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A LITTLE HELPING ROBOT HAND… SAMSUNG Model: NaviBot S (SR8980) Price: RRP £649 Stockist: Argos Power: 50W Capacity: 0.5L & 2L Dustbin Feature: Determines the quickest, most logical and safest route

VORWERK Model: Kobold VR100 Robot Price: £649 Stockist: VK Direct Power: 64W Capacity: 0.6L Feature: Laser navigation, powerful suction, a long-lasting battery

Slimmer, lighter and quieter than its predecessors, the NaviBot S is the smarter way to clean, and its 80mm slim design means people can now clean even the hardest to reach places. New features include the ability of the NaviBot S to empty itself when full. It will return to its charging base where dust and dirt is deposited into a 2 litre dust bin located on the base. Just as it does when it recharges, the NaviBot S remembers where it last cleaned and returns to continue vacuuming from that point. A new Auto Dust Sensor also allows the device to detect concentrated areas of dust or debris and focus on that region until all traces of dirt have been picked up. With upgraded sensors, the NaviBot S features a clever Visionary MappingTM Plus system which helps it to create a virtual map so it can determine the quickest, most logical and safest route around any given room.

Neat freaks, tech lovers and the house-proud will love this sophisticated machine, which will vacuum carpet and hard floors all by itself at the touch of a button. Sleek and compact, the Robot relies on cutting-edge laser technology that maps its surroundings to independently and systematically remove dust, dirt and pet hair – even when there’s no one at home. Designed to suit individual requirements, the Robot can be programmed to clean at a certain time of day or to combat a specific zone. Its clever sensors mean it won’t damage furniture, fall down stairs or miss any areas, and if its Li-Ion battery gets low during cleaning, it will return to its charging point before restarting exactly where it left off. In Vorwerk’s trademark colours of glossy white and zingy green, the Robot is a stylish and practical tool that allows you to sit back and relax while it does all the hard work.

STEAM MOPS LAKELAND Model: Steam Mop, Ref 23307 Price: £59.99 Stockist: Lakeland Power: 1550W Capacity: 250ml Features: Triple-layer microfibre pad

BLACK & DECKER Model: Autoselect® Steam Mop Price: £79.99 Stockist: Currys Power: 1600W Capacity: 500ml Features: Kills 99.9% of germs using only water and heat

Firm believers in ‘steam means clean’, Lakeland are so pleased to welcome their new telescopic Steam Mop. Harnessing the sanitising power of superheated steam without the need for chemicals, its triple-layer microfibre pad lifts dirt and grease from tiles, vinyl and sealed wooden floors, leaving them almost dry and killing 99.9% of germs and bacteria in the process. Safe to use on all sealed surfaces.

All of the new Steam Mop models from Black and Decker are environmentally friendly and don’t use any chemicals. The Autoselect® function means this Steam Mop really does make life easier. With just a turn of the picture-led dial of different floor types, it automatically releases the correct amount of steam, making it ideal for a variety of hard floor surfaces including tiles, lino sealed laminate and wood floorings. The handy steam burst function adds an extra 50% more steam to help you budge stubborn stains effortlessly.

IRONS LAKELAND Model: Steam Iron, Ref 22250 Price: £39.99 Stockist: Lakeland Power: 2400W Capacity: 320ml Features: Friction-free pressing


Once Lakeland decided to put their name to an iron, it was full steam ahead with the design, and we think you’ll agree they’ve pulled out all the stops to help you get through even the largest loads of laundry with ease with large stainless steel soleplate glides across fabrics for friction-free pressing of garment. The unique directional steam channels at the soleplate’s tip help to target awkward areas like collars, cuffs, pockets and around buttons. It also boasts a self-clean function with built-in anti-limescale sachet.

The Panasonic W920 has a unique curved and doubleheaded soleplate design that glides effortlessly and smoothly in all directions, coming into soft contact with fabrics, without getting stuck. The soleplate is made from Alumite, which is used in the construction of automobile engines, helping to prevent wear and tear of parts. The W920’s easy to grip arm has been ergonomically designed for comfort, and the product’s body weight is evenly distributed to ensure good balance.

Model: W920 Steam Iron Price: £79.99 Stockist: John Lewis Power: 2400W Capacity: 310ml Features: Scratch-proof, hardwearing plate



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