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NEWS IN BRIEF Club rush Club rush will be held on Sept. 2 during lunch in the glade. Clubs will be selling food and students will be able to sign up for clubs that day. SAT’s The deadline to sign up to take the Oct. 1 SAT is Sept. 9. Registration can be done online at Students who are eligible can pick up fee waivers from their counselors. Emergency cards Students who have not turned in their green emergency cards have been placed on the no-go list for all school activities. To check the no-go list or to pick up a card students can go to the Healthy Start office (E-2). First football game The first home game will be tonight against the Chavez Titans. Junior varsity starts at 5 p.m. and varsity kickoff will be at 7:15 p.m. Tickets will be sold at the gate and students will need their ID’s to get in.

got breakfast?

home of the DELTA KINGS

Although the cafeteria isn’t technically new, recent changes, along with contests and a lunch time rally, are pushing students to get excited about eating.

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Remodeling to the cafeteria wasn’t in the Measure Q plan as was in other schools. “All high school cafeterias will be remodeled and because Stagg’s wasn’t going to be done we chose (Stagg),” Migliori said.

The cost of the renovation on the cafeteria was about $209,000. The money for the renovation came from Food Services, state and federal funding and grant money.

Yvonne Migliori, director of Food Services, decided to renovate the cafeteria. Having previously worked at Stagg, she understands the needs and benefits that having a new cafeteria can bring to the students.

The winning prize for the contest is $3,000. This money is to be given to the student leadership class of the winning school. To win the contest the school has to have the highest percentage of students eating breakfast from Aug. 8-26.



“Got Milk?” was the question at the rally that was held in front of the cafeteria. However, it was not the only one that took place in the school district. Chavez, Franklin, and Edison also had their own rallies, but they didn’t have as much media coverage as the one on campus.

A benefit of having free/reduced lunch is that students can take the SAT and the ACT free, and they can receive college and university application fee waivers.



The decision to have the media coverage at a school was made by Yvonne Migliori and the principals of each of the high schools. And out of the other schools “Stagg won by a flip of a coin,” Migliori said.

1621 Brookside Rd. Stockton, Calif. 95207

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The new tables, chairs and booths make the cafeteria inviting and give it a restaurant look.”

Stagg Line Amos Alonzo Stagg High School

The applications for the form can be found in the office but students can also apply online. To get the fee waivers students can go to their counselors, but they will only be given one if they qualify.

I like how it’s organized and how the two lines for different foods are short. It’s less stressful and chaotic.”

“ NSPA Hall of Fame newspaper

Mia Torres

photo by Harmony Evangelisti (Top) Bao Nguyen Hoang, a freshman, comes to school early to eat breakfast with a group of friends. (Bottom) Junior Edgar Perez-Chiche gets lunch every day inside the cafeteria. The renovations include a new fruit and salad bar along with updated tables and booths.

JUAN VEGA senior

Chao Xiong

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ummer is over and students are scrambling onto campus. With new schedules and school supplies in hand, they walk through the same hallways left behind only two months before. They expect to see the same faces of the students and staff, but four faces are missing. Last year there were eight campus security monitors, but this year only four. With fewer CSMs on campus, the administration is taking drastic measures to keep students safe and in line. They’ve been locking the hallways at lunch, unlocking fewer parking lots for off campus students, and more heavily enforcing the dress code. But what if the solution to this problem doesn’t involve the administration, but instead the students? As students we find what is unfair on campus and we focus on that. We see that we’re forced to take different routes and use different bathrooms during lunch. We see that CSMs are taking us to the detention center for our outfit choices. And we see that it’s harder to sneak off of

campus at lunch. But what we see isn’t always what we need to know. As students we need to understand that CSMs are locking hallways so that they can better look after us. We need to understand that the reason all students aren’t allowed off campus is because some of us can’t be trusted to return. And we need to understand that the dress code is training us for the future jobs, while at the same time protecting us We’re responsible high school students who need to take charge of our safety and respect the rules on campus. We’re lucky that we have an administration that is dedicated to keeping us safe. And it’s important that we respect those who guide us to make the right choices because in the future we won’t have that same support. So if we take the initiative now then we will be able to see the big picture. The big picture that shows one united student body that respects the rules in order to make our campus a better place. And along the lines of respect, CSMs should realize that not all students have behavorial issues. They should treat all

students with respect until a student gives a reason to treat them otherwise. As people we all need to live life responsibly. Instead of focusing on the unfair situations on campus, we need to see that there is

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Mikeala Axton

also a lot of good. There are lots of benefits on campus and if the administration, CSMs, and students all work together then we can strive forward and create a safer environment.

Less security, shorter shorts


ants on the ground, pants on the ground, you’re looking like a fool with your pants on the ground. With catchy lyrics and a fast paced beat General Larry Platt sang about the controversial topic, sagging. Sagging, as most have seen, is loosely fitted pants worn below the waist and boxers hanging out. With fewer campus security monitors, the issue of sagging is still at large and doesn’t seem to be decreasing. “They think it’s cool, they think they got swag,” said Laura Brown, senior. Sagging specifically is not the only issue but the dress code in general. Some students believe that with four campus security monitors they can get away with disobeying the rules much more and in reality they can. But that does not mean they should knowingly disobey the rules. Personally, it reminds me of my childhood. My mom would tell me not to do something and if I did it, there were usually consequences like a spanking. Trust me, in the future, I wouldn’t do it again. Well, kids that are being sent to Alternative Suspension Center for dress code in a way are being spanked.

However, they continue to go back because they simply don’t care. ASC supervisor Rob Torres feels that students are disregarding the rules. “Now I see girls that wear the inappropriate halter tops and spaghetti straps and when they get sent to ASC they want to say, ‘Well I saw hecka girls walking around with the same things and they’re not in ASC,’ they come in here with the most excuses.” Girls wearing very short skirts and shorts are being called out by CSMs for inappropriate clothing. However, freshman Victoria Garcia explains why she wears the shorts. “Short shorts are cute and pants are uncomfortable, and when you sweat they stick to your legs.” I noticed that the people I talked to seemed to try to justify the wearing of shorts by saying they were cute. However, students can wear appropriate clothing not only to abide by the rules, but also to satisfy their personal style while looking respectful. The girls wearing the shorts seem to know that their shorts are to short. I have seen a few students around campus trying to avoid the CSM’s by either walking in different directions or hiding behind people.

the Stagg Line Amos Alonzo Stagg High School 1621 Brookside Rd. Stockton, CA 95207 (209) 933-7445 ext. 8487 The Stagg Line newspaper is a member of the National Scholastic Press Association and the California Newspaper Publishers Association. Awards and recognitions include the following: XX 18 consecutive NSPA All-American rankings XX NSPA Hall of Fame, 2005 XX NSPA First-Place Best of Show five times XX JEA Impact Award, 2002 Stagg Line student journalists have won many awards and scholarships over the years, including California Journalist of the Year, National Story of the Year, and National Photo of the Year.

KENTALEYMCCURDY Nevertheless, they continue to wear the inappropriate shorts. By doing this they are blatanly disrespecting the rules. The dress code is put into affect because of the issues surronding the things people wear. In some cases students will bring extra pairs of clothing to put over their inappropriate shorts so they can skip out on being stuck in ASC. Students are becoming more focused on the things they wear, rather than being completley involved in their education – which is the main reason they come to school in the first place. They need to get prepared for life outside of highschool, and become responsible individuals. With fewer CSM’s dress code is being violated more often and some students intentionally do it on purpose because some feel they can go through the day without getting in trouble. ASC, for some, has become an outlet for students who are frustrated with their teachers in the classroom and need somewhere to escape for the day.

Seyma tap

Come to the conclusion that in the real world, students can’t get a job with your butt hanging all out. CSMs and staff are trying to prepare them for the real world so that maybe their future won’t consist of low paying job opportunities. Why can’t the new trend be men with the pants on their waist? Why can’t girls avoid revealing clothing? Why can’t we get prepared for the already defective job market? We will not be prepared with

sagging pants and inappropriate shorts. Young men and women need to realize that even though it’s something many people do, it doesn’t mean that you need to do it. Students need to take the time to figure out that they’re worth much more than the clothes they wear. With inappropriate clothing the only attention people receive is negative. Being different and intriguing doesn’t rely on looking tacky and inappropriate.

Taylor Hurles

Gabriella Miller

Emily Cornelison

Mikeala Axton Editor-in-Chief

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Torres explains some of the reasons why kids come back to ASC. “They try to get sent on purpose, especially if they don’t like that teacher and they don’t want to be in that class,” he said. “Some even wear red or blue belts so if their seen their automatically sent to ASC.” Violating the dress code is something that constantly happens at school. The thing that bothers me the most is: why even do it? Wearing saggy pants doesn’t make them look good.

Don Bott Adviser


News Editor

Nicole Lawrence Opinion Editor

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PLANKING “ New teen trend drags along an unnoticed history


his summer a viral trend has emerged in social media. For some reason people are having had the urge to lie down in the weirdest of places. They are doing it at work, in schools, underwater and on planes. Some call it “facedown” or “playing dead” and even “extreme lying down.” The bottom line is the nation has fallen in love with planking. The origin of planking is shady, but it has spread like wildfire. From Australia to the UK people are planking. To plank is when you just lie face down somewhere and have that moment captured in a photo … that’s it. The one thing to think about when doing it is location and how is this going to outshine everyone else’s picture. The goal is to find the most outrageous place, just lie there, take a picture, and post it online. “It’s just a fun thing to do for laughs,” said Kairo Watts, sophomore. What has made planking so popular is that it’s so simple. All you need is an idea and a camera. I actually thought it was fun for a while and even did it myself a few times.

I thought how could people really think this is funny? Why would they make a game out of such a horrible thing? Do they even know what they’re doing? It took all the fun out of the game and made it serious. Especially for Watts. “That’s awful, why would people make a joke out of that?” said Watts, when told about the game’s BRIAN WALKER history. “Now I feel bad; I’m never planking again.” sophomore Which is probably what AustraBRIANWALKER lian natives Acton Beal and Nate Shaw should have thought. Shaw was arrested for planking… on top of a But just where does planking come from? Well, it police car. This 20 year old was charged with being actually doesn’t have the most humble beginning. found on police property without lawful excuse. The word planking comes from the days of slav Although the police didn’t catch him in the act, ery. Slaves were forced to lie down and were stacked he was later taken into custody after officers saw the on top of each other in compact ships for hours at a photo on Facebook. time when being transported; many died.

They should be educated on what they are actually doing but that does not mean they should stop completely.”

Metal Mulisha banning becomes popular


hat is the world we live in where Nazi anti-Semitic symbols have integrated themselves into popular culture? The freestyle motocross team known as Metal Mulisha has multiple symbols integrated into ANNAMARIECUNNINGHAM their clothing line that are 6 million other incredibly similar to WW II Nazi human beings anti-Semitic propaganda. While was fine, and the most commonly known of that’s just not the Nazi symbols is the swastika, right. there are multiple other less con Any kind spicuous hate symbols out there. of hate symbol It is these lesser-known images should be offenthat are causing so much trouble. sive to anyone, In initially hearing about the and when they racist message the brand was sup- are obvious and posedly sending. purposely put I just shrugged it off as adults somewhere, it’s trying excessively hard to be punk exponentially rock teenagers again and get a rise more repulsive. out of the public. Even though students may However, hearing science not recognize the racist nature of teacher Marcus Sherman argue so these images, Sherman acts with a ardently about the racist nature of vicious sort of determination. the images, I decided to do some He already has plans of speakresearch of my own. ing to Principal Bill Parks to ban Metal Mulisha apparel bears the brand, after the principal he images that look strikingly like plans to go to Leadership, and the Totenkopf, or Death man’s possibly even the district. Head, which was used mainly by “We supposedly crack down Schutzstaffel, Germany’s infaon kids wearing profanity, or colmous secret police, in Third Reich ors, but, oh, it’s okay if we have Germany. symbols that represent the mass There is the specifically stylized murdering of 6 million people,” “SS” which was an abbreviation Sherman said. for Schutzstaffel. These symbols have no physi However, the most similar im- cal way of hurting anyone, let age on MM clothing is the shape alone me, the one writing this of the helmets that the skull is column. commonly wearing, which look However, what these images do almost exactly like Third Reich can be far more bothersome than combat helmets. physical hurt. While some may argue that These images unnerve me to the images are not at all related no end. to Nazi discrimination, there is Honestly, how can someone a definite likeness in multiple walk around all day wearing symbols. anti-Semitic images all over their After seeing the congruence clothes? between the brand and the hate Also, how can they walk symbols, I became somewhat ofaround not knowing what the fended. symbols are derived from? While I am not Jewish my In the wise words of Sherman, self, these images were used to “Every hillbilly on earth has it convince people that murdering on their truck, and just because

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Taylor Hurles

they don’t know what it means that doesn’t make it okay.” The clothes and images themselves may not be the root of the problem. The designers and supporters of Metal Mulisha are to blame for all this hate-infused imagery. Some districts in California have placed a ban on the clothing that bears this imagery, and have received threats of lawsuits from the brands’ attorneys. Now, if one is being honest, placing a ban on the clothes isn’t going to stop people from buying the clothing. A ban will not stop people from supporting the brand, and liking the people that represent the brand. A ban does not force people to relinquish their clothing, or whatever happens to be banned. A ban stands to keep racist and possibly hurtful messages off campus. The whole feel of this Mulisha crew is reminiscent of the angryat-the-world, parent-defying teenager. But these pissed-off adolescent types are not the ones who should be in charge of the logos that litter our campus.


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Mia Torres

In this situation Shaw dug his own grave. No game is worth breaking the law over, and even though it was done in harmless fun he deserved the punishment that he received. Shaw spent a night in jail and was given a ticket for his actions, a light price to pay opposed to Beal. Beal died from planking. From the seventh story balcony of an apartment, the 20 year old fell to his death. Regardless, this shows the game is dangerous and should be played with caution, and common sense. The more I thought about the subject I realized, I doubt plankers even know about the game’s dark roots and if they did it’s not like they are doing it to offend. They should be educated on what they are actually doing but that does not mean they should stop all together. Just because something has a bad history does not mean it should be avoided although it should be done safely. In my eyes planking is just a game that teenagers are doing for a good laugh, there is nothing intentionally hurtful about it.

TOMS creator makes a difference with charity

t’s the year 2002. “The Amazing Race Season 2;” a television series on CBS in which average people compete for cash in a race around the world is taking place. Among those competing are Blake and Paige Mycoskie. To some, these names mean nothing. Just two more contestants on another television series. But this brother-sister team went on to do amazing things. If you want to see one example of their labor, look down at your feet. Blake Mycoskie is the creator of TOMS Shoes. TOMS has a program called One for One in which for each pair of shoes sold, one pair is doanted to a child in need. Some may be thinking that this program cannot possibly make much of a difference if it’s only donating one pair at a time. Well, since it started in 2006, the One for One program has donated over 1 million pairs of shoes to children in the United States, Argentina, South Africa, and Ethiopia. Don’t believe it? Look around one day at the shoes people are wearing. The one pair at a time grows fast. Mycoskie isn’t the first to do something like this. In an effort to support those in Haiti, Casey Ryder created a shirt. One hundred percent of the profits go to UNICEF for medical assistance, fresh water, and temporary shelter in Haiti. Another project like this is the Songs for Japan CD. A two-disk set that includes artists such as Bruno Mars, Beyonce, John Lennon, Cee Lo Green, and Queen. This set is dedicated to supporting Japan after the series of earthquakes that occurred. It was released March 25 and costs only $9.99 on iTunes.

Though TOMS weren’t the first to do something like this, they also weren’t the last. Skechers released BOBS Shoes with the same One for One ideal. The idea of copy-catting TOMS may be thought to be wrong in some cases. But if you SHELBYHIGHTOWER think about it, it’s a great opportunity. Both brands are working towards the same goal so it is more likely to be achieved. TOMS goes on tours around the world to take shoes to children in need almost every year. In 2006, 10,000 shoes were given to children in Argentina. Only three years later, over 140,000 shoes were given away to children in Argentina as well as Africa. Over the few years that this business has been active, it has definitely made a huge difference. Imagine how it was for Mycoskie. Going from being a lucky contestant on “The Amazing Race 2” to having his own business and charity. His success is such a big leap from where he was. His ideas have made such a huge difference so far, and his charity is only growing. How many more pairs could be sold in the years to come? Maybe one day their goal will be achieved one day.

photo by Nicole Lawrence TOMS shoes advertises their ‘One for One’ slogan on their boxes of shoes to alert buyers to thier programs for helping others.

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Junior plans to change his country using his education from the States


“Put your hands on the chalk board,” his teacher told him.The boy watched his teacher sharpen his stick. He knows what’s coming next. The harsh punishment. The aches. The pain – the consequences of forgetting his homework. The boy who experienced this treatment is junior Munyutu Munyutu, a student from Kenya, Africa. “He took a grip of my shorts and started asking me why I forgot my homework and began 10 slashes,” he said. “You have to endure the pain.” The educational environment in Kenya is centered around discipline. “There were times you would get sent to the headmistress’s office and she knocked you in the head,” he said. “And you have to endure it.” Munyutu is a student with a mission. His harsh educational experiences only encourage him to succeed. Although the abuse at school in Kenya could have scarred him, it didn’t. This is because he uses these situations as opportunities for growth. The difficulties people in his country have to face daily have become evident to Munyutu, which makes him want to change it. At school in Kenya harsh punishments come easily if a student forgets his homework, provides an incorrect answer when asked a question by a teacher, or misbehaves.

The black is for the people, the red is for the blood and the green is for the land and the white is the border in between.” MUNYUTU MUNYUTU, junior

Despite the discipline at his school, Munyutu noticed something else about his country. “Back then I just thought of it as home, but now I understand about government and see it’s almost corrupt.” Due to the corruption and heavy discipline in schools Munyutu’s family decided to leave Kenya in 2002 and head to the United States, where they moved to Stockton. He says the main reason his family left is because his parents sought a better education and life for him and his younger brother. Even though he is no longer in Kenya, one of Munyutu’s main goals is to change his country by providing better education and eliminating the corruption within the government. He wants to use the education he receives in the United States to reach that goal. “I want to change (the corrupt government), direct things where they need to be,” he said. Munyutu’s goals and determi-

nation are evident to some of his teachers. English teacher Victoria Long says she enjoys having him as her student. “He’s such an intelligent student,” Long said. “He’s driven and he wants to succeed.” Biology teacher Elizabeth Lewis feels similar. “I think he’s very determined, and very concerned about his grade.” So far he has been in the United States for six years. One thing he says he enjoys about the United States is “the way you’re treated.” Although Munyutu is content with being in the United States he does miss home, and everyday he wears a piece of his home on his arm. This is a bracelet which consists of 200 red, black, green, and white beads. “The black is for the people, the red is for the blood and the green is for the land and the white is the border in between,” he said. “It’s something just to show where you’re from.” He wants to go back to Kenya,

PLA transitions into new environment JESSICAMANGILI

it, PLA students are also trying to get used to their new neighbors. Starting high school is a big change for anyone. Mayoya said that he feels that being connected to But even bigger changes have come for Institute of another campus will bring up his social skills. Business Management and Law students. Junior Alyia Chavez sees it as being a different type Not only have they gained a new campus at Stagg of culture with a larger student body versus a very along with new neighbors, but also a new affiliation tight knit community. with the University of Pacific and a new identity as Along with trying to find their new identity, forthe Pacific Law Academy. mer IBML students are trying to find their place on “We have a lot of faith in this school,” PLA junior campus. Larry Hinojos said.“If we move kids will follow.” During this transition the PLA lost 20 percent of Although PLA can offer students a more rigor- their students to more traditional high schools. Some ous learning environment and one-on-one time with were looking for a more of a high school experience. teachers, it can be difficult to create the same kind of One is senior Mallory Taylor, who recently left so comunity as a traditional high school. she could become more involved in her home school “(We) still have clubs and rallies, just on a smaller and graduate with her friends. scale,” said the principal of PLA, Carol Sanderson. “I thought we would be able to interact, but I But the smaller scale does have its ups and downs. couldn’t,” Taylor said. Sanderson said that though they can’t offer all of the Although students were excited to have a more electives they can offer more rigorous college prep traditional experience, there was still shock when it classes. came to the type of environment offered. “The teachers help you through your problems,”said “The first day of school I had to sit on the floor,” PLA senior Steve Mayoya. sophomore Nayeli Ramos said comparing it to the While dealing with trying to establish school spir- small 15 students per class at IBML. Not only were class sizes an issue, but also the confinement of the campus. “At IBML you just walked out of a gate during lunch,” Ramos said. Along with the growing pains that come along with anything new, there are the definite benefits. Taylor was most excited about more freedom in the dress code and easier classes, while Ramos was most excited about longer lunch periods, more students to interact with and catching up with old friends. But it wasn’t only the students who were getting jitters about making the change. “I want to be a principal and this was an opportunity for me,” Sanderson said. Sanderson now has more time to spend observing classrooms, getting to know her students on a personal level, and developing a closer bound with the parents who are more involved. Along with the first day of school jitters, any feelings that PLA may have had about not belonging on Stagg campus are fast fading. As with every transition, soon photo by Harmony Evangelisti or later everything will settle in.

Larry Hinojos attends Pacific Law Academy as a junior and expresses the great faith he has in his school to grow.

photo by

Fe Valencia

Junior Munyutu Munyutu explains the symbolism of his bracelet. It came to America with him as a little piece of home in 2002. perhaps next summer, but not forever, he explained.“I still want to finish my education here,” he said. “Because the education there, there are sacrifices you have to make.”

And these sacrifices are serious. For some it means selling their land, farm animals, and things which are necessities for survival. Despite the hardships Munyutu’s family faced in Kenya he does

not let them affect his determination. “I want to lead not follow, and if I follow, I want to follow to lead.”

What do you think about sharing the campus with Pacific Law Academy? “It doesn’t really matter to me. We play sports with them so I guess it’s pretty cool.” Gabriel Alvarez, sophomore

“It’s like freshman and seniors, there’re just another person on campus, but we don’t see them.” Vanessa Garcia, junior

“It doesn’t even feel like they’re there; it’s not really like they interact with us.” Joseph Farmer, senior

“I think it’s nice having them here, more people, more friends.” Patricia Wares, sophomore


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Tino keeps success in sight



Impaired vision doesn’t keep student from seeing bright future EMILYCORNELISON

The world is fuzzy, except for a small view from the right eye. Colors are visible but far away they are a blur. The sound of rainfall is particularly vivid. Music tells a different story. Laughter is heard as the purest release of joy, and the quality of a voice serves not only as identification, but as a window to the soul. One would think this world would be incredibly limiting, but for junior Angelique Tino, who is partially blind, it’s a way of life. “I can’t see out of my left eye,” Tino said, who added that she can see “from my right eye well enough to identify things within a couple feet. Further away it gets harder.” Tino has not always been blind. When she was 7 years old, she developed a brain tumor that pulled on her optic nerve, causing the loss of vision in her left eye. Since then she has learned to view the world differently, particularly sound. For Tino, being able to hear is very important. Given the choice of being deaf or blind, she says she would rather be blind. “If I cannot hear my best friend laugh, that would make me really depressed.” In the classroom, Tino learns better from hearing her teachers speak, and tends to identify people based on the sound of their voices. “The voice tells a story. It is the emotion of the soul.” Tino has learned to listen to the way people speak, and not just hear a sound coming out of a mouth. She does not have the luxury to judge a person based on their appearance. “Using your eyes to see how a person looks... you don’t know who they are until they talk,” said Tino who explains that she tends to pay more attention to people when they speak. With this appreciation of sound comes a love of language, especially Spanish. Currently, Tino is taking Spanish 7-8 and hopes to continue

photo/photo illustration by

studying Spanish in college. “Spanish is a cool language,” she said, adding that after “investing all the years,” she would hate to lose it. Though she is legally blind, Tino remains motivated in academics and extracurricular activities. By law she is considered low vision and can ask for assistance in her classes, yet she remains independent. “I don’t use my blindness as a weakness or excuse… I use it as a reason why I should do (things).” One, is running. “I love to run more than anything,”said Tino, which is a reason why she joined the cross country team. “I feel with my feet and I’m in sync with the world.” Her internal motivation remains apparent. “I’m not running for anyone but me. I push myself.”

KWF helps teens cope with eating disorders

ing to feel better about themselves, they are often the most unhappy. Not only does depression sometimes One summer night in July of 1999, Kristen play a role in generating disorders, but eating disorWatt was deep in slumber when her heart suddenly ders can cause depression. The frailty of their bodies definitely takes an emostopped. In the one place she was free of the hunger, tional toll. she lost her battle to anorexia and bulimia. Kristen “Basically eating disorders destroy your insides,” Watt was just 14. Distraught parents Mike and Stephanie Watt used Caspero said. “Of all the mental illnesses, eating disthis tragedy to help others in the same situation. orders have the highest fatality rate.” A lot of teens are confused as to what they should With its many volunteers and generous donations, do if they suspect they have an eating disorder. Casthe Kristen Watt Foundation was established. pero recommends for them to seek Volunteers of the KWF give help as soon as possible. presentations to thousands of stu“An eating disorder is almost dents and adults throughout San impossible to treat on your own,” Joaquin County. she said. “The sooner you come in, One of these volunteers, Alexthe sooner we can get you on the andra Caspero, is on campus every road to recovery.” Thursday. She is a nutritionist for For those that suspect a friend Stagg as well as for the University has an eating disorder, Caspero of the Pacific. recommends something different. Caspero got involved in this beInstead of trying to solve such a cause she wanted to be a part of huge issue, she said that it would something important. be best to hand the issue over to Caspero said that she and the someone experienced. other parents want teens to have “Usually if you try to confront a benefit that Kristen Watt wasn’t a friend, they will get very defenfortunate enough to have. That ALEXANDRA sive,” she said. “You can just give benefit is help. me their name and I’ll call them “They didn’t have the resources CASPERO in.” to help their own daughter, but nutrition counselor Lastly, for those that want to they wanted to bring the resources take part in a friend’s recovery, she to other kids,” she said. recommends something very imCaspero hates that teens are inportant. secure about their lives and wants “Just having someone to support them would to increase their self esteem. She spans her work to mean the world,” Caspero said. “A support system is other places, but is excited to be reaching a high important.” school and college audience. Caspero is in the Healthy Start office every week “They’re the ones that try so hard to be perfect,” and if any student wishes to have a counseling session she said. “It’s all about body image at that age.” There is a site titled Anorexia Nervosa and Associ- with her or refer a friend, they only need to make an ated Disorders. According to, 95 percent of appointment. She will deal with anything related to nutrition those with eating disorders are between the ages of and is eager to start helping more students. Every12 and 25. thing is completely confidential. “They look at the people in the magazines and “I’m not going to get on the phone and start callthink ‘this is what I’m supposed to look like,’ but ing parents because that’s not what I do,” Caspero that’s not right at all,” Caspero said. said, “I’m just here to help.” Though people with eating disorders are attemptFAITHHARRIS

They look at the people in the magazines and think ‘this is what I’m suppose to look like,’ but that’s not right at all.”

warning signs


What to look for if you think someone may have an eating disorder

• • • • • • • • •

Harmony Evangelisti

As junior class president and runner for the cross country team, Angelique Tino, junior, proves that a person doesn’t need her eyes to live her high school years to the fullest.

hiding food in napkins, pockets, etc. during a meal • fear of eating with others fear of eating with others • extreme obsession with health facts of food • hidingobsession food in napkins, pockets, etc. of during a meal extreme with health facts food • flushing uneaten fooddown downthe the toilet toilet flushing uneaten food • excessive exercising excessive exercising • eats rapidly • low self-esteem eats rapidly • self-esteem fatigue low • frequent complaints of feeling cold fatigue frequent complaints of feeling cold graphic by

Seyma Tap

Off the trail, she is also driven with different goals and ambitions. Though Tino is partially blind, she has a firm view of the future. Tino sees herself “pushing through college” and graduating with a masters in Spanish. But her biggest concern is that when she graduates that she can make a difference, possibly as someone working in international relations to promote peace. “She has so much to overcome,” said Tino’s Spanish 7-8 teacher, Raquel Chavez. “She knows what she wants... She is an amazing girl.” Tino strives to keep her outlook bright. “I can’t let small things bring me down,” she said. “My mindset isn’t negative. I stay on the positive side.”

New teachers bring fresh perspective ANNAMARIERODRIGUEZ

Flock manages to keep a gleaming smile on her face while she is constantly running errands around Observing every new detail and wondering what is three campuses. She previously worked at Edison, to come on the first day of school. Nervously await- Franklin, and Jane Frederick. She is now in charge of not only Stagg but Pacific Law Academy and Weber ing what the class environment will be. While this may typically be the perspective of a also. However, she says the workload is heavy being new student, it can, like this year, be the view of the at three different campuses. Aside from being constantly busy, Flock’s biggest school’s new staff. New work experience coordinator Beth Flock has issue so far was “just setting up.” She has already set a been embracing every detail of the campus. “I love goal which she hopes to accomplish by the end of the my office, I love the trees, and everyone is just so school year. “Just to make the job (work experience) happen and to get the work permit classes started,” nice,” she said. she said. Another teacher who is adjusting to the campus is Madalyn Gonzales, director of student activities, yearbook advisor, and teacher. She manages her classes as if she has been at this school for years. Transitioning from Edison to Stagg’s campus made teaching yearbook and leadership easier because she has taught the material before. Like Flock, she has also been having a positive start. “The staff is so welcoming, I have never really worked with a staff that has been so helping,” Gonzales said. Not only is the staff helpful, but the students are as well. “I haven’t had one behavior issue this year, which is unusual,” she said. However not only is Gonzales making adjustments to her new position on campus but students are also, explained senior class president and co-editor in chief of the yearbook, Sabina Griffen. “We are adjusting to each other just fine and I know if we continue to work together we will have a successful year in both classes,” she said. Gonzales is constantly busy with both monitoring the classroom and managing the student store. She assigns students tasks to complete by the end of the period. Along with the productiveness, Gonzales is setting goals for herself and the students, she explains. She challenges students to increase the number of year photo by Annamarie Rodriguez books sold and create a superb yearbook. The new coordinator of the work emperience To make sure these goals are met she holds meetprogram, Beth Flock, talks about adjusting to ings periodically. “We have meetings every time we her new office. meet instead of just once a week,” said sophomore Anthony Wimmer. She plans to help produce a more detailed yearbook and bring a different perspective to the yearbook, by making them not just about memories but also informative. Keeping success in mind Gonzales plans to involve every student in the yearbook. “To lead student activities I want to make sure that every student is involved and no one is invisible.” With the school year already starting out good for both Flock and Gonzales, they anticipate what is to come. “I’m really excited for this year,” Gonzales said. “Students are really photo by Mia Torres New leadership and yearbook adviser, Madalyn Gonzales is self-starters, which has made my job easier.”

pleased with her new students and staff. She plans to have a very succesful school year.

Entertainment the Daily Prophet



What do students have to say about Harry Potter?

I tried to watch one when I was younger and I couldn’t get into it and I ended up falling asleep.”

Finished but not forgotten


on a first-name basis by the third grade... To everyone whose 11th birthday had them crossing their fingers for that acceptance letter to Hogwarts... To everyone who, like me, grew up alongside the Boy Who Lived... This is for you. The ones who understand everything Harry Potter made possible – a belief in magic, messenger owls, and an entire world we couldn’t even see, let alone be a part of (damn you, Statute of Secrecy). And now, the franchise that created this world is over. For some, it a has quite literally been a fixture in life since our earliest memories of being able to even hold a book. Which of course, as friends caught on, led to the inevitably endless discussions over best character, best book, best movie adaptation



I can relate to it because it shows you what true friends are about, not the fake ones who leave you when you need them the most.” VIVIAN VASQUEZ, junior

and arguments over every other even vaguely debatable aspects of the books. And that’s where the real magic that Harry Potter held shines through, in the memories that they helped create, in movie marathons and book release parties. In picking friends based on who had the newest “Harry Potter” book on their desk. (Or who had the biggest stack.) But even though there won’t be another book to tear through in record time or midnight premiere to scream at, Harry and company won’t ever disappear beneath the Invisibility Cloak of time. They still, and always will, exist in the suspicion that the crazy neighborhood lady looks just too cat-like to not be an Animagus. They will exist in the knowledge that Honeyduke’s could trump any See’s Candy, and that Flourish and Blotts will beat out Barnes & Noble any day. And, of course, they will always exist in the books and films that fed our fanaticism for the last 14 years.

Harry potter legacy lives on in heart of fan



o everyone who had Harry, Ron, and Hermione


I can’t relate anything from my life to Harry Potter because it really has nothing meaningful in the movie.”



en years ago a journey began, a journey through a sevenbook series and the eight movies that brought the books to life. Upon opening the first novel in the first grade, senior Sarah McLaughlin developed an instant attachment. She read each “Harry Potter” story and grew beyond fascinated. The fictional world of wizards, wands, and even chocolate frogs came to be an enormous part of her life. Over the 10 years, McLaughlin has collected a heap of Harry Potter related keepsakes. Pulling out a pair of pink flower earrings, she shares how these are the ones that Hermione Granger wore to the Yule Ball in the fourth movie. Skimming over her collection she points to a poster. “This poster has been on my wall for six years,” she said. Then picking up the stack of seven movies, she recalls the excitement and anticipation that came with waiting for them to be sold on DVD. “The first day they came out I had to be at the store to get them,” she said, holding her favorite of the eight, “Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince,” of

photo by

Harmony Evangelisti

Sarah McLaughlin, senior, shows off her replica of Harry Potter’s wand, which she has had since age nine. which she has the special edition. Not only has she collected all of the movies, she has collected all seven books too, along with poster books, coloring books and a notebook received in the fourth grade to keep as a journal. When 8-year-old McLaughlin started this journal, she was already looking years ahead to her 11th birthday, hoping to get an acceptance letter to Hogwarts. This one fond recollection encapsulates how McLaughlin has spent much of her life in hopes of becoming a part of this myste-

rious world of witchcraft and wizardry. “They’re the kind of people you’d want to be friends with,” McLaughlin said of Harry Potter and the rest of the magical characters. But out of all the Harry Potter cast, Hermione Granger has always been her favorite. She became a role model to her, influencing McLaughlin to have hopes of being the young wizard. Though Hermione is her favorite, she still has that passion for the others. “They’re not just

characters in a book,” she said. “They become a part of your life.” Not only have the characters in Harry Potter been an inspiration to McLaughlin, but they have been a guide to her through the difficult stages of her life. When her grandfather passed away, she went to the novels to seek security. While reading she found that her relationship with her grandfather and Harry’s relationship with Dumbledore was surprisingly similar. Noting the death of Dumbledore, she said “It was comforting to see how Harry went through it and came out better.” Through thick and thin, the series has always been there to support her, so she is sad to see it come to an end. But with a chuckle she said, “I still have to visit the theme park in Florida.” And rereading is always there for her to travel back to the wizarding world. Once she picks up the first of the series she cannot put it down until she has read them all the way through. “I can’t even eat or sleep until I finish them,” she said. “It’s not just a book series, it’s an experience.” To McLaughlin, the story is over, but will live on forever.

movies bring magic of books to life SOPHIADAVIDSON


The movies seem to have me under some sort of magical spell because of the magnificent way they guide the audience through the world of Harry Potter.

hich is better, the film series or the book series? This question has aroused debate between fans and non-fans ever since the first Harry Potter movie hit the big screen. I’m not much of a bookworm, and being an extreme movie geek, I’d have to say that I prefer the films over the novels. And immediately after finishing the last sentence of the seventh book’s epilogue, I concluded that the movie series overall certainly does the books justice. From the beginning of “Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone” all through the end of “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows” I was completely immersed in the world that J.K. Rowling had so vividly brought to life. Every chocolate frog, quidditch match, and grindylow is attended to with such detail that with a little imagination the story is just as visually pleasing as watching it on screen. As the films progress they leave out more and more components from the books. Most particularly with the third film, “Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban.” Once I was over halfway finished with the book, I realized that there were chapters full of information that was not included in the movie. Until I read the book, I had no clue that the Shrieking Shack was used for young Remus Lupin to wait out his werewolf stage, or that the Marauder’s Map was created by Harry’s father and his band of friends when they were students. I felt cheated. For awhile I had an it-would-have-been-nice-to-know-that attitude until realizing that if the filmmakers were to include every piece of information, the movie would last several hours and require an intermission. Every film, of course, excludes specific parts from the original texts such as the Deathday Party of Sir Nicholas in “Chamber of Secrets,” Hermione’s Society for the Promotion of Elfish Welfare (SPEW) in “Goblet of Fire,” Percy Weasely’s betrayal to his family in “Order of the Phoenix,” and Harry’s exploration of Tom Riddle’s memories in “Half-Blood

Prince.” Not to mention the multiple details left out in each part of “Deathly Hallows” such as a fairly important argument between Harry and Lupin, Lupin and Tonk’s son Teddy, and distressed Mrs. Weasly working to prevent Harry, Ron, and Hermione from arranging their journey to find and destroy horcruxes. To audience members who have read each book, the last two Harry Potter films would seem quite choppy. I can rant on and on about what was left out, but as I explained earlier, if every bit of the story was included, the movies would be never-ending. Though I have to complain about the much-too-brief epilogue of which we leave our beloved characters as full-grown adults sending their children off to Hogwarts. I think that fans would agree that the epilogue should’ve received the most attention since everyone would love to know what becomes of Neville or even the school itself. Since written text and motion-capture are two completely different media, the books and the movies are difficult to compare. I believe that the books are certainly better than the films. But since I’m not a big reader, I prefer watching the films over reading the books. The novels have excellent imagery and they are very wellwritten, however the movies seem to have me under some sort of magical spell because of the magnificent way they guide the audience through the world of Harry Potter.

art by

Sophia Davidson


the Stagg Line




The seemingly endless world of the Internet can produce some of the strangest things you have ever seen. From keyboard playing cats to the worst musician ever, there is everything ever imaginable. The popularity of these nonsensical videos and ridiculously hilarious phrases continues to grow.

Internet Memes

VIENAPALACIO Hmm. It sure is boring today.Click. Oh, is that Rebecca Black’s new song? Click. Cool, there’s some new hipster kitty macros. Click. I think I’ll go watch that video of Nyan Cat again. Click. Sounds familiar? Welcome to the Internet, the home of all the Internet memes. On the screen, Keyboard cat plays side by side with Rebecca Black as she sings along to her infamous tune and the “forever alone” guy is chased by a couple of trolls. Double rainbow guy is out of breath as he freaks out over two rainbows and cereal guy just sits on the corner, munching on his cereal and making comments about the scene. Amidst the chaos, questions arise. What are memes (pronounced “meems”), and what are they even about? What makes them so popular? Who started them? You’ve probably seen them before online (Have you ever seen Antoine Dodson’s

video on YouTube? If so, then you’ve seen a meme.) Internet memes are videos, photos, or phrases that become propagated through the Internet. You might have seen it before, maybe in the form of a comment that says “epic fail” or a purposely misspelled word such as “moar.” But they are much more than a simple word. They originate from a variety of places, from YouTube videos or something as simple as a post on’s forums. As stupid as it sounds, something that can have zero hits one day can have as many as a million hits the next day. As they are passed from one person to the other, the meme becomes somewhat like a snowball rolling down a hill. The uses of it escalates and sooner or later, everyone and their mom has seen it. Thus, a new Internet meme is born. Now prepare yourself for seeing the said meme everyday for the next few months or so, but even after it’s height of popularity, it will still occasionally pop up in

conversation or somewhere on the Internet. Let’s take Rickrolling as an example. Rickrolling is when someone sends someone a link of a video that is relevant to whatever topic they were talking about, only to have the video turn out to be a video of Rick Astley’s song “Never Gonna Give You Up.” Rickrolling does not only pertain to the Internet, but also in real life. This meme became so popular that on Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade in 2008, Rick Astley came out as a surprise guest on one of the floats, thus rickrolling tens of millions of viewers. The use of this meme has died out recently. No one is quite sure as to how Rickrolling started. Some people have said that it all occurred first around May 2007, in 4chan’s /v/ thread, also known as the video game’s thread, where someone linked a video of what was supposed to be the first video of “Grand Theft Auto IV’s” trailer on YouTube (which was not available on the official

website due to heavy traffic.) But instead it was linked to a video of Rick Astley’s song. At first, the joke just stayed on 4chan, but then a year later, it has become an Internet phenomenon. Despite the popularity of the meme, the funny thing is that Rick Astley has only made $12 in performance royalties from YouTube. No one will ever be sure what makes a meme “meme material.” What made Nyan Cat so popular in comparison to all of the other gifs of cats out there? What was it about Rebecca Black’s “Friday” music video that made it viral while there are surely even more horrible music videos waiting to be discovered? What is up with the Internet’s obsession with cats? Can it be the sheer stupidity in these videos? No one can be quite sure. All that we can be sure of is that right now, a new meme is awaiting to be created.

Satire comes from behind the glasses DAMONHEINE

Ever heard the expression that something is so bad it’s good? After these guys review something, that saying becomes a reality. provides a boatload of satirical reviews that cover almost every media format, from movies to video games to comic books. This site was created by Chicago native Doug Walker, after his first Youtube series was pulled from the site after copyright issues in his reviews. Together with Internet webmaster Mike Michaud, they officially re-launched the site in April of 2008, and all of Walker’s videos have been broadcast on the site ever since. Now with plenty of reviewers and programs on the site, we’ll take a look at some of the most popular programs on the site. “The Nostalgia Critic,” the sites most popular program is hosted by Walker in the guise of a reviewer of films from the 80’s and 90’s. Most of them are reviews of forgotten movies that had every reason to be forgotten. The critic specializes in negative reviews, but can also be an effective positive reviewer as seen in his top 11 countdowns. Why top 11? Because he likes to go one step beyond. In the top 11 countdowns, Walker lists various topics, like scariest nostalgic moments and best Christmas specials. He also does segments where he compares classic movies and their up to date remakes called Old Vs. New. But to me, the negative reviews are where “the Nostalgia Critic” is at his best. The sarcasm and blatant pop culture references make it a hilarious internet show, and proves why it’s the most watched show on the site. “Bum Reviews with Chester A. Bum.” Also

played by Doug Walker, “Bum Reviews” is hosted by Chester A. Bum, a hyperactive homeless man and moviegoer. Walker’s character in this series is meant to cover reviews of newer movies that just came out in theaters. The episodes open with Chester saying that the movie he just saw was the best movie he’s ever seen and after giving a synopsis of the plot in his own words, ends with him asking the audience for change in a styrofoam cup. Walker’s character may seem overwhelming to some, but I think his hyperactive humor is in good contrast with his other character “the Nostalgia Critic.” There’s only one thing I could never understand. How does a homeless man manage to go to the movies all the time?

Popular Segments

“Atop the Fourth Wall.” The world of less-than-par comics is reviewed in this web series. Hosted by Lewis Lovhaug, aka “Linkara,” with magic gun in his holster, he steps into the world of comics biggest blunders. His best work though comes when he reviews comics that were made solely to make money. Like “NFL Superpro” and “Godzilla vs. Barkely.” Linkara’s humor is sarcastic and mirrors “the Nostalgia Critic,” but he still makes the show his own with his overly dramatic narration of the comics he’s reading. “AT4W” is definitely a unique show seeing that reviews on comics aren’t as common as reviews on other media sources. “The Spoony Experiment.” The main format of this show is mainly humorous reviews of video games. Noah Atwiler, under the pseudonym “The Spoony One” or just simply “Spoony,” hosts the show in an homage to “Mystery Science Theater 3000.” While reviews of video games are the most common reviews on the show, B-movies and other low rate films have also been satirized. Another thing that makes the show unlike the others is Spoony’s alter ego, Doctor Insano. Fitting the mold of a stereotypical mad scientist, Doctor Insano is always concocting plans to take over the world. He also serves as an antagonist to Linkara from “Atop the Fourth Wall.” Out of all the sites on the internet, I found that is most reliable for poking fun at the bad, but also for providing substantial reviews of pop culture that they remember, so we don’t have to.

))Suburban Knights ))5 Second Movies ))The Nostalgia Chick ))Ask That Guy With The Glasses ))Kickassia

News the Stagg Line

8 Students say fewer CSMs, more room to break rules DEJACROFT

lunch, but some students find a way to sneak past Takia Tinney, senior, stumbles out of bed searchsecurity and leave school grounds without permising for her alarm clock to silence the annoying sion. CSM Otha Dread has noticed that students wake-up call. She wipes her eyes and makes her are more likely to break the rules because they don’t way to her closet to pick out her outfit for the day. believe that there’s a big chance that they will get Tinney knows the school dress code very well. And punished. despite that knowledge she picks out some short “I went off campus once but I didn’t get caught,” shorts, a spaghetti strap shirt and her favorite pair said Luis Garcia, sophomore. of long red socks. Some people have a different opinion than With there being fewer campus security moniDread. tors at the school this year, the chances of her be“It’s been more positive,” said Youlin Aissa, asing caught and sent to M3 for her inappropriate sistant principal. As she patrols the hallways Aissa clothing are slim. “I just go the opposite way from has not seen a rise in misbehavior with the students. where they (CSMs) go,” Tinney said. So she takes “I applaud the students for behaving maturely,” GAMAL SALAMA the chance with confidence. she said. Assistant principal Like Tinney, students are breaking the rules that Though some students take advantage of the have been enforced for many years on this campus. fact that there are fewer campus security monitors The difference between past years and this year is around, others look at it in a less positive way. there are four CSMs instead of eight. This is due to Students have shown concern about their safety the board of education’s decision to cut CSMs late spring of last year. on this campus. Fewer security means a smaller chance of being pro“It’s a district thing according to the budget cuts,” said Gamal Sal- tected in the eyes of students. ama, assistant principal. “CSMs (are) being cut almost 50 percent.” “I think the environment of the school is less safe because there’s And with fewer eyes watching the students, some take this oppor- less security,” said Desiraye Hammons, sophomore. tunity to misbehave because they don’t expect to get caught or punBecause there are fewer CSMs this year, there aren’t as many people ished. Because of the cut in security it has become easier for students around to patrol the campus, not only to keep students in line but to to slip through the cracks of a wall that has been built based on rules, also ensure safety to the people on school grounds. discipline and consequences. CSMs have no way of covering every People have noticed the change within the school compared to part of campus at the exact same time so it’s easier for students to get prior years. “I think it seems different around campus because the past security. CSMs aren’t really securing the campus,” said Tiera Davis, sopho“You can easily get off campus,” said Candace Ross, senior. There is more. “There are more kids and less security.” Approximately 1800 students go to Stagg, divide that by four a CSM that monitors each gate students use to go off campus during CSMs and you have a pretty good idea of what the security has to deal with. But there are other students who don’t feel less secure now than they did before. “I think it’s a good thing that we have less security,” Ryan Quarls, junior, said. “We just need a couple (CSMs) and we’ll be good, you guys are wasting money on security you don’t need.” Because of the cut in CSMs there have been changes in the way the school runs. At lunch the hallways are closed. The larger bathrooms are located in the hallways and they are also more convenient for some students. Because they are locked students are forced to use the K-wing and R-wing bathrooms, which are smaller and farther away from most classes. Dread said it’s because there are no more monitors to cover the halls. “It doesn’t matter how many photo by Harmony Evangelisti CSMs there are,” Salama said. Senior Sophannara Ram gets pulled aside during lunch for an ID check by campus security “(Its about) being proactive monitor Loretta O’Con. With fewer CSM’s, security around campus has been pushed to more when it comes to discipline.”

It doesn’t matter how many CSM’s there are. It’s about being proactive when it comes to discipline.”


NEW ON CAMPUS Karen Caligiuri counselor

Where did you work prior to Stagg? Edison Merlo Institute What obstacles have you had to face so far? Getting to know the ins and outs of Stagg, every school does things their own way. What is your goal for this year? I want to get to know kids and staff, and make this feel like my home, like I belong.

Gamal Salama assistant principal

Where did you work prior to Stagg? Edison, as a math instructor What obstacles have you had to face so far? It’s a big transition, my hours are different. As a teacher, I went home at 3:00 p.m. but now it’s until 8:00 p.m. and I work on Saturdays. What is your goal for this year? I would like to support student activities and teachers in a professional learning community.

graphic by

Seyma Tap

populated areas of the school such as in the glade, by the library, and bike racks during lunch.

graphic graphic by by FFee V Valencia alencia

Stagg Line 2011-2012 Issue 1  

This is the first issue of the year, published in August 2011.

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