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stage@leeds Autumn/Winter 2013

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Have you noticed anything? Over the last four years stage@leeds has quietly established itself as the home of contemporary performance in Leeds. We have collaborated, hosted and supported some diverse and brilliant artists including The Paper Birds, Balbir Singh, Uncanny Theatre, The Skeleton Project, The Hungry Bitches, David Shearing, DugOut Theatre and Gary Clarke to name just a few. Our upcoming season continues to showcase exciting new theatre and dance with work from Rationale, Joss Arnott, Ellie Harrision, Worklight Theatre, the world premiere of Uncanny Theatre’s ‘Instructions for a better life’ and The Skeleton Project’s ambitious ‘FALL’ but that’s not all… stage@leeds will now be programming work at the Banham Theatre and you will be able to buy tickets and get information about public performances taking place at the Workshop Theatre from our box office. stage@leeds is now your one stop shop for Theatre and Dance performance at the University. We are also really pleased to announce the development of the stage@leeds foyer. It will boast a purpose built bar for refreshments and a new intimate performance area that will provide a ‘third space’ for new writing, poetry, music and debate. We are proud of what we have achieved, excited by where we are going and looking forward to sharing the journey with you at a stage@leeds venue in the very near future. Steve Ansell Artistic Director & Theatre Manager stage@leedsvenues

Move To Stand

The Collision of Things

An award-winning show about three friends who lose one life to gain another. The Collision of Things combines a razor sharp script, original live music and an international cast to unearth a delicate story of home, foreignness and speaking the mother tongue. This is the tale of a young couple, their lodger and London. It is about a longing for new life, which overcomes us all, and how we can re-find each other in the darkest moments. The show uses striking physical theatre and compelling storytelling to draw you into a narrative of tragedy and transcendence.

Wed 25 Sept 7.00pm Workshop Theatre ÂŁ8.00 (ÂŁ5.00)

Ellie Harrison

Etiquette of Grief

**** “Breathtaking” (Yorkshire Post)

Thousands of people struggle to cope with the deaths of Princess Diana, Jade Goody, Michael Jackson and occasionally their own loved ones. Ellie knows it can be difficult to express feelings of anger, sadness and loss. She would like to provide you with some moral support, dutch courage and perhaps even a musical accompaniment to help you at this testing time. Ellie’s distinctive brand of solo performance is a celebration of our freedom of expression, even in our darkest of moments. “Etiquette of Grief is a remarkable piece of work. The atmosphere was fantastic. I’m delighted to be given the chance to recommend this show” (Audience feedback)

Thur 26 Sept 7.30pm Stage One £10.50 (£8.50)

Uncanny Theatre

Instructions for a Better Life

This is all about us, everyone that is. ‘It’s a look at what people believe without question and an attempt to unpick the oddity of what we think we think.’ Part thriller, part comedic romp through human psychology, Uncanny Theatre stretch logic to breaking point in a show that’s visually arresting and absurdly funny in all of its low-tech glory. The rules are simple, and with a little luck you’ll be all right. Then again, why should you believe us?

Thur 3 Oct 7.30pm Stage One £12.00 (£9.00)

Rationale Productions

In My Shoes “Rationale are the future”

(Jonzi D, Artistic Director, Sadlers Wells)

Expect high energy, gravity-defying b-boying, slick popping, lots of laughter and a ton of Hip Hop moves that will blow you away! Rationale presents ‘In My Shoes’ a brand new Hip-Hop dance theatre production about a father and son; who in a desperate attempt to save their relationship are forced to develop their understanding of how it feels to be in another person’s shoes.

Tue 8 Oct 7.30pm Stage One £12.00 (£9.00)

Auto & stage@leeds


Leeds’ premiere platform For NEw WorK

NEWK is Leeds’ premiere platform for the region’s performance makers to test ideas and showcase new works at any stage of their development. NEWK was created by artists and remains committed to providing theatre makers with the opportunity to show and share new work, and giving audiences the opportunity to become part of the creative process. We feel passionately about providing an environment where audiences and artists can come together and exchange ideas and this commitement is reflected in our ticket price.

Thur 10 Oct 6.00pm Alec Clegg Studio £2.00

The Skeleton Project


All human beings dream. Some just don’t remember. According to studies, it takes an average of fifteen minutes for a person to fall asleep. Most dreams occur in a house, but usually not your own. stage@leeds associate artists The Skeleton Project explore dreams, reality and the borders in between, in the world premiere of their bold and immersive show ‘FALL’.


associate artists

Thur 17 - Sat 19 Oct 7.30pm stage@leeds £12.00 (£9.00)

Worklight Theatre

How To Start a Riot

“the ability of these performers is boundless” (Fringe Review 2012)

“Must See” (The Stage)

“Professionally stunning, this production shows there might be a better way to think about things” (Broadway Baby 2012)

Why were some parts of the UK set alight in 2011, whilst many others were left untouched? Who was present at the riots? If their actions were ‘mindless’, what’s in the mind? Based on the work of leading crowd and social psychologists Professor Stephen Reicher and Dr. Clifford Stott and using a combination of torchlight, stunning visuals and crowd psychology ‘How to Start a Riot’ seeks answers to questions ignored in the post-riot political rhetoric - rhetoric which has remained remarkably similar for centuries. ‘How To Start a Riot’ is the critically acclaimed debut show from Exeter-based company Worklight Theatre.

Tue 22 Oct 7.30pm Alec Clegg Studio £12.00 (£9.00)

Joss Arnott Dance

Double Bill

“Highly charged and physically demanding... a must see performance” (Londondance)

What is the whole-truth? Who are we to judge anyway? Explore a darker side to femininity with this hypnotising dance. Be catapulted into a chaotic world of sensuality, discovery and hopelessness. Be mesmorized by a cast of alpha females who, choreographed to perfection, move in slick unison, with insect-like isolation. Joss’s trademark athletic choreography and theatrical flair takes its inspiration from classical ballet, commercial dance, pop culture, fashion and film.

Wed 23 Oct 7.30pm Stage One £12.00 (£9.00)

LUU Theatre Group

Punk Rock

by Simon Stephens

Contemporary and unnerving, with elements of The Catcher in the Rye, Lord of the Flies and The Breakfast Club; ‘Punk Rock’ addresses the internal power, social politics, underlying tensions and potential violence of a group of affluent, articulate sixth-form students in Stockport as they discuss life and lunch choices in their school library. A powerful piece of new writing that earned Simon Stephens almost universal praise when the play premiered at the Royal Exchange in 2009.

Tue 22 - Thur 24 Oct 7.30pm Banham Theatre £8.50 (6.50)

Little Soldier Productions

You & Me

“impeccably-timed physical theatre”

(The Stage)

“Stellar performances, the best of the Fringe so far” (The Argus - Brighton Fringe)

“a compelling masterstroke of physical comedy” (A Younger Theatre)

“Refreshingly different” (Everything Theatre)

Two elderly sisters live in a foreign land against the backdrop of a battered rug and a mountain of mysterious boxes. They share an existence of outrageous defamation, tender reminiscing and pure madness, careering between affection and annoyance. But is their behaviour just eccentricity or something more destructive? Winner of the Argus Angel Award at Brighton Fringe 2013, ‘You and Me’ is a funny yet touching story which explores old age with humour, imagination and tenderness.

Mon 28 Oct 7.00pm Workshop Theatre £10.00 (£7.00)

LUU Open Theatre


“Without music, life would be a mistake.” (Friedrich Nietzsche)

Everyone has a personal connection with music, whether the artist seems to be singing just for you or you are in a crowd of thousands singing as one.Open Theatre’s latest devised piece explores our deep relationship with music through storytelling, physical theatre and of course sound.

Tue 29 - Thur 31 Oct 7.30pm Banham Theatre £8.50 (£6.50)

LUU Theatre Group

Vinegar Tom by Caryl Churchill

If you float you’re a witch If you scream you’re a witch If you sink then you’re dead anyway

Following the lives of three women who are threatened to be hanged for witchcraft, Caryl Churchill’s Vinegar Tom uses the 17th century witchcraft trials in England as a lens to examine the status of women in a patriarchal society and demonstrates humanity’s tendency to look for scapegoats for their problems.

Wed 30 Oct - Sat 02 Nov 7.30pm Stage One £8.50 (£6.50)

LUU Theatre Group

Chorus of Disapproval by Alan Ayckbourn

When Guy Jones, a timid widower from Leeds, joins the flailing ranks of the local amateur operatic society, he soon becomes embroiled in the trials and tribulations of those around him. Under the direction of a bombastic Welshman, the troupe’s production of The Beggar’s Opera becomes increasingly dysfunctional, mirroring the offstage relationships in which Guy finds himself hopelessly tangled. With typical flair and comic wit, Alan Ayckbourn’s comedy prods at the delicate underbelly of English provincial life - its frustrations, heartbreaks and chaotic misjudgements, right to the final curtain.

Tue 05 - Thur 07 Nov 7.30pm Banham Theatre £8.50 (£6.50)

LUU Musical Theatre

Oh! What a Lovely War 42 million soldiers 12 million wounded 8 million killed

A howl of rage at the cynicism of politicians and the fate of ordinary soldiers in the First World War. Featuring the jaunty tunes the soldiers sang as they marched to their slaughter in the trenches, including ‘Keep The Home Fires Burning’, ‘It’s A Long Way To Tipperary’ and ‘Pack Up Your Troubles’. Music, comedy and the horrors of warfare are fused together in a show that provides emotive punches and laughs in equal measure.

Wed 6 - Sat 9 Nov 7.30pm Stage One £8.50 (£6.50)

LUU Open Theatre

The Aleph

by Eli Keren

Once the rule is broken there’s no going back The Aleph, a mysterious object of unrivalled importance, is guarded deep within enemy territory. A team are sent to recover and protect it, but when they find themselves in isolation, conflicting desires and clashing personalities erode the group from within.

Tue 12 - Thur 14 Nov 7.30pm Banham Theatre £8.50 (£6.50)

LUU Theatre Group

Titus Andronicus by William Shakespeare

At the end of a bloody war with the Goths, Roman General Titus Andronicus avenges the deaths of his sons by sacrificing the eldest son of Tamora, Queen of the Goths. Hungry for revenge, Tamora marries Rome’s newly appointed emperor Saturninus, whilst plotting Rome’s ruin with her lover Aaron. Shakespeare’s bloodiest tragedy shows a state brought to its knees as revenge slowly destroys compassion, feeling and sanity.

Wed 13 - Sat 16 Nov 7.30pm Stage One £8.50 (£6.50)

PCI Production

Blood Wedding Down they went to the river bank Down to the stream they rode Blood running strong and fast Faster than water could

Inspired by Frederico Garcia Lorca’s timeless tragedy of love, honour and betrayal, this environmental performance invites you to step into the world of one of the most important works of 20th century theatre. Combining text, movement, physical performance and an immersion in spaces defined through light and sound, Blood Wedding re-imagines Lorca’s poetic landscapes for a contemporary audience exploring the tensions between our hopes and desires, individual responsibilities and society’s norms and expectations. “All my heart, it breaks every step that I take” (Lana del Rey)

Thur 27 - Sat 29 Nov 6.00pm & 8.00pm Stage One £9.00 (£7.00)

LUU Theatre Group

Shoot Get Treasure Repeat by Mark Ravenhill

Freedom and democracy

A series of four provocative and unflinching short plays exploring the impact of war on modern life. Shocking, thoughtprovoking and often surreal, the plays are modern day ghost stories haunted by seemingly never ending conflict and the fragments of a lost civilisation.

Wed 04 - Sat 07 Dec 7.30pm Alec Clegg Studio ÂŁ8.50 (ÂŁ6.50)

PCI Production

Pieces and Parts A microcosm of connected mini-dramas An ordered mess of brand new writing and adaptation

Finding our way through new narratives and old rhythms, we invite you to witness stories unfold as we play our parts and piece together the unfamiliar with the expected. A new work that responds to the songs of Laurie Anderson, Bertolt Brecht’s poetry and the strange rituals that constitute our everyday lives. Created, written, researched, adapted, directed, connected, designed, managed and performed by Level 3 students of the School of Performance and Cultural Industries.

Thur 12 - Sat 14 Dec 7.30pm Stage One £9.00 (£7.00)

creative opportunities stage@leeds




The PAD (Professional Artist Development) programme provides professional theatre and dance makers with a rehearsal space, technical support, mentoring and management advice within a relaxed and creative environment. The programme runs during the summer and Easter breaks. Interested artists and companies should contact Steve Ansell YEP (Young Entrepreneurs’ Programme) provides professional support and mentoring to students interested in a career as theatre makers together with the opportunity to produce work for performance at stage@leeds. YEP companies and company members have gone on to win critical acclaim and awards at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and the National Student Drama Festival. If you would like to be considered for the YEP programme or would like more information please contact Steve Ansell

booking stage@leeds Putting on your work at stage@leeds

stage@leeds programmes two seasons of work each year, Sept - Dec and Jan - June. We programme at least three months in advance and all the work is curated by the Artistic Director and the theatre’s creative team. We are always looking for exciting and dynamic new work so let us know via email about what you are up to. Please include links to any reviews, images, video of your work so that we can see if it could work in a stage@leeds venue.

Hiring our spaces

stage@leeds can be hired for conferences and community performances. Availability is limited and will usually be during the summer or Easter breaks. If you would like further information about hiring one of our spaces please contact Alice Clarke, Events Administrator

stage@leedsvenues KEY


A = Alec Clegg Studio (Located in the stage@leeds building) B = Banham Theatre (Located at the main entrance to the Michael Sadler building) S = Stage One (Located in the stage@leeds building) W = Workshop Theatre


60. Parkinson Court 57. The Great Hall 78 Michael Sadler Building

61.Workshop Theatre 32. Leeds University Union 75. School of Music

h Wood ouse



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32 stage@leeds S A




Production Time

September 25 26

The Collision of Things (Move To Stand) Etiquette of Grief (Ellie Harrison)

7.00pm 7.30pm



£8.00 (£5.00) £10.50 (£8.50)



03 Instructions for a Better Life (Uncanny) 7.30pm £12.00 (£9.00) S 04 Leeds Light Night 5.30pm, 8.00pm FREE A 08 In My Shoes (Rationale) 7.30pm £12.00 (£9.00) S 10 NEWK (Auto Productions)) 6.00pm £2.00 A 17 - 19 FALL (Skeleton Project) 7.30pm £12.00 (£9.00) S/A 22 How To Start A Riot (Worklight Theatre) 7.30pm £12.00 (£9.00) A 22 - 24 Punk Rock (LUU TG) 7.30pm £8.50 (£6.50) B 23 Double Bill (Joss Arnott Dance) 7.30pm £12.00 (£9.00) S 28 You & Me (Little Soldier Productions) 7.00pm £10.00 (£7.00)* W 29 - 31 Cue (Open Theatre Group) 7.30pm £8.50 (£6.50) B 30 - 31 Vinegar Tom (LUU TG) 7.30pm £8.50 (£6.50) S

November 01 - 02 05 - 07 06 - 09 12 - 14 13 - 16 28 - 30

Vinegar Tom (LUU TG) Chorus of Disapproval (LUU TG) Oh! What A Lovely War (LUU MT) The Aleph (Open Theatre) Titus Andronicus (LUU TG) Blood Wedding (PCI production)


04 - 07 Shoot, Get Treasure, Repeat (LUU TG) 12 - 14 Pieces & Parts (PCI production)

Venue Key:

A = Alec Clegg Studio B = Banham Theatre S = Stage One W = Workshop Theatre

Box Office: 0113 343 8730 Online:

stage@leeds University of Leeds LS2 9JT

7.30pm 7.30pm 7.30pm 7.30pm 7.30pm 6.00pm, 8.00pm

£8.50 (£6.50) £8.50 (£6.50) £8.50 (£6.50) £8.50 (£6.50) £8.50 (£6.50) £9.00 (£7.00)


7.30pm 7.30pm

£8.50 (£6.50) £9.00 (£7.00)


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