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Adult supervision required 8+ years

What you need: FIMO soft - raspberry, peppermint, apple green, lemon. Paper, pencil, ruler, scissors, roller, craft knife, pen tops, baking tray, glue, various sized gemstones, card, hair clip with flat top.



STEP 1 Fold some paper in half and draw half a butterfly shape 5 cm high x 4 cm wide. Cut around the outline and open out for a symmetrical template. Knead four portions of raspberry FIMO to soften and roll 3 mm deep. Place the template over the FIMO and cut around the outline. Smooth the FIMO edges with your fingertip.

STEP 2 Roll thin strands of apple green FIMO. Gently press the strands around the outside edge of your butterfly, cut off any overhanging FIMO and neaten the join. Roll a peppermint FIMO body and press into the middle of your butterfly, marking lines with a craft knife. Cut small circles of green and lemon using pen tops and press onto the wings.


STEP 3 Place your butterfly onto a baking tray. Ovenbake for 30 minutes at 110°C/230°F. Allow to cool. Glue gemstones into place, not forgetting the eyes. Cut antennae from card and glue behind the head. Glue your finished butterfly onto a hair clip and enjoy being a party princess!

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