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3 Things Which Should Not Appear on iPhone 5 Now what is the hottest mobile phone? Most of people would say it is iPhone. And what is the most anticipated mobile phone? The answer is iPhone 5. According to the products updating habits of Apple, Apple will open iPhone 5's mysterious veil as early as the fall of 2011. The online rumors about iPhone5 is intensified, for example, iphone5 will launch a small-size models, will have a larger screen and so on. These are new features which we expect to see on iPhone 5, but what technology or function is the things which we do not want to see on iPhone 5? Let's take a look at the 3 major technical features which should not appear on iPhone 5.

1. Can not customize the SMS tone In fact, replacing the iPhone's SMS tone hardware is not required to make adjustments. Since the advent of the iPhone 5 is bound to be equipped with the new iOS system, I hope Apple iPhone 5 can be personalized to the user more space, especially the "can not customize the SMS tone". This is related to user experience design, I don't hope this will happen on iPhone 5 again. (Related: Mac iPhone SMS Transfer)

2. Integrated SD card interface Now that SD expansion memory card is optional for the user, we can identify not only iPhone 5, but also the futures of almost all the iPhone will not include a SD card expansion slot. After all, the biggest 32G iPhone now has more than a storage space. (Related: How to Copy Movies from iPhone to PC)

3. Battery can be replaced If the iPhone 5 really supports replaceable battery, it is bound to lose an integrated body design, and perhaps the battery cover is not the same color with the body. I believe this is simply a nightmare for users who pursue beauty. On the other hand, although the smart phone's standby time is generally low. However, since all the phones support USB charging, so most people did not come up with the habit of charging the battery alone. For a rarely used

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3 things which should not appear on iphone 5