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CINEMA Leo brings a whole new meaning to hammer time


PICKS! Make the most of the next seven days, with Closer’s recommended picks

BOOKS Lucy Tobin


Django Unchained

As January drags on, we’re all trying to make our wages last and willing payday to hurry up. If you still want to have a social life while counting the pennies, or just want to make your hard-earned money go further in general, Lucy Tobin’s extensive money-saving tips, tricks and ideas are perfect. With advice on saving cash on everything from eating out to paying off credit cards, and even ways of nabbing stuff for free, this book could see you living 2013 with more money in your pocket – without having to compromise on fun. ★★★★★

DRAMA Quentin Tarantino brings us this gory Deep-South-set film. The movie sees Jamie Foxx as Django – a slave freed by a bounty hunter, Dr King Schultz (Christoph Waltz), who trains him to track down criminals. When Django sets out to find and rescue his wife (Kerry Washington), who he lost to the slave trade many years ago, he and Schultz are led to racist slave owner Calvin Candie (Leonardo DiCaprio) – the proprietor of “Candyland,” a ruthless plantation with a suspicious house slave (Samuel L Jackson). This brutal western is bloody good, but steer clear if you hate anything violent! ★★★✩✩

Peta Bee

The Food Swap Diet


The Sessions DRAMA

This touching drama handles its controversial subject matter very well. It tells the story of a man (John Hawkes) confined to an iron lung (medical ventilator) who – at 38 years old – sets out to lose his virginity. To achieve his dream, writer Mark seeks the advice of a priest (William H Macey) and a sex surrogate (Helen Hunt), who gives him six life-changing “sessions.” Funny, tear-jerking and really well-acted, this is a unique film. ★★★★✩

“Anyone fancy getting me brekkie in bed?”

ALSO OUT THIS WEEK: l Monsters Inc 3D The award-winning family-friendly

Dieting is on many of our minds at this time of year, when we all feel a bit deprived of our fave treats – but this book could change all that. Instead of suggesting a lengthy, hard-tostick-to diet plan, author Peta Bee offers hundreds of food swap ideas and reveals the difference they could make to your waistline. So, you could still eat a bit of what you fancy, just a healthier version. There’s no silly talk of skipping meals or cutting out food groups, just sound, helpful advice. Sounds good to us! ★★★★✩

animation is back on the big screen in 3D – eleven years after its original release!

DAY OUT Madagascar Live! Sing and dance along with Alex The Lion and co as they bring the popular animation film to life in this live theatrical tour, across nine UK cities. It includes the hit song Move it, Move it!

Nationwide, until 10 March

ALBUM VARIOUS The Trevor Nelson Collection Everyone’s favourite urban DJ releases this eclectic compilation of 60 hits. Featuring artists from R Kelly and Usher to Soul II Soul, Cameo and En Vogue, it’s a must-have for R&B fans. ★★★★

DVD Lawless This gritty gangster flick set in ’20s prohibition-era America tells the true story of the legendary Bondurant Brothers (Shia LaBeouf, Jason Clarke and Tom Hardy), who make a living as hardhitting criminals. Also stars Jessica Chastain and Guy Pearce. ★★★★✩

Good work, boys – hats are in this season

ALSO OUT: l Cheerful Weather For The Wedding Romantic period drama about a bride (Felicity Jones) whose ex lover turns up on her wedding day! l Hysteria Felicity Jones also stars in this light-hearted flick, alongside Maggie Gyllenhaal, telling the story of the birth of the vibrator. Hilarious!

19 – 25 JANUARY 2013



FRIDAY, JANUARY 18, 2013 FIRST thing’s first. Happy New Year! I know Bodg already wished you all the best for 2013 last week, but this is my first opportunity to speak to you guys since the hectic period of overeating that is the festive season. Anyone else now standing daily in front of the mirror regretting the reckless abandonment with which you cast aside your normal diet in favour of one riddled with Quality Street and pigs in blankets? Thought so. Bodg and I have decided to join the swarms of people descending on the gym in an attempt to shift the podge. We begin our regime on Monday so in preparation for this we’ve binged on Greggs and McDonald’s this week…the true mark of a pair of dedicated athletes. But amazingly our health kick is not the news of this week. It's been a fantastic week if you’re Adele, pictured, or a snowman. Not so much if you’re a horse. Don’t worry though, you won’t get any more burger horse-related puns here…I was hoping the whole thing would blow over quickly and wouldn’t go on ‘furlong’. Sorry. I’m sure you also don’t need reminding of the fact the North East has been gripped by the icy fingers of winter this week. The pictures of snow falling on gardens or work car parks that populate our Facebook timelines should be enough to jog our memories! And if I’m subjected to ONE MORE car dashboard displaying a subzero temperature I may delete my Facebook. OK well maybe I won’t go that far, how on earth will




Not to be missed Matt writes.... I be able to keep up with my friends’ lives. I might actually have to see them in real life! So instead of that I want to talk about Adele. What a breath of fresh air she is to the normally fake, overdramatic, crying world that is a Hollywood award ceremony. Her song Skyfall won the Golden Globe for best original music in a motion picture which was great, but not as good as her acceptance speech! After high-fiving Daniel Craig she burst on to the stage excitedly shouting “Oh my God, oh my God, oh my God” before proclaiming “Honestly, I’ve come out for a night out with my friend Ayda. We’re new mums…I was not expecting this!” It was so brilliant to see someone so successful, talented and world-famous accepting an award in the way that any one of us would! If you haven’t seen the video it’s worth checking out on While you’re there you can vote for the Best British single in the BRITS, that we’re sponsoring again this year. Right, I’m off to vote for my favourite…and then put a snow picture on Facebook.


IT says something about a show when it can hold a four-year-old’s attention from beginning to end even when performed in a foreign language. Such was the case when I flew out to Utrecht in Holland earlier this month for the first full dress rehearsal of Madagascar Live!. Sitting next to me was a little Dutch girl (and her even younger sister next to her) and both were goggle-eyed throughout, despite them not having a word of English and the show being performed in that language. That’s testament to a cracking production, which Madagascar certainly proved to be. It comes to the Metro Radio Arena from February 8 to 10 as part of its first arena tour, having already been a hit in American theatres. I got a full preview of what to expect at the invitation-only performance in Utrecht and loved every second of it. Cast and crew took time out of their rehearsals to tell me about the show, and no one could be happier to be in it than Brad Frenette, who plays King Julien. No wonder, he has one of the biggest numbers in the musical

Madagascar makes the leap from big screen to arenas and it comes to Toon next month. Entertainment Editor GORDON BARR goes behind the scenes of the new live show adaptation of the blockbusting film. “Yes, Brad does like to Move It Move It,” he laughs when chatting about the show’s best-known number. “I was a gymnast for quite a while when I was a kid and at college I was a dancer. We all like to move it move it, we stretch every morning and go to the gym together and sweat off our calories on stage every day.” This is Detroit-born Brad’s first time out of North America and he jumped at the chance to appear in Madagascar Live!. “I was doing another show in Pennsylvania and my agent sent me this audition so I drove into New York and after about five call backs I ended up getting the role. "I hadn't seen the film, When I found out I got the audition, I watched

it finally. But I didn’t want my take on King Julien to be a replica of the film’s so I purposefully didn't familiarise myself with it. I had it in the back of my mind but I didn't want to steal from Sacha Baron Cohen what he did for King Julien and I haven't seen it since then. "You don't want to stray too much away from the film because people who have seen the film are the ones coming to see this and there are certain things from the film that they expect to see. “It follows the storyline of the first film, but it is a full stage musical with new musical numbers and new scenes. "I'm hoping for the people who love the film it will be a familiar experience but a different one. I don't really watch a lot of cartoons, those aren’t the movies I get into. But watching it I laughed and thought it was funny. “When we came in for first day of rehearsal and did the script read-through I was laughing out loud, to this day, I’ve heard these jokes so many times, but I am still just cracking up backstage. There is definitely humour for adults.” Madagascar Live!’s director is Gip Hoppe, who also directed the theatrical tour in the States. "There was no trepidation because the material was so funny,” he tells me. “When I first watched the movie I laughed and the characters are really loveable and it's just such a smart good

script that there was just excitement to get started on it and figuring out where the songs go. "What do we sing about and where is there the opportunity for us to sing? "Then staging it – when you have an animated film computers can do a lot of magic, but on the stage you have Newton's law of gravity so everything has to be thought out in a different way and it's fun to be able to sort out those problems. "It does differ from the movie in that we've added songs. The movie wasn't really a movie musical, it had a lot of great music in it but we have made it into a stage musical.” One of Gip’s biggest tasks was transforming the theatre version into an arena show. "It's just a matter of puzzle solving. In a theatre we flew in the sets from above because there is the fly gallery which holds all the scenery. In an arena you don't have that so all the sets have to come in from the side and are pulled across from the side. "We tried to justify it with having some of the scenes coming in with a human motivation to justify it. The timings are different, the lighting is different. “We brought over three actors from the previous cast and seven more new ones. It feels like we are doing it all over again and with the new scenery problems to solve it feels like we are doing the show for the first time.” I ask him if you need to have seen the film to enjoy the show. "It's going to help if you have seen the film, but I know a lot who haven't seen the film who have seen this, so I don’t think it is a necessity as the characters are so great and the characters are funny – funny is funny regardless.”


Take a trip to Madagascar as we go behind the scenes: Having witnessed the rehearsal I found myself enjoying the humour as much as the kids – though probably on different levels. There is definitely jokes there for us oldies too. “If you create a show for children you can make a mistake by making it so specific to the children, adults don't enjoy it,” explains Gip. "Children do not drive themselves to the arena, they have to be accompanied. Having something the adults can enjoy and humour they understand and great music – well I'm an elderly gentleman and I find the music fantastic to listen to. “The kids will have a ball and the adults I hope will be sniggering in their seats at bits of it, looking at each other. “There is some more grown up humour in it, but that is the formula of the film too. I laughed enormously when I saw the movie.” I ask Gip too if he likes to move it move it! "I do. That song is really something on stage and I love it when everybody is dancing and we come into the audience. It's a massive party. “My trademark dance move? Filling a cup of coffee and finding an empty chair to sit and watch people with actual talent dance!.”

ARENA FUN Brad Frenette, who plays King Julien in Madagascar Live, and, below, scenes from the show

ALL your favourite characters from blockbusting movie Madagascar are as entertaining in the flesh as on the big screen in this new stage musical version. I loved Madagascar Live! from beginning to end and while the film uses state-of-the-art technology, this is very much a traditional show. In fact, the backdrops – from New York Zoo to Madagascar itself – are all beautifully hand-painted and benefit from being so. Audiences will relive the fun and humour of the animals and their escapades, superbly recreated in an arena production of lively storytelling, dance and music including, of course, the biggie Move It, Move It. But all the music is inspiring, and the live vocals and big voices make the impact so much more immediate. It’s a wild and action-packed adventure as Alex the Lion, Marty the Zebra, Melman the Giraffe, Gloria the Hippo and the plotting penguins escape from their home at New York's Central Park Zoo and find themselves on an unexpected journey to the madcap world of King Julien's Madagascar. There’s audience interaction with the penguins, a clever script and good use of puppets too. The scene changes are smooth and the characters really do come to life, more than in any 3D film! It’s a trip not to be missed. By By GORDON BARR



N E W C A S T L E 31 High Bridge | 0844 693 3336 |

Venue • Bistro • Courtyard









Sunderland Echo, Thursday, January 31, 2013

TOY & TRAIN COLLECTORS FAYRE Gateshead International Stadium, Neilson Road Gateshead NE10 0EF

Saturday 2nd Feb 10am - 3pm

Adults £2 Children/Senior Citizens £1.50 Buy, Sell and swap collectable toys

Telephone: David (0191) 4106386


Dancing, Singing & Performing Arts for Children & Adults Empire House Newbottle Street Houghton le Spring Tyne & Wear DH4 4AF

Tel: 0191 584 0764

+44 (0) 191 389 1111


Thursday 14th & Saturday 16th February 2013 Treat the one you love to a romantic stay, a fine three course dinner, a bottle of Champagne and chocolates in your room upon arrival. Enjoy a hearty full English/ Continental breakfast prior to departure. Thursday 14th February from Saturday 16th February from Dinner only

£99.50 per person* £124.50 per person*

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For more than 600 years the magnificent spectacle of Lumley Castle has dominated the County Durham landscape. Set within nine acres of parkland overlooking the River Wear, Lumley Castle Hotel is the fairytale setting for your romantic break. * Offer based on two persons sharing a Courtyard Double Bedroom, Room upgrades available, subject to availability. T&C’s apply. lumleycastle Lumley Castle Hotel Chester le Street County Durham DH3 4NX


Come on, Move Hit film Madagascar will be brought to life for audiences with a live show which is heading to the region next month. Katy Wheeler found out what can be expected from the tour and gives five families the chance to be there for free.


XPECT a menagerie of fun when Madagascar hits the North East next week. That’s the promise from the producers of DreamWorks Madagascar Live! which is in the middle of its first UK arena tour.

All the film’s stars will be there – Alex the Lion, Marty the Zebra, Melman the Giraffe, Gloria the Hippo and the plotting penguins – but this time you’ll be able to see their antics live. The song-filled show, which includes hit track Move It, Move It, follows the animals from their home at New York’s Central Park Zoo to when they find themselves on an unexpected journey to the madcap world of King Julien’s Madagascar. Director Gip Hoppe said: “It’s like a Broadway musical for the whole family. “We took the incredible adventure and amazingly funny and rich characters from the film and added some great songs.   “There are beautiful sets and costumes that render the films wonderful artwork into a fullyrealised dimensional world. The show is based on the original film and it tells the story that got the whole thing started.” So what difficulties did he face in breathing new life into film characters? “The main challenge is to stay true to the characters,” he said.  “To me, Madagascar is really about friendship and seeking your true place in the world. These characters are so beautifully developed – and

funny.” He added: “The biggest difference is that arenas don’t have fly galleries – so the scenery has to arrive on stage in a different way.    “Our scenic designer, Dave Gallo, has done an incredible job of rendering the world of an animated film to the stage. “From the subways of New York to the majesty of a giant cargo ship to the rich and vivid jungles of Madagascar, it’s all there right in front of you.” The show toured the US last year, but there’s

been a couple of changes thrown into the mix since then.“Yes – we have some new scenes that involve the audience – and a certain group of penguins, but that’s all I can say,” said Gip. “You have to see the show.” l DreamWorks Madagascar Live! is at Metro Radio Arena on Friday, February 8, at 6.30pm; on February 9, at 11am, 3pm and 6.30pm and on February 10 ,at noon and 4pm. For tickets visit buying-tickets/ l For more information on the show visit www.

Sunderland Echo, Thursday, January 31, 2013

It, Move It

CDs by Richard Lewis I Am Kloot – Let It All In “I KEPT the note you never wrote and put it with the rest I haven’t got.” So begins Bullets, track one on I Am Kloot’s sixth album and, as opening lines go, it’s about as good as it gets. It sets the tone well too, with Shoeless and Masquerade in particular in the same vein; downbeat bluesy folk with healthy doses of Northern wit and disillusionment. Kloot’s roots are to the fore throughout, with Elbow’s Guy Garvey producing and the definite presence of the ghost of Manchester music past, particularly on the James-esque Even The Stars All of which serves the record well. From the very first note, Let It All In hooked me and made me want to hear more. That feeling’s still with me 20 listens later.

if Adam Ant has been collecting personas ever since, in order to blurt them all out on this record. From the bluesy glam of Cool Zombie, through the rockabilly of Vince Taylor, to Bulls**t , a welcome reminder of his 80’s heyday, so dramatic are the style changes throughout, for a while I found myself checking the tracklist for guest artists. This approach means that some songs work, while others bewilder. I’d elaborate, but the album title has used up my word count. To be honest, that alone tells you all you need to know. A rambling, scattergun record then, but with enough of a glimpse of past glories to make it worth a listen



Adam Ant … is the Blueblack Hussar in Marrying the Gunner’s Daughter IT’S 30 years since he brought us Dandy Highwayman, it’s as

Romance is in the air...

Romantic Overnight Stay…. 7th January 2013- 17th February 2013


Madagascar Live! tickets

WE’VE teamed up with Dreamworks Madagascar Live! to give away five family tickets to the show, which admit four people each. The prize is non-transferable and there is no cash alternative. Family tickets can be used by any combination of a total of four adults and children. At least one adult must be present. Children aged two to 18 must have a ticket. Children under two may sit on their parent’s/guardian’s lap. The tickets are valid for the first performance of Madagascar Live! at the Metro Radio Arena on Friday, February 8, at 6.30pm,

subject to availability. Seats can be located anywhere within the top two family ticket price bands. To be in with a chance of winning, answer this question: What is the name of the hit song from Madagascar? A) Move It, Move It? B) Shuffle, Shuffle? C) Run, Run? l Fill in your answer with your details on the coupon attached and return it to Madagascar Competition, Katy Wheeler, Echo House, Pennywell Industrial Estate, Sunderland, SR4 9ER. Closing date: February 5.


Treat your special one to the Mercure Experience.

only £99

£99 Dinner Bed and Breakfast for two for 1 night’s stay. Check in-to your peaceful surroundings and enjoy a 3 course sumptuous meal & hearty Breakfast for two. Subject to availability

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Romantic Valentine’s Dinner Thursday 14th February

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Treat the one you love to a candlelit dinner whilst romantic music plays softly in the background. Three course dinner in our Lincolns Restaurant.

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Woo your loved one with this sumptuous 3 course dinner with a Glass of Bubbly on arrival. If this wasn’t enough, let the amazing singer Gary James serenade you whist you enjoy your meal.


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Call 0191 402 9988 to book or for further information now … N E W C A S T L E G E O R G E WA S H I N G T O N H O T E L G O L F & S PA Stone Cellar Road, High Usworth, Washington, NE37 1PH W: E: T: 0191 402 9988

Uk clippings Madagascar Live!  

UK clippings Madagascar Live!

Uk clippings Madagascar Live!  

UK clippings Madagascar Live!