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Top Christmas Apps for iPod touch Unknowingly it comes into December. In the last month of a year we also ushered in the traditional festival - Christmas. The businessmen would not miss this unique peak season of course. Series apps were develped to kill time for you on this great day. The newly released top Christmas apps for iPod touch are recommended here to help you enjoy this Christmas differently. Jsut go ahead to check if these iPod touch apps for Christmas can attract your eyes now!

Top Christmas Apps for iPod touch - Angry Birds Seasons ($0.99) As the most successful game nowadays, this small game app had been released in different versions for various platforms. The seasonal version update based on the coming major festivals in each year and updated. This time, just enter December, the game developer can not wait to launch the updated version of Christmas. The update comes with new barriers and special holiday scenes in accordance with the previous routine. Of course, the background music which can render the festive atmosphere also been added into the update version. The white background is coming with snowflakes falling. The green pigs are wearing warm little hat. And more holiday surprises are waiting for you to discover. The difficulty of the newly added barriers has been enhanced. Are you ready for the challenge?

Top Christmas Apps for iPod touch - Santa Wings ($1.99) This is an excellent 3D flight simulation game which focuses on environment creating. All the scenes are realistic and detailed, such as the endless grasslands, snow-capped mountains, etc. The first perspective would make you unable to stop the flight. Besides, the new version is added more new elements, such as the various sound effects, optimized scene, etc. So the quality has improved so much compared to previous generations. 3D effect has been used in all the screen that you can see very cute reindeer and beautiful Christmas sleigh. The most important is the visual experience which makes you have the feel that as if you are sliding the sleigh really. The operation of this game can be very simple, you just need shake the screen to contoal the flying direction of Christmas sleigh. Once the sleigh hit against the obstacles, the snow effect will appear. If you dreamed to become a Santa Claus, then this game would help you realized the dream easily.

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Top Christmas Apps for iPod touch - White Christmas (Free) Different from the game apps recommended above, this app is a photography application tool which is specially designed for Christmas. The software can add Christmas special effects on your photographs so as to make a very nice Christmas scene. This is a little more interesting application that enables to create a more rich atmosphere of Christmas. The main features of this application is that it is able to set the type and amount of snowfall and open or close the flash photography. The falling snow and a variety of fascinating images in the screen would make your photographs more beautiful. Because it is specifically prepared for Christmas that there is only only Christmas special effects. Although this app only comes with a few functions, it can stick out the Christmas theme well.

The three apps list above are the Christmas apps for iPod touch that I'd like to share with you. If you are less interested in playing games on iPod touch on Christmas, then you can convert and load DVD moives to iPod or play videos on iPod touch for entertainment. Cucusoft DVD to iPod touch Converter Suite will help you convert any DVD movies and videos to iPod touch friendly video files with ease.

Top Christmas Apps for iPod touch  

Top Christmas apps for iPod touch are recommended here to help you enjoy this Christmas differently. Go ahead to check if these iPod touch a...

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