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How to Transfer Music from iPad to iPad? If you are still be confused about how to transfer music from iPad to another iPad, transfer songs from iPad to iPad or copy some songs from your family or friends' iPad to your iPad, this article may help you a lot! To transfer music from iPad to iPad, you can turn to the iPad Files Transfer for help. It is designed to transfer the files on iPad/iPod/iPhone/iTouch to computer, back up all your files from your iPad, iPod, iPhone, or iTouch. Surely including transfer music from iPad to another iPad. Download and install the iPad to iPad Transfer, then follow the guide to transfer iPad music to iPad. Note: For Mac user, download this iPad to Mac Transfer to transfer music from iPad to iPad on Mac OS.

Step-by-step Guide: Step 1: Run Software Launch the iPad to iPad Transfer and connect the iPad to computer. Step 2: Check Files In the left playlist, select Music and click it. And then select the music files which you want to transfer to another iPad in the right window and then check them without any miss.

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Step 3: Start Transfer Click the "Export" button on the top, choose "Export to iTunes" then click "OK" to transfer iPad music to another iPad.

Step 4: Transfer to iPad When the exporting finished, unplug the iPad from computer, and connect another iPad to computer instead. Run iTunes, and sync the exported photos to the iPad with iTunes.

All rights reserved—— Done! Now you can transfer music from an iPad to another iPad with 4 simple clicks. What's more, you can also transfer videos, photos, books and more from iPad to iPad with this program. Download and enjoy it!

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Transfer Songs from an iPad to Another iPad