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How to Increase iPhone Battery Life? iPhone has no battery replacements, which is a controversial design. This may be because iPhone is so interesting to make users forget the time and battery life. Many people choose to use external battery to extend the using time, but the heavy and huge volume influenced the iPhone's beautiful design. Here I collect several iPhone battery life tips, which can help you develop good habits of saving battery.

iPhone requires a full discharge and then recharge it? iPhone's battery is a lithium battery, and is completely different from last phones' nickel-zinc batteries. Things you need to know about lithium batteries: Whether it is "fully charged" or "part of the charge", this will not affect the battery life. So no need to completely consume the electricity to recharge, adding the power anytime for iPhone is completely OK. In contrast with the traditional view, in fact, the fear of the lithium battery is fully discharged regularly. This would bring the battery life cut short. iPhone also has its own protective mechanisms, when the battery is too low it will automatically shut down. At this point the iPhone itself still has power, but about 3-5 days will be fully discharged, so remember to charge quickly at this time! You need to make sure make your iPhone have a complete power cycle at least once every month, that is, the battery is fully charged, then the power consumption completely exhausted.

How to save battery for iPhone and optimize iPhone battery life? 1. Try to make the the environment of iPhone is kept between 0 degrees to 35 degrees, not to exposure; 2. Update your system to the latest version of the iPhone, Apple will also optimize power control of the system while updating its features. 3. Turn off 3G and Wifi when not using them. 4. Close the EQ function of system. 5. Close Bluetooth, if not use it.

All rights reserved—— 6. Consider turning off the Notice function. Then notices of some apps won't pop out. 7. Turn off GPS. Turn it on when needed. 8. Automatically adjust the brightness (Settings - Brightness - open the "automatically adjust brightness" function), iPhone has ambient light sensor system. 9. Close the applications which are not used, especially 3D games and GPS positioning capabilities, which are power-hungry. 10. Transform iPhone to flight mode when sleeping. Stand one night will consume 1% of the electricity. 11. Turn off the vibration function. 12. Install battery optimization applications. 13. If you wanna jailbreak iPhone 4S, reconsider it. Because a jailbroken iPhone is much more consuming in battery. Of course, not all iPhone battery life tips are useful and practical. But you can pick the most suitable for you to increase iPhone battery life!

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How to Increase iPhone Battery Life  

The iPhone battery life can help you increase iPhone battery life. Maximize iPhone battery life while playing with iPhone!

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