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APRIL 2013

Foundation provides $200,000 boost to School Despite continuing tough economic times, the school community strongly supported the St Aidan’s Foundation in 2012, allowing the Foundation to provide the School with a $200,000 boost in March 2013. Foundation chairman, Mr Tony Markwell, said the donation represented a concerted effort by the Foundation in 2012. “We were delighted with the generous donations from the school community, and I must acknowledge the hard work the Foundation’s events team put in to creating excellent events – and the wider school community for supporting those events,” Mr Markwell said. “We have tried to run events that people find enjoyable and provide a chance to meet and socialise with other parents and their daughters.”

“We’ve had great feedback for the annual social lunch, mother/daughter and father/ daughter breakfasts and the Junior School disco, and we thank parents for their ongoing support,” he said Principal, Mrs Karen Spiller, said the considerable donation would support the provision of a variety of teaching resources including science equipment across the school as well as iPads in Years K-3 and two new sets of classroom furniture. “I thank the school family for their ongoing support of the Foundation’s endeavours through donations with fees and attendance at events,” she said. The St Aidan’s Foundation was established in 1999 to secure St Aidan’s long-term financial future by raising and managing funds for the continued improvement of our school environment, and to benefit current and future students.

In its lifetime, the support of parents and Old Girls has enabled the Foundation to contribute more than $3.9 million to the school. Mr Markwell said the Foundation’s key objectives in 2013 were a major capital campaign to help the school fund the science labs it needs to keep our girls up to date with the best technology and facilities, and to continue the scholarship campaign. “This year, the Foundation is seeking to raise more than last year to cover the costs of these important new facilities. While we recognise the economy is quite tight, we encourage you to keep in mind when you receive an invitation to one of our events, or an appeal for donations, that the money all goes to the benefit of the school - our girls present and future,” he said.

There are many ways in which you can support the Foundation: •D  onate to special appeals

•A  ttendance at, and donations to, Foundation functions •B  equests and donations of art, shares or other assets

Spotlight on science achievers This year the Foundation aims to raise $300,000 to add two new science laboratories to the Senior School. Find out more about this exciting appeal and some of our latest science stars on page 3.

1 St Aidan’s Anglican Girls’ School

•Voluntary Building Fund contributions with your fees invoice

Tony Markwell

Invest in St Aidan’s top academic performance St Aidan’s Anglican Girls’ School students have again achieved outstanding OP results with more than 97% of the 2012 Senior students gaining an OP 1-15 and 22% achieving an OP 1-3. These consistent outcomes (each year since 2010, more than 93% have achieved an OP115) point to the high quality education the school delivers.



Welcome to the first Foundation newsletter for the 2013 school year – already this year we have a lot to be proud of and a lot to look forward to. As you will read in this issue, our major capital fundraising project this year is the Science Appeal. The addition of two full science labs to the Senior School will cost the school approximately $300,000. As the project will not receive any state or federal government funding, the Foundation wants to provide the school with as much funding as possible, to ensure our daughters are given the very best opportunities to excel in their science studies and careers. This is an extremely important and significant fundraising campaign for the Foundation, and we encourage you to support our efforts in any way you can.

2 St Aidan’s Anglican Girls’ School

The school community’s support of the Foundation to date has been invaluable, as evidenced by our recent donation to the school of $200,000 to assist with the provision of state of the art teaching facilities and equipment. Without your continued support of Foundation initiatives, events and other voluntary donations, this level of contribution would not be possible. The Foundation is well known within the school community for its dynamic line up of social events, and this year will be no exception. Already we have kicked off the year with our ‘Success in Science’ lunch at Libertine, which itself was a huge success, and coming up on the social calendar are the ever popular Father-Daughter Breakfast and Disco and Ladies Breakfast. You can read about these events on page 5. We look forward to welcoming you to one or all of these events throughout the year and bringing you more exciting Foundation news in our next issue.

Not only is St Aidan’s well above the State average in all OP categories – it is one of the top performing independent schools in Queensland. St Aidan’s is an excellent option for parents seeking academic success for their daughters.

“The way our teachers work with students and parents to plan and cater to the individual needs of students is a real strength of St Aidan’s. “These strong results are a reflection of both the quality teaching and learning opportunities provided at St Aidan’s and the diligent work done by our staff, students and parents in maintaining a focus on education.” Full results are available on the St Aidan’s website under News and Events.

Principal Karen Spiller was also delighted to congratulate the 2012 graduates on their performance on the Queensland Core Skills Test. 31% of OP-eligible students were awarded an A (twice the State average).

Support for the St Aidan’s Foundation helps provide the facilities that are assisting these great results. If your daughter is at the school, or is a past student who has benefited from her time here, please consider a taxdeductible donation.

“It is pleasing to see our students are recognised through these outstanding results, and that the quality of our education delivers these outcomes,” Mrs Spiller said.

To donate to the St Aidan’s Foundation Scholarship Fund, please contact the Foundation on 3373 5929 or at foundation@

The gift of bequests There are many ways that parents, Old Girls and former parents can give back to the school and help enhance the educational resources and facilities for future generations of St Aidan’s girls. A bequest is one such form of donation you may not have considered. A bequest is a gift from you and can be either named or anonymous. It is an instruction contained within a Will and specifically reserves part of an estate for a particular beneficiary. Bequests can be made in a variety of ways to reflect your particular wishes. They can be defined personal assets such as shares or bonds, fixed sums or simply a percentage of an estate. In choosing how to make your bequest, please give thought to these options: 1. Percentage Bequest. This style of bequest ensures that your other beneficiaries are not affected by possible changes in the size of your estate, or by inflation. 2. Residual Bequest. This takes the form of part or all of your estate (the residue) after you have provided for your family and friends.

3. Set Sum Bequest. This is the simplest form of bequest but it has the disadvantage of not making allowances for inflation or any change in your circumstances. Regular review is therefore recommended. 4. Specific Asset/s. You may prefer to will to the School assets such as collections of a valuable nature, works of art, memorabilia, shares, real estate, and/or collections. If you would like to make a bequest to St Aidan’s Foundation, please contact the Foundation Officer on 3373 5929 or, or have your legal adviser do so. Let us know when you have made a bequest, as the Principal would like the opportunity to thank you personally for your gift. Your confirmation will be held in confidence. Your generosity in making a bequest to St Aidan’s Foundation will help secure the future of the school and touch the lives of St Aidan’s students for generations to come.

Spotlight on science achievers

Sevannah Ellis

Jessie Madden

Emily Stevens

The Science Appeal is the new major capital fundraising project for St Aidan’s Foundation – a $300,000 appeal to add two new science laboratories to the Senior School. Two new technology-enabled science laboratories will help St Aidan’s deal with the demands of integrating Year 7 fully into high school from 2015 (the start date of the project depends on the success of the appeal). The St Aidan’s Foundation is looking to the St Aidan’s community for support to ensure our girls have the facilities required for excellence.

specialise my interests and I started to develop a passion for biology and chemistry. “If you start developing an interest in Sciences, try to extend yourself as much as possible. Choose assignment topics that excite you and are out of the ordinary and make good use of the resources St Aidan’s provides. The teachers are fountains of knowledge, always willing to help and with the amazing technologies available, it is a lot of fun to pursue a passion for sciences.”

St Aidan’s is hoping to start the building project within the next 12 to 18 months, with the start date dependent on the success of the Foundation’s capital campaign.

Jessie Madden

Foundation chairman Mr Tony Markwell said it was fascinating that girls who attended all-girls’ schools were more than six times more likely to earn degrees in maths and science subjects – key subject areas for many current and future career paths.

The school’s 2012 Dux says St Aidan’s gave her the self-confidence to challenge herself to achieve things she would never have thought possible.

“Our appeal aims to support the school’s capacity to foster the study of science and engineering, which will lead to many and varied career opportunities for our daughters,” Mr Markwell said.

(OP1, studying Bachelor of Science, followed by Doctor of Medicine, at University of Queensland)

“During Years 11 and 12 I seriously considered becoming a Lawyer, Doctor or Medical Researcher. I am still weighing up between Doctor and Medical Researcher,” Jessie said.

Madeleine Colquhoun

Emily Stevens (OP1, studying Bachelor of Physiotherapy at University of Queensland) “St Aidan’s has given me endless opportunities and fantastic friends and mentors, and its emphasis on empowering women is a unique quality,” Emily said. “Since about Year 7 I have wanted to be a Physiotherapist. In Maths, Biology and Physics in my senior years at St Aidan’s, the passion my teachers felt for these subjects was evident and they led and encouraged by example (a special shout-out to Mr Brennan!). Science is such a broad topic with many unique and dynamic facets. It can be challenging but also very rewarding. My advice to current students would be to take the time to discover what areas interest you. Finding something you truly enjoy doing is definitely worth the wait.”

Madeleine Colquhoun (OP2, studying Bachelor of Speech Pathology at University of Queensland) The 2012 Vice Captain and Prefect believes a basic understanding of a scientific discipline can help in many aspects of life:

“I have been lucky enough to be awarded Provisional Entry into a Bachelor of Medicine Bachelor of Surgery degree (soon to be changed to a ‘Doctor of Medicine’ degree) and am completing a Science degree, majoring in Biomedical Science for the next three years, before continuing into Medicine.

“There are lots of opportunities in a science career, offering a wide range of employment. If you don’t do science in Years 11 and 12, your options become much more limited when it comes to University courses. If you enjoy it at school, then I advise to definitely consider it as a potential career choice,” Madeleine said.

“It was during Year 10 when we first started looking at career options that I was interested in medicine – until I realised research was what really fascinated me,” Sevannah said.

“The Australian Space Design Competition was a valuable experience as it allowed me to use my interests in a more concrete ‘real world’ scenario and gave me an understanding of the sorts of opportunities in a Science/Maths career, which encouraged me to think seriously about how to use my interests and talents after school.

“It is not often that you find an all girls school with such a broad and enjoyable science program. I found science highly engaging in my early years, which is when I first considered a future in this area. Senior Sciences allowed me to

“My advice would be to really make the most of the passion and enthusiasm your teachers have for Science, and use that to help you decide exactly what area of Science interests you, because it is a very big field.”

“I was scared throughout Year 12 as I had no real direction of what I wanted to pursue after school. I considered engineering, taking a gap year, joining the army, teaching. Luckily after attending multiple Market Days, I found something I was really interested in: Allied Health. We were always encouraged to study at least one science subject for one of our six senior subjects as it acts as a gateway to a majority of University courses.”

A number of high achieving 2012 students had spoken at the recent Honours assembly about their study and career paths. The thoughts of some of these students are featured below.

Sevannah Ellis (OP1, studying Bachelor of Biomedical Science at University of Queensland)

The Foundation acknowledges the generosity of its major donors with an Honour Board. Updated twice a year, the board is displayed in the foyer of the Archer and Templeton Science and Technology Centre and has six levels of recognition for the following donor amounts: Patron: $100,000 & over

Senior Donor: $10,000 & over

Senior Benefactor: $50,000 & over

Donor: $5,000 & over

Benefactor: $25,000 & over

Associate: $2,000 & over

St Aidan’s Foundation acknowledges the generosity of the following members:

PATRON Sir Robert and Lady Mathers St Aidan’s P and F Association Steven and Julie Bridges Kiyoshiro and Nobuko Yano Ron Archer AM The Moses Family Bayly Family Jennifer Brice and Family

SENIOR BENEFACTOR The Morphet Family Rebecca Pullar Ray Robinson

BENEFACTOR Matthew Hill-Smith & Family The Brett Family Bruce and Glenys Barclay The Levison Family Mrs E A & Mr H C Griffin Suchira & Bapi Nag The Haines Family Chris and Genevieve Greig

SENIOR DONOR Betty Davies (Park) The Whelan Family St Aidan’s Old Girls Association Jan and Patrick Dixon John and Melissa Bullwinkel Tim and Jennifer Rylance Neil and Tania Sherington Helen, Bede and Prue King Geoff and Clemmie Bishop R W Axon Spencer Family Ross and Jo Fraser David and Jenny Wood Judith Smith nee Rigby David and Julie Henderson Rod and Susan Elliott Burrell Family Clouston Family Kate, Meg, Sophie & Libby Jacques Mark & Katie Wilson Jason, Jane, Charlie & Harriet Watson

DONOR Stephen and Deborah Green Alison, Andrew, Nicolai and Madeline Morris Gibson Family Steffensen Family Mr G and Mrs L Jones Rod and Nina Gill H T and E V Lee Robin and Margaret White Margaret and Peter Jolly The Tidmarsh Family

R G and A J Brown Mr & Mrs Murphy Knyn S and H Steven and Donna Leigh Mr K & Mrs L Morris Scott, Pauline, Hannah and Pia Lucas Daglish Family Moller Family John & Karen Spiller James & Jackie Knowlman The Woodhouse Family Richmond Family T & M Phelps Dr and Mrs P Millroy Mark & Penny Krause David & Kathleen O’Brien G H & S Brodie Greene Family Mark and Kirsten Elliott Helen & Peter Thomas The Pinkerton Family The Fairweather Family

ASSOCIATE Tsai-Jung Pan Meredith and Alexis Hartigan The Crowe Family Nick and Anna Stevens Courtney Morley-Drabble and Family Brabazon Family The See Family R J and T Walters O’Hair Family The Fox Family Katahanas Family Monique and Garry Connelly The Hallam Family Stephanie and Emilie Derrington Greg and Gillian Harding Fraser and Sue Gibson S and M Kordatou Anne and Owen Edwards Nick and Alex Daunt Ron and Julie Della Piana June Merritt Malcolm and Margaret Davison Martin and Susan Leonard John and Jennifer McLaughlin D and T Knight David and Sue Russell Mark Beauchamp Peacock C J and C H Evans Heikkinen Family John, Kelyn and Julia Flynn Don and Annatjie Hunter C and M Bassili Kevin and Karen Dixon and Family Holmes Family Downes Family Kate and Tony Charters Heather Bishop Sam and Beccie Neville

Andrew and Amanda Molloy Katrina and Tony Carr Drew and Amanda Armstrong Saxby Family John and Gillian Aston J W and D L Pollard D and S Burrough Raymond Lee Ian and Diane Stanislao Costa Economou Brett and Jenny Mooney Jannene and Robert Rathie Eric Ford K and M Howe Baumann Family Sue and Mike Veitch Leanne Huggett Phil and Verena Preston The Macdonald Family Darren and Katarina Norris Noel and Margie Gordon The Cockerall Family G and R Schultz G and M Cannell Jad and Kristine Vinko Ian and Jennifer Munro The Lacaze Family Craig and Marion O’Donnell D’d & Col Morrow The McComb Family Irvine Family The Matters Family The Shaw Family Tony & Sharon Weir/Bronte Duncalf Ted & Kristine Bankowski Brad & Kathy Nowland The Trainor Family Barry & Judy Jackson The Geldard Family The Jarratt Family Stewart & Trudy McConchie Brenda & David Gooding Brian & Elizabeth Hill Dr A & Mrs L Hogan The Mengel Family Drew and Susan Armstrong Emily, Liz, Mark & Harrison Plath Demnar Family The Fernandez Family The McCluskey Family The Crawford Family Cara Jane McKelvie K Bridges & C Goodfellow-Bridges Peter & Barbara McDermott The Farmer Family Jacqueline Vuong Family The Nothdurft Family The Carnie Family David & Marianne Andrews The Alexander Family Chris & Pamela Sandford The Welsh Family The Prince Family Brett and Fiona Provan The Purdy Family The Downes Family Arabella Haseler Ian & Sandra Kjellgren Bennison Family Peter & Deborah McMillan Sudath & Natalia Wijeratne Tracy-Jayne Webb Karen and Frank Hills Annita and Brendan Nugent The James Family The Murray-Douglass Family Kevin & Kim Jaffar The Pattison Family

Kate Suttie Archos Family John & Karen Wilson The Saggers Family Graeme, Debra, Lara, Madisen Gill Rotary Club of Jindalee (D9630) The Stoermer Family Victoria, Cedric & Mary Holland Karen & David Lewis Jeremy and Lisa Ferrier The Skillington Family Siobhan, Helena & Georgina Sawyer The James-Jenks Family The Voigt Family The Plowman Family The Cottell Family Emmerson Family The Peachey Family Tony & Lynn Rees Christina Orange The Wheatley Family Barry and Martha Walker The Winn Family The Carseldine Family The Demichelis Family The Wickes Family Asha Underhill Scott and Adele Todd The Kendall Family The Bazeley Family The Hodge Family Grace Burgess-Limerick Elissa Stewart & Family Gary, Janine and Rachel McDonell The Brant Family Bruce and Helen Wilson The Murdoch Family Alison & James Kilkenny Ros Curtis Geoff and Helen Gargett The Mohr Family The Mullis Family The Williams Family Fred and Gail Nicolosi and Jade Crothers The McBurnie Family Leinani Wright The Mathiesen Family Abi and Ali Langford Greg and Janet Killoran Jessica & Emily Sale Karen and Brett Mills Alison and Don Chandler Grace and Amelia Anderson Beckinsale Family Hilary Blackband (Alroe) John and Vanessa Brennan Coralee Jeffrey and Gary Fulcher Bethany and Kate Johannsen Matt, Maree and Ashlee Johnson The Magnusson Family The Markwell Family The McGarrigle Family Newsome Family The Plumridge Family The Rodgers Family Dr & Mrs Greg and Natalie Scalia The Teng Family The Tut Family Brad and Louise Usasz The McIntyre Family Raani Marks The Flanagan Family

We also acknowledge donors who wish to remain anonymous.

4 St Aidan’s Anglican Girls’ School

Foundation Honour Board



Mark these Foundation event favourites in your diary and contact the Foundation Officer on 3373 5929 or foundation@ staidans. to book your tickets or enquire about sponsoring or assisting with the events.

Ladies Breakfast This year’s Mother Daughter ‘Ladies Breakfast’ coincides with the next partial solar eclipse, and what better way to witness this spectacular astronomical moment than amongst fellow mothers and daughters, with special viewing equipment to maximize the experience for all. Old Girl Lucy Goodman will talk about her personal science journey, from St Aidan’s through to her tertiary studies in neuroscience, molecular biology and science communication, her recent research project in New Zealand and now her PhD program at the University of Auckland. ‘The 17’ choir group will perform and the breakfast will be catered by Caxton Street Catering. Friday 10 May, 6:45am | Christine Hartland Centre | Cost: Mothers $45, students $30 Guest Speaker: Lucy Goodman (2001)

Father Daughter Breakfast Always a favourite for father daughter bonding, this year’s breakfast will continue the science theme, giving the girls a valuable insight to the opportunities that await them in science education and careers. Stay tuned for further details. Friday 30 August, 6:45am | Christine Hartland Centre | Cost: Fathers $45, students $30 | Guest Speaker: TBC

Junior School Father Daughter Disco Put your glad rags on and join the fun…this year’s Disco theme is Rock ‘n’ Roll! Whether you channel Elvis or KISS, Tina Turner or Madonna, the music will be rockin’ and the guests will be boppin’. As always there will be fabulous entertainment, prizes, food and drinks – a great opportunity to meet and mingle with other dads and enjoy a fun night out with your daughters. This event is always a night to remember and one of the hottest tickets on the Foundation social calendar, so book yours early. More event details to come shortly. Friday 25 October, 6:00 – 9:30pm | Christine Hartland Centre | Cost: Fathers $60, students $35

success in science

5 St Aidan’s Anglican Girls’ School

lunch a huge success! More than 100 parents, friends and other members of the school community gathered at Libertine on Friday 22 March for the annual St Aidan’s Foundation Lunch, which this year focused on the success our students continue to have in the field of science.

The event raised more than $6,000 for the Foundation’s recently launched Science Appeal, with all funds being directed towards the development of two new technology-enabled science laboratories, to ensure our girls have the facilities required for excellence in science.

While guests dined on exquisite FrenchVietnamese cuisine, our three guest speakers – Old Girls Geraldine Moses (1980), Amanda Wood (2002) and Aimee Hanson (2010) – captivated them with their experiences in the world of science beyond the classroom and imparted some valuable insight to the opportunities available to all St Aidan’s girls who may be considering a career in science.

Special thanks must go to our generous sponsors and contributors to the event’s success: Libertine, Craggy Range, Popolo, Blossom Beauty Studios, Bird Cage Candles, Everingham & Watson, Ben O’Donoghue, Deep Grey and Susie Bennett-Yeo. If you missed out on this event, be sure to book your tickets to one of the upcoming Foundation events above!

I wish to support the St Aidan’s Foundation

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