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Tamara Trusseau unlocks the stars for next year. What does 2018 have in store for your love, life and career?

Aries - An extremely prominent year provoking desired change and transformation. Reflection together with careful observation may have a direct impact upon certain romantic situations, especially in July and September. October may yield a new sense of discovery with regards to emotional prowess, provoking empowerment, direction and positive movement. Taurus - Innate spiritual awareness may lead to an array of new or previously unavailable options, prompting renewed hope, strength and fortitude. Decisions pertaining to personal and emotional requirements seem highlighted around April. Unexpected communication in the early part of the year may instigate travel or beneficial links overseas. New interests and hobbies could be highlighted around June and November. Gemini - A distinct and enlightened year for romantic discovery and enhancement through proactive and optimistic communication and collaboration. In the early part of autumn, relevant probing and investigation may lead to unexpected results. A desire for new skills or additional educational possibilities can contribute positively towards long-term financial and career improvements. August may set the scene for new romantic encounters.

Virgo - Tenacity and meticulous attention to detail can contribute realistically towards the fulfillment of specific plans and ambitions. There may be a need for stringent methods and deliberate application, especially around June and November, allowing efficient productivity as well as a more disciplined every day sense of functionality. Family reunions and discussion may yield optimistic results. An exceptional year for romantic understanding and compatibility. Libra - Strategic financial assessment and preparation, as well as timely delivery, could eventually lead towards a much more convenient and effective domestic setting. A need for exploration and travel appears prominent, inducing excitement and anticipation. February appears to be particularly significant, with regards to certain business-related propositions. An alluring year, filled with optimism, romantic possibility and intriguing interactivity. Scorpio - Transparency, clear vision and realistic deduction are key to the attainment of goals and objectives. This may be particularly poignant during the winter months. Intuition together with protective self-awareness could prove reassuring and invaluable, especially when confronting sensitive or emotionally charged situations. An extremely powerful year for initiating new ventures, recalibration and renewed vitality.

movement with respect to love-related scenarios may create a new terrain for positive decisions and relativity. Past acquaintances and relationships may be resurfacing and particularly relevant around May. A better understanding of current hopes and expectations could open doors to effective transformation, allowing improvements that may potentially extend to every arena of life.

Sagittarius - Exemplary aptitude and timely perseverance can play a crucial part in initiating correct dialogue and fruitful communication. Any consideration given to new career options and proposals should be examined thoroughly - taking into account long-term connotations as well as potential drawbacks. January, March and September will be particularly interesting and uplifting with a focus on love and domestic issues.

Leo - Spring brings about an exciting sense of regeneration allowing clear focus and objectivity. Communication in various formats can play a pivotal role in attaining required objectives and sustaining emotional stability. An abundant display of confidence and hopeful emotional application, particularly over the summer months, may act as a catalyst, helping to establish successful liaisons and unprecedented interaction.

Capricorn - Work-related partnerships may appear highly pertinent and necessary for ongoing success and recognition creating possibilities for travel and new liaisons. Romantic-orientated requests and demands will instigate surprising and promising new ideas and recreational possibilities. A progressive year, with a distinct emphasis upon the summer months inspiring unprecedented movement and productivity.

Cancer - Incentivised and progressive

Aquarius - Social interaction formulates an integral and vital aspect of upcoming plans and activities this year. Restructuring existing work and career ideology may provide new and stimulating thoughts. A degree of decisiveness could be required in relation to existing romantic hopes and dreams. Assertiveness and correct research specifically around October may prove necessary to set into motion career-related plans. A great year for inducing opportunities, promotion and advancement. Pisces - A genuine blend of patience and commitment can contribute towards diffusing preexisting conflict and difficulty, in particular with regards to family matters. A highly successful year for addressing romantic wishes and requirements with complete fervour, enabling spontaneous response as well as increased scope and motivation. February and August may provide new possibilities for personal elevation.

Tamara is well-known as ‘The Love Goddess’ for the advice and readings she gives on love, relationships and female empowerment. Her skills include the tarot, aura and colour therapy, crystal healing and astrology. Visit tamaratrusseau.co.uk for more information.

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