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How to Convert DVD to BlackBerry You may have at hand many fantastic DVD movies and video files, which you definitely love very much. Also, you have a smart BlackBerry Storm/Bold/Curve and you really want to watch these DVD movies and video files on your BlackBerry and take them on the road. So, you just need DVD Ripper to help you rip DVD movies to the video format accepted by BlackBerry and then transfer the output video files to your BlackBerry. Now let's take a look at how to convert DVD to BlackBerry .

Step by Step Guide Step 1: Import DVD movies Insert the DVD disc into the disc drive, click the "Add..." button to import it if you are going to watch the DVD movie on your BlackBerry Storm.

All rights reserved—— Step 2: Choose a proper profile From the drop-down list of "Profile", you can select the most appropriate profile. Select "BlackBerry" subdirectory to choose a proper BlackBerry output format. You are also allowed to customize frame rate, bit rate, resolution, encoder, etc in the settings.

Step 3: Convert DVD to Blackberry Now you can click the "Start" button to start converting DVD movies for your BlackBerry. After you get the output video files, you can now begin to transfer them to your BlackBerry.

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As for how to transfer DVDs to Blackberry Storm, after you get the final converted DVD files which are compatible with Blackberry storm, connect your Blackberry, set it to be in "Mass Storage" mode (UMS), and drag or drop the file in your \Videos\ folder on your blackberry.

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Convert DVD to BlackBerry