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The Kitty Pentathlon


Look before you leap

Coach Your Cat to Better Health

Positively Victoria Trainer Danger

Fabulous Dogs Need Fabulous Things



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Pet Fashion

Parrot Play Time


Dobie Mom’s Safety Corner


8 Easy Steps to Pet Safety

Seasonal Threats for the Summer Months


I Can Be a Canine Good Citizen


Ursula Miller No Pet Left Behind

Acupuncture for Animals


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xercise and diet are good for pets and their humans. Healthy choices and knowing our limits are very important when we start a new regime. Our summer edition of Atlanta Pet Life (APL) focuses on sports. ife These days, the choices in dog sports and recreation are nearly endless. Dog sports are great options to keep dogs both physically and mentally healthy. All dogs need some degree of exercise, but most will thrive with extra stimulation. Very active dogs are ideal candidates for high-performance sports, though almost any healthy dog can enjoy participation and watching is also great fun. Be sure your dog has a thorough veterinary evaluation prior to starting any dog sport. Once your vet gives clearance, consider sports that can challenge your dog's mind and body while reinforcing your canine-human bond. We touch on a handful of pet related sports. We hope you find one of interest. Remember, be mindful of the heat, keep cool, and hydrate! Within this issue, we speak with Candice and Kirk Puffenberger of Puff N Fluff Pet Spa, to see how they follow their passion in the grooming world. In our Community Hero article, we highlight Ursula Miller who founded Pup and Cat Co. to make a difference helping Barrow county’s homeless pets. We are excited about the positive response to our publication. Let us hear from you: As four pawed members of this household, we hope you enjoy the publication! The Editors - Tango, Lilly & Hallie Join the Atlanta Pet Life Community

Serious Fun.


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Searching for doggie daycare, boarding or grooming in Atlanta that’s right for you and your fur kids? Dogs can be dogs at Bark & Board and you’ll feel completely relaxed leaving yours in our care. All of our dogs and their parents quickly become part of our pack, our family and our community.

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Photo credits: Front cover image by Cindy Frezon Table of Contents image of Cody - Connie Fore of T&C Pet Photography Some images throughout this magazine are sourced from Atlanta Pet Life


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Kiki, a two-year-old Maltese, must be a Braves fan. Kiki caught the attention of Julio’s lovely wife and made a pitch for a new home base. She is a very sweet-natured little pooch who loves dressing up and running on the beaches of Cartagena, Colombia. Julio says he never had pets during his childhood but loving the adorable little Kiki has come naturally to him. The Teherans said they are considering recruiting another pup in the fall.

Bark in the Park

Just in case you’re wondering, yeah, it’s a blast! Bring your canine to the ballpark, just do it. The Braves have some more Bark in the Park events this season, and rumor has it they will continue welcoming canines to the ballpark for this special event in the new stadium.

photography by Cindy Frezon

Over 1/2 million dollars donated to animal charities ! TWO UPSCALE THRIFT STORES BENEFITING HOMELESS PETS

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Preventative Wellness Care

The New Standard for Your Beloved Pet

When it comes to healthcare, prevention is better than cure, and the same remains true for pets.


he cost of prevention is only a fraction of the cost of treating a disease or illness once it has come to fruition, and early diagnosis can get your pet on the path to better health sooner. At VIP Petcare, we provide the highest standard of preventative wellness and wellness care for pets through our nationwide network of Community Clinics. We are on a mission to make preventative wellness care accessible to as many pets as possible across the United States. But what does preventative care really mean? Preventative care consists of a combination of practices you can implement at home and services your veterinarian can provide to help prevent disease and improve the life of your beloved pet. VIP Petcare Community Clinics provide a convenient and affordable way for pet parents to ensure their furry family members get the wellness care they need to lead a long and healthy life. Our services include vaccinations, microchipping where available, diagnostic testing and prescription parasite prevention medication. How do you find out what YOUR pet needs? Here are some ways to get started. Vaccination Vaccinations are an important part of preventing disease in your pet. At VIP Petcare clinics, our staff is ready to give you recommendations for your pet’s needs. We discuss the lifestyle and specific circumstances for each individual pet, making it easy for you to give your pet the services it needs for a long and healthy life.

Atlanta Pet Life


Fecal Testing and parasite control Every pet deserves an annual fecal exam and monthly parasite prevention. A fecal test can be included in all packages at VIP Petcare clinics, and requires only a simple collection of your pet’s feces. With that sample, we test for multiple intestinal parasites that could be affecting your pet’s current or future health. Blood tests, run on a simple blood sample taken at the clinic, are also useful for detecting diseases such as heartworm infestation or feline leukemia. Getting these tests through VIP Petcare is easy, affordable, and is the first step to ensuring ongoing prevention is in place. Annual examination While our clinics offer a general health check to ensure your pet is healthy enough for vaccinations, we also recommend a yearly physical examination by a full service veterinarian. Some pets (e.g. older pets) should be seen even more frequently. Just like people, pets can have a range of what is “normal” for them. Bringing your pet to a veterinarian at least once a year helps us keep track of any changes in your pet’s individual values, and may help detect some disease processes before they become a problem. Don’t have a full service veterinarian? Check with the doctor at the clinic you attend; chances are they have a full service clinic nearby. Check out a VIP Petcare clinic in your community. Let us help you keep your pet healthy, happy, and safe. Visit vippetcare. com for more information.

Who will help? Fix Georgia Pets works with veterinarians and clinics across the state to make resources available and offer spay/neuter services at a low cost or free to local residents, throughout the year. When you give to Fix Georgia Pets, you can be assured your gift will be invested in the community to stop unwanted litters that add up to the 350,000 adoptable pets killed every year in Georgia.

Luve A Rescue The owners at Pooch N Paws, Starla and Bob Pellegrino, are committed to supporting and giving back to the communities in which they serve. They specifically support the animal rescue community in a variety of ways. They believe that many who have adopted a rescue have similar love stories. Because of this, Pooch N Paws has created a formalized adoption support program with several rescue groups including Angels Among Us and Country Livin, Rescue. This program provides special discounts and a welcome home gift for new rescue adoptions and their families through these organizations. Pooch N Paws mascot is a red balloon dog named Lucy after their own dog, which reminds everyone to “love a rescue.” In 2015, Pooch N Paws donated in excess of $17,000 in cash sponsorships, silent auction baskets/ items and dog/cat food to various charitable organizations including local pet rescues, schools, churches and a variety of other community causes at their Suwanee location in Suwanee Town Center Park next to City Hall. With their new location now open in The Forum at Peachtree Corners (next door to Trader Joe's), Pooch N Paws is excited to be part of this great community and discover more opportunities to give back and make a difference!

Pooch N Paws Suwanee Town Ctr 320 Town Center Avenue, C-9 Suwanee, GA 30024 770-932-7040

We rescued Lucy five years ago when she was just a puppy. She was from the Yorkie rescue group; she had been found as a puppy when she was only a couple of pounds. She’d been dumped in the Ocala forest, both eyes bloodshot, covered in fleas, dehydrated and near death. Her foster mom in Florida nursed her back to health as we were going through the adoption process. Lucy is such a love bug and will sit on our lap for hours for just a belly rub, but her favorite thing is still to sit in our back yard and peer at all the birds and chase away the squirrels and chipmunks...the sweetest thing is that she still sleeps with one of the tiny tattered toys her foster mom sent with her which serves as a reminder for me, how she really rescued us!

Pooch N Paws The Forum 5185 Peachtree Parkway, Ste 102 Peachtree Corners, GA 30092 770-446-6672

What can be done? Give $10 a month to help provide 10,000 surgeries for high risk pets. Donations will help develop and support community spay and neuter programs.


It’s time do something.

Fix Georgia Pets Saves Lives. 11

Atlanta Pet Life

For a healthy pet & a happy home, Visit us for your holistic needs!

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y t t i K Pentathlon

Contributed by Michelle Bourg lives in Lawrenceville, GA with several cats that can all be described as "highly food motivated."



Before starting an exercise program, be sure your cat is healthy enough for increased activity. Particularly if your cat is overweight, start slowly, keeping initial sessions brief and gradually increasing the amount of time spent. Don’t make activities too strenuous at first and delay or avoid those that can stress joints, such as climbing stairs or jumping. Always watch your cat for signs of fatigue, such as panting, and stop immediately if they occur.

coach your cat to better health with play

Few creatures are more gifted natural athletes than the cat. From almost the moment their eyes open at around one week of age, these feline mini-Olympians are on the move: wrestling with siblings, pouncing on Mom’s tail and shimmying up the curtains. In fact, cats’ athletic abilities put those of even our finest sports heroes to shame. With absolutely no training, a domestic cat can achieve running speeds of 30 miles per hour for short sprints, fast enough to make Usain Bolt weep. Cats can regularly make standing jumps of five or more than five times their height)—LeBron can only dream. And their pirouettes on stair railings, headboards and bookshelf edges would inspire envy in gymnasts from Olga Korbut to Gabby Douglas. But much like humans, cats exercise naturally when young and tend to slow down as they age, opting to lounge on the couch with their people, binge-watching “Game of Thrones”. Unfortunately, this makes them prone to many of the same ailments seen in sedentary humans, including weight gain, muscle loss, diabetes, depression and cancer.

Although they are exempt from virtually all other known laws of physics, cats are actually subject to Newton’s first law of motion: a body at rest tends to stay at rest. Getting your kitty up and active may take some effort for both of you, but the upside is that it will improve your bond while it gets both of you moving. Solo play is important as well, and the simplest way to encourage this is with toys. Find a few that your cat enjoys and leave one or two out every day, changing up the selection frequently to prevent boredom. Balls contained on an enclosed tube and pom-poms or feathers mounted on springs are often a big hit. Pet supply stores have a dazzling variety that goes way beyond catnip mice or foam balls, but crumpled paper or milk jug lids work too. Just make sure toys don’t present choking hazards or contain toxic dyes.

Here are five suggested exercises for your own kitty pentathlon (medals optional)

String Chase A time-honored favorite. Just cut a length of string or yarn and set off, dragging the end behind you. Throw in some U-turns and zigzags, letting your feline athlete catch the end every now and then. Cats find it especially enticing if you pretend you don’t know you’re being followed.

Laser Pointer Chase Feather Wand Chase Click the pointer on, trace some random patterns on the floor and watch your kitty go nuts. Just remember that momentum can propel your cat into a wall or table in a heartbeat—dangerous not only for him, but also for any breakable items in the vicinity, like that crystal dish from your mother-in-law.

Feather wands really let a cat show off her athletic skill. Toys with short handles put you close to the action as your cat shows off her agility, speed and jumps, and long-handled models tests her endurance by taking the game on the move.

Your cat loves to scratch, an activity that tones almost every muscle in her body as she hones her claws. A sturdy scratching post is a good investment in your cat’s—and your furniture’s—well-being. Climbing towers go one step further by allowing her to indulge the urge to find a vantage point for watching (and judging) her surroundings.

Kitty Soccer

Bathtub Hockey

Find a clear space, Drop a Ping-Pong ball roll a lightweight ball into the bathtub and across the floor and let the fun begin. let your kitty give chase—Real Madrid wishes it had a goalie this good. You’ll get a workout by retrieving the ball for subsequent rolls, as this is a job cats leave to their trainers.

For cats that are more motivated by food, try the snack pursuit: Offer your cat just one individual treat or bite of their usual meal, then go to another part of the house and repeat the process. When you’re done, your cat will have logged some significant walking time.

Atlanta artist Michael Hughes' formal background in art began at the University of West Georgia with a degree in sculpture, and he has also studied at the High Museum of Art.


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and sometimes cake.

Bob Ottis of Lose a Finger Dog Treats and Ashley Daniele Carestia at the Grand opening of her boutique, Bark Fifth Ave.

Kathy Welch and her dogs, Lucy and Holly, at the Anniversary Party of Atlanta Dog Spa.

Scott Rucker at Doggie Palooza 2016

E. Vincent Martinez with Monica Pearson, and Grace Murphy at the 2016 Doggies on the Cat Walk fashion show to benefit Canine Assistants

Happy 14 years Furkids

Alison Lanier of Ragg Dog Duds at Muttropolitan Pet Fashion show.

Victory Stillwell at Atlanta Pizza Wars to raise money for Furkids and Ahimsa House.

Georgia SPCA Gala honored veteran volunteer Linda Hickey with the inaugural Humane Hero Award for her animal welfare outreach efforts along with her rescue dog, Xena the Warrior Puppy. 15

April Hill, owner of Happy Tabby Cat Cafe, and contributor Cella Nelson, owner of Georgia Horseback, at the Ahimsa House Gala, “Joining Hands and Paws.� Atlanta Pet Life

April Hill Georgia native to launch

Atlanta is Going to the

Atlanta’s First Cat Café


You may be surprised to learn that one of the hottest trends to hit the entrepreneurial world is cat cafés. Yes, you heard right, a cat café! These are establishments where patrons relax, eat, drink, read, and maybe even do some work alongside some purr-fect felines.

“Our cats will be rescues on loan from FurKids ( which is Georgia’s largest animal rescue and no kill shelter. The cats will live at the café among cat houses and various scratching posts and toys. They will roam free, without cages. Customers can interact with the felines and if they choose, they can adopt any cat that they are interested in. We will have Furkids adoption applications available. My goal is to find responsible and loving homes for as many cats as possible,” says April.

The concept began in Asia, specifically Japan, Taiwan and mainland China in 1998 and quickly spread throughout Europe and Canada. Cat cafés are now cropping up in many large cities across the United States. New York claimed the first cat café in North America in 2014 with its Purina One Pop Ups which were one day café events that serve to educate patrons on cat health and promote cat adoption. Other cities have followed suit with permanent establishments but none have arrived in the South so far…that is, until now. Happy Tabby Cat Café will be Atlanta’s first cat - themed café which will open late this summer.

There are, of course, strict rules at the cat café to keep the felines happy and stress-free, such as patrons not waking a cat that is sleeping. The furry residents can be picked up if they exhibit behavior that indicates that they are open to being cuddled, such as crawling into a patron’s lap. Happy Tabby Cat Café is part of the North American Cat Café Embassy organization which provides a strict code of ethics for its more than 51 members.

Happy Tabby Cat Café will be Atlanta’s first catthemed café which will open late this summer. What’s the appeal you ask? Well, it’s the cats! Patrons will come to the café to interact with sweet tempered cats, drink coffee, read, or just mellow out, almost to a zen-like state. Cats are proven stress relievers and provide the perfect relief to folks burdened by the daily stress of commuting and juggling multiple priorities. Happy Tabby Cat Café is the brainchild of the 28-year- old Georgia native, April Hill. A lover of animals, April’s goal is to use the café to re-home homeless cats and educate the public on the importance of spaying and neutering. She just found a really creative and totally paw-some way to do it! April got the idea for the café after traveling to Austria, Slovenia, and Germany where she saw see firsthand the popularity and success of these businesses.

Contributed by Cella Nelson is the owner of Georgia Horseback (www. and a Marketing/Volunteer coordinator at


What can folks expect when they come to the Cat Café? The cafe is separated into three areas: one for coffee and merchandise, one for a cat playroom, and one for the area where cats have access to their litter boxes. Patrons can sit in the outer area and watch the cats playing through a large glass window or they can go into the playroom and relax with the cats. There is an hourly fee of $8 to enter the playroom and online reservations are highly suggested. The area houses up to 20 cats. “We will be serving a wide variety of specialty flavored coffees from Atlanta Coffee & Tea. Pre-packaged food items will be provided from North Highland Bakery, GiGi’s Cupcakes, and Victory Sandwich Bar. In the evening we will feature various events such as art shows, yoga or knitting classes. We will have something for everyone,” says April. April, sole owner of the café, is currently scoping out a location for the café along the Atlanta BeltLine area and has launched a Kickstarter, which will hopefully raise $10,000 to pay for fun stuff like toys, cat bridges and fun cat furniture. Visit to learn more about the launch. Atlanta Pet Life



The Weimaraners’ short and very smooth gray coat and its unusual eyes give it a regal appearance. The eyes of the Weimaraner may be light amber, gray, or blue-gray. The coat may range charcoal-blue to mouse-gray to silver-gray. This coloring has also lead to the breed nickname ‘silver ghost’ or ‘gray ghost’. The coat is extremely low maintenance, single coat (no shedding), short, hard, and smooth to the touch. According to the American Kennel Club (AKC) standard, the male Weimaraner stands between 25 and 27 inches. Females are between 23 and 25 inches. Of course, there are many dogs taller or shorter than the breed standard. The breed is not heavy for its height, and males normally weigh roughly 70-85 pounds. Females are generally between 55-70 pounds. A Weimaraner carries its weight proudly and gives the appearance of a muscular, athletic dog.

Temperament The Weimaraner is friendly, fearless, alert, and obedient. They are also assertive, bold, loyal, and headstrong with a loving attitude and a willingness to take the upper paw in the family if the opportunity presents itself. Weimaraners will escort you to the bathroom and keep your bed warm. Like most large hunting breeds, the Weimaraner needs lots of exercise and should be kept in a fenced yard to prevent him from ranging in search of game. Because he has developed as a hunting dog and still maintains those instincts, he may be dangerous to birds and small mammals. Unlike many hunting breeds, however, the Weimaraner is definitely a house dog that loves to be with people and does poorly if confined to a kennel a majority of the time.

This is a breed that needs obedience training to control his rambunctious nature. Owners should have a crate for a new puppy to help in housetraining and to protect furniture and woodwork from puppy teeth when the little rascal cannot be watched. Training classes or control exercises at home are essential for the Weimaraner the moment he enters the family. He must be taught that all members of the family are to be obeyed. Training methods must be gentle and firm, for harsh treatment will harm his attitude.

Visit the Atlanta Weimaraner Club Rescue site for more information on the breed and adoptions. Atlanta Pet Life


A chic spot for Atlanta’s pets Glamour Paws of Atlanta

Leesia Teh Photography

that offers a clean and safe play area. Discounts are available for multiple dogs attending from the same household.

The path to her current success hasn’t always followed a straight line, but Nichole Robinson’s future success in the pet care industry was foreshadowed early on. As a girl growing up in the Bay area, she loved animals, especially horses, and rescued dogs from a young age. While Nichole majored in political science at the University of Alabama, (“Nothing to do with animals at all,” she laughs), she knew she wanted to someday open a retail pet boutique. In 2007 she realized her dream when she opened Glamour Paws Pet Boutique and Grooming in Oakland, CA. In 2009, she followed up with Glamour Paws of Atlanta in the Virginia-Highland neighborhood and expanded it just two years later. Glamour Paws has received numerous Best of Atlanta mentions and been featured in Jezebel and Uptown magazines. Glamour Paws is truly a dog lover’s paradise. The shop features accessories, premium food, organic treats and dog apparel from brands like Juicy Couture, all in a chic loft-style space. The Zen Spa offers a luxurious grooming experience, including cuts, styling, Pawdicures, and tooth brushing. The same pampering is available for cats as well. In response to demand for boarding and daycare services, Glamour Paws relocated next door to a larger space in 2011. The Pet Hotel offers both suite and cage-free boarding options monitored 24/7. The K9Loft daycare provides safe supervised play with time to romp on the special K9Grass surface

All products used in the spa and boarding programs are natural and safe for all pets. The hygienic conditions are maintained with moisture- and odor-resistant non-porous flooring, natural cleaning methods, and an air-filtering HVAC system.


Robinson says the most rewarding aspect of her business is “being an active part of the community and developing a relationship with my clients; many have been coming since we opened. We do events all the time. We’re partnering with the restaurant next door to do a series of Pug and Mug events for pug rescue, and other groups come out and do parties. We actively promote adoption and offer a 10% discount on a first grooming when someone adopts.” This year, the store added onsite discounted vaccination clinics in partnership with West End Animal Wellness Center. Robinson co-owns and manages the business with her husband Hassim; the couple lives in Atlanta with their two-year-old son Logan, who not surprisingly loves coming to his parents’ workplace. The couple’s family helps manage the Oakland location, which the couple visits regularly.

The WHOLE Family Likes to go on Vacation

Future plans for the store include a Glamour Paws line of grooming products: “When you’re in an industry for a long time you see where things are missing or could be improved,” says Robinson. Meanwhile, she encourages all dog and cat lovers to pay a visit: “We may have chandeliers and guys may think we’re girly, but we cater to everyone.”

Reserve your pet friendly vacation Today!888-976-0701

Glamour Paws of Atlanta: 780 N. Highland Ave., Atlanta 30306 Ph. (404) 885-9285 Hours: Mon-Sat, 7 a.m. – 7 p.m., Sun. 8 a.m. – 6 p.m.


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Hiring a dog trainer can be one of the best decisions you ever make on behalf of your dog, or it can just as easily take a turn for the worst. Because dog training is an unregulated field, any average joe can call himself a "dog trainer," and fool unsuspecting pet parents into using outdated or dangerous training methods. But what I want to focus on is this: can you trust your trainer? Many pet parents have fallen victim to so-called "trainers" that ultimately cause physical or emotional damage to their dog. And a common theme I've heard from these pet parents is that they all had a feeling that something wasn't right. But they trusted their trainer (they were a professional after all, right?), and assumed that their dog trainer knew what they were doing.

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you're uncomfortable with the way they work with your dog, or perhaps you just feel like something isn't right, don't ignore that intuition. You are your dog's voice, and have to be willing to put a stop to any techniques that you feel are detrimental to your dog's safety and well-being. That's why it's so important for pet parents to be a part of the training process. Be wary of any trainer that wants to work with I've heard stories of people your dog without your preswhose otherwise friendly and ence or involvement -- a good happy dogs would start shaking dog trainer will want you to be or would become physically sick an integral piece in your dog's at the sight of their dog trainer. training. If your dog trainer is truly using The bottom line is this: don't be force-free methods, this is not a afraid to tell your dog trainer reaction you will see from your to stop what they're doing, and dog. certainly don't be afraid to fire a The reality is that the dog traintrainer that uses methods you're ing world is riddled with people uncomfortable with. A trainer who don't have the education, that uses physical punishment certifications, or experience or uses prong, shock, or choke necessary to be a humane and efcollars should all be considered fective trainer. But because there red flags and indicators that isn't any regulation to the field, you need to find a new trainer those people can just as easily get immediately. their hands on your dog. So if you've hired a trainer and

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We help those hard to feed and special needs pets!

Caring for Animals is Who We Are Hours:

Tuesday - Saturday • 10am–7pm OPEN Sunday • 11am–5pm ATLANTA, GA OCTOBER 2016 – APRIL, 2017 Course Start Date: Oct 19, 2016 Primer Intensive Dates: Nov 2-6, 2016 Field Study Dates: Nov 7 – Jan 6, 2016 Core Essentials Intensive Dates: Jan 5-12, 2017 Field Training Dates: Jan 15 – April 16, 2017 Intensives Location: Atlanta, GA


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Where‘d you get them groomed?

Dog Show Quality Grooming at Puff n Fluff in Johns Creek/Alpharetta

If dogs could talk they would say, “puff me & fluff me please!” and who better to accommodate than Johns Creek-based Puff n Fluff Pet Spa ( “The experience is like having your own personal pet groomer” says Kirk Puffenberger, half of the husband and wife team that own Puff n Fluff. “Our clients are treated to professional grooming featuring everything from breed cuts to teddy bear cuts that are stylish and match the pet’s lifestyle” although Kirk is quick to explain that it is not just about the groom. “Pets are treated safely and kindly and we work with pet owners to recommend the best products and services that will promote healthy skin and coat.” Kirk and Candice are confident that when your pet leaves their pet spa, people will ask ‘Where did you get them groomed?’ Puff n Fluff welcomes all breeds whether they are mixed or AKC registered. Other than grooming, services include a massaging spa bath using premium shampoos and conditioners that are formulated for your specific dog’s coat and skin condition. In other words, one product is never used for all clients. There is also an A la Carte service that includes your choice of extras such as nail trimming, de-matting, medicated treatment or even toenail painting. “We also treat sensitive skin, geriatric dogs, arthritis, or skin that needs special healing,” says Candice. Kirk and Candice Puffenberger are animal lovers who have been married for over 25 years. They started the business in 2006 out of their home. In late 2015 they moved into to the Johns Creek location. Candice is a professional groomer and Kirk handles the business side of things. One of the things that makes Puff n Fluff different is that their grooming is influenced by the top show handlers. Candice spent years with her daughter showing dogs around the country and continues to attend shows to keep up with the latest trends in grooming by the top handlers in the business. She attended the International Pet Design Academy and apprenticed at VCA Veterinary. She is also a member of many organizations that include the National Dog Groomers Association of America and Creative Groomers Association. She continually attends courses and hosts seminars to improve her craft. “Grooming is a passion for me, not just a job,” Says Candice. “Providing our customers the best experience possible with quality, safety and style is my goal.”

Full Groom & Style

Traditional breed cut or consult with a stylist to create a cut for your pet’s unique life-style


Includes the full Spa Bath treatment along with touch up trim of face and paws.

Spa Bath

Blueberry facial, ear care, anal gland expression if needed, nails and pads trimmed.

Puff n Fluff Pet Spa

11550 Jones Bridge Rd. Johns Creek, GA 30022


Give your pup that head-turning strut

And the name Puff n Fluff? “It’s a play on our last name, Puffenberger,” says Kirk. Appointments can be made by phone or on line.

Tucker Before & After

Contributor Cella Nelson is the owner of Georgia Horseback ( and a Marketing/ Volunteer coordinator at

New Customer’s First Full Groom

Offer Expires Sept 2016 23

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Pet Products Lazy Dog Loungers

Most of us dog lovers want our pups close to us when we spend time in the pool, river or lake. However, rafts whether they are inflatable or not are easily destroyed by your dog. Lazy Dog Loungers was founded to allow you to bring your pup to the water and feel comfortable that he has his own place to hang out with you. It is durable and is not an inflatable device. It was built just for him and is designed to be semi-submersible which means your dog is lying in water on the float so they stay cool.

Chillspot Dogly Dog Harnesses

The Dogly Dog base harnesses are made of the best quality harnesses from Puppia and Hip Doggie. Both are sturdy, durable, washable, lightweight and very easy on and off. From there the harnesses are extraordinarily transformed into works of art. Each handcrafted, with a dog personality in mind, using only the highest quality embellishments on each harness. There will never be any that are exactly the same. Check out the collection online, from Custom Harley Hound Harnesses to Sports/School/Organization Harness Collection.

The Chillspot is a durable, portable and easy to clean cooling station using thermodynamics to keep your pet cool when they need it most.Chillspot is a long lasting replacement to the temporary solution of tile surfaces that pets are often drawn to when temperatures get high. Chillspot is effective for over eight hours in hot ambient temperatures and requires no water or electricity. Simply freeze the Chillpod overnight, insert the Chillpod into the aluminum chill tile and place the chill tile into the insulated base. The chill tile provides the relief from the heat while the Insulated base ensures the Chillspot cooling station stays cool for 8+ hours. Your pet will enjoy hours of cooling comfort indoors and outdoors.

Natural Animal Rechargeable Flea Collars

Repel fleas, ticks, mosquitoes, and other biting insects the natural way with Natural Animal Rechargeable Flea Collars for dogs and cats. Specially designed using a unique, Insect Shoo blend of essential oils, including cedarwood, citronella, orange, and eucalyptus, Natural Animal Rechargeable Flea Collars are 100% herbal and 100% safe for your pet and you. The collar will continue to repel as you keep adding the Insect Shoo essential oils. Natural Animal Rechargeable Flea Collars are incredibly simple to use! The collar is made with sturdy, yet soft, cotton to keep your pet comfortable, and a 0.5 oz bottle of Insect Shoo flea repelling essential oil blend, which you can simply drip on the collar to keep biting insects at bay.

Big Daddy Biscuits

Made with natural and organic ingredients in Atlanta, Georgia. Each biscuit is hand-stamped, baked, and packaged by Big Mama and her small team of local bakers. Whenever possible, Big Daddy Biscuits use locally-sourced ingredients. At Big Daddy Biscuits, we believe that pets are people too! Doesn’t your fur kid deserve high quality, locally-made treats? Our biscuits support the local economy and never contain processed ingredients. Atlanta Pet Life


Do you speak


Long before I started Cat Care of Vinings, I realized my biggest challenge as a veterinarian was learning to speak “cat.” Each day is a unique challenge interpreting the meows, grumbling, hissing, ear positions, and “tail-talk” in my efforts to help. I often fall short, I admit it. Cat “speak,” as I like to call it, is a language wrought with paradox. Cats learn to communicate early; how we respond shapes their language and their sense of well-being immensely. Just like toddlers learning boundaries in my home, it is a constant, twoway conversation in search of a “purrfect” (I could not resist!) and harmonious balance. I believe cats use their entire body in the moment to communicate with us and each other. A hungry cat? Circling, rubbing (nearly tripping me), meowing, near the bowl, tail up, ears forward, and just a little higher “pitch” or length to the meow for emphasis. I am delighted when a cat realizes I am “chief door opener, litter box excavator and keeper of the groceries.” Lamenting meows, body and tail “hugs,” traumatic “headbutts”—all in hopeful anticipation I will fill the bowl, open the door, or just sit quietly and invite them onto my lap. Perhaps these examples are too easy. And the sick cat in need? Showing vulnerability seems truly against their nature—and our biggest challenge at Cat Care of Vinings. Sick cats may eat excessively or stop eating all together, “talk” less or “talk” more; they may avoid us or stay uncharacteristically close, purring incessantly. Paradox and more paradox—nearly impossible to know what is significant! It is easy to wait for things to pass, downplay the signs, and hope the excessive purring is a good sign if they are fussy for veterinary visits. As a point of assistance, cats rarely vomit without reason, skip meals, lose significant weight from excessive activity, sleep more just because they are old, or go outside the

All Cat Hospital Since 2006

litter box for spite. Watch your cat closely for their unique language. If you are not fortunate to live with a cat, visit your local shelter, rescue, or adoption event—these organizations are desperate with many adult cats in need of safe, loving homes. Avoid putting your hands on or into the cages—these gestures can be threatening. Walk by and let them “speak” to you. Notice those who are friendly, open and interactive—they know humans are loving, kind and okay, yes, keep the groceries too! Notice the withdrawn hissing or “aggressive” cats—those cats rarely get adopted. They may know starvation or worse yet, have found us to be unkind, disappointing and unworthy of their love and kindness. With a little time and trust, they can be amazing cuddle-buds and the best friend and confidant you will ever have! Open your eyes and heart and take it all in as you pass them. Who would welcome a blindfold (carrier), a bumpy, noisy car ride to a strange place, and motion sickness? I would be neither cute nor endearing under those circumstances—and yet, these noble efforts may be their only chance for a new home. Cats— especially the orphaned adults— remind me life is precious and patience and compassion often in short measure among us. These lovely creatures teach me to rid my mind of assumptions, open my heart, and find them somewhere inside their pain, distress, and most-assuredly, despite their fear and trepidation. It is my privilege to try day after day. Do you speak “cat?”

Say awww... 4691 S Atlanta Rd SE, Ste 200 Atlanta 404.792.0700

Michael D. Friedlander, DVM Cat Care of Vinings


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K9 Sports Running through forests, jumping over streams, searching for food, flexing your muscles, getting in touch with your wild side—your dog is a dog, not just a house pet. Help your dog enjoy a fulfilling lifestyle by letting him embrace his wild side.

Go Dog Go!!!

Does your dog love to run, chase, jump and play? Are they always with their nose to the ground sniffing and smelling whatever is in your back yard? Do they have a huge love affair with a ball or special toy? Then your Dog and Human Sports dog may just be the next super athlete. Canicross, Rollerjoring, The benefits of K9 sports, whether at a competitive Skijoring, Bikejoring, level or for recreation, can be tremendous to you and Scootering your pet, and you will be surprised at the options available for all breeds and behavior types accommodated by K9 sports. In fact, picking the right activity for you and your canine will work miracles for restless, irritable behavior—and do your dog some good as well. There are over 26 major canine-based sports for dogs and their owners, involving all aspects of a dog’s behavior from running to jumping to swimming. Most are based on behaviors and skills that dogs are bred to perform. For example, the sport of agility is a sport Musical canine that is a favorite of herding dogs, as these dogs have freestyle, been bred to work by chasing cattle or sheep, running and maneuvering at fast speeds and thinking and Freestyle heeling reacting on the fly. There’s a sport for every dog regardless of body type and physical abilities. Dock diving and swimming may not be the best choice for dogs with short legs and long bodies, as they have difficulty swimming. Dogs with heavy body types like mastiffs benefit more from weight pulling or cart pulling, as there is less impact on their joints. The small breeds such as Chihuahuas, Outdoor Activities Hiking, Backpacking, Protection Sports Camping, Kayaking, Schutzhund, Canoeing, Boating, French ring Surfing Mondio ring Belgian ring

T&C Pet Photography

Water Sports Dock diving, Surfing, Water works rescue Dog Parkour (Urban agility)

Atlanta Pet Life

Instinct Sports Earthdog trails, Field Trails, Retrieving, Pointing, Herding, k9 Nose Work


Popular Sports Lure Coursing, Agility, Flyball, Disc Dog, Treiball

Dog Pulling Sports Weight Pulling, Carting, Mushing, Sled dogs

terriers and dachshunds have a very delicate skeletal system and may enjoy AKC Earthdog trials and agility. Finding the right activity will not only burn energy and keep your pet fit but there are rewarding psychological benefits as well. Learning new tricks, increasing vocabulary and solving problems all provide mental stimulation for you and your pet. You know your dog is clever, so it’s time to put that brainpower to use. So, how can you find the right sport for your dog? Practice and patience. Find behaviors that your dog loves and build on those. Dogs are incredible animals that possess strong working instincts; dog sports help to tap into these instincts and preserve the working drive that these animals were born with. Through sports, many dogs can achieve the levels of exercise they require while still having fun. There are many benefits to finding a sport you and your dog both enjoy. If you don’t have one, you might want to check some out and see if there’s something you can both take up together – even if you never have any desire to compete. Before you start, make There is nothing your dog sure you consider your enjoys more than being and your pet’s activity with you, having your unlevel and get the OK divided focus and hearing from your doctor and you cheer him or her on. your vet. Teamwork goes way beyond bonding with your Make sure your pet pet; it strengthens your can follow simple communication skills and commands, like “Stay” gives you and your pet a and “Come.” chance to grow and learn Do conditioning on a together. Contributed by Steve Mize SouthEast Representative for North America Diving Dogs, former host of the podcast K9 Sports Konnection and owner of Athens Unleashed. He has been competing with his dogs in many different sports since 2009.

regular basis before jumping into strenuous activity, and know your and your dog’s limits. Consider the costs involved and the availability of locations to compete.

Play. Eat. Repeat.

RUCKER PET Atlanta Pet Life


Your Local Pet Nutrition Experts.

Dock Diving ! y o t t a h t t e g o t e he distanc

Go t

Dock diving, also called dock jumping, is a relatively new sport. It premiered atpremiered at the Incredible Dog Challenge sponsored by Purina in 1997, and in 2000 the Dockdog world canine aquatics competition was established. Events are held worldwide where dogs compete for distance and height are held worldwide.

Team Tsunami’s Sophia- Brindle boxer, 7.5 years

What you should know before you jump in

Dock Diving Events the long jump

The dog races to the end of the 35- to 40-foot dock and launches off in pursuit of the bumper, a sort of baton constructed of high-grade plastic, or their favorite floaty toy. The objective is to get the greatest distance from the end of the dock to touch down in the water. the High Jump

Toys to dive for

Article contribution and Product recommendations from Mindy Len owner of Barktown & Suds in Sandy Springs. Len’s dogs are competition dock divers under the name “Team Tsunami.” Cody, her Lab-golden mix, has competed in the Dock Dogs World Championships. She offers dock-diving training.

Atlanta Pet Life

Dockdogs Worldwide (DDWW), DDWW holds its world championship every year in November at the Five Flags Center in Dubuque Iowa. They offer distance jumping Big Air©, Extreme Vertical©, and Speed Retrieve© . Dogs who compete in all three disciplines can also enter The Iron Dog competition where each result has an assigned point value that they tally up at the end based on their best jumps or runs of the weekend. DDWW now also has a new division that has branched off called Dueling Dogs. It is essentially, two dogs drag racing in the water. DDWW gives their own titles and is not affiliated with any conformation club like AKC or UKC. North America Diving Dogs (NADD) They offer distance jumping mostly, with some events offering AR – Air Retrieve, which is the same game as Fetch-It, and Vertical, which is the same game as Extreme Vertical. They are the only organization affiliated with AKC for titling. They hold their national championship at the AKC/Eukanuba Championship in Orlando Florida. Ultimate Air Dogs (UAD)- founded in 2005 by former Detroit Tigers Pitcher Milt Wilcox, and his son Brian. They offer distance jumping, Fetch-It, Catch-It, and Chase-It. They held their national championship called UAG – Ultimate Air Games last year in Missouri, in Gray Summit, at Purina Farms. They contribute to the invite list for the PIDC. (Purina Incredible Dog Challenge). They also are affiliated with UKC for titling.

First, the dog must be comfortable in water. Secondly, they need to have some type of toy drive. There needs to be a motivating item that is the incentive for them to jump after it off the dock into the water. Once the dog is comfortable swimming, entering the water willingly, and chasing your motivating toy, you can start working on getting them to build confidence going off the exit ramp into the water. After they’re comfortable doing ‘ramp jumps’, it’s just transitioning them to the dock, and helping them build enough confidence to jump off the dock into the water.

“Balls can range from just a regular tennis ball to rubber floating chuck-it balls, or giant jolly balls with handles or ropes so the dogs can grab the toy to retrieve it from the water. Kong Wubbas are also another popular toy. Some prefer the traditional nylon/canvas material, others use the ‘wet’ neoprene version. Dokken Deadfowl Trainers are becoming more and more popular. The most common toy used is still various types of bumpers of different shapes, colors, and sizes. For anyone teaching or training dogs to do various other disciplines besides distance jumping, will use the standard event bumper used for those games, the dual rope Dokken Foam Bumper. Most people prefer using Gun Dog Supply as their source for bumpers since they also carry the double rope bumper used in the special games.”

Dock Diving Competitions

The run is shortened to get the maximum launch off the dock to grab the bumper suspended over the pool. The rigged bumper starts at 4’6” and progresses in increments as the competition proceeds. Timed relay

This is the 100-yard-dash of the dog world. This event is about how fast the dog can get to the bumper, suspended two inches over the pool at the 20-foot mark. The time clock stops ticking when the dog has pulled the toy from the Speed Retrieve® bracket.

Local Dockdogs Affiliate Club Dixie Dock Dogs Dixie Dock Dogs will hold dock dog training in the month of August at Rucker Horse and Pet, 3540 Keith Bridge Rd, Cumming Learn more at Georgia Air Dogs


Local Dock Diving Facilities Cumming Rucker Horse and Pet Has Speed Retrieve and Extreme Vertical rigs Canton The Dog's Place The Canine Ranch Pine Mountain Big Bear Canine Activity Center

Snellville The Farm Home of Smart Critters Ball Ground Atlanta Dog Works Dacula The Brightside Dog Training and Boarding

Image from Connie Fore of T&C Pet Photography

Playing for a good Cause Lure Chasing

Lure Chasing is another exciting sport your dog can enjoy. Simply, it’s a non-competitive activity where a dog chases an artificial, mechanically driven lure across a field for fun and exercise. This lure will usually resemble something the dog will find irresistible, like a ferret or other small animal. Lure chase is similar to lure coursing where the typical lure course is between 600-1000 yards and follows a pattern meant to mimic live coursing. They will have a minimum number of turns, like prey changing directions during chase, and may or may not be fenced, The U.S.A. Lure Coursing competitions are run by both the AKC and the American Sight Hound Field Association (ASFA), with similar certification processes. In AKC trials, dogs are judged by overall ability, follow (meaning pursuing the lure), speed, agility and endurance for a maximum score of 50 points. ASFA trials are similar with a maximum score of 100 points. Various titles are then award-

ed based on these scores. However in lure chasing the field is smaller making it an ideal activity to allow your dog to act upon his chasing instinct in a safe, humane way. Bad Ferret Lure Chasing is an excellent resource specializing in lure chasing . They host lure chasing courses at many special events and festivals. Lure coursing is an ideal activity to allow your dog to act upon his chasing instinct in a safe, humane way.

Local Lure Chasing Badferret Lure Chasing, LLC was created to support and bring awareness to animal rescue. Lure chasing is a non-competitive activity where a dog chases an artificial lure across a field for fun and exercise. If you are sponsoring an animal rescue event, consider adding lure chasing as an activity for visiting dogs. Contact or on Facebook as Badferret Lure Chasing LLC

Dachshund Races They are Off and Running

If you have never seen these cute little wiener dogs charge out of the gates and run down the green to their loved one, it is a must see! Dachshund racing, or wiener dog racing, is a popular sporting event. Many race tracks across America host these events as fundraising or publicity events, and routinely draw the venues' largest attendance numbers of the year.

In the less formal events, most entrants are not career racers, nor bred for racing. Often, dogs will choose not to run the length of the course and instead visit with other dogs or the owner that released them. Otherwise, dogs will run swiftly to their owner at the

photo by Cindy Frezon

finish line, coaxed by food or toys. The local Georgia Dachshund Races began in 2010 and are hosted by the Metro Atlanta Dachshund Meetup Group. Lorene Evans leads the pack with her dedication and hard work to transport, set up and run the races. Lorene makes it a fun and exciting event. The races can be enjoyed at many pet events around the metro Atlanta area; check out the Pet Pages Atlanta Event Calendar ( for upcoming event dates. The Georgia Dachshund Races 2016 event is June 25th at Jim R. Miller Park, Callaway Road SW, Marietta. Proceeds from the races go directly to DREAM Dachshund Rescue, a nonprofit 501-(c)(3) group. 29

The Georgia Dachshund winners are invited to race at the National Dachshund Races in Ohio. Racing for profit, is not promoted, only the thrill of the excitement to watch your Doxie participate in challenging other Doxies. Other dogs under 30 pounds are also welcome to participate. More information on the National Dachshund Races can be found at For more information on The Georgia Dachshund Races 2016 event, visit Atlanta Pet Life

DiscDogs Contributed by Katharine Schlien

Rick and Debbie Nielsen,of Dahlonega Action Dogs are both dog handlers and compete with their three border collies in disc sports, agility, and dock diving. They have competed in several World Championships and hold the U.S. Disc Dog Nationals Pro Toss & Fetch Championship. They recently gave me valuable insight into the dog sporting world. They have a magnificent facility where they train their three champion

border collies, Tucker, Ripp and Jessie. These dogs have many spectacular skills they use in shows and competitions. The Nielsens explained that dog and handler must work as a choreographed team in their events. In K9 Sports the dogs compete for titles or qualifying positions in more advanced events. In some cases, monetary prizes are awarded. Judges then score the performances. While some breeds are better built for sports, like the Nielsen’s border collies, a dog’s conformation has no bearing on its qualification to compete. Dogs that wouldn’t be allowed in the show ring under a breed standard, such as spayed bitches and neutered dogs, may compete in these trials. In agility, course diagrams are provided

Atlanta Pet Life


in advance so the handler can plan how the course will be run. They are actually quite complicated to the uninitiated but are both functional and beautiful. In both agility and disc sports flow and communication between handler and dog are vital. According to Debbie, 80% of the communication between dog and handler is body language. The Nielsen dogs are high-drive herding dogs, and their primary reward for performance is the activity itself. Their training is focused on making certain the dogs know what is expected, and clear criteria are stressed. This allows the dog to perform in any environment and on any agility course. Once your budding star has mastered basic obedience commands (sit, stay, lie down, come etc) agility training can begin and your dog can start learning how to negotiate obstacles. The course at Dahlonega Action Dogs has over 16 obstacles such as tunnels, jumps, weave poles and ramps. These dogs truly seem to live for this fun! Dog Disc Sports is Rick’s specialty and the dogs are truly an amazing spectacle as they leap after the disc. People like Rick participate in K-9 disc competition primarily because they enjoy the sense of joy and satisfaction experienced by their little heroes. This sport is an extremely rewarding and exciting way to spend time together. Additionally, these competitions bring like-minded folks together where friendships often form. There are several organizations that sponsor dog sports. The American Kennel Club (AKC), for instance, governs over 10,000 competitive events alone. Other organizations include United Kingdom Club (UKC), North American Dog Agility Council and the U.S. Dog Agility Assoc., to name a few. Titles also vary among these. For instance, the AKC might designate a title of Novice Agility (NA) where the equivalent award for the UKC would be Agility 1 (U-AG1). are organized by Skyhoundz, Inc. The Shyhoundz Championship Series is the world’s largest disc competition, featuring over 150 canine disc competitions worldwide.

N ose Work T N K he

ose nows

Up until 2006 dogs trained in scent detection were for the sole purpose of detecting drugs and bombs. Ron Gaunt, Amy Herot and Jill-Marie O’Brian, trainers for K9 detection, decided this would be a great sport that could be a great benefit to all dogs. They began the National Association of Canine Scent Work (NACSW). Nose work also known as scent work is a fun, activity that promotes teamwork and relationship building between dog and handler, resulting in a deep and rewarding relationship. This sport is perfect for all dogs to pick up quickly, and it builds confidence and focus. It also provides a safe way to keep dogs fit and healthy through mental and physical exercise. It’s a great outlet for a variety of canine personalities, including reactive, shy, or hyperactive dogs, seniors, pets recovering from an injury or illness, retired service dogs and working dogs.

How does it work? K9 Nose Work encourages dogs to use their natural hunting drive and unique talent for picking up scents and locating the source. NACSW’s K9 Nose Work

program uses three scents also known as target odors (Birch at level 1, Anise at level 2 and Clove at level 3). Drops of these essential oils are typically put on things like a Q-tip, then placed in a small container (such as piece of drinking straw or small tin with holes) to keep the dog from eating the Q-tip. This scent-laden item is then hidden wherever you decide to hide it. In actual NACSW competitions, there are four locations involved in searching: interiors, exteriors, containers, and vehicles.

How do you get started? K9 Nose Work starts with getting your dog excited about using his nose to seek out a favorite toy or treat reward hidden in one of several boxes, expanding the game to entire rooms, exterior areas, and vehicles. As your dog grows more confident with his nose, target odors are introduced, and competition skills are taught. When practicing at home, always keep it fun and simple. Fun hides for your dog are those that are accessible. Self-rewarding is very powerful for the dog. If you're placing hides in boxes, make sure the dog can reach the boxes, and that he

has a way in to self-reward. Hiding food can be a self-rewarding find. It’s important to learn what motivates your dog to hunt. Choosing the highest value reward for your dog in the beginning of your training will pay off down the road when the challenges increase. Downtime! Dogs new to the activity of K9 Nose Work should spend no more than a minute or two working out a single hide, and no more than ten or fifteen minutes of practice at a time. Think new objects. A pair of baby galoshes, a pockets, a toilet paper roll. Use simple searches to introduce your dog to as many new objects as possible. Change the scenery. Use all the tips above at a friend's house, or at the park. New environments can be challenging, so be prepared to give your dog a super easy recovery hide. Above all, keep it fun for you and your dog! Classes are ideal for learning and improving upon the skills needed to have fun and be successful in K9 Nose Work.

K9 Nose Work Classes: Canton Canine Ranch Atlanta Canine Ph.D

Benefits of K9 Nose Work

Alfaretta & Cumming Atlanta Dog Trainer Lithonia Rock Solid Dogs Marietta MerryMac Dog Training Tucker Beastie Darlings Lawerenceville Canine Country Academy Chamblee ADOG For more information on NACSW and K9 Nose Works go to: photos by Cindy Frezon


K9 Nose Work is an activity that uses real-world environments and can be done almost anywhere. Every search has the potential to be a dramatically different & highly stimulating experience for both dog & handler, just by changing hide placement, or searching under different weather conditions. By participating in K9 Nose Work with your dog, you’re giving him the freedom to express and refine his natural talents, and he’s giving you a glimpse into how he “sees” the world.

• Dogs easily burn lots of mental & physical energy doing searches • Searches can be done anywhere you can take your dog • No prior training is required and no obedience is needed • Shy or fearful dogs build confidence and overactive dogs put their energy into fun searches • Stronger bond between dog & handler as handler learns to observe, understand, and rely upon his dog Life Atlanta Pet

Fabulous Dogs Need Fabulous Things



the days begin to get longer and hotter, shorts, skirts, and sandals have begun to make their way onto the runways and sales floors. Though we are talking doggie haute couture, the spring and summer season still means it’s time for not only you, but your posh pup to thaw out and get to filling up your wardrobes with this years most essential looks for the upcoming season. I recently attended the 2016 Global Pet Expo in March and one overarching trend that’s visible throughout many of the spring lines is designer. This can be seen in the form of “Sniffany”, Alexander Mutt-queen, and Christian Loubarkin. Of course a top best seller “Koko Chewnel”, a carryover from last year, but updated.

Bikinis and Swim trunks are also hot for summer. The look bold, bright colors and patterns. A contrasting “bikini cover-up” makes an excellent partner for this piece, and don’t forget the doggie SPF! It’s not only a real thing, but essential just like it is to us humans. Atlanta Pet Life

Embellishments are everywhere this season. From beads to sequins to stitching, the patterns are inspired by a variety of designers. Lace designs, French motifs, and even just a simple trim help the most basic garment transition easily from playtime to bedtime.

Bikinis and Swim trunks are hot for summer. 32

Celeb ra ti

ence ell xc

ear 10 Y s of E g n

275 Mt. Vernon Hywy, NE POP UP SPECIALS THIS WEEK! Sandy Springs, GA 30328

Another trend that is emerging on the scene is doggie jeans. Yes, jeans and they are AMAZING! From large geometric shapes to small perforated openings, this trend is generally tastefully done. There may still be some who are hesitant to take on the challenge of actually putting them on your four-legged little buddy, but my suggestion is to pair this look with a chic tank or collared shirt.

P: 404.250.3920 • F: 404.250.3981

A few trends that we failed to mention include bangle bracelet leashes, tea for dogs, doggie dry shampoo, and rain coats.




Pet Resort & Dog Day Care

While perhaps not for everyone, even these fads can look great and be practical if done right. See my future how-to guides for more tips on how to find your fabulous canine’s perfect fit, and how to properly measure. You will find out why not all sizes are the same. But always remember, never force an animal to wear that new Alexander “Mutt-Queen” shirt you just got for little Fifi. The best look is the one that makes your pet feel comfortable. As Coco Chanel herself so eloquently stated, “Fashion fades; only style remains the same.” And wearing clothes that fit properly and comfortably is always in style.

3872 College St., College Park, GA


w w w. w a g a t l a nt a . c o m

About the author: Ashley Daniele Carestia is a Florida native and has been a successful fashion model since age 4. She is currently signed with CLICK models and has been making headlines and covers with her new business venture, Bark Fifth Avenue LLC, a luxury dog boutique in Buckhead district of Atlanta. With Ashley’s strong passion for fashion and dogs, she has created a world where upscale pet owners can treat their four-legged family members to only the best in fashion, travel, and accessories. Walking runways and dressing pets are things that Ashley has done since childhood.

Open 24/7 33

Atlanta Pet Life

Parrot Playtime Walk into almost any pet store and you will find aisles and shelves full of toys for dogs and cats. Most people with those animals in their homes know that toys provide an opportunity to play, to relieve boredom, for us to interact with our pets to curb unwanted behaviors and, more recently, to learn. But many of those same people think that all a companion bird needs is a bell and, perhaps, a mirror. That could not be further from the truth. Birds are very active animals. In the wild they spend their days flying, foraging, socializing and even playing. Spend a few hours watching the wild bird in your yard or other place in nature and you will be amazed at their energy level. Companion birds have no less energy and, in the case of the larger parrots, have a high level of intelligence requiring not just physical but mental stimulation. This is especially

Atlanta Pet Life

true of birds that spend most of their time caged.

Caged, bored birds often end up with behavior issues such as feather plucking, self-mutilation, screaming, or they simply live much shorter lives. I personally experienced this with a 30+ year old Yellow Nape Amazon parrot that was rehomed with me after his original owner passed away. When I was contacted about this bird (and two others in the same home), I was shocked and saddened at what I found. “Barney� as I will call him for this story, was sitting in a cage so small that he could not extend his wings. In that cage was one perch, a food bowl, water bowl and a


Barney With a foraging box made with a box from a liquor store and stuffed with nuts wrapped in paper towels hidden inside.

large parrot that was obviously in trouble. Barney obsessively spun around in circles on that perch while at the same time turning his head rapidly from side to side and muttering to himself. He would stop this

behavior only for a moment when you talked to him. I found out that he had spent over two years living in those conditions and I was concerned that maybe the mental damage could not be able to be undone.

Still, I brought Barney home (I found wonderful homes for the other two birds there) and began working on what I hoped would be his recovery. It took a much larger cage, the gradual introduction of both store bought and homemade toys as well as a lot of patience but eventually Barney recovered. I had to teach him how to play by playing with the toys myself and by rewarding him with praise when he showed interest. The spinning and head twisting stopped for the most part and only appeared if he was frightened by something. He had learned to play. He now has the room and the “tools” necessary to keep him from being bored. Two years later he found a home where he still lives today as part of a busy family who put time and effort in to keeping him happy.

Safety and size should be the first considerations when buying or making toys. Check to make sure that there are no sharp edges, open “s” hooks, pieces that could be swallowed. If the toys have rope or string, make sure to check it often for frayed pieces that could trap a toenail. I do a toy check every day when I am feeding and cleaning. From finches and canaries to parakeets and all the way to the big macaws, toys will be a welcome addition to your bird’s life and should be considered a necessary part of bird keeping. Jan S. Granai Kennesaw, GA Bird mom to: Alice, YoYo, Tex, Hershel, Oliver, Peep, Willie Chief Education Officer – Papayago Rescue House

Dollar Store Shopping List for DIY Bird Toys 1 crate for storing bird toy materials 2 sleeves of cotton rounds (80 count each) for bird diaper liners 1 sewing kit for threading bird toys 1 2pk of ice cube tray for making frozen bird desserts 1 rope loop dog pull toy 3 packs of multiple colored tissue papers 2 packs of solid color tissue paper 3 packs of 12 wiffle golf balls 1 pack of 4 large wiffle ball 2 bags of pony beads 1 pack of wooden beads 1 pack of 200 count straws 1 pack of 100 count paper cup cake liners 2 spools of all natural twine 4 bags of basket/bag shreds 2 decks of playing cards 1 150 count of coffee filters

The aisles of your local pet stores don’t usually have as many toys for birds as they do for dogs, cats and other small animals. The toys they do have for bids can be pricey. Most pet toys are designed to be chewed up, splintered and shredded and are not meant to last. It’s also a good idea to rotate toys in and out of the cage so that the bird does not become bored. I have between 7-9 birds in my household at any one time, I purchase a few toys each year and make many more myself and have a house full of happy birds.

1 set 60 count kraft sticks For more information on toys and enrichment for all sizes of birds please visit websites such as:


Atlanta Pet Life

Safety Corner

Easy Steps to Pet safety


It is in our human nature to think that

accidents always seem to happen to others. Pet accidents DO happen! On average the U.S. records over 1 million emergency visits per year for pets and most of them could be prevented. As a Pet Tech First Aid instructor for pet first aid, I hear stories from my students all the time of what CAN happen. So here are eight easy steps every responsible pet owner can take to instantly increase the safety of our fury family members. As I tell my students: “We prepare for the worst and hope for the best!” Many pet related organizations provide emergency cards, but you can easily print your own. Include your name, address, what kind of pet you have with a picture, any special considerations and most importantly who can take care of your pet in case you cannot be reached. Place one card on your door or window to inform first responders that pets are inside the house - they are trained to look for these stickers. Also include one card in your wallet behind your driver’s license/ID. Pet owners who live alone with their pets need to identify who will take care, who will take care of their dog or cat when they are not able to do so. wallet card

My Pet Is Home Alone

Save important phone numbers and addresses in your phone, such as the Hotline for Poison Control (888-4264435). Most likely emergency situations happen on the weekends when regular vet offices are closed. Know the nearest emergency veterinary hospital in your area and make yourself familiar with alternative routes in case of traffic jams. In the Metro Atlanta Area we are also fortunate to have a 911 Service for pets: Atlanta

Atlanta Pet Life Magazine

If I become ill or injured, please contact the people on the reverse side of this card.


Animal Ambulance (678-439-K911).

You know your pooch or kitty best! You know what is normal and what is abnormal for them. Start doing regular snout to tail assessments with deliberate intent and purpose. Dogs and cats tend to mask symptoms and Download the Pet Tech injuries. Look for anything that is app on your smart phone, not normal, which your pet did not which is like having “A PetSaver initially present to you. Doing this in your Pocket™” with instant regularly, will enable you to detect access to emergency protocols, any health issues early, before they your pet’s vet records, and an become a bigger problem. extensive list of poisonous substances (use code NE2021).  

In case of an emergency, please keep our pets safe.

Atlanta Pet Life

There are many first aid kits available to purchase and it is certainly a good start. As a first aid responder, I highly recommend to create your own emergency kit. Each pet is unique and the content of your kit depends on the activities you like to do with your dog and the different environments you encounter. Pet parents should be familiar with the first aid content and ideally take a first aid class to learn how to use these items. An example list of content can be downloaded at


Complete a pet manual with all pertinent emergency information for your pet and include it in your first aid kit. This manual is intended for all people who handle your dog or cat, whether it is in an unexpected emergency situation, during vacations, hospital stays or for training purposes. Besides all emergency contacts, it should include: basic commands you use for your pet, personality traits, fear triggers, diet and health information such as regular medications, supplements, last vaccinations, any allergies or chronic illnesses your pet might have. A template of a pet manual can be downloaded at Unfortunately, the pet food industry is self-regulating and pet food recalls occur quite frequently. Most health conscious pet parents avoid buying pet foods and treats made in China. One of the biggest food recalls happened in 2007 when over 100 different brands where involved. U.S. Manufacturers received the same mineral/vitamin complex from China, which was contaminated with melamine. I therefore urge all pet parents to take some time and research the quality of food they buy and register for food recall alerts at

“Because Your Pet Is a Member of the Family” Georgia’s Only Accredited State Certified Crematory, Preferred by Veterinarians for 44 years 3 Compassionate cremation and burial services 3 Same day cremation services 3 Comfortable private visitation rooms 3 Life celebration services 3 Beautiful chapels 3 Urns, paw print impressions, and memorial jewelry 3 Free monthly Pet Loss Support Group

According to the American Animal Hospital Association, one out of five pets would survive if pet parents would apply first aid techniques in an emergency situation. When life threatening accidents happen, minutes, even seconds count! By attending a Pet Tech First Aid Class, you increase the chances of becoming a true lifesaver for your pet. It is the best gift that we can give our beloved pets! Don’t wait until accidents happen! Sign up for one of my summer classes (Sat. July 16th or Sun. August 21st) at About DobieMom Nicole Essawy grew up in Germany and immigrated to the U.S. in 2003. When her Doberman Vido chose her as a mom, he also came with lots of health issues. That is when Nicole became interested in learning about first aid and care. She discovered Pet Tech™ – the first and leading training center dedicated to CPR and first aid for dogs and cats. The Pet Saver Program resonated with her, because it also teaches how to properly care for your pet in order to prevent those emergency situations from happening. Nicole is a certified instructor and is giving classes regularly in the Atlanta area. She teaches pet parents and industry professionals alike. A researcher by nature, Nicole is extremely knowledgeable and truly a power-house of resources! She also attends the “Natural Canine Health Symposium”. She is passionate about sharing information that keeps pets safe and barks about a healthy lifestyle through her website, also known as 37

4991 Peachtree Road, Chamblee, GA 30341 770-457-7659 • Atlanta Pet Life

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Safety Corner Seasonal Threats for the

Summer Months


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Insect Bites and Stings We had a mild Winter and an early start of Spring, so it is no surprise all insects are in abundance. I know for sure because my own pooch got attacked by deer flies. The females feed on blood and I learned that they tend to bite in the same spot in order to create a wound to make it easier for their peers to feast. My Vido was miserable from the itching and he was agile enough to reach his back, ripping out his fur. It created a white bald spot in the middle of his back, which acted like a helicopter landing spot for the deer flies, attacking him multiple times. I covered the area and applied aloe vera gel. For all those itchy insect bites, I recommend that you always have some food-grade aloe vera gel on hand, keep it in the refrigerator. When applying to your pet, make a compress and bandage the area. Preferable you want to do this at night and let your pooch sleep. The cold gel will give instant itch relief.

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Heatstroke As the temperatures are climbing in Hotlanta, so does the risk of heatstroke. Especially black dogs or pets with lots of fur can easily get overheated. Shortnosed dogs or pug faces are more susceptible to get overheated as they are not as efficient in cooling themselves down by panting. Make sure your pet always has access to fresh, filtered water. Heatstroke is most often caused by leaving your dog or cat in the car for a "few minutes“. Even on a mild summer day with only 75 degrees Fahrenheit outside, the temperature in the car can easily climb up to 118 degrees! Consider buying one of those plastic wading pools for kids. When my Vido has his doggie friends over to romp around, he enjoys cooling himself in the pool. It serves as a giant water bowl, too! To make the summer dog party perfect, I freeze ice cubes with some chicken broth flavor, which is a great and fun treat for them to cool down.

Snakes Another feared threat in the summer months is venomous snakes. Luckily about 30 % of all snake bites are dry bites, where no venom is released. Most snakes avoid confrontation. However, the smaller baby snakes are more dangerous as they have not learned to conserve their precious venom yet. Some adult snakes can even be aggressive at the end of the summer when they have their babies. Prevention is the key, so if you do walk in snake habitats, keep your dog on the leash and in eye sight all the time. Snakes don’t have ears and react to the vibrations on the ground. Walk brisk and stamp your feet will give them a heads-up to escape. Reptiles have a distinctive smell. The majority of dogs are naturally repelled by their odor. There are some dog breeds though, who have a strong instinct to kill them. If your dog is bitten, do not try to kill the snake. Make a photo if you can for identification. Take your pet immediately to the vet or an emergency clinic. Especially bites to the head or neck can become life threatening as it can quickly interfere with breathing. Try to keep your pet from moving. Instant cold packs will help with the swelling and pain management. Your pet should be monitored for at least 24 hours for complications that may arise. I personally walk along the creek area every day and have a first snake remedy in my pocket, which helps to slow down the symptoms of toxin absorption. Only anti-venom will treat a venomous rattlesnake bite, so you will want to call the pet hospital in advance to let them know. There are six venomous snake types in Georgia: the copperhead, the cottonmouth (also called the water moccasin), three types of rattlesnakes and the eastern coral snake. Note: Because of the relatively low danger posed by snakes and their important role in the ecosystem, it is illegal in Georgia to kill non-venomous snakes, punishable with up to a $ 1,000 fine and one year in jail.

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To learn more about snakes and how to identify them, go to and download two brochures called “Venomous Snakes of Georgia” and “Is It a Water Moccasin?”. Note: Aloe is generally considered as poisonous to dogs and cats, but it is only the substance called aloin, which is in aloe latex – the bitter, yellowish sap between the leaf rind and the inner fleshy part. It can cause diarrhea or vomiting, but most commercial products intended for consumption don’t contain it. Therefore, buy a food grade aloe and avoid that your pet is licking huge quantities.

Wiki Wags brand Disposable Male Wraps r

Solve the problem of marking, excitable tinkling, travel or incontinence issues - safe and convenient for today’s busy lifestyles. Won’t cause rash or irritations. They “Wick” urine away and keep the body and hair dry. 4 Sizes

To a happy life-time tail wagging! Yours DobieMom

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Barks & Brags Email a high resolution picture of your pet and we will feature them here in Barks & Brags. Send images or stories, we all love a great rescue story. Send them to:


I wonder if my cat would think I'm too clingy if it ever saw how many of its pictures are on my Facebook page.


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i can be a

Main Location

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Canine Good Citizen

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The Last Decision You Make for Your Pet is Just as Important as the First Same day service. No waiting. You can take your pet’s ashes home tonight.

In 1989 the American Kennel Club launched a new opportunity for responsible dog owners to have their well-mannered dogs recognized. They began administering the Canine Good Citizen tests, a series of 10 behavior evaluations that a dog must pass prior to earning a Canine Good Citizen title. The behaviors are: • Accepting a friendly stranger • Sitting politely for petting • Allowing basic grooming procedures • Walking on a loose lead • Walking through a crowd • Sitting and lying down on command and staying in place • Coming when called • Reacting appropriately to another dog • Reacting appropriately to distractions • Calmly enduring supervised separation from the owner In addition to having a lovely companion, the CGC designation can make a dog welcome in hotels and other public places and can play a part in lower insurance rates. Dog owners that would like to do pet assisted therapy generally must pass the CGC prior to being Therapy certified.

Any dog can be a Canine Good Citizen but to have the title included in their name and to take the more advanced tests the dog must be registered with the American Kennel Club either through the breed’s registry or as a Canine Partner. The Canine Good Citizen program also includes:

Our individual cremation means that each pet is cremated ALONE . Our exclusive PetTracker 360 System ensures that you receive your pet's ashes every time. State-of-the-Art facility where families can plan, grieve, and commemorate their pets.

“Family” Owned & Operated 404.370.6000 The STAR Puppy program, the starting place for your well-mannered companion. It includes a 6-week training course for dogs under one year of age. The Community Canine (CGCA) a more advanced evaluation simulating real world events. The Urban Canine Good Citizen (CGCU) an evaluation that is conducted in a real world urban setting that includes things such as entering a vehicle, waiting while their owner sits and eats a snack and entering an elevator. Training of any kind is a great way to bond with your dog and the Canine Good Citizen is a great place to start. Atlanta is a dog-loving city with lots of fun places to enjoy with your best friends, CGC training makes them a welcome addition to any gathering.

Pet Spa Boutique All Spa Grooms include a Massage, Facial, Mud bath, & Much more! ALL NEW GUESTS: Receive $5.00 OFF your fur baby’s first spa groom appointment. 1016 Howell Mill Rd NW suite 1202 Atlanta GA 30318


For more information on the program Jinnie Strickland, CGC Evaluator #93121 President – Atlanta Obedience Club.

Jazzy Pawz By Andrea LLC "Where Your Pet Is Treated Like Family" 41

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June Matilda’s Under the Pines Concert series

May 6 -July 30, 377 S Main St, Alpharetta Petfriendly summer folk, jazz, and blues music series. Fast and the Furriest 5K, June 4, 7:45 am-12 pm Fowler Park Carolene Way, Cumming. Benefiting Angels Among Us Pet Rescue. The race course is on the Big Creek Greenway, a 12-foot-wide concrete and boardwalk path through the woods along Big Creek. As a USATF certified 5K course (#GA13089WC), this race is a Peachtree Road Race qualifier. The course is flat and fast – a great opportunity to PR! Rain or shine.

Doggies on the Catwalk, June 4, 7 pm - 10 pm, 3035 Peachtree Rd NE, Atlanta. The event includes high fashion and celebrity models but the real stars of the evening are the doggies for adoption carried and strutted down the catwalk, all together for one fab-fun evening at the city’s trend-setting Buckhead Atlanta. Ticket price includes cocktails, appetizers, a silent auction and the fashion show. Benefiting Canine Assistants. Per Buckhead Atlanta, please no dogs except those in the show! Cocktail attire. Annual Event Atlanta Pet Life

5th annual Bikes and Barks, June 4, 8 am - 2:30 pm, 2900 University Parkway, Lawrenceville. Canine Pet Rescue 2016 Charity Motorcycle Ride and BBQ. The Lawrenceville Police Motorcycle Squad will escort this ride from The Gwinnett County Detention Center 2900 University Parkway, Lawrenceville, GA and ending at Big Sky Farm / Canine Pet Rescue. caninepetrescue. com Brookhaven Beer Fest, June 11, 3pm - 8pm, 1255 Apple Valley Rd, Atlanta. Benefiting Angels Among Us Pet Rescue. Your entrance ticket includes over 200 Beers to sample plus wine tasting tents! Enjoy DJ’s, food vendors, and live music. Food from local restaurants and Atlanta’s best food trucks. Includes commemorative tasting cup, vendor expo and live music from Heather Luttrell and the Possumden, Funk You and DJ Rock Most. 16th Animal Rescue Fair, June 12 Wills Park, Wills Rd, Alpharetta, 12pm 42

5pm. Participate with your dog (leashed), cat, gerbil, hamster, rabbit (caged) horse (harnessed) etc. in the
 6th Annual Walk of Fame which will occur around 2pm inside the covered equestrian arena, line up behind the Walk of Fame Banner just outside the arena. Rain or shine. The first 50 registered individuals will receive goodie bags filled with items from local vendors, rescues and merchants. Bring the family and include your friendly pet. No extended/retractable leashes are allowed. Come join the fun and let everyone honor you and your pet in a walk around the arena.

Vinings, benefiting Georgia Homeless Pets. 5th Annual ART, BARKS & PURRS, June 25, 10am - 4pm, 1060 Al Bishop Dr. Marietta. Art Festival to raise money for the Cobb County Animal Control. Bring a cat or dog food donation for free admission rain or shine.

Taking Action for Animals, June 17, 9am - 7pm, Hyatt Regency-Crystal City, 2799 Jefferson Davis Hwy, Arlington, Virginia. ​​TAFA ​ is t​ he ​premier ​conference ​ for ​animal ​advocacy. ​​​From ​ seasoned ​activists ​to ​newcomers, ​TAFA ​has ​something ​ for ​everyone! humanesociety. org

A Night Out to Support Our Troops, July 1, 8pm, Kennesaw State University, 3200 George Busbee Pkwy NW, Kennesaw, help fund, support and bring awareness to Companion Pets for Vets. Join us as we watch the Atlanta Blaze, Atlanta’s New Major League Lacrosse team, take on the Charlotte Hounds while helping a great cause!

Yappy Hour, June 5:30pm 8:30, Meehan’s Public House, 2810 Paces Ferry Rd NW,

Georgia Dachshund Races 2016 June 25, 9am - 4pm, Jim R. Miller Park, Callaway Rd, Marietta. Indoor event, raffles, food, family fun, races, costume contest, timed obstacle course, doggie talent, doggie wedding. Register on-line.


OCT. 12-16, 2016


pet social media. Join us at the national social media & lifestyle conference for pet parents.

get 15% off registration with promo code PetPagesATL The Best Friends National Conference, July 14 - July 17, Salt Palace Convention Center, West Temple, Salt Lake City, UT. An animal-focused gathering like no other, where animal welfare leaders and learners from across the country and beyond come together to connect and create meaningful change on behalf of homeless pets. Innovative fundraising and marketing strategies to the latest and greatest efforts in animal care and behavior, each session and discussion will leave you inspired and armed with the information and resources you need to save lives in your community. North America Diving Dogs Trial – July 23, Brightside, 2032 Jones Phillips Rd, Dacula

August North America Diving Dogs Trial Aug 7, The Dog’s Place, 4314 East Cherokee Dr. Dixie Dock Dogs Aug 26, 8:45am - 4pm, Rucker Pet and Wild Bird 3245 Peachtree Pkwy, Suwanee Doggone Fun Festival, Aug 29, 10am-3pm, Pet Smart in Winder. This is an annual event held to raise funds for Pup and Cat Co. Dogs for Adoption, Baked Goods for Sale, Bouncy Castle for the Kids, Games, Dog Kissing Booth, Dunk Tank. Yappy Hour! Bourbon St. Grille Public Square North, Dahlonega Wed. of every summer month from 5 - 8 p.m.

Keep up with local pet events at

Check Dates And Times at PetPagesAtlanta .com 43

Atlanta Pet Life

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ood Vet h r o b h ig e N s ’ y r Vicke • Ultrasounds

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Expan de • Surgery Dayca d re • Grooming Facilitie s! Dr. Josh Woods • Boarding Closed on Sunday to allow our staff to be with family.

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Professional Pet Sitter since 1997 USDA Certified Long Distance Pet Transporter


No Pet Left Behind Ursula Miller of Pup & Cat Co ensures that every adoptable animal finds a permanent home. Helping pets find permanent homes is the sole focus of Pup and Cat Co. A small network of volunteers provide foster homes, care, and socialization for abandoned pets until they can find their forever homes. When foster homes are not available, pets are boarded at local vet clinics and boarding/daycare facilities. The organization, based in Winder, GA, is a 501(c)3 registered nokill humane society and will do all it can to save lives. “We are an all-volunteer organization that rescues animals from a variety of sources, including shelters, people who give up their pets, or abandoned. We ensure that all rescued animals find forever homes and are never euthanized,” reports founder Ursula Miller. The business is funded through adoption fees, individual and business donations and fundraising. About Ursula Miller Ursula Miller has spent the last 25 years rescuing pets. She is extremely passionate about animals and their welfare and works tirelessly to educate people and raise awareness about pet ownership and responsibility. In 1991 she relocated from California to Winder, GA only to find that there was no animal control in the city. As a direct result she mobilized members of the Women's Club in Winder to raise funds and obtain enough community backing to build the Barrow County Animal Control Shelter. Soon after, the Humane Society of Barrow County was founded which changed its name in 1999 to Pup & Cat Co. Where can we find your pets? You can find Pup & Cat Co’s adoptable pets online at or on PetFinder. com. You can meet their pets each Saturday at PetSmart in the Mall of Georgia and every other weekend at Unleashed in Buford. Rescue volunteers can also be seen selling pet items and t-shirts at various pet events such as Woofstock.

What’s new for Pup & Cat Co? Pup & Cat Co has established a relationship with Leftover Pets ( who offer low cost, high quality spay and neuter surgeries to the public. Based in Winder, their website reports that since August 2005, over 20,000 dogs and cats have been spay/neutered at their clinics. The program, which is funded through Pup & Cat Co., provides financial assistance to those who can’t otherwise afford to spay/ neuter their pets. Only Barrow County residents can apply. For information call Leftover Pets 800-978-5226 or visit their website.

“Because of our great volunteers and foster care homes, we have become what we are today, one of the most effective and compassionate animal rescue organizations in GA! We are small but work hard and go above and beyond to help our rescued animals. An organization is only as good as their volunteers and we have some of the best! ” says Ursula. Foster homes needed If you are interested in providing a foster home or if you would like to volunteer with Pup & Cat Co, please reach out to them for more information via their website Adoptables To learn more about the adoptable pets visit available-animals

Doggone Fun Festival

This is an annual event held to raise funds for Pup and Cat Co. This year it is on Saturday August 29 at the Pet Smart in Winder. 10am-3pm. Dogs for Adoption Baked Goods for Sale Bouncy Castle for the Kids Games Dog Kissing Booth 45

Ursala Miller preparing for the Pup & Cat Co. annual gala event Paws for a Cause at the Carl House

Dunk Tank

Winter Winter is an adorable little 4-year-old female Shih Tzu, weighing just over 10pounds. Cute and cuddly, she needs a lap to sit in most all the time. She is spayed with all shots and a microchip. She would be an ideal companion for a retired couple who stays home all day long to spoil her.

Watson Watson aka Traveler, is a 10-month-old black lab mix. He is a gorgeous boy, very sweet and somewhat shy until he gets to know you. He gets along with other dogs and his demeanor with cats is unknown. He is housebroken and current on all shots, neutered, and has a microchip.

Contributor Cella Nelson is the owner of Georgia Horseback ( and a Marketing/Volunteer coordinator at

Atlanta Pet Life

Dr. Mitzi Schepps, a certified veterinary acupuncturist, and her dog Mordi.

Many people have heard of using acupuncture to treat people, but did you know that it can also be used to heal animals? The Chinese discovered acupuncture over 4,000 years ago, making it the oldest form of healing known for both humans and animals. Today, Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine (TCVM) is widely used in Eastern countries (China, Japan, Korea, and others) and is steadily gaining popularity in Western countries to treat a variety of animal species, including dogs and cats. The goal of acupuncture is to promote the body to heal itself. This is achieved by correcting imbalances in the body, using tiny, painless needles to stimulate acu-

Atlanta Pet Life

Acupuncture for Animals??? A bs ol u tely!!!

puncture points (acupoints). The acupoints are where nerve bundles and blood vessels come together and can be found on meridians (energy channels) that course over the body’s surface. The Chinese discovered that there are 361 acupoints in people and 173 in cats and dogs, astoundingly without the use of any technology! Modern research confirms that the stimulation of acupoints induces the release of endorphins, serotonin, anti-inflammatory hormones and other chemicals that are responsible for pain relief and healing. Will your pet benefit from acupuncture? If your pet is suffering from a condition that causes pain, such as arthritis, hip dysplasia, spinal disc disease, neck, shoulder, knee or back pain, limping, muscle soreness or spasm, injuries or weak hind legs, then acupuncture is likely to help. Acupuncture generally works wonders for geriatric animals that are slowing down and having trouble with overall mobility. TCVM can also help with vomiting or diarrhea, respiratory conditions, skin conditions such as lick granulomas or allergies, behavior-


al disorders and neurological conditions such as paralysis and seizures. In addition, acupuncture is used to keep canine athletes in top physical condition by helping to keep muscles and tendons resistant to injury.

Is acupuncture safe? Yes, but only if administered by a veterinarian who has successfully completed an extensive post-doctoral educational program in veterinary acupuncture. Because of the differences in anatomy, and the potential for harm if done incorrectly, only a Certified Veterinary Acupuncturist (CVA) should treat your pet. In most countries, states, and provinces, acupuncture is considered a surgical procedure that only licensed veterinarians may legally administer. Dr. Mitzi Schepps is the owner of Wellness Waggin’ Acupuncture, a mobile acupuncture practice servicing Marietta and surrounding areas. Contact them to see if acupuncture can benefit your dog or cat.

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Certified Astrologer Gain a deeper understanding of your pets’ temperament, discover beneficial training techniques, and compare the charts of owner and pet.

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The Ultimate Folk Art Gallery in the South!

Representing a plethora of self-taught artists!

Jetta Dog Finds a Home for Christmas

Best Selection by “Cornbread” in the Universe!

Experience this lovable children’s book at bookstores and Son lineOatNEApple Tunes AVING G REY Di OG AT A T IME Store, Amazon, Google Play and Barnes and Noble.

Established 2002 Follow Us on FACEBOOK Directions: 400 N., pass North GA Premium Outlet Mall to the next traffic light, turn left on GA Hwy. 53, go thru next traffic light, go 3 miles, turn right on Etowah River Rd. Drive way on your immediate right. Hours: Saturday 11 to 5 & Sunday 1 to 5. www.

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53 Hwy. 255 North, Sautee, GA 30571

A multibreed citizen of nowhere, Jetta Dog finds a home in our hearts as she searches for a loving family. The illustrations are mesmerizing.

Rescue, nurture and connect abandoned Weimaraners with forever homes.


Rescue, nurture and connect abandoned Weimaraners with forever homes.


Pet Portraits By Carolyn Ward Atlanta Pet Life 48

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specialized pet nutrition consultation!

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We are an entirely grain free, holistically focused pet food and supply store that offers grooming and training needs. 2090 Dunwoody Club Dr Ste 119

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Revolutionary Grooming/ Bathing/ De-Shedding Gloves

Dr. Mitzi Schepps, DVM 404-579-7806

Acupuncture can help with... • Arthritis • Back pain relief • Behavioral disorders • Cancer pain • Diarrhea/Vomiting • Front limb weakness • Geriatric conditions • Hip dysplasia • Joint disease • Kidney/Urinary disease • Muscle atrophy or soreness • Neck pain relief • Quality of Life • Rear limb weakness • Respiratory conditions • Seizure disorders • Spinal disc disease • Thyroid disorders the comfort of home.

A quality hand crafted harness that suits your dogs style. 49

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Think about your cat. Not the box.

We Care for Hospice Patients

AND Their Furry Loved Ones The Pet Peace of Mind program provides: • Pet food and water

• ID Tags, collars and leashes

• Cat liter

• Short-term boarding and fostering if patient is hospitalized and family cannot assume responsibility

• Routine veterinary vaccines and medications as required by local ordinance • Dog walking/playtime • Natural disaster emergency relief

• Pet bathing and grooming provided on a case by case review for the patient’s pet(s) medical needs

Please call to hear more about our hospice services, to make a donation, or volunteer for the Pet Peace of Mind program. 678.989.0981 • Fax 678.989.0982

2565 Thompson Bridge Road Suite 110 • Gainesville, Georgia 30501

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FIVE STAR TRAINING Focuses on owner training which ensures the owner becomes the pack leader. This, in turn, creates a healthy, well balanced relationship between you and your dog! This is also a huge factor in succeeding.

DOG BOARDING Our facility is custom designed to create a stress free environment, with private suites, designed with actual doors for the home-like feel they are able to relax not constantly seeing other dogs. Our caring, loving staff always greet your furry friend as if they are our own. Your Dog Will beg to stay with us.

EXPERT GROOMING Master Groomer with the flexible hours you need.

They change our lives. We help you change theirs • The combination of innovative technologies and scientificallybased training will forever change how you live with your pets • Exclusive technology protects your pets, while giving them more freedom, in and around your home • Exclusive Computer Collar® Device integrates our fencing, pet door and indoor solutions for a complete pet care experience • The only dog training developed in collaboration with leading animal behaviorists

I love my Invisible Fence by Peachtree! We have used them for 9 years. They have trained all our dogs. We have three Boxers and they have never once escaped the fence. I have total confidence in it. – Rose H, GA

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Atlanta Pet Life Summer 2016  
Atlanta Pet Life Summer 2016  

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