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How to Convert YouTube to iPod on Mac for Free iSquint is a Mac-only program that can help you convert DVDs and other video files into formats that will play on your iPod. This article will focus on downloading a video off of YouTube or another video website on a Mac and putting it on an iPod. Step 1: Download the free iSquint on your Mac computer. Step 2: Install iSquint and open. Step 3: Go to a YouTube video page and pause it as soon as it starts to play. You can only download the video if it has not played or buffered all the way.

Step 4: Open the Activity window in Safari--go to Window>Activity. If you use Mozilla Firefox, you can download the Add-On UnPlug and use it to obtain video and audio which is embedded on a webpage (get_video file). Once you've downloaded the program, click on the green fish in the upper right hand corner. Click on the link containing "get_video" above the text "Type: Flash Video Data (this is probably the one you want)" to download the file. Step 5: Click the drop down arrow. There should be a file still downloading, and it is often the largest. Double click that file to download the video. A new blank page will open in Safari.

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Step 6: Wait for the video to download as a blank paper icon. It will appear on your desktop as "get_video".

Step 7: Rename the file to something more descriptive. Step 8: Drag the video into the open area in the middle of iSquint. Step 9: Be sure to check "Add to iTunes" and "Optimize for iPod" if you want to put the video on your iPod. Checking "H.264 Coding" will encode with higher qualaity, but will take longer. There are other options you can chose from, so customize all you want. Step 10: Click "Start" and wait for the conversion. When finished there will be a loud "ding!" The saved file will probably change to a Quicktime MP4 video on your desktop. You may have to drag the MP4 file into your "Movies" in iTunes manually.

If you want to rip DVD to iPod, you may get DVD Ripper. Here we post top 6 free DVD ripping software.

Free YouTube to iPod on Mac  

This article will focus on downloading a video off of YouTube on a Mac and putting it on an iPod.

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