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“Any community can find real value and advantage in developing a business network where skilled staff and good ideas can be shared openly and at low cost”

Skill Exchange UK (Skill X UK) is an independent, Not for Profit professional organisation providing a collective ‘voice’ in direct support of ‘skill exchange, mobility and talent transfer’ which aims to encourage the expansion and development of skill use and talent transfer between local businesses and organisations across private, public, education and the third sector. Skill X UK simply allows businesses to easily ‘recycle their staff, knowledge, ideas and skill’ with other local organisations and avoid skill wastage, training investment and reduce operational/ HR costs. Acting Locally….. and Succeeding Nationally.

“Recycling of skill, knowledge and staff transfer between local employers is such a simple, but a very clever idea!”

So how does it work? Local businesses connect through Skill X UK and share ideas, local challenges and local skilled staff- between registered Members through the on-line Skill Exchange site. Local sites require certain essential elements and standards to get started so to help, we have listed a few essentials and steps towards forming your own local Skill X HUB. If you need assistance please get in touch- OK?

Such employer collaboration is Big Society… at work!

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It takes a group of 4 or 6 active local companies to agree to be ‘Partners’ to start and fund a local HUB. Gather your funding- each HUB costs about £28,000 ex .VAT for the first year- reducing annually. Investment is normally 3 years- but all HUBS are different so allow for some customisation. Nominate a Local HUB Manager (Chair) as leader and co-ordinator. It helps to appoint a ‘Skill Champion’- your MP or a known and respected face /voice that will promote and endorse your HUB objectives. Skill X works at low or no costs but requires commitment, resources and effort from all of the supporting Partners and Members. Skill X is an on-line low cost Not for Profit service –it relies on local people and local help; contributors and content providers are essential. Every Local HUB is part of and connected to our UK website.

Start Your Own Skill Exchange Hub A HUB is a local online skill exchange that allows details of employees’ skills, experience and education / training (posted as Profiles) to be reviewed by Local Hub members. These skills can then be seconded for an agreed period and the staff costs shared. Your HUB business model must stay very simple - allowing for local members to join free and either submit staff for exchange (through secondment) to other Member businesses and both employers agree to share the costs of the employee concerned. Grants to help employers take on staff may be available from local authorities or government bodies.

Skill Exchange UK Limited Want to know more? Tel: 01252 311557 Mob: 07831 112639 A Not-for-Profit Company Limited by Guarantee

You will need to select from a range of Member’s on-line services available in the software provided to each HUB. You also must nominate an HUB Administrator to manage the local web content and liaise with Skill Exchange UK officials. Regular local HUB meetings (quarterly) are encouraged so that Partners and supporters air their views and ideas and share local and National objectives and activities with their Members – to help them or take part in. As part of the UK network each local Skill Exchange Hub will collate and convey relevant local information to Skill X UK.

Visit websites here: LOCAL SKILL = LOCAL SOLUTION

(skill search /Member services not operational to non-Members)

Skill x hub start up may 2013  

How to Start your own Skill Exchange local HUB. A simple introduction and 'first steps' guide for local businesses & community leaders inter...

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