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How Often You Should Professionally Clean Your Carpets Professional Carpet Cleaning

Having carpets in your home comes with the tedious responsibility of ensuring that the carpets are always clean. With most homes embracing the wall to wall carpet designs, for an augmented indoor dĂŠcor, making sure that all those carpets are clean can be quite a painstaking must-do. The question that most homeowners ask frequently, however, is how often they should clean their carpets professionally. There is no particular standard number of professional carpet cleaning intervals suitable for all homes. However, there are an expert-recommended number of times when you should take an initiative of hiring professional carpet cleaning services to clean up your carpets.

Carpet Cleaning Techniques

Firstly, the number of times that you should clean your carpets depends on factors such as the number of people who live in your house and the previous professional carpet cleaning techniques used on your carpets. Having kids and pets in your household will matter a lot as well. A house with kids should be subjected to short carpet cleaning intervals as compared to the one that has adults only. Pets are, on the other hand, likely to bring in dust and other pollution dirt into your house and cause your carpets some kind of resistant staining. Secondly, remember carpets act as big filters for all the dirt, allergens, grunge, and microorganisms that find their way into your home and thus they might become invisible once they have been trapped in the carpet’s fibers. Cleaning your carpets on a regular basis is one way of preventing seasonal allergies. Besides the aesthetic value of your indoor dÊcor, clean carpet is very vital in terms of safeguarding your entire family and keeping it healthy. You can imagine the kind of affliction a dirty carpet full of allergens and pollen grains can have on the life of a person suffering from asthma, allergies, or any other kind of breathing problem. In fact, if such problems persist you should consider changing your using of carpets in the living space where it affects everyone in the house. Here is a professionally recommended quarterly carpet cleaning interval for a standard home:

You can choose to clean your carpet at the end of a particular season such as winter. Here all you are supposed to get out is the winter germs off your carpet in readiness for a new season, around March.

Clean the carpets in readiness for summer when the kids will be at home during those summertime parties or even sleep-over.

The third quarter of cleaning your carpet is when the kids have gone back to school usually in September. This is to remove the mess the kids could have caused the carpet’s fibers during their stay at home. The fourth quarter is cleaning the carpets for the holiday season. Of course you’ll need fresh and clean carpets to impress your guests during the holidays.

It’s crucial to have your carpets cleaned regularly

Above all, it’s crucial to have your carpets cleaned regularly by using a combination of carpet cleaning techniques like dry cleaning and hot water extraction methods. Moreover dry cleaning can be conducted either weekly or on a bi-monthly basis, depending on carpet cleaning needs. The hot water extraction technique should be done after every six months or better still once a year if you have a wellkept house. Article Published by Mark Sanderson at Stainpro Carpet Cleaning Address: Level 19, 10 Eagle Street, Brisbane, QLD 4000 Phone: 07 3040 6667 Website:

Professionally cleaning your carpets  

A guide to professionally cleaning your carpets.