeg. “I have been saving

airmiles since 1998 so that we could go on a dream vacation for two,” wrote Patricia Keyes. “It’s been a lot of hard work, shopping where I wouldn’t normally shop, places with higher prices. I even got an extra card and gave it to another family member to help me earn some miles. They even changed stores in order to help me. And we worked extremely hard to earn those airmiles. Now you’re telling me that means squat.” Air Miles users collect reward miles by spending money with designated sponsors — usually gas stations, liquor stores and grocery stores — which can be redeemed for items or air travel. The announcement was buried at the bottom of a press release issued Thursday about a new feature that lets users instantly redeem reward miles in store.

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