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The Stairways Group – setting the standard for door sets One of the leading suppliers of residential and commercial doors, quality of products, customer service and ethics are the basis of Stairways’ ethos


he Stairways Group, founded in 1989, has rapidly grown to become one of the UK’s largest manufacturers of carpentry and joinery products. One of the leading suppliers of residential and commercial doors, the quality of products, genuinely high levels of customer service and ethics are at the very core of the Stairways ethos. Suppliers of door sets, both internal and external, to market-leading house-builders across the country, Stairways are always at the forefront of house-builders’ requirements for new and innovative products to stand alongside the latest trends in the industry.


Stairways are soon to introduce their new product range, a High Performance Internal Door Set solution. The target markets will be high-end residential, educational institutions, retail units, leisure facilities and commercial projects. The door set range has been meticulously designed with a high level of specification; this allows for this particular range of door set to span across all levels of requirements, from standard door sets to the more exclusively bespoke.

building regulations and legislations, they present you with a variety of door sets to suit your application and project, as well as peace of mind. The Stairways Group has recently gained a number of orders from large house-builders, all wanting these innovative new door sets. From veneer matched, to vinyl wrapped and lead-lined door sets, big names such as Berkeley Homes, Holt Construction, Wilmot Dixon and Carillon all depend on the Stairways manufactured products. The products are becoming largely in demand in the country’s capital, with London-based firms investing in the Stairways Group for all London-based projects. Also serving both residential and commercial sectors nationwide, Stairways’ three Midlands factory units offer over 85,000 sq ft of bespoke and mass production space. The group, therefore, has the capacity to provide their innovative products for house-builders and is looking toward a bright future for their now fully manufactured door sets and other carpentry and joinery products.

With these new exciting ranges, the Stairways Group is able to offer the capacity to manufacture a range of door set specifications, from full scheme veneer matched projects, to vinyl wrapped doors and lead lined door sets. This new range has given Stairways the capability and advantage over other door set manufacturers and suppliers to serve and supply both the national residential developer as well as the high-end luxury London developer with a complete door set solution. This unique product offering has enabled the Stairways Group to offer a range of door sets that is both diverse and specialised. With this innovative product also comes change. Stairways originally purchased doors from another manufacturer and then turned the piece into a door set. Thanks to the success of their innovative solutions, the company is now in a position to manufacture the complete door set from design to finish product. They offer expert technical support, guided by specialist product managers who provide support and advice at all stages of the clients’ projects. With guidance through

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Showhome Stairways May/June 2014  

Setting the standard for door sets article

Showhome Stairways May/June 2014  

Setting the standard for door sets article